Daddy & Teen Daughter

Hi all incest lovers I posted my first story family love part 1 but I do not know where is that story. I am pure incest lover and i did with my mom and sister and now with daughter I am trying and taking my wife into confidence as she knows I fucked my mom and sis.

And some time she plays with me as my mom and sis. So to convince her is no problem. The following story is of daddy daughter role players. Signer is real daddy and he is trying to fuck her teen daughter please post your comments on [email protected] I will write more if good response is received specially from incest lovers. I would love to receive their contact


Here Singner is my daddy and Esther is

Singner hi

Esther hi Andy

Signer little angel

signer hows you?

Esther I am fine and horny as always

signer me too horny cool

Esther so want to play some nasty hot incest?

Singner yeah :)

signer in the mood :)

Esther ok tell me your hidden fantasy

Singner ok

Singner I like the idea of fucking my step daughter

Esther why don’t real daughter

Singner ok – I have a real daughter

Esther how old she is

Singner 18

Esther ok tell me about her body so that i could imagine myself like her

Singner ok – she’ 5 feet 4 inches

Esther tits size

signer she’s big 34c

signer waste 27

signer nice ass

signer dark long hair

Esther wow

Esther does she trim her pussy

ester how does her pussy looks pink like me as i am pure white or brown black

signer she keeps it shaven

Singner she pink pussy lips

signer like her mum’s – they protrude

Singner so how do I know?

Esther do u peek on your daughter often

Singner yes very often

Esther ever u found her naked and doing fingering

Singner yeah

Singner her bedroom is on ground floor – I saw her through curtains from garden

Esther wow ever u found her moist finger in her mouth too

Singner she licked her fingers yes

Esther ohhh then I am your daughter now daddy set the scene to play

Singner well I’m kind a watching from outside

Singner wondering what to do

Esther as I am lying on my bed in bra and short thong hardly covering my ass

Esther and my eyes closed and one hand moving inside my thong and moaning rubbing

my clit and with one hand I squeeze my covered tit

Singner mmmmm

Singner I’m shocked at my daughter – so sexy

Esther I now slowly take out my hand and open my eyes and my finger moist with my

pussy juice and I start sucking it like cock

Singner oooh – my little girl, she’s gone a grown up

Esther and making me feel horny

Esther and now I take out my one tit and start rubbing my pink rosy nipple and

coated my juice over it and with my long tongue I lick the nipple myself

Singner oooh – wow, lovely tits and I’m feeling so horny

Esther then slowly I remove my thong up to knee and my pink pulpy pussy lips with thick

clit exposed and aroma of my pussy juice spreading in air

Singner I’m so horny now – wondering at these new feelings for my daughter

Esther then I slowly whisper ohhhhhhh daddy where are you I saw u many times with your big cock fucking mommy I need your cock too daddy as I loudly now speaking myself

Singner so now I’m shocked

Esther my eyes closed and bucking myself in like faint

Esther slowly I remove my bra too an lying naked on bed and my finger moving over my


Singner I’m kind a hoping to drag myself away but now I want to

Singner I’m fighting my desire for my daughter

Esther ohhh daddy make baby inside me too as u did with mom I whisper again and

moving my ginner deep inside my tight pussy

Esther I turn myself and now buried my face in pillow and start moving my pussy over

silky sheet and moaning and my ass moving up and down

Singner I’m thinking watch a bit longer, see her beautiful body then go and have a wink

signer but that beautiful ass, and lovely pussy

Singner I wonder if she really wanted me?

Esther I suddenly take out the album which I took secretly and while rubbing my pussy

I saw them my daddy fucking mommy in different style and one pic which I like

the most mommy sucking daddy’s cock so hard ohhhhhhhh daddy I hate mommy I love

u daddy love u

Singner I kind a want to know – and my cock is so hard now

Singner those pics!

Singner now I’ve made my mind up

Esther: one pic daddy sucking mommy’s clit in 69 ohh

Esther: daddy I am sure my pussy is much tastier then mommy

Esther: my ass must be rimmed with your tongue ohhhhhhhhhh daddy please fuck me i need

your big hard cock

Singner that’s it I’m going to go into bedroom

Esther: still I am on tummy I did not saw my daddy stepping down without noise and his big

cock unzipped

Singner Esther – you really want daddy to fuck you?

Esther: as i turned and shocked my daddy stand just near to my daddy

Esther: ohhhhh daddy as I stunned and forget to cover myself

Esther: ohhhhhhhhh daddy I am sorry and now I came to know I am fully naked and cover myself with sheet

Singner Esther – don’t worry – daddy wants to see if you are a grown up girl

Esther: ohhhhhh daddy please don’t tell momma or she will kill me as I try to show my fearless

Singner daddy won’t tell mommy – but Esther, you’ve got to do what I want

Esther: I bend my legs under the cover but I followed daddy’s eyes just looking but my bend knees

Esther: I will I will daddy

Singner daddy wants to see your pussy Esther

Esther: daddy please as I become little shy

Singner pull back the cover and open your legs

Esther: as I am now fully in daddy’s control and had no choice I slowly pull my sheet just over the leg and spread my legs

Singner you’ve got a nice pussy Esther

Esther: ohhh daddy as my chick become red with shyness

Esther: (you may ask seductive question too daddy)

Singner how does Esther feel about daddy?

Esther: as I saw daddy comes very close to my pussy like examine

Esther: ohhh daddy u r my daddy I love u always like daddy daughter

Singner I want you to hold my cock Esther, will you do that like mommy?

Esther: ohhhhhhhh daddy as I look once at daddy as interrogative sign

Singner come on Esther – I need you to hold daddy’s cock

Singner mummy doesn’t need to hear about this does she

Esther: as with trembling hands I hold daddy’s cock it is too big and thick and pink head came out when unfold

Singner that’s nice Esther – now you know what mommy does now?

Esther: ohh no daddy don’ tell her but u know she is out with grandpa and won’t be back

till tomorrow

Esther: no I don’t know what she does as I said lie

Singner well, what I want you to do Esther is to take the pink end of my cock and suck it gently….

Singner put your lips round daddy’s cock to show how much you love me

Esther: ohhhhhhh daddy would it be tasteful as I little bend and sniff internally happy that tonight i will have my daddy’s cock in my all holes

Esther: yes daddy I love u as I open my small mouth and take the pink top in my mouth it is really better taste then my imagination and start licking slowly

Singner remember that taste Esther – that’s daddy’s love you are tasting

Esther: and when I bend then sheet removed from my boobs and at back ass

Singner and Esther, when mommy is out – you just got to ask if you want that taste

Esther: I know my head in love

Esther: I nodded in yes

Singner my Esther your got great boobs

Esther: as now I am having few inches in my mouth and start sucking with rhythm and rolling My tongue under the pink head

Esther: I smile and bring your one hand over my boobs

Singner that’s nice Esther – your sucking so nice

Esther: as slowly I take few more inches and now i gag with and cough a little and take out the cock from my mouth and look at u

Singner good girl Esther try again

Esther: ohh daddy u taste so good u know daddy I often peek on u and momma when i got noise

from your bedroom

Singner do you :)

Esther: and willingly I bend again and start sucking cock more expertly

Singner and you know that mommy can take daddy’s cock real deep in her mouth

Singner you want to see how deep you can take it?

Esther: I look at u and determined that I can do better than mommy and take full cock in my mouth and start deep throat

Singner my god Esther – you are so good at looking after daddy’s cock

Esther: my both hand now over your ass and now making my mouth in out with your cock

Esther: as daddy rubbing my hair and encouraging me

Singner love your hands on my ass Esther – push me in hard

Esther: and I nailed your ass chick while your cock penetrating inside my mouth and all of a sudden daddy start moaning hard hold me tight and his cock pulsating hard

Singner daddy loves his daughters mouth

Singner mmm

Singner daddy’s cock feels good in your mouth

Singner Esther you are sucking me nice

Singner real nice

Singner you’re better than mom at that

Singner young soft lips, tight mouth

Singner daddy’s proud of his girl

Esther: ohhhhh and I felt while talking daddy hold me tight and spurt his hot jizz in my mouth and i was not ready for that but he hold me tight till i gulped it

Singner Esther mmmm

Singner you like daddy’s cum?

Esther: and I hold few in my mouth and taking in slowly with full of taste

Esther: yes daddy as I take out the cock and lick around the pink top and licking again

Esther: daddy do I suck better then momma?

Singner Esther – you suck really good

Singner you suck better than mommy

Esther: ohhh thanks daddy and I jump and kiss your lips with my wet cum lips

Singner Esther – if I need my cock sucking I’ll come to you

Singner and if you like my cum

Esther: ohhh daddy u want to look my pussy closely is it? now I am all yours daddy u can do anything to your little girl but I can’t live without this magnificent cock daddy

Singner  Esther daddy really wants to see your pussy

Singner mmmm – your pussy smells sweet

Esther: i love it daddy it is so tasteful promise u will give me before i go to school daily when mommy is not around

Esther: thank u daddy as I lay on bed and daddy lift my legs up and just sniff my pink pussy my pussy and ass hole both exposed to daddy’s

Singner Esther – if you want I’ll wake every morning and you can taste my cum

Singner your pink pussy is so inviting

Singner I’m gently rubbing your pussy lips

Singner they spread so easily

Esther: ohhhh daddy it is all yours as I push your head to my pussy and rub on your face and laugh

Singner lovely tiny wet hole glistening

Esther: daddy is my pussy better then mommy

Singner Esther – your pussy is sweet, it smells nice

Singner I’m going to have to taste it to compare with your mom

Esther: ok daddy then do it please as I watch what my sweet daddy is going to do with his little girl

Singner I lick between your lips, from clit to ass

Singner mmm, you taste nice Esther

Esther: really daddy

Esther: as I try to spread more to space my daddy

Singner yes Esther you have a really tasty cunt – wider then I can taste more

Esther: ok daddy as I wide my legs and found daddy spread my pussy lips and my clit comes out and now start nibbling on my clit

Esther: ohhhhhh daddy what r u doing it feels so good please don’s top daddy ohhh as I feel daddy’s tongue moving circling over my clit

Singner Esther – sucks, nibbles – your clit is bigger than mommy’s

Singner Esther – you’re a fine pussy

Esther: ohhh yes daddy my friends too tells me that I am lucky one having big clit

Esther: they jealous me cause they have hidden clit

Singner daddy loves your clit – taps it with his tongue, licks round it

Esther: ohhh daddy u want to me to sit over your face and at the same time suck your cock?

Singner yes please – I want you to spread your pussy over my mouth and nose and grind it into my face

Singner mmmm- make my face wet Esther

Singner I’m going to hold each of your ass cheeks- spread your cunt

Esther: yes daddy as I turn face at your cock and slowly aim my pussy hole to your face and lay on u and I felt your tongue over my clit and your nose over my ass and in her so deep as I hold cock with my both hand and start sucking as it is already semi hard after first cum

Singner now grind and lick the tip of daddy’s cock

Esther: and i moan ohhhhhhhh and instantly daddy’s cock become hard again and now both end busy sucking to each other

Singner mmm – Esther, daddy loves you

Esther: I roll my tongue under the cock and slowly i move my tongue to your big balls and lick them then took one ball in my mouth and start sucking

Esther: as I can’t hold much and I cum with big orgasm over your mouth

Esther: now I start sucking u slowly while my orgasm came

Singner mmmmm – Esther, you came on me :) good girl

Esther: thanks daddy

Singner I’m still licking, but now looking to play with you pendulous breasts

Esther: daddy let us watch few pic I shot secretly while we recover

Esther: as your hand moving circling over my tits my nipples poking hard

Singner lets look at your pics then Esther

Esther: as I lay besides u and take out the album your one hand under my neck and one over my boobs half lay I lay on your chest and now looking at album

Esther: and u shocked it is all yours and mommy

Singner Esther – how long have you been watching mommy and daddy?

Esther: since I was in 10 std daddy I laugh

Esther: (now u describe the scene one by one in the album and appreciate me please)

Singner and I never knew

Singner so let’s look at the first one

Esther: yes daddy as I open first and look at u

Singner you got daddy standing over mommy with cum on her face

Singner that’s your first shot?

Esther: yes papa I smile

Esther: see how mommy is crazy to suck your all cum

Singner you must have been watching a while :)

Singner you like that?

Esther: very much daddy and u know i always use to think when that day will come when i will be there instead of mom

Singner that’s sweet Esther – you sucked my cock real nice

Esther: thanks u daddy

Singner really – you wanted to take moms place?

Esther: I said yes innocently

Singner lol

Singner you’re a nice girl

Esther: and I gladly kiss your hairy chest

Singner but to do that you know I’d have to put my cock in all of your holes…

Esther: I know daddy

Singner lets look at some more pictures

Esther: as I move to another page

Esther: and look at u smiling

Esther: (mommy and u r very nasty on bed which i shot and u describe it please accordingly)

Singner ooh Esther – I can’t believe you got this

Singner I don’t often tie you mom – but here she’s got her legs tied spread

Esther: I move my leg over your cock and rest on it

Esther: yes daddy and i feel mommy loves it too

Singner she’s arching her back as i finger her anus and her pussy

Esther: yes daddy see how she is moaning

Esther: as I shot her face impression

Singner yeah – she’s got her eyes tight shut as my fingers dig deep

Esther: yeh daddy

Esther: daddy see how u loosen mommy’s ass with your finger

Singner maybe Esther you’d like that

Esther: i am sure she takes your cock in her ass too

Singner are you lol

Esther: but daddy first I will surrender my virginity to u only too my real loving daddy I look with tearful eyes

Singner daddy would love to take Esther’s virginity

Singner imagine daddy’s cock in your tight pussy

Singner you know there will be blood at first?

Esther: ohhh daddy I love you

Esther: daddy I have one desire and promise first u will do it?

Singner I love you Esther, of course

Esther: daddy I am all yours and I will follow I know my class mat says as they all lost their virginity either to their brother , friends or their daddy or grand daddy

Esther: will u be anger if I say something about mommy or u already know?

Singner how do you mean Esther

Esther: daddy as i silent for a moment

Singner Esther you can tell me…

Esther: daddy i am sure when u married to mommy she was not virgin

Singner I’m sure too Esther –

Singner she is a real slut – I knew that :)

Singner not like you – you’re a good girl

Esther: u know daddy when u were out of town I found many times mommy with grandpa

Singner really – no I didn’t know that -he’s a sly one

Esther: as I turn next page and shown and u smile (as u already know and grandpa and u both enjoy mommy some time which i did not know)

Singner grandpa !

Singner you got him too :)

Esther: yes daddy

Esther: but I don’t mind see how happy grandpa while sucking mommy’s pussy see the satisfaction hon his face and mommy to enjoying

Singner yes – your right

Singner mommy does like her pussy sucked

Esther: as I felt your cock become rigid again and I thought daddy might like it that is why his cock become hard again

Esther: daddy grandpa has huge cock like u but yours is bigger I smile

Esther: and now I move my tongue over your hairy chest and nipples

Singner see how huge it is again Esther

Singner you turn me on

Esther: yes papa

Esther: papa u like when mommy is getting fucked by grandpa?

Singner yes – I like seeing her fucked by grandpa

Esther: and I turn the next page which made u real shocked as grandpa fucking mommy from front and u r behind her and mommy become sandwich and both are fucking her hard

Esther: and I laugh kids see papa do u like this pic I look at u and u widen your eyes with smile

Singner Esther – I don’t know what to say – blush

Esther: please papa tell me u like it or not as I shown little angriness

Esther: as I phone rang and I get up daddy watched my little ass moving while stroking his cock i lift the phone

Esther: yes I asked

Esther: ohh Esther it is mommy here

Esther: where is daddy? mommy asked

Esther: my– mom he is out to see his friend john uncle I said lie

Singner wide eyes

Esther: mommy –ok tell him that your grandpa become sick and won’t be back till next week

Esther: me— ok momma I will tell daddy and put the phone on cradle

Esther: and smile jump on bed

Esther: ohh daddy I am lucky one

Singner whys that? :)

Esther: but now I want u take my cherry as bride gives to her groom and for that u must prepare me must bring bride’s dress and I will be your wife daddy please

Singner I love to Esther – shall I get your grandma’s dress – she was the same size as you

Esther: will u marry me daddy please mommy won’t be jealous as u don’t jealous to grandpa

Esther: what as I shocked u mean u use to fuck grandma too?

Singner ok but it’s our secret

Esther: ok daddy tell me in details

Singner yes – your grandma used to bath me when i was a boy

Esther: as I saw daddy put his mouth over my left tit and start sucking them like a baby then look at me start narrating me

Esther: ok then

Esther: as my hand slowly squeeze your cock

Singner mmm Esther

Signer you want to hear about grandma?

Esther: yes daddy tell me i feel happy to listen all

Esther: yes papa

Signer well – when she was a younger woman she looked a bit like you

Esther: as I little up and deep kiss u on your lips and now silently listening daddy

Esther: ok

signer she used to bath me and was always commenting on my cock

Singner how nice it looked, and what a big boy I was

Esther: what comments daddy?

Singner i was a bit embarrassed

Esther: ohh I see and grandma use to bath u without wearing her cloth too?

Singner not at first, she was the first to peel back my foreskin

Esther: ok i giggle as move your skin back

Singner showed me the pink end of my cock – it was so sensitive

Esther: oh then papa

Singner still love my foreskin being rolled back

Esther: as I put your hand over my boob to squeeze

Esther: wow daddy then

Singner love your boobs Esther :)

Singner well she asked me if I’d had a hard on

Esther: thank u papa but u will love more when milk will ooz from this virgin tit I smile

ester: then what did u say

Singner I didn’t know what she was talking about

Singner she asked if I ever felt something when i saw a pretty girl

Singner I kind a said yes

Singner she asked if I found her pretty

Singner and then started to un do her top

Esther: then daddy as my interest build up slowly

Singner she had breasts like your Esther, big areola and dark

Esther: wow then daddy

Singner she didn’t have a bra on and she just had then there in front on me

Singner she could see my cock twitch, smiled and asked me if i wanted to touch them

Esther: wow and was it shaggy or knocking nipples with lots of flash like me

Esther: and what did u say

Singner I was shy so she took my hands and cradled hr boobs with them

Esther: wow the same boobs she milked for u daddy

Singner yes – she was warm then felt so good, my cock started to tiffen to my embarrassment

Esther: as I saw daddy’s cock burning in my hand and he was just lay little lower while describing me and often lick my boobs and I find her his hair

Singner *stiffen

Singner I didn’t want to let go, so she said to massage them

Esther: ok then daddy

Singner while it was holding her tits and watching her hardening nipples she gently touched my cock

Singner I didn’t notice at first – just after it started feeling nice

Esther: wow then daddy

Esther: as I put my boob motherly in your mouth for a while

Singner she just rolled that foreskin back and forth slowly – she knew I was sensitive

Esther: as I too move skin up and down this time while feeding u like a baby

Singner mmm – Esther

Esther: then take out nipple from your mouth and listening again

Singner looking at your proud nipple –

Singner she was real gentle and the first time I came I was shocked

Singner my legs stiffed and I squirted cum in the air

Singner she laugh and was so relaxed

Singner I was always getting baths from granny

Singner there was always something new to learn

Esther: oh I see then how did u take her first

Singner once when mom was out – she asked if I wanted to see her pussy

Esther: I mean how did u put your cock in her pussy

Esther: yeah then

Singner I kind a wanted to – she always told me her pussy was wet when she let me suck her tits

Esther: (my grandma not yours she is your mom and my grandma ok)

Singner so she took me to her bedroom – butt his time told me I had to do some work

Singner she said I had to take her clothes off

Esther: ok and what did u take off first daddy

Singner I took her blouse off

Singner and as usual, no bra just lovely boobs

Esther: as I got intense feeling to suck daddy’s cock while telling me and I move to his cock and start licking the pin head with my knocking tip of tongue

Esther: ok then

Singner mmm Esther that nice

Esther: I look at u for a moment and busy in sucking again

Singner well your granny always wore long skirts

Esther: then my naughty mind working so fast I spread your legs and start licking your balls and just over the crack of your ass

Singner mmmm Esther

Esther: and one hand moving on your cock

Esther: then daddy as slurp your ass hole

Singner i unbutton the waste and her skirt dropped to the floor

Singner mmm – Esther that’s good

Esther: wow and was this first time u saw her in panty or was she without panty

Esther: then with lapping I move up and start sucking cock again

Singner she had nothing on underneath

Esther: and then I rub my big boobs over the cock and hitting my boobs with your cock

Singner long legs I’d never seen

Esther: ohh was she clean shaved or hairy

Singner she was clean shaven

Esther: how does her lips and pussy looks like

Esther: ohhh then you must have attacked on her pussy daddy

Singner and I smelt that lovely smell, I know was her pussy

Esther: oh yes and that was your learning period and she was teaching u so motherly

Singner she had rally long inner pussy lips

Singner stuff out of her tight outer pussy lips

Singner like bunched up, dark

Singner just the sight of her pussy had me speechless

Singner ‘come on boy – let’s have a closer look’ she said :)

Singner so she bent over – showed me her pussy and ass hole

Singner ‘do you like?’

Singner I was blushing again

Singner you can touch if you like

Esther: wow she is so nice daddy

Singner yeah

Singner she guided my fingers, she was so wet

Esther: as I move my tongue more deep to your base cock while my boobs brushing your cock

Esther: she must be daddy

Esther: then daddy

Singner well she lay on her back and showed me her lips

Esther: I sit on daddy lower leg so that his foot move over my pussy and penetrate his foot thumb in my pussy while I suck his cock

Esther: ohh she must be thick lips and pink petals

Singner spread her pussy showed me her clit – it is a big clit like yours

Singner nice and thick

Singner she asked if I was ready to lick it

Esther: ohhh yes I resample like grandma and mom

Esther: ohhhhhhhhh daddy as I move my puss over your foot

Singner I so wanted to lick her pussy

Esther: ohhh daddy your mouth must become water looking at grandma pussy

Singner she held my head to get my tongue in the right place – she was playing with my balls as i licked

Singner she had sucked my cock in the bath – so i kind a guessed this was right

Esther: then daddy

Esther: was her pussy tasty and sweet

Singner ‘have you got long fingers Andrew’ she said

Singner she knew I had

Singner ‘go on, stick out your middle finger’

Esther: i smile as i felt grandma is a good teacher

Esther: then u put your finger in her pussy?

Singner she told me to put my palm up and guided my finger into her pussy

Esther: ok

Singner I loved the complicated feel of her pussy

Esther: did u taste the same finger daddy?

Singner she told me to –

Esther: as I put my finger in my pussy and laid to daddy’s lips

Singner I loved it

Singner she shoved my hand in and out and my finger probed her tight pussy

Esther: and move my finger over your lips to make it wet

Singner she was dripping

Esther: wow

Esther: and u were having taste too daddy

Singner yes she was sweet like you

Esther: as I felt daddy will not hold his cock long so i started sucking hard and with high moan he came again in my mouth

Singner I got addicted to her pussy

Singner like I could get addicted to yours

Esther: and I sucked till last drop hold in my mouth and move to your mouth and shift all your hot cum in your mouth

Singner mmm – i love that

Esther: and we share your cum

Singner my cum in my mouth

Esther: till we drink all and then u continue with narrating and i lay over your cheast my boobs

Singner love your boobs laying on me

Esther: yes daddy

Esther: now what happened next daddy

Singner she kind a led me on

Esther: ok

Esther: then how did she convince u to suck her moist pussy

Singner I loved her taste

Singner and I asked

Singner ‘mom, you know how you suck my cock?’

Singner ‘yes, Andrew’

Esther: I giggle

Singner ‘well, can I suck your pussy?’

Esther: wow

Singner she laughed

Singner ‘want to give it a try?’

Esther: as I started drained cock brushing with my pussy I lays straight over to daddy and listening silently

Singner we were out walking in wood when I asked

Singner and I kind a thought when we got home

Singner but she started fooling around then and there

Esther: ok

Singner lifting her skirt

Singner so I give a glimpse she had no panties on

Esther: wow no one around that time daddy

Singner no, one or two but she pulled me under a bush

Esther: ok

Esther: so nice daddy then

Singner and she undid my fly and started suck my cock

Singner she sat down and just pull her dress up, spread her legs

Singner I licked it so careful

Singner and she just pushed me hard into her pussy

Singner she told me to suck her pussy lips

Singner I loved this

Singner and to stick my tongue in a deep as it would go

Singner she tasted nice :)

Singner she then asked me if I remembered where her clit was

Singner I was clueless – so she moved my head and said now tickle that with your tongue

Singner we used to laugh that this was my punishment

Singner if I was ever being a pain – she’d threaten ‘you know what’

Singner well the punishment was me sucking her pussy until she came

Esther: wow daddy

Esther: then all it was behind the bush in public garden

Singner loved to lick her and hold her boobs when she came

Singner yes –

Esther: wow then how did u fuck grandma first time

Singner I felt we couldn’t be seen

Singner but now I’m not so sure

Esther: why

Singner well, I go past the bush now and it seems pretty open to me

Esther: oh I see but I am sure no one saw u

Esther: daddy did u saw grandma pissing too

Singner yes- that was one of our games

Esther: as I hold the album

Singner when she as bathing me she say

Singner ‘oh, Andrew, I need to go’

Singner toilet was opposite bath

Esther: ok

Singner she’d slip her dress up

Singner so I could see as she sat on the loo

Esther: wow

Singner ‘I told her I liked watching her piss’

Esther: her pussy petal must be opened

Singner yes

Esther: then what did she say

Singner I didn’t understand at first

Singner she said ‘how much’

Esther: then

Singner ‘Andrew, how much do you like seeing me piss?’

Singner still confused

Singner I said a lot

Esther: then

Singner well, then she shocked me :)

Singner she dropped her skirt, and straddled the bath and pissed on me

Esther: wow and did u taste her piss too daddy?

Esther: was it tasty and sweet piss

Singner yeah, we were laughing as she pissed all over me

Esther: wow so nice

Singner it dribbled down my face, tasted sweet

Esther: daddy right back within half an hour we will start our role playing from here only copy the play please

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