Aunty Reshma

Hello to all its abt my sex life how got in to it. We used to stay in an old Mumbai bldg. And it was the best multi religion society. We have the best educated and u say the worst it was mix match society with lot of funs always. I was like almost 15 yrs old .and kind of aware abt sex. But never experienced. I always was fascinated .with all those aunts bhabi kept watching them. I was an athlete with a height of 5.3 and ok build .me and my friend (who is a top cop) always watch this aunty .wish one day we get chance to bang them. But we were too scared. I used to go watch TV at my neighbor aunt house she was really hot looking women. But every one was scared of her .like she would create riots if she get mad for hubby was working abroad she had 2 kids. I always was a helping hand to all the aunts or old ppl like carrying their stuff or bring some thing if they need. She used to always nice to me. I was the one got sofa seat to watch movies or TV. So it becomes a regular affair .going to her house. But I never had the courage to approach her. It all started one rainy day as usual I saw her carrying lot of bags and soaking. I helped her to carry the bags to her apt.

Once we reached home her on the TV. Said she need to change it was a small apt. I helped to put the bags in kitchen. Got a chair nr started watching t v. But my eyes were just looking glance of her body. And like she started getting off her sari. It was like most wonder full site she was in her blouse and ghagra and wet ask me to get towel from the drawer and went in she was chatting normal but my eyes were wide open she started removing her blouse and bra and I was literally choked seeing her big boobs. Suddenly she noticed I am not saying anything just watching her boobs. Then she asks me are you ok I said yes with a ruffled voice and went out sat back. My dick was so hard I don’t know what to do was just quite out there watching TV. Once I thought I should have touch her but scared of her. It was 12 noon. She came out ask me if I will have tea since she was cold we both had tea /she was wearing a maxi and talking to me abt the kids gone to school. She saw me very quite. Ask jay what happen to u I said. Nothing likes in my mind only her boobs and her beautiful wheatish body was there she came nr to me and hugged me. I almost shivered feeling her body she asks to have lunch.

I said no mom is cooking home. She called my mom and said I will serve lunch to jay. My mom as usual spoke to me said don’t eat any meat I said no I will come home and eat. She looked at me ok go home have your lunch. Ask me to come back she needed some help. With in half an hour she called my mom to send me. She had the lunch there and ready to eat she again ask me to join took my arms in her and I could feel her large boobs. I said aunty no I don’t want but she forced me taste the biryani and started feeding me. After we done eating she said I am very sweet boy that’s why she likes me a lot. I smiled. It was raining heavily out there. She asked me to help to close windows and arrange all grocery. I was doing that and my eyes were on her boobs it was one of the best. While all this time I saw her huge thighs and her black panty while she was sitting. I was almost cum in my shorts lucky was wearing an underwear then we were done she asked if I want to watch any movie I said yes. We started watching it was kind of cold due to heavy rain. She again asks me for tea. Was surprised why she doing all this before I said no she make tea .my mind all the time fantasying abt her body I never expected what was going to happen next after the tea I went to bath room gurgled she followed me .

Ask abt my athlete thing how many times did I work out I usually was along long distance runner I told her so more concentration on stamina. She had her hand on my face and stared playing with it .she came closed and give me a hard kiss. I was stunned. She had her hand on my shoulder took me out and said lets watch TV. Again she holds me tight and kissed me said jay u won’t mind if I kiss you I was quite. She went on kissing me. Aunty what happen .she was breathing hot. Ask me to be quiet and started kissing me again I tried to move back. She was so upset she slapped me so hard. I started crying. What I did aunty she said. I was watching her when she was changing. I told I didn’t mean it u ask me to bring towel. Then she console me started pampering but she was getting hot asked me how my body look I said it’s sexy. She laughed and put her mouth in me started eating my tongue. She took off her maxi like superman changes. I was dumb stuck what to do and pulled my head too her boobs. And I started sucking it kindly. She laughed at me and open my shorts my undies were wet she said u already cum I said not now it was before when I saw her guys (it was too long I know.) There we started the sexual adventure .she hold my dick with her roaring attitude. And took me to the sofa she started saying that she really likes me a lot. And it was her love towards me. I was enjoying her ever move soon as she started playing with my rod it was cumming. She said r u really athlete. I said very much. But I am playing this game first time. She said don’t worry we had 2 hrs she ask me to wash my rod and she also washed her.

Which was mad to c her butts were like really well done clean and shining. She said jay u explore me first then I will teach u how to do like for 20 mins I sucked her both boobs as madly as I could she got a mild scare .she never say me a word. I went to her navel her hands then to her love hole. It was nice pinkish dark outlined I was really enjoying everything her hands were holding my rod and watching me what I am doing. I went to her ass put my finger in it then in her pussy. I didn’t know I turned her very hot. I saw the tigress attacking me like almost double my age. She said don’t scream if it hurts just tell her she started kissing and biting my body she then hold my rod and licking the head that was the best pleasure and started sucking it as hard she could, she laid her pussy on me ask me to do as deep I could and boys I was in her pussy for almost 30 mins. She was playing with my rod so nicely that she didn’t let me cum. The bed was with all those different smell of body sweating she said jay now have me. Lied down on bed and ask me to put my tool in her she guided me inside it was very warm sensation like a place my tool in a hot water tub. She asks me to move back and forth and like in 2 mins me cumed inside her. She saw me gasping and laughed and loved me lot like I felt she really loves me she didn’t had any vulgarity. So I will continue later what happen. Pls apologize if it was too long but guys my life change after that. I will guide u guys how safe u has to be in my next story.

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