Amazing Experience with Next Door Aunty

I m regular reader of ISS stories. This story is all about a lady who was living in Chandigarh in my neighborhood .Her name is Poonam.

I was a regular passerby of the street in my area.A lady in her early thirty who was not that beautiful but had a body which attracted me a lot. Her breasts were big enough to arouse a normal man and butts busting out of her nightee and sometimes saree. amazing one in that nightee.

When ever I passed by and see here standing in her balcony in the evenings for a cool breeze. I use to see her very often and with full courage use to see directly in her eyes and innocently smile at her. She gives back the smile in the same manner and turns her head away. Once in the night she was struggling to park her two wheeler as some drunkards were standing in that place. I helped her in parking the vehicle and then that was the first time I spoke to her. I had no intentions or thought of sex at that time as she was wearing veil. She thanked me and invited for a cup of coffee to her house the same time.

I agreed for it and went to her house on the first floor. As I was sipping the coffee with her and talking to her about my job and her about her family life I felt I know her from a decade. Later I understood she is desperate for love as her husband is in Australia. She had two daughters and a son all three studying in the school. Though she sounded desperate I did not have the courage to talk to her about my desire towards her. I left her house after an hour taking her phone number.

I was not able to sleep the whole night. I was very impatient and disturbed and desperate to at least hug her tightly. I got courage to call her at around 2.30 midnights. My hands were shivering and sound tumbling. She was too very shocked to get my call at that part of night. Initially Poonam sounded uninterested and later she came back to her normal tone and we started chatting. I was waiting for a chance to start about sex and my feeling towards her. I gathered all my courage and started to praise her structure. I could feel her blushing over the phone and we both started having telephonic sex for three days. The fourth day I called her up as usual and she said she is alone at her house as kids are gone to her brother’s house for a holiday. I immediately said I will come home she resisted in the beginning and later she said ok. Reached her home at 1230 midnights and knocked her door. Poonam opened with a smile and welcomed me. I sat on the sofa in the hall. My whole body was shivering and sweating. But seeing her comfort I managed myself to comfort.

She was wearing a black silky nightee with lace work sleeves. Small red flowers on the sleeve. Her black bra was visible and two huge boobs bulging out within it. The movement of her sexy pink lips while talking. Her beautiful sleepy eyes and what not. As i mentioned she was not that beautiful by look but her sexy features were better then our most beautiful actress in Hollywood. She had maintained her figure very well.

After an hour she asked me to have coffee. It was already 1.30am and I said ok. As she got up and walked towards the kitchen, I could not control myself seeing her big butts popping out of the nightee. My 7 inches little piece started to shout. I gathered the gutts to walk to the kitchen and hold her form the back.

I slowly rubbed my hands on her smooth belly and as I was leaving my hot breath in her ears she just closed her eyes and with her soft hand she rubbed on my cheek. I started to bite her ear and simultaneously moved my hands towards her breast.

Her immediacy turned her head and moved her lips and pressed tithtly on my lips. I was rubbing and pressing – sometimes her big sexy breasts and sometimes all over her body. We both were aroused and lost control by each other touches. I with the same pace just turned off the knob of the stove and just took her in my arms and brought her to the dining table and put her on the table. She resisted telling lets go to the bedroom. As it was her house and did not want to heart her feelings, I accepted and she showed me the way to bedroom. I took her in my arms and put her on the bed. I put myself by her side & started to lick her sexy belly between the buttons of the nightee. She was aroused and I could hear haaaaaaaaaaaa! Ummmmmmmmmmmmm! Issssssssssssssss. I moved slowly towards her breast and unbuttoned her whole nightee. My eyes popped out seeing her nipples. Dark brown and thick started biting chewing and what ever I could do.

I then started to concentrate on her thighs. I slowly lifted her nightee above her knees; I started caressing her thighs and finally found her love whole mould. I slowly started teasing her with my middle finger. With this I got some more courage to turn her to my side. Now her nightee was just covering her navel area. She was fully on me, I inserted a finger in her vigina took the juice lightly applied it on her boobs nipple area.

Both her nipples were hard and the area around her nipples was just shining due to her love juice. She was stark naked for the first time in front of me. I madly started kissing her everywhere.

She climaxed twice on my face. Now it was her turn to do her duty. She started to glide my 7 Inch tool into her mouth. She was getting her throat completely filled by my dick. She started eating me like a hungry bitch. After 10mins of play I finally climaxed in her mouth. Both tired we laid in each other’s arm nude for another 15mins. Then she asked me get cleaned up. I went to bathroom and she followed me after cleaning her bed. She came naked to the bathroom and when I turned after cleaning my tool, my eyes were straight on her boobs and she was so close that my dick was touching her pussy.

I hugged her , she asked me to leave. when asked why she told that my dick is hurting her pussy and she does not want my dick in her pussy. I took some more courage lifted her on to my waist, she clung her silky thighs around my waist. I explained her fantasy of sucking her boobs and fucking her pussy simultaneously. She just bit her lips and told me she would allow me to do that only if did my fantasy with still holding her around my waist. I was thrilled coz she was allowing me to fuck. I starting kissing her around her neck then on her lips and finally slipped on to her boobs my favorite area.

I started to lick her boobs first then started to chew the dark nipples. I would have loved to suck her one boob while fondling the other, but was helpless as I was still holding her. Slowly she started to moan and then her left slipped between my crotch to find my dick she slowly started to insert my dick in her hole, she was already a mother of 3 children and now flooding her love juices due to my play on her boobs, I could straightway enter her cunt. I started to fuck her slowly and she went in rhythm with me, after few strokes she asked she rest her on the floor and mount on her. I now fucked her with full pace and was sucking her breast continuously, the rhythm I still remember, I hard hit into her pussy and my mouth filling with boobs.

In between I used suck her lips and take her love juice from my left finger and apply it on her boobs. She just loved it and went crazy biting my ears, on my shoulders using dirty words, which I had never heard from her. This went on another few minutes before stomach started to boil and finally I was ready to fill her till her belly. I said I am Cumming and she asked me to cum in her. We both chummed together. I fell on her some more time and finally got aside. She just inserted her 2 fingers into her cunt and tasted our mixed love product. My first fuck was made best by her. After that we wanted to do once more but it was already 6am.

I felt this will be my first and final encounter with her. But that never happened; she got the taste and started to call me when her children were asleep. I continued this for about 8 Months till she left to Australia to her husband.

She came back along with her husband and we still sometime meet and chat about our bygone days. Her husband unknowing that I was sleeping and making love with his wife respects me and we both are friends now. Some times when he goes out to his native she spends time with me though not at night in day.

I am available for all types and all ages of females at [email protected] For my safety I have a regular medical checkup once in three months.

Love all.

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