Brother And Sister Love

By: Vivek988606

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Dear all, hi, my name is Vivek and I am from Hyderabad. I am a big fan of ISS especially the Incest part as I like incest. Every day I read stories and I chat with incest people. Which gave me the coverage Today to write my first story of my life please ignore if you find any spelling mistakes are grammar mistakes. I am 24 working in one of the software companies in Hyderabad with good salary.

We are 4 people in our family. My dad, Mom, sis and me, this story is about me and my sister her name is vidya (all names changed) she is 22 years old. I always had fantasy on my sis. She is cute and beautiful. My dad and mom both are working so they dint had time for us. I and my sis are very close to each other. When ever we had time we used to go to movie and shopping as I earn a good salary so we did not had any problem for our expenses we are very happy with each others company.

All started one weekend when my sister asked me to take her to movie as she was getting board sitting at home. We went to I max for Telugu movie but tickets ware sold out so we decided to go to English movie. It was a romantic love story with lot of kissing and hot scene. Most of the crowd ware couples. Maybe others thought that even we are couples. We ware watching the movie and whole theater was quite and I can hear couple talking to each other in our back seat.

Movie was quite good but there was a scene ware a hero and heroin will have sex as mad animals. I was all hot watching that scene but can not touch my dick as my sister was sitting next to me. I can even feel that the couples sitting behind us ware smooching and doing all other things which a gay and girl can do in the theater. I was not able to control my self. I just saw my sister with corner of my eye.

She was wearing the t-shirt and jeans and her boobs ware big and going up and down as she breath. I forgot about the movie and start watching my sister boobs and I am getting hard like anything. Then I started watching her lips. All of a sudden my sis looked at me and asked.

Sis: what are you watching bro?

Me: Movie

Sis: I don’t think so

Me: then what does u think?

She hugged my hand and rested her head on my shoulder and said nothing

her right said boob was slightly touched on my elbow. Then she asked.

Sis: did you observe the couple sitting behind is kissing each other.

Me: not only kissing. They are doing lot more. Wish even I had a girl friend sitting next to me (I thought it’s a chance)

Sis: then what you would have done (she held me tight and my elbow was pressing her left boob)

I was enjoying like anything. I started pushing my elbow towards her boobs and there was no reaction from her. My cock was rock hard. I was sweating like anything. My sis said.

Sis: shell we go home.

Me: way the movie is still 50% done.

Sis: I am not comfortable hear. Let’s go home. She left my hand and stud up I was bit confused and also scared whether she came to know I was pressing her boobs and she dint like it. Even I fallowed her and we came out from the movie and she was not talking to me and walking in the mall. I thought she was upset with my act in theater and I thought of talking to her and ask sorry about that.

So I asked her for pizza as she likes it a lot. She said lets go home if you want we will order pizza from home. We sat on the bike and reached home. There was hardly talking between us. Once we reach home she ordered pizza and we started watching TV and we ware sitting on sofa.

Me: way did you come out from the movie like that. It was nice movie.

Sis: yah it was but

Me: what

Sis: the atmosphere was not good in the theater.

I new what she was talking about but still I asked: what are you talking about?

Sis: Most of the couple ware having fun there have not u observed.

Me: so what. That’s there wish.

Sis: but for others they will think we are doing the same. Even we are couples.

Me: we cont help it, its human mentality. What if they think we are kissing each other? We don’t even know them. Let them think what ever they want.

Sis: how can you say that we are brother and sister?

Me: so what you mean to say bro and sis can not kiss each other. Even I kissed you so many times.

Sis: that’s different they ware smooching each other and as you said people ware doing other dirty stuffs. She almost shouted I took her hand in my hand and said: baby its all natural know you should not be wearied about all that. And I kissed her hand and she hugged me. I was hugging her sitting in sofa and her left boob was touching my chest and my lips were near her side neck.

I kissed her neck twice and also kissed her ears and slowly I came to her chic and kissed there was no response from her and finally I kissed her near her lips and still she was hugging me then I took her face in my hand and slightly kissed her lips ( just touched with my lips) she closed her eyes and I again kissed her lips (this time little hard) for my surprise she opened her mouth and this time I took her entire lips in my mouth and we started kissing like pure lovers.

Our tough met each other and we are sucking each others tough. Slowly I made her to lay on sofa and went on her still our lips are locked. She was laying on the sofa and I was on top of her and we are kissing like there is no tomorrow. Suddenly door bell rang and we parted. We both adjusted our dress and hair and I went to open the door.

It was the pizza guy. I took pizza and paid him and when I cam to hall she was not there.

I kept the pizza on the table and went to our room she was standing in front of the mirror and combing her hair I hugger her from behind and started kissing her neck and she turned towards me and hugged me. We are hugging each other like anything.

I said: I love you baby. She was quite, I said the same thing again then we parted and she said I love you too bro.

Then we started kissing again and I took her to the bed next to us and we ware kissing like wild animals. I started kissing her neck and my one hand went to her boobs and I pressed and I started sucking her other boobs on her t-shirt. She was holding my head and pressing towards the boobs. Then I sat on her and removed my shirt and started kissing her lips again. Then we rolled on the bed and she was on my top and I pressed her ass on the jeans and she was holding me tight and kissing me.

I tried removing her t shirt but it was not possible as she way laying on me. So she sat on me and she her self removed the t shirt. Wow, she had a beautiful boobs covered under black bra. I took hold of her both the boobs in my hand and started pressing it she moaned in pain, we rolled and I took her under me and starter kissing her boobs on bra and we are soo much into sex that we forgot our house door bell ringing.

Suddenly we realize that someone is ringing the bell. We parted and we dressed our self and she adjusted her hair and ran to open the door and I ran to bathroom. I had a hard on so I jerked in bathroom and came out after 15 min and saw my dad sitting in the hall and my mom and sis are in kitchen. I was scared and slowly went to hall. As per my dads behavior it was all normal. Then the entire day I and my sis hardly seen each other.

In the knight once we had our dinner.. I was watching TV till 11:00 pm. Once I was sure that my parents are sleeping I turned off the TV and entered our room and I saw my sister sitting on my computer and checking her face book. I went and stand behind her and kept my hands on her shoulder. She kissed my hands and she came said I love you and hugged my tight. We hugged for 2-3 mins and I made her sit on the bed. Then I closed the door and sat next to her and there was no talk.

We started kissing and I made her lay on the bed. She was laying and I am next to her. Our lips are locked and my left leg is on the novel and she is hugging my tight she is sucking my Tung and I am sucking her Tung. Slowly my hand went to her pussy and I started rubbing it on her night dress. Her hands reached my rock hard cock and she is holding it on my shorts and shaking it.

Over kiss was making us al wet and horny. We ware rubbing and shaking each others for 10 mints and I can feel that she is Cumming. We both chummed together. I have masturbated so many times before but I never felt this horny. This was the best cum I ever had in my life. We both are breathing heavily and our pants are all wet. We slept like that for some time and after some 20 min my sis woke up and went to bathroom for cleaning her self.

Then I want next and after that we wished good night kiss and slept in our beds. Hayyyy you gays must be thinking way we dint fuck each other right because we are soo badly in love with each others. Thought of fucking never came to our mind this continued for so many days every day we used to help each other for Cumming and know we are like lovers I will tell you the other part of the story in my next episode. Till then if you like my story then please share fantasies and feedback to my mail.

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