Dear friends! This is the first real experience of mine within my family circuit, which I am going to tell you. Now I want to share very secret experience about my Bhabhi with you.

My Name is Raju (18) a intermediate student in Raja High School, Patna. My bhabhi’s name Sneha, age 26. She has done MBA. She is fair complexion, luscious lips, long, lustrous black silky hair and other important thing is that she is a complete busty woman. Really she is gorgeous, voluptuous and nymphomaniac lady. My bhabhi knows very well how to well dressed. She used to wear low cut and sexy sexy dress, especially embroidered chiffon sari and low cut, satin blouse. I used to masturbate thinking of my bhabhi, Sneha.

Now I see Sneha bhabhi has a very large, fleshy, firm breast means it was very well shaped and her bra size is 36DD. She looks very sexy in pink colour sari. Whenever she wears pink chiffon sari my cock gets erected. As my eldest brother Ramesh (31) got meeting with his delegates and higher officials he has to leave for Singapore. Suresh bhaiya (27), Dinesh bhaiya (24), Sneha bhabhi (26) and I (18) send him through flight. And we returned to our home. My Ramesh bhaiya will return after a month. I am on my exam leave and I always stared at her navel exposed. Next day, She become to speak more kindly and I also thought of myself that it is the day I waited long……Earlier I asked her that we friends want to go on tour to Shimla. She kindly granted permission. And I asked her “If I gone to Shimla, you will be alone bhabhi when Suresh and Dinesh bhaiya will be in college.” She, yes, there will be no problem, Raju, only I will be alone during day only, from evening to morning Suresh and Dinesh will be with me. Then I leave home and went for a week, bhabhi gave me huge amount of money. This absolutely wrong with bhabhi I assure that she never give such high amount of money. So, I left home to watch only movie. I came back at home at 10 PM. I invaded to the top floor of my home and landed into the living room like a thief and through the glass door, I could able to see them in bedroom. I am peeping through that glass door and its dark everywhere except the bedroom. The bed was very comfortable and luxurious for them. Sneha bhabhi was on the bed between Suresh and Dinesh bhaiya. Suresh bhaiya put his shoulder around bhabhi’s neck and Dinesh bhaiya touched bhabhi’s waist. Bhabhi was well dressed in embroidered pink chiffon sari and matching colour blouse.

She has kept her long, black silky hair loosened and worn jasmine garland with the help of clip. She had coated her luscious lips with dark red colour, satin lipsticks and matching colour glittering nail polish on finger and toe nail. She had worn new sparkling golden Balis (hoop earring) and neck chain. She had already dyed her palm to wrist with henna. She had worn onto wrist golden charm bracelets and jingling Anklet on ankle. My bhabhi had worn very sexy blouse, blouse was very low cut and translucent, blouse was low cut, short sleeve, deep v-shaped plunging neckline, so I can easily see her deep cleavage, both cup of blouse was sewn as per boobs size in spite of this both large boobs was struggling to come out. It seems that both boobs will tear blouse and come out. It was embroidered chiffon, satin blouse, and blouse was so translucent that I can see easily her bra through blouse. And her black colour high heel Sandal was also very sexy one.

And two hunky, virile guy Dinesh bhaiya was in white colour skin tight fitting T-shirt and Jeans. And Suresh bhaiya was in pant and shirt. I am hiding on top the bedroom and watching everything going on my bhabhi Sneha’s bedroom.

Suresh bhaiya asked, “How you adjust with Raju? Bhabhi smiled at Suresh bhaiya and said, “Honey why you always point out my devar, Raju. He sometimes stare at me. “Suresh bhaiya said, “I have no objection in accompany him to gang bang you darling.” Bhabhi replied that, “You are trying to blow me, dear.” Smiled. Dinesh bhaiya asked “Bhabhi, you are very very sexy in this pink chiffon sari, darling.” Bhabhi was more horny. Sneha bhabhi took off Dinesh bhaiya’s skin tight fitting T-shirt and Jeans and pant shirt of Suresh bhaiya, now both bhaiya were in only underwear. Suresh bhaiya was in white colour VIP underwear and Dinesh bhaiya was in blue jockey underwear, Dinesh bhaiya had worn very sexy underwear that was covering just cock. Suresh bhaiya asked bhabhi to get some badam milk. Sneha bhabhi’s sari was being stripped off by Suresh bhaiya and clearly the pallu drops. My cock erected on seeing this action. Bhabhi went to kitchen and Suresh bhaiya said to Dinesh bhaiya, “Dinesh, bhabhi is now so hot and we should make it hard. Do whatever you desire.” The thoughts about my bhabhi got my cock enlarge. Bhabhi now showing off her large, round and firm boobs cleavage. Then Suresh bhaiya, Dinesh bhaiya drank milk and said, “We need your milk bhabhi.” They pointed their chest and bhabhi rubbed own breast and said, “Oh, come on darling……..” in a whispering sexy voice. I listened. We will be available all this month bhabhi, said Dinesh bahiya. Suresh bhaiya is a strong athletic man and Dinesh bhaiya has also a gymnastic body looks completely hunky. My bhabhi was slim and I scared of how could she manage them.

Suresh bhaiya removed her sari and Dinesh bhaiya move his hands bhabhi’s sexy navel. She was so hot and horny. Suresh bhaiya moved closer in front and hugged tightly and makes his lips stick to bhabhi’s luscious lips. Dinesh bhaiya opened string of petticoat with the help of his teeth and through it. Now bhabhi’s breast was sucked, squeezed over blouse by Suresh bhaiya and then the kiss continues and same time Suresh bhaiya was caressing her long black silky hair by right hand and by left hand stroking her back. Then Dinesh bhaiya loosened string of string back blouse with the help of teeth meanwhile Suresh bhaiya unhooked her blouse’s ‘hook and eye’ one by one and through it and now Sneha bhabhi was only in white lacy bra and panty. Bhabhi also hugged and kissed to both bhaiya. My bhabhi’s boobs was so large that bra cup was unable to encase properly, bhabhi had worn very sexy bra and panty. Panty was so tiny that it was just covering pussy. Now Suresh bhaiya was kissing, sucking and licking bhabhi’s cunt over panty from front and simultaneously Dinesh bhaiya grabbed her both big boobs properly, left boobs by left hands and right boobs by right hands through bra and started strong massage, Dinesh bhaiya was pressing, squeezing and kneading it by this dual action bhabhi was moaning, aah…..aa……oh……oh….oh……..Now Suresh bhaiya stripped off her white silky tiny panty in one swift motion. And bhabhi’s bra strap was so ornamental that Dinesh bhaiya was licking it, kissing it and slid down right shoulder strap of bra and started kissing it while Suresh bhaiya was sliding her left shoulder strap of bra and started kissing the deep cleavage and finally Dinesh bhaiya started unhook bhabhi’s bra but it was so tight that after struggling, Dinesh bhaiya unhooked bhabhi’s sexy bra, now Sneha bhabhi was totally naked in front of two young men. Sneha bhabhi’s nipples were pink and stiff. I was watching this and started to touch my erected penis. And I had never seen my bhabhi fully naked and for this first time I saw my bhabhi’s ample boobs and juicy pussy. It was cleanly shaved and bright. Now bhabhi took off both bhaiya’s underwear in one swift motion and by seeing their longer-thicker lund bhabhi was surprised that “Itna lamba aur mota lund to main BF mein nahin dekhi hoon.” And she hold Suresh bhaiya’s lund with left hand and Dinesh bhaiya’s lund with right hand and started sucking, licking one by one and bhabhi jerked them by both hands. And they got bhabhi total naked and they take her and put in the bed and began to hug.

Bhabhi was sandwich between them. Then the four legs dominate and Suresh bhaiya clamped over bhabhi and Dinesh bhaiya also trying to hug and kiss all parts with their lust to fuck bhabhi they dominate bhabhi. Now Suresh bhaiya smeared her left boobs with honey and started kissing, sucking, licking it while with right boobs Dinesh bhaiya was doing same things. And suddenly telephone rings and bhaiya scared. Suresh bhaiya take the phone to bhabhi. Bhabhi attended the call and it was my Ramesh bhaiya, bhabhi said, “Dear, I am suffering without you……Raju is at Shimla and I am with Suresh and Dinesh.” While bhabhi was talking, Dinesh bhaiya began to lick bhabhi’s juicy pussy. Bhabhi controlled and tells. I am sleeping and I miss you. Bhabhi said to Dinesh bhaiya, why are you so crazy? Dinesh bhaiya licked and said you really miss Ramesh bhaiya? Bhabhi replied, no he doesn’t care me much, he having also long and thick cock but nor more interested and more engaged in official work. I recorded this voice and clicked in my mobile camera. I have targeted her while she got married. Bhabhi began to suck Dinesh bhaiya’s cock and Suresh bhaiya began to lick and fingering her pussy. Bhabhi was knee down to Donesh bhaiya’s cock and sucked deeply. Dinesh bhaiya held bhabhi’s head and fucked her mouth fastly and Dinesh bhaiya is ready to fuck bhabhi. Bhabhi now lie facing Dinesh bhaiya with her wide spread legs inviting Dinesh bhaiya to fuck and same time started sucking to Suresh bhaiya’s cock. Dinesh bhaiya jerked his lund and slightly rubbed the pussy lips. I never viewed in reality. Three naked. People.

Dinesh bhaiya’s penis was so long and thick that it was unable to enter then bhabhi massaged Dinesh bhaiya’s penis with ponds cold cream and this time head of cock entered into her tight pussy. Bhabhi moans Mmmmmm……haaaaa….oh…oh….ohhhh….aah….ah….ahhhhhh, “yes do it”… romantic voice. Dinesh bhaiya again thrust this time half penis entered into Sneha bhabhi’s juicy pussy, as half penis entered bhabhi was crying with pain and pleasure. At this time Suresh bhaiya began to knee down to bhabhi’s neck and began to insert his cock into her mouth. Now she was unable to moan and Dinesh bhaiya thrusted into her velvety tight pussy with fast strokes and this time entire penis entered into her pussy. Dinesh bhaiya holding bhabhi’s thighs and gained energy to fuck more forcefully and was sliding deep inside her juicy pussy and said,” aah kya pussy velvety tight hai.” Raise bhabhi’s legs and sucked heavily. Now the pussy is loosing. Mouthful by Suresh bhaiya continues. Suresh bhaiya removed his cock from bhabhi’s mouth and bhabhi cried to Dinesh bhaiya, “no…no…….stop it…..stop it….please stop it. Hmmmm.”

Dinesh bhaiya continue to fuck deeper and asked “am I your husband darling?” Bhabhi said,”Yes, you are my husband.” Suresh bhaiya kissed bhabhi’s lips and boobs and squeeze-knead hard. Dinesh bhaiya continue strokes heavily and asked, “Is Suresh bhaiya your husband? Darling, Bhabhi, yes. You both my special husband……..stop dear” Suresh bhaiya laughed, bhabhi cried. I watched and take picture, Dinesh bhaiya asked, who are you? Sneha bhabhi replied, “Sneha is your wife and Suresh’s wife…….stop questioning……as moans. Bhabhi’s pussy was fucked by Dinesh bhaiya like a horse. Dinesh bhaiya began to move slow and steady…….Bhabhi moans……then Dinesh bhaiya stops and lie over bhabhi and hugged her licked her navel. Then slowly removed his slithering cock from bhabhi’s pussy and slapped wet and fully erected and large. Dinesh bhaiya fucked for one hour. Now it was Suresh bhaiya’s turn.

Suresh bhaiya got ready he kissed bhabhi’s lips. Bhabhi sucks his cock and balls. Now Dinesh bhaiya asked, “Bhabhi how is it? Darling.” Bhabhi moans and replied, “painful……why you so violent.” Dinesh bhaiya said, “it was my love and desire from long days.” And now Sneha bhabhi engulfed Dinesh bhaiya’s lund with lipstick coated luscious lips that cock contains bhabhi’s pussy juice.

Dinesh bhaiya hold his cock and beat bhabhi’s lips and lie down close enough with bhabhi like a husband. Dinesh bhaiya faces directly to bhabhi and kissed her lips and bhabhi hold his cock and jerk it. Suresh bhaiya make bhabhi’s leg spread and entered his cock into bhabhi’s pussy in succession penetration continues and bhabhi accepted by widespread her legs. Kissing sound fills up the room. I watched silently and recorded their conversation and it might be very helpful for me. Dinesh bhaiya kissed her lips and breasts. Bhabhi also allowed kissing him very slutty conversation against bhabhi. Suresh bhaiya begin to fuck and smoothly. He also turn to fuck heavily like Dinesh bhaiya. Bhabhi moans and Dinesh bhaiya controlled her by sucking her breast. Dinesh bhaiya drank bhabhi’s milk. Erected nipples, bhaiya bite gently. Bhabhi looks more sexier and glamour. Suresh bhaiya fucked hard and bhabhi placed her legs cross over Suresh bhaiya’s body. Suresh bhaiya said some slutty dirty words and fucked like a virile man. The pussy of bhabhi was now more enlarge and Suresh bhaiya continue to hold bhabhi’s waist and moved his butt to and fro. Dinesh bhaiya kissed almost all parts of her body and started to get up and went to toilet. At that time Suresh bhaiya heavily and asked, “how it it Sneha?” Bhabhi said,”Mmmm, greater than my husband.

Sexy bhabhi then hold the erected penis of Dinesh bhaiya by her hand and made contact with her pussy. Now bhabhi was facing bhaiya and I couldn’t see her face. Bhabhi kissed bhaiya and began to ride, moved her hips up and down. Dinesh bhaiya hold her hips and support to move up and down. Bhabhi then rotate sexily her hips and Dinesh bhaiya enjoyed it. “aah aah sexy queen and I am the king.” Bhabhi smiled and fastly inserted the erected cock into her juicy pussy, entire room was filling up with squelching sound of hard fucking. Dinesh bhaiya now turns towards bhabhi and she took cock and jerk it and lick it. Dinesh bhaiya waited and enjoyed bhabhi’s actions. Dinesh bhaiya enjoyed after that he held her hips rigid and pumped his cock and bhabhi moans and try to get up but Dinesh bhaiya pressed bhabhi to down. Bhabhi was fucked totally.

Then Bhabhi say some bad words and held by Suresh bhaiya and fucked by Dinesh bhaiya. Then they release and Sneha bhabhi began to lie down over Dinesh bhaiya. Dinesh bhaiya hugged her and ample breast crushed against strong, broad, hairy Dinesh bhaiya’s chest. Dinesh bhaiya and Suresh bhaiya make bhabhi to spread wide her leg and inserted his cock into her ass hole. What hell you left? No don’t do it Suresh devar ji.” Begged.” This beg makes me to fuck your ass hole. And Suresh bhaiya inserted into her ass hole. Now see bhabhi is going to experience a double penetration. You understand Suresh bhaiya was over bhabhi and I couldn’t see my bhabhi. Dinesh bhaiya pushes his cock towards bhabhi pussy and Suresh bhaiya began to fuck her ass hole. Bhabhi was totally helpless and moaned severely as all windows were locked, it will be more secure for them. I can able to hear all this by hiding. Two cocks in bhabhi fucked severely. Bhabhi said Mmmm ohhh aahhhh and they never give up and it continues for 30 minutes.

I was totally shocked and my hands shivering but my cock erected and I cummed. Bhabhi was fucked like a whore in front of me. What can I do? Bhabhi hugged Suresh bhaiya and Dinesh bhaiya. Bhabhi was sandwich between the two fuckers. Dinesh bhaiya kissed her moaning lips. After hard fucking, I try to interrupt. Yes, I called home and they stunned and stopped their actions. Bhabhi said, “Please leave me I will attend the call and then you proceed…..” But Suresh bhaiya said no need and take the receiver and places to bhabhi’s ear and she asked, “Why do you call now?” I said, “Bhabhi Shimla is so cool and I am shivering.” They asked, “Who?” Bhabhi replied them that Raju is calling. They said what problem and continue to fuck bhabhi.

Bhabhi said, “Call me morning…….” I asked, “are you alone?” It is 1 o’clock sleep devar ji.” Suresh bhaiya asks, “What he wants?” Upon phone call. Bhabhi replied that he got shivering…… Shimla.” Then Suresh bhaiya said send him more money for more convenience, Bhabhi asked, “how is the spot?” I said its cool and fantastic bhabhi.” Bhabhi said, “Stay and enjoy for this month devar ji and I will send you mone……Suresh bhaiya and Dinesh bhaiya kiss her. I shocked on hearing this.” Okay bhahi send money through ATM.” I cut the call. Suresh bhaiya enjoyed and jumped and said, “Darling you will be gang banged this month baby.” Dinesh bhaiya also added “Happy holidays’s Sneha bhabhi……” Bhabhi also get happier with them. Bhabhi said to them “Raju will not come here for a month” in a smiley face.

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Everybody got happy and hugged bhabhi and kissed her lips. Bhabhi also said, “Lets sleep, 30 days left.” They said No darling let’s start now……..Dinesh bhaiya hugged her ample breast from back. Suresh bhaiya moved in front of bhabhi and said, “Hug me you slut.” Bhabhi put hands over the shoulder of Suresh bhaiya.

Suresh bhaiya insert his cock into bhabhi’s juicy pussy, then Dinesh bhaiya insert his cock into bhabhi’s ass hole. They tried a standing fuck. They hugged bhabhi and fucked on both holes. Now this time, bhabhi lies over the cock of Suresh bhaiya and Dinesh bhaiya above sexy bhabhi. Bhabhi now again sandwich and continue to cry. They never give up and fuck butts heavily and squeezed it. Bhabhi cried and moan louder. It continues for more than 30 minutes.

Bhabhi was sexy like a heroine in rain. Suresh bhaiya take his underwear and cleaned bhabhi’s face, Bhabhi was then to 69 position along with Dinesh bhaiya. They fucked heavily and bhabhi still moaning.” Mmmmm nooo dear.”

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