Bhabhi and Devar

Rani had been married for 3 months into a strange family. Her father-in-law and mother-in-law were both fervently religious and her husband, Sanjay, was an atheist. She also had a devar, Ravi, who was the black sheep of the family. Ravi was rude, insolent, always getting into trouble and frequently out of jobs. They lived in Baroda. Sanjay, her husband, was a decent, hardworking man, who loved her very much and took good care of her. Her in-laws were simple people who didn’t interfere in her married life at all, so Rani was perfectly happy and content and loved her husband very much too. She had a good sex life, and her husband was kind and attentive. What more could she want? She wondered.The only dark cloud was her Devar, Ravi. Her husband was constantly worried about him and was usually called by Ravi to get him out of trouble. He changed girlfriends frequently, didn’t seem like he wanted to settle down. Even her in-laws were worried about him. She and Ravi got along ok, but it wasn’t a fantastic relationship, in the sense that they hardly ever talked and he was usually very curt in his replies as if he didn’t really want a conversation. But over all she was happy and content.Then one day, everything changed. She was cleaning Ravi’s room, just tidying it up, when she saw that his computer was on. Out of curiosity, she started checking his files and found a folder full of pictures. She opened it and was aghast at what she saw! They were pictures of Ravi in the nude!! She had never seen him naked before and she was absolutely stunned by what she saw.

He was very well muscled and lean and sleek from working out but what drew her eyes was his cock! It was enormous, dark, straight and clean shaven. She felt guilty at looking at it and quickly shut the folder but the damage was done. She couldn’t get the image of that cock out of her mind. She got up and quickly left the room just as Ravi came in and they almost bumped into each other. Ravi immediately realized something was wrong when he saw her expression and asked her,” bhabhi, kya hua?” She said, “Kuch nahi” and turned her eyes down and immediately walked away to her room. Her heart was hammering loudly and her legs were shaking. She went into her room, took a deep breath and tried to calm down. But nothing worked. All she could think about was that amazing cock she saw. She tried to cut the image out of her mind, but she couldn’t. She wondered if something was wrong with her. Why was she feeling like this? She was never a very sexual woman. The sex she had with her husband, Sanjay was good and tender and she enjoyed it, but she never dwelled on sex. She had too much to do. Now her mind was filled with the image of that huge cock. She could see the hard muscles of Ravi’s abdomen in her mind. “stop it She thought. But she couldn’t. She didn’t leave the room till evening by which time she was so ridden with guilt that she was feeling depressed. Finally, it was time to cook and she couldn’t avoid leaving the room, so she reluctantly, walked to the kitchen to start cooking. She glanced apprehensively at Ravi’s door as she passed by, but thankfully, no one came out.As she reached the kitchen, she felt dampness in her panties so she stopped and turned back to her room to check if her periods had come early. She went to her room, raised her saree, removed her panties and was shocked at what she saw. Her panties were drenched!! She tentatively touched her pussy and it was soaking with her juices! She couldn’t believe it!! She had never been so wet in her entire life. She realized now with bitterness that she wanted her Devar and there was no getting away from it. She decided that from now on, she would avoid Ravi and try to get this out of her system. She changed her panties and with new determination she walked back to the kitchen just as Ravi came out of his room! He looked at her,

Smiled and walked ahead of her and her heart almost burst out of her chest. She felt her cheeks flush and she returned his smile as best as she could and kept walking behind him. Her eyes involuntarily now moved down to his butt and she couldn’t help recall the picture of Ravi that she saw. She saw that full and firm butt in her mind and she felt her new panties go wet again. She forced herself to stop thinking of that image and averted her eyes and walked to the kitchen. As she started cooking she got a little distracted and finally her breathing returned to normal, her thoughts become clearer and she started feeling better. By the time she was done cooking, she felt a lot better and so she walked to the drawing room and sat down to watch TV and wait for Sanjay to return. Her in-laws were already there and there was no sign of Ravi, so she sat down and started watching with them. After sometime, Sanjay came in and she smiled at him and the two of them walked up to their room, chatting. They discussed the days events (obviously, minus the Ravi incidence) and then he went into the bathroom to freshen up while she went to the kitchen to lay the table.As she was laying the table, Ravi walked in through the drawing room. She didn’t notice him and as he walked past her to the kitchen to get water, his hand brushed against her waist. She was startled and immediately straightened to see who it was and as soon as she saw that it was Ravi, her heart started hammering again and she felt the now familiar shaking in her legs again. Her cheeks flushed again too but luckily Ravi had his back to her so he didn’t notice his bhabhi almost swooning at him.He drank water and came out to the dining room. Rani kept her eyes away from him but she was intensely aware of his presence in the room. He walked up to her, and asked her, “bhabhi, tell me why were you looking so confused when I came to the room?”

She felt herself flush again and said, “You are mistaken, Ravi. There was nothing wrong at all.” Then she felt his fingers gently caressing her waist again. Her heart started pounding and she looked up at him in apprehension. He said, “bhabhi, I checked my recent documents. I saw the pic you saw.” Then he insolently grinned at her, and walked away from her while she stood there, looking after him, totally confused and shaken to the core. This had just turned into a nightmare. Ravi knew that she had seen his naked picture! She felt so ashamed! She started crying. On hearing her sob, Ravi turned around and immediately rushed back to her and understood that he shouldn’t have mentioned the picture. He said, “Bhabhi, I am sorry. That was stupid of me. I won’t mention it again. Don’t worry.” Then he gently caressed her cheeks with his fingers and walked away from her again.Rani could feel the searing heat of his fingers on her cheeks. She felt her body go liquid at his touch. Her eyes closed. She stopped sobbing and just then she felt him walk away. She was rudely awakened from her trance and the guilt came rushing back to her. She was so confused she didn’t know what to do. She wanted her Devar. God! How she wanted him! But it just wouldn’t do! What could she do?These thoughts kept plaguing her all through dinner and she was subdued and quite. Sanjy asked her, “what’s wrong, Rani?” So she smiled at him and said, “Its nothing. Just my stomach feeling a little upset.” She could see from the corner of her eyes that Ravi was staring at her and she could feel his eyes burning into her face. She looked down at her plate, kept her eyes there, finished eating and immediately made some excuse and walked to her room. She breathed a sigh of relief as she reached inside and plunked herself into her bed.

Soon Sanjay came in and lay down beside her and asked her how she was feeling. She said she was ok now and so he smiled at her and started caressing her hair. Rani’s thoughts immediately returned to Ravi and the feel of his hands on her cheeks and she felt her breathing quicken and the juices begin to flow from her cunt. At this, Sanjay also got turned on as this was a new experience for him. He realized that his wife was turned on and this had never happened before just simply by caressing her hair. So he started moving his other hand along her waist and moved in to kiss her. Rani felt his lips touch her and she could almost imagine Ravi kissing her. She tried to switch of the image, but it didn’t work and so she gave in and imagined her devar doing what her husband was doing to her. Sanjay had never ever seen his wife act like this. Her face was flushed, her breathing was quick and all he was doing was kissing her!!! His own urgency increased so he quickly removed his clothes and just raised her saree and felt for her panties. He was amazed at how wet they were. He just blessed his luck and immediately removed her panties, spread her legs and was inside her. He pumped urgently and came soon. Rani was just beginning to really get into the mood, when she felt her panties being removed and felt her husband slide into her and almost immediately she felt him cum too. She felt disappointed but didn’t have the heart to tell Sanjay that she wasn’t even ready before he came.

She let him lay on top of her for some time and then gently pushed him off and went to wash herself. Sanjay started feeling drowsy and said that he was going to sleep. So she said that she would go down to watch some more TV. She quickly pecked his cheek and went out of the room. As she was walking by Ravi’s room, she felt his door open and felt his hand grab her and pull her into his room. She felt herself pulled into the room and saw Ravi as he quickly shut the door. Then he turned to her and asked her, “Bhabhi, what is happening?” She didn’t know what to say. She just stood there. He walked closer and she could hear his breath. She started feeling all the familiar feelings rushing back to her. She wanted to rush into his arms, feel his arms around her, and feel her naked body locked to his. She felt both his hands on her shoulder and then he said, ‘Bhabhi look at me”.She looked into his eyes and he said, “tell me, what’s wrong?”. She said, “Ravi, its nothing. I saw that pic and I am ashamed of myself. That’s all.” So he said,” no bhabhi, that’s not all. I have enough experience to know that there is something else.” Now she looked at him apprehensively and asked, “What do you mean?” He said, “Bhabhi, I think you finally realized that you want me as much as I have always wanted you.”As soon as she heard his words, she was struck dumb. “Wh wh what???” She asked.”You mean you want me too?” As soon as the words escaped her lips she realized her mistake and covered her mouth with her hands, but the damage was done. She could see Ravi’s eyes light up and he moved towards her.She said, “stop, Ravi. Don’t come any closer. I love your brother and he has done a lot for you too. I will not hurt him like this.” Then she opened the door and walked out, shaking. She went back to her room and silently walked in. Thankfully, Sanjay was asleep so she crept into bed and lay there with her eyes closed. She was devastated that Ravi knew how she felt. But she couldn’t help what she said. She lay there thinking what to do. After some time she realized that she had to talk to Rohan again. So she went to his room and knocked on the door. He opened the door and was surprised to see her. She went in, he quickly shut the door. She said to him, “look Ravi. I admit that I want you.

But I cannot betray my husband. You have to understand that this is just something we have to-” and Ravi had her in his arms and was kissing her. She felt herself cut off in mid sentence and as soon as she felt her hands around her and his lips on hers, all thoughts just left her mind. She felt a wave of intense pleasure wash through her. His hands felt like heaven on her waist and his lips felt as if they were sucking the essence out of her. She felt her legs go under her, felt him tighten his grip to handle her weight and then she felt his rock hard body pressing into her. Her arms automatically went around his neck; her fingers were caressing his hair and pulling his lips harder into hers. And a wave of raw lust like she had never ever felt before hit her. She found her fingers unbuttoning his shirt, and then opening his trousers. She felt his hands opening the buttons of her nightie, and then he stepped away from her to lift it off her head and she was in her bra and panties while he was in his briefs. She felt her eyes drawn to his briefs and she could see the protrusion of his cock through the briefs.

Her eyes were riveted there. She was flushed and she felt her hands move of their own accord straight to his cock. She gripped it from outside his briefs unaware of anything else except that cock behind the briefs. She felt her fingers go around and she realized with a start that her fingers didn’t go all the way around it. She was mesmerized at the sheer size of it. She quickly used her other hand to pull the briefs down and as she bent down to remove the briefs she knelt in front of it. Now her eyes were level with it and she was inches away from it, staring at it with fascination. So huge. So dark and pulsating. Even Ravi was amazed at the look of pure lust in his Bhabhi’s eyes. He felt empowered by it; his lust too grew because of it. Here was his puritan bhabhi, who he knew, was not a really sexual woman, absolutely worshipping his cock..Rani still could not take her eyes of it. She moved closer to look at this magnificent tool, throbbing and erect, in all its glory. She could see the head peep out of the foreskin, with a small drop of precum at the opening. She felt her tongue move out and lick it off and was surprised at her own body. She had never liked the idea of a blow job. She found cocks disgusting. Sanjay used to lick her off, but she could never bring herself to suck his cock. Now here she was, licking her Devar’s cock and loving the feel of the drop of pre cum, sticking and slimy, on her tongue. She gripped the cock with both hands and pulled the foreskin down, and she opened her mouth and put his cock to her mouth but it wouldn’t go in! The head was too big! Then she felt Ravi’s hands on her shoulder and he pulled her up, and said, “its ok! No female has ever been able to give me a blow job. The head is too thick.”She again looked down at the cock and now as Ravi pulled her to himself, she felt it slapping and throbbing against her cunt. She was so filled with lust that she started rubbing her cunt against it. Ravi pulled her to his bed and lay her down. He moved down to her cunt and started licking it when Rani stopped him. “No Ravi, please. Just, just…” she couldn’t go any further. Ravi understood that Rani was so fascinated with the cock that she didn’t want any foreplay. She wanted to own it. SO he widened her legs and got between them.Rani saw the monster coming towards her cunt lips as Ravi spread her legs. She actually felt her cunt loosen in anticipation, she knows that she was totally wet and she could feel her juices running down the crack of her ass and onto the bed. All she had in her mind was that cock. She realized that she had turned into a perfect machine

Of lust. She loved that cock. She didn’t want anything else. She saw the head rest against her cunt lips and then she felt Ravi push. She thrust her hips up in anticipation and then her world exploded.She felt her cunt lips stretch to the maximum and then some more. The skin around her cunt felt like it would tear and then she felt as if molten lava had been poured into her cunt. It was as if a hot iron rod was being inserted inside her. She felt the head traveling down her and keep going and going till she felt as if it would come out of her mouth. Finally, he was inside her fully and she was impaled on the cock. There was no other word to describe what she felt. The whole inside of her body felt full of cock. As the head hit her womb, she felt her body tighten and then tighten some more and her then she felt herself coming. She shuddered and rocked and shuddered and it just wouldn’t stop. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was so ragged that Ravi was almost worried. But her expression of pure joy allayed his fears. He had never ever felt his cock entering any cunt so readily. He was amazed at the kind of effect his cock had had on her but he was even more amazed at what he felt once he was inside her. He felt as if, his cock was gripped inside her cunt. He could feel every millimeter of her cunt around his cock. He had never experienced a tighter cunt in his life. He felt her muscles inside pulsate and understood that she had had an orgasm. He gave himself up to the sensations he was feeling and just lay there enjoying the pure bliss he was feeling.They lay there, one feeling pure bliss, the other feeling pure lust and a kind of consummation neither had experienced ever before. It was as if their bodies were made for each other. His cock fit into her cunt like a glove.

Their bodies molded into each others like water on rock. Then Rani’s lust took over. She started rocking under him, first slowly and then more urgently. Ravi picked up the tempo. He raised himself up and then he pushed her legs up so that her knees were touching her breasts. And then she started pumping her first slowly and then faster. Rani’s eyes were wide open and riveted on the massive organ going in and out of her cunt. She looked in wonder at how stretched her cunt was and then she felt herself cum and then cum again and again and again. She kept on cumming and she almost went out of her mind with the pleasure and pain that she was feeling. Her cunt muscles started to ache and then she felt Ravi’s cock expand even more. Her eyes widened and then she felt him release his load inside her. As she felt that huge hot load pouring into her, she felt her mind explode into a million pieces and she came one last time in an intense mammoth orgasm which made her teeth chatter and her eyes roll in their sockets. She came and she came and she couldn’t breathe and when it finally stopped, she felt a blackness of relief descend on her. Her mind was now enveloped in a white cloud of pure joy as she felt Ravi slowly go limp inside her.Even limp, he filled her. They lay there breathing heavily. It hadn’t lasted more than 15 minutes but she felt as if she had been fucked for 4 hours. Her whole body ached from all her orgasms. Finally her breathing returned to some semblance of normalcy and she got up to quickly dress. It was very difficult as her whole body was still shaking and she felt very weak. But somehow she managed. Then she looked at Ravi who was watching her dress with his eyes half closed, gave him a shy smile and quickly walked out of his room.

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