Big breasted mom’s

This all happened on summer vacation ,I was just spending my vacation watching cds with my friends. Robin(18) is my closest friend and so he is always with me. Robin has also a craze for big boobs. He has one sister named Rosey (20) and mother is Luzy (47). Both are attractive .But his mother is more fleshy than his sister. Lucy wear lowcut T-shirt and middy, which shows her enormous tits and butts. They are running a textile shop exclusively for ladies. My mom is Supriya (38)is staying with me .My father is business man and he will be out for many days. My mom is beautiful and has extraordinary boobs and fleshy buttocks. She wears sarry and blouse in the house. When Robin is around she will be busy to clear the dust .while doing this she reveals major parts of her boobs are visible through the low-cut blouse. I noticed many times Robin touching his hand on his penis and she laugh at him. But I couldn’t say a word against him because he is my best friend.

One day robin and I are just talking about the new neighbor. My mom called me from the kitchen that the gas is empty and bring another one for her. The Shop was two kilometers away from our house. I promised Robin to wait for sometimes. There were no rush in the gas shop I reached home early than they expected. To my surprise nobody was in the house, I went upstairs and heard some murmuring sounds. My curiosity increased. I tiptoed in the parent’s bedroom. There I saw my beautiful mother’s enormous tits being sucked by my best friend Robin. I Had no words to say thing. Just watch that event with my throbbing cock and finally I entered the room. They both stunned at the moment and started say some kind of excuses. Just ignore all these things and directly approach my mom and squeezed her big breasts with both hands and started fucking and with in moments I fell on her with climax. She hold me for sometimes and told ,”my son I want nothing but keep me fucking while I was burning, I love you son, I love You” This is only a story, the characters are also imaginary people. Pls yours comments are precious.

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