Bus Stand Pleasure

BUS STAND pleasure

By: venisss

HI friends,

.pl let me know the comments to improve. This happened when my uncle dropped his family in my housing as he was in Air Force and was posted to a new place where family quarters were not available.

I am 23 yrs and having a full house constructed, with a 2 room set for rent…my uncle went back to his duties with no problem as his family was in home. Now she was of 46 yrs old, with very good physique as 40, 36, and 38 named as Indu. With 2 kids.

one day it was raining heavily, at night at about 1.00 I got a knock from inner gate of my house, I opened the door indu anuty was standing with some breathing problem, I supported her and brought in side my room. Both kids were sleeping fast; she said kids never get up in night. She told me she is having this problem when ever the weather is rainy. I took her to hospital on my bike which is almost 8 kms away, during way I asked her to hold me as she may fall down, she resisted to hold me but when I insisted she hold me from back on my waist. I was feeling her big boob’s pressure on my back and same time her hot breaths on my neck; her thigh was touching to my buttocks, which was increasing size and hardness of my land. But I was controlling.

doctor examined and adv some medicines & x-ray.at hospital while helping her so many times our body touched together, I took her to x-ray room, x-ray tech asked to lay on x-ray table,& went to attend some ward patient, told to let her on table. One incident happened while assisting to getup her on x-ray table I supported her from back side, I put my hand on her waist and just lifted her to climb on table, oh my god her big buttocks were rubbing on my tool which was little hard by the time, she also felt the hardness of my tool on her buttocks, I was surprised to feel she also pushed her buttocks back to me and same time I felt that she is just adjusting & rubbing her buttocks in best position, no one was in the room, my tool also increased its size and become harder, I just grab my hands on her waist and pulled her towards me, and started massing her breasts with one hand, in turn she was pushing her buttocks and enjoying. I just took her face towards me try to kiss on her lips but suddenly heard some body coming, she immediately lay down on table, he was x-ray tech, took x-ray and we were back to doctor, I was supporting her but our hands and body were enjoying being together, dr saw then x-ray and told nothing to worry, and gave some medicines.

While coming back to home she just put her hand on my waist, stomach without any hesitation, her fingers were moving slowly up and down, almost touching my dick. It was night, no much traffic on road; i just pressed her hand and guided it to my Lund which was again hard by this time. she just hold it on pant started massing it tightly, suddenly raining started heavily and I searched for some shelter, it was a old bus stand shelter which was not in use and bushes around it. I just put my bike one safe side and both went in side, it was damaged and water was leaking all over, hardly one corner was safe so we just stand there, the place has hardly for one man, so she just stand in front of me trying to escape from water, her buttocks were again in good position and I just grab her with my hands on her both breasts and started pressing them, she hesitated but was not able to move as raining heavily and if move away she will be wet, she was making her buttocks tight and loose means she was also enjoying. Then I her face near my face, what a sexy eyes, lips she was having just put my lips on her lips and starting kissing, initially she wanted to object but it was just a formality and she also started kissing me, after kissing 5 minutes I just started massing her boobs, buttocks and she also responded and just hold my Lund tightly, when I tried to open her blouse she said not here, some body may come, but can be done at home, but I was not in mood to leave her so I just put my one hand on her thighs, another hand on her buttocks and started massing her pubic area, she was making sound AAAAHHH…,SSSSSHHHHHHHIIII, kyyyya karrrrr raaahe haiiii koi dekh lega…..,but physically she was not objecting. I put my one hand between her thighs and started massing her pubic hairs and same time put her hand on my land, which she hold tightly and started moving up and down. I just lifted her saree and removed her panty to her knees, and put my finger in side her chut and started touching her clitoris which was too erected, and again started kissing & massing her breast from top of blouse. She was making sound of ssssshhhhiii aaaahhhhaaaa and same time she become hot having her breathing hot and faster, now she was holding my land and trying to pull it towards her chitin continued to fingering in her chut,and suddenly she changed her position and put her buttocks in front of my land. I asked what happened she said nothing but put her buttocks against my land, I just put my land in her ass but she adjusted it to her chut and I just gave a push and it was entered 1/4 in her chut, oh it was so hot and I was in seventh sky, I was continue massing her breast and she started pushing back and front, I gave another push and it was inside fully, she cried aaahhhh mur gai but I put my hand on her lips, I too started speedily and she making sounds ahhaa maja aa raha haiii.jorrr sssseeee… aaaahhhaa,we enjoyed 10 minutes, I felt I am above to come, when told her this she said come on let it in side no problem got operation done at the time of second delivery. making very fast I just put a hot rod in side her chut she also just took it in side and just relaxed in my hands, I asked maza aya, she said bahut ayya, aise kabhi bhi nahi chudwai.

by this time rain was less and after wearing our cloths we started for home, came in side, kids were fast sleeping, I told her to sleep in my room it self, as I was alone she said agar kisi ne dekh liya to, i told kon dekhega, bachhe so rahe hai, get lock hai, finaly shr agreed and we removed our cloths and had two more round naked in the night.

friends after that she use to sleep with me after kids sleep and we used to enjoy, and believe after that night she never took any medicine for her breathing trouble but she was o.k. enjoyed this for almost one year with the intervals due to visit of my wife and her husband, but after that she went with her husband.

If u like my story n any women want me can contact me at [email protected]

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