Dad Fucked Me

Hello friends I want to share my experience with you. I was then 13 years. My father was working in govt service. There were only there in our house, my mum Anuradha 35, my dad Venkataiah 40 years and myself my father was working in forest area we were in forest govt bungulaw. I used to go chenchu school. One day message came stating that my mother’s mother health was nothing good condition. Immediately my dad taken her to next village and sent her to my native place which was very faraway place to us. After going there my mum was forced to stay long period there. We used to get food from hotel and we try to spent time. My father used to take country type liquor which was prepared by chenchus. One day my father taken heavy liquor and not in control position. After going to bed we slept. I don’t know what time it was, one of legs of my dad fallen on me. Simply I removed and slept. After a while again he dropped his leg on me and taken me very close and hugged me forcefully came to know his underwear was already removed and his powerful man head was in seriously erected and just like rod was hitting my novel’s was afraid. But inner desires were there at that age itself for me.

My cock size was too small. I used to see wantedly my friends cocks so many times to compare my cock size with them. I came to conclusion that mine was too small. Then I cultivated desires to have sex with cocks. Knowingly or unknowingly it was happened on that day was not known to me. I have decided to cooperate with my dad. I slowly removed my underwear without the notice of my dad’s slowly put my hand on my dad dick. It was so hot. I slowly made it up and down. My dad once again hugged me forcefully. After a while I was there without any movement’s decided to celebrate my first night with my dad. He was not in controlled stage. I slowly came out and taken his cock in my mouth and started. Previously I heard from my friends how female fucked and enjoyed with them. Now I become female and what type of joy can I extend to him and what type of enjoyment I can have’s started forcefully sucking. He pressed my face to his dick and made cum inside my mouth .then I went for sleep. Again after some time may be early in the morning he hugged from backside of me. I adjusted myself that my asshole was exactly facing his cock and I pressed my asshole to his cock. He inserted forcefully. Even there was maximum pain I controlled myself and I gave way inside my asshole. He fucked me roughly and made cum inside my asshole and hugged me closely and slept. I too went for sleeping. Morning when I wake up I came to know

I was as it was night and some blood was with bed on the exact point where my dad dick entered my hole. My dad was not there. I went bath room and there also he was not there, after one hour he came with coffee and stiffen, on seeing me he smiled and I too smiled. After coming to me he kissed upon my checks and asked was there any pain. I said yes. He advised me today night let us stop it and tomorrow again it will be started. I accepted. Nest day night I myself and my dad were inside house early in the night. He called me to his room. I went inside. He had taken my hand into his hands and asked affectionately whether I like that type of play, I said I like it well and said if it was possible it has to be everyday to me. He readily agreed and removed his clothes and asked me to sit on my kneels just like dog and after sitting like that he kept his semi erected Lund in my mouth and asked me to suck it. While I was sucking he removed my cloths and from above he kissed my asshole and inserted his tongue in it. It was heaven and cannot be explained. After sucking it made itself lengthy and strong and his foreskin itself come outside. He sat on cat and started drinking. After two rounds he started kissing my lips and said he liked my asshole very well and to fuck it every day in my room after fucking my mum. He said that he I don’t know whether he was correct or wrong in fucking me but it was happy to me and pleasure for him. He fucked everyday for two months.up to that time it was made one kind of practice and soon after night comes I eagerly waited for fucking. Now and then I used to place my hands on my dad cock from upper side of the cloths and if I give small jerk immediately he gets kick and sometimes without going to my room he fucked me first and then my mum.

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