A Tale From Ancient India

About one thousand years ago there was a small princely state in India named Nyanagadh. One can still see a temple called Daakini in the remains of that state. It is believed that a king built this temple to honor his mother. Although there are images of gods and goddesses but there is no deity in the temple. The temple has fascinating image of men and women in frolicking modes. The manner in which the women are displayed in playful postures like leaning against the trees and creepers is absolutely riveting. The temple is an elegant example of great finesse in temple art and architecture. The sensuous beauty of the female form and the sweetness of flowers and fruits are enhanced by the artist’s dexterous skill. Lack of a temple deity and celebration of the female from are, however, some of the intriguing aspect of this temple.

As Most of the literature of that era is lost, therefore, it is difficult to trace anything correctly. There is, however, some literature remains that can help understand that era. Most of that is restricted from the public since it may enflame their passion or incites their feelings. Among this literature is a story that may be the story behind the Daakini Temple. The original story was in poetry and in an ancient language of India. Here it is translated in English prose for the benefit of general reader. While reading this, keep in mind that nudity was not a taboo in those days. As a matter of fact nothing was taboo in those days.

There once was a mother with a big bust

She was a volcano of limitless lust

Her son kissed the vermilion on her head,

He made her naked and took her to bed,

She was called Manjushma the she-devil,

Here is her fable, an incest fable.

This earth is the mother of all. She copulates with sun and sky to create life. Holiness is her greatness and reverend as she is, for her infinite love giving capabilities. She is the one that sometimes takes the form of one’s actual mother and then gives her infinite love in one form or another. It might be motherly love at first but soon this love grows and finds its consummation. Every love must find its consummation otherwise the soul remains starved just like plants without water. The great holy mother might as well take the form of some distant relative or she could even appear as one’s daughter, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother or even as a lover or wife. She appears to fill that void in the man’s life. She is ‘Prakriti’ and man is ‘Purusha’, they are incomplete without each other. She must incarnate herself in some form so as to give and receive love in on e form or the other. It could well be motherly or sisterly love; yet it could be the sexual love too. According to the legend one such woman was incarnated as Manjushma, the mother of the very honorable prince Rajendra.

Rajendra was the son of Karnavarman, the king of Nyanagadh. He had a slim body with a childlike face and not a blemish on his bright face. There was a natural glow emanating from his face. His father made him royal priest and he granted him special privileges. Rajendra was consulted before every important decision. He sits high near the throne of the king and he exercised his due influence over the governance. He was a royal priest and mostly he spent his evening in deep meditation in a temple. Rajendra had got two faces, one of a dutiful priest at the court of the king and second as the son of the house, at home. The sensuous lips of his stylish mother, Manjushma, sweetly called him Raja at home.

When he was barely twenty-one years of age his loveable father the king died. He had to take up the position of the king besides that of royal priest. He handled most of the affairs well but he made some mistakes also. As the king was young he sought advice from his widow mother. This was common between them to consult each other and often they had discussion on ethics and morality as to what should be the moral code of the society. That was something discussed mostly at the court too. Often cases of marriage within a family came up and the king had to grant special permission, which he did with the nod of his head. It astonished him that the cases within family had increased manifold and there were instances of sons marrying their mothers or the brothers marrying their sisters for the preservation of wealth. Now apart from his court life, Rajendra lead a very unusual life. When he would return home, His beautiful slender mother Manjushma would be at door with a couple of ‘dasis’ (maids) around her holding kumkum and a plate full of flowers and rice. She would throw flowers at Rajendra and he would touch her feet. This was a sort of asking permission and she would let him in. Then all the servants are ordered to leave the room.

The young king used to rest for a while. Then Majushma, adorned in a beautiful silk sari with jewels all around her sensual body (those days widows could lead a normal life) used to call him to her room. Manjushma room was decorated with flowers and it had red silk sheets spread on the floor and there was complete silence and beautiful fragrance of henna flowers suffused the air. She would light a few candles before raja could enter the room dressed in the usual ‘dhoti’ and ‘kurta'(shirt). She used to ask Raja to remove his ‘kurta’ and sit in ‘dhoti’ only for meditation. Raja had no option but to remove his princely robe of the priest and remain dressed only in his one-piece garment called ‘dhoti’. He had nothing underneath it.

After a day’s work, they would sit together to meditate. Raja’s father had been a Tantric sort of a priest and he had started the initiation of some deity and had died midway. He had told Manjushma to complete the prayers and satisfy the deity invoked already. So Manjushma had been doing this since the death of her husband. Both mother and son sat together in that perfumed room and meditated for hours. Though the pattern of their meditation had changed over the years. Earlier, when it started, they used to sit fully clothed but now they had been minimizing this hassle. Manjushma also got some kind of half dresses for some special prayers. Sometimes, the busty mother would sit opposite her son separated by a thin sheet on the other side, and watch her son pray. As the time passed they had started to pray with minimum clothes. Sometimes, Manjushma would even let go her blouse at top baring her magnanimous voluptuousness to her son. She would be sitting only in a ‘lungi’. This had been some practice for years now. The mother and son were less inhibited in front of each other. In fact, they had never been more voyeuristic.

Her talk is clear, her body is neat,

Her caresses are gentle and sweet

Her hips sway with a wanton delight

Her swelling breasts is a wonderful sight

And when she bathes nude in the courtyard

She gives lifelong erections to the holy bard

One day the holy mother took his hand and asked Raja to sit down. Raja had already removed his top garment and his erection was hidden in the folds of his ‘dhoti’. Then she threw the pallu of her sari away and began to unwrap her sari at her waist. In the meanwhile, Raja’s head began to spin as his mother’s extremely white sensual cleavage peeked from her rather wide necked blouse. Once her sari was undone, she was wearing a silk half pant kind of a thing inside. It was a silk-netted garment, which revealed more than in concealed. Then, the ever vivacious and pious mother began to unbutton her blouse. Raja’s breath was caught in between as he looked at the nimble white fingers going button by button. With every button more of her beautiful motherly breast was coming into view. Manjushma also rubbed her fingers on the cleavage while undoing the buttons slowly. Then, she reached at the last button and looked at her son gazing right into her motherhood’s eternal treasures- the feeding place for the infants, and smiled at him. He looked right into her eyes and reassured her of her motherly love. Then the holy pious mother of the boy priest unbuttoned her blouse completely and threw it away on the red satin sheets. Then, with the palm of her hands, she cupped her humongous tits and squeezed them in front of her soon, she pushed out her breasts a little as if stretching her body at top and then she rubbed them together before leaving them to hang in the open on their own accord and be admired by the eyes of her son.

Raja was going crazy and his huge cock was already grown to monster size and he could think of nothing. His entire body was on heat. He could feel his breathing getting heavier by the second. He was feasting at her mother’s nudity and yet not for the first time. It had been the ritual for past many months now to sit down together semi nude like that and then meditate for a few hours.

Now with her breasts bared to her son, Manjushma asked Raja to close his eyes and meditate. She pulled a sheet between them. It had a hole from which the mother could see the son. Soon, they started to meditate. They recited certain ‘mantras’ together. Although, the dutiful son was reciting the mantras yet he could not take his mind off his mother’s breasts. They were hanging from the sky in front of his closed eyes. He imagined his mother full nude during these meditation sessions. He had seen her breasts so many times that he had remembered them by heart. When he closed his eyes, those big beautiful white mounds of his mother came in front of him. He saw them for hours and admired their beauty in the depth of his mind. He saw the areolas so clearly that he could draw circles exactly like them. He had also memorized the nipples by heart. Those were two towers of motherly love from where he had drunk fountains of health. Those brownish nipples were like two little penises standing upright. As his mother often rubbed her titties and nipples together after removing her blouse, the nipples would often be erect and tout. Thus, Raja always thought the nipple to be this way since he saw them erected all the time. His mother would give him this show for a few seconds before pulling the sheet and meditating. Then they would meditate for hours together. The mother maybe meditating really but the son meditated only about the beautiful breasts of his mother. They had become an eternal fixation for this son. Then, after the meditation they would have their dinner usually in the same state. So nudity was hardly any taboo back in those days. Their life would go on in a normal way.

But there was something more than mother and son love here. Since Raja had his cock flagged all the time he was near his beautiful mother, it became impossible for him to contain his basic desires. Once he saw his mother taking a bath in nude in the courtyard and he nearly came in his dress. For a lady of her age, it was unusual to have such fair and wrinkle free body. Her hips looked like ivory structures and her breasts had some heavenly shine. They looked all the more inviting when the water ran down her ivory white skin. What was happing to Raja was not one sided. His mother Manjushma had also felt the sex desire just like her son.

It has been quite some time since Manjushma husband died. She had only her son to look forward to and she got good returns also for her motherly love and care. Manjushma was a thin young girl when she bore Raja but her breasts had swelled with milk and they never regained their original size. Now they were like two big globes oozing with lust and her blouse did nothing to hide their magnanimity. They were probably the most perfect pair of tits in the kingdom. So round and nice little nipples at the top, which were mostly erect. She had a slender waist but had a nice ass. Her thighs were also shapely and she had white hands and feet.

Manjushma was aware that she was a queen and a queen could not copulate with an ordinary man. He had to be someone royal. She also felt the desire of her body and she was secretly thinking of having her son’s cock deep in her pussy and letting him fuck her all night long. This desire swelled with each passing day but she was also a very religious lady and had been performing meditation at the behest of her husband. Now it was this meditation that gave her some idea. What if she mixed meditation with some nice real fucking and call it some religious ritual. Will her son agree? She started to wait for her son in the evening.

When evening falls and shadows drape the sky

The holiest of the holy pussy swells with joy

Waiting and knowing that tonight is the night

Where a wrong can be done as right

With bangles from head to toe she looks great

She is ready to offer herself to her son on a plate

As usual raja came in the evening and his mother was dressed in red sari with golden bangles and garlands all over her. She was chewing the betel leaf and her lips were fiery red too. She had kumkum on her head too and she was beaming with pride- a pride, which comes in the mothers when they think they are going to offer their pussy to their sons. Her face had a pre nuptial glow of a new bride. Her sari had frilly blouse underneath. It was torn at places and a lot of embroidery had been done, but mother’s bean like nipples could be seen from the front. Raja even noticed some of his servants taking hearty glances of mother’s ivory skin. The ‘dasis’ around Raja threw flowers on him and worshipped him before Raja got down to touch the feet of the holiest creature for him in the universe- his mother. Majushma smiled and hugged him to her nicely swelled bosom. Whenever the mother and son hugged it was a signal for the servants to leave. So they left without a fuss leaving the mother and son in each other’s arms. They hugged for a long time and cock of Raja was already stiff as they entered the house. Raja’s mother went inside and started to take off her blouse immediately. Raja was surprised at the urgency and asked.

“Mother! Why are you getting undressed so quickly? Let me just catch some breath before sitting for meditation.”

“Son, my dear Raja, Today it might take long for the meditation as we have to do some special prayers too. So please hurry and come to prayer room in your dhoti.” Replied the lusty busty mother heading to the prayer room now, in just her sari tied at the waist and nude at top.

Raja followed her quickly and he had no inkling of his mother’s wicked plan. When Raja entered the room, he was amazed to find a huge bed at the center of the room. This bed had a pair of newly laid bedclothes both for bride and groom. Raja was thinking to himself when his mother stood in front of him removing her sari at her waist. Her nice sag less breasts had nipples upright poking at him. He watched her intently as she removed her sari and then she was just in her frilly petticoat which had too nothing much to hide. Then she took his hand and looked him in the eye and said,

“Raja, my first born, my lovely son, your mother loves you for all this world. You know, all these years you have not only supported me through thick and thin but you have also taken care of me like your woman and you have neglected your youth in the process. I wish your poor old mother could make up for it. But now, instead of giving something, here I am, even asking something more from you. This time, only, this is, not for me. This is for your dead father. Will you do anything to bring peace to his departed soul? Tell me Raja my son.” Manjushma carefully planted her story.

“Yes mother, of course, it is the duty of every son to do so. I will do what you tell me. Mother what it that you have not told me what is. You are making me curious.”

“Ok Raja. If you are ready then I will say. Actually, as you know that your father was also a ‘Tantric’ of high order. He was meditating on some Daakini (demon goddess) before his death. The deity that is Daakini was invoked but she was not satisfied as the ritual was left incomplete due to the death of your father. Now we have to complete the ritual so as to free the soul of your father.” The sex crazy mother told her unsuspecting son.

“But mother, what do I have to do to satisfy that Daakini” asked Raja giving Manjushma the opportunity she was looking for.

“Son, I will invoke her and then she will talk to you through me. But keep one thing in mind son, you must satisfy her in all matters and do what she wants. Through my meditations I have seen that she wants my body for some time. Soon, do whatever she says to you through my tongue. Don’t disobey her otherwise your father’s soul will not rest in peace. Be careful son. All the best.” She had dropped a bomb on her son and it was going perfectly the way she wanted. Raja was just silently obeying her. Then both of them sat in the ground and started to meditate. After some time, Majushma cried loudly and fell on the floor. She was just befooling her son. He went to her and held her by her arms and shook her.

“Mother, what happened, mother, what’s wrong” he was barely saying this as Manjushma sat upright and started to laugh loudly and said in a broken hoarse voice, “I am not your mother, you foolish priest, I am a Daakini which your father had called.” Then she started to laugh again. The boy bowed to his mother in respect, thinking her a goddess.

“What do you want? How can I help you? Please forgive my father and I will do what you will say Daakini goddess” Raja pleaded to her forgetting her to be his own mother. So far, Manjushma had been acting perfectly and her son was completely befooled by her facade. She could now give the garb of another woman to her carnal pleasures. Her cuntlips opened and closed for a second with excitement. She was about to ask her son to fuck her and she chose these golden words.

“Look, you stupid priest, you must satisfy me in bed. You must make love to me vigorously and only then I shall leave the soul of your father. Otherwise if you take it lightly and disobey me, I will destroy your entire family. You will not even remain a king.”

Raja was dumbfounded hearing this. His jaw fell apart as he could hardly speak any words now. Suddenly there was a rush of blood in his veins as he saw the proposal from the Daakini as a blessing. Will he enter his birthplace? Is this going to happen? Will he commit this eternal sin? So far in the court, he had seen many mothers getting married to their sons but hardly had he imagined himself fucking his own gorgeous mother. As if his mother read his thoughts as disguised as Daakini, she said,

“You must dress yourself as the groom and put the clothes of the bride on my body and then you should take seven rounds of holy fire and then put Vermillion on my head. I must be loved then to my satisfaction. Then I will leave your mother’s body and forgive your father’s soul too.” By saying this Manjushma wiped whatever hesitation there was in her son.

He lifted her in his strong arms and took her to the huge bed where he made her up nicely with bridal clothes in the process caressing his mother’s body. Majushma also felt real hot as her son’s hand massaged her enormous breasts while cupping her bridal blouse over them. It was so nice to feel another person’s hand on her own breasts. She just awed at the nice grip of her manly son. Her son’s hand had the right size of hands to cup her enormous swells. She threw her head back at her son and her back was curved like the wood of the bow and she threw her hair back on her son holding her titties in his hands and dressing her up. Then he dressed her completely and made her wear a lot of jewels. She was really looking like the sex goddess Rati, about to mate with her son, god Kama. Then he changed his clothes too and took her to bed. The bed had a silk sheet spread on it and it was strewn with exotic flowers as large as her mother’s breasts now hidden behind that marital dress she was wearing. Then, Majushma acting as the Daakini threw herself in the arms of her son and shouted loudly,

“You silly bugger, what are you waiting for. Have me this very moment. You son of a bitch, Hurry up! I am dying here” shouted the Daakini now and uttered obscenities loudly. As a woman Manjushma had been quite a religious one and she never uttered and bad word. This uninhibited freedom of speech made her utter extreme filth as her son thought that it the Daakini that has taken the possession of the body of her mother.

“Yes, I will do what you want. Tell me what to do,” asked Raja timidly.

Now the Daakini swung her head wildly and began tearing her clothes and drew her hair apart. Majushma was doing this just to create the impression of a real Daakini to her son. She deliberately tore her blouse near her nipples and the sari was now removed from the groin area and she had torn the frilly petticoat too thereby exposing her midriff and even muff of her pussy.

Raja’s cock tweaked at this horny sight. He went near his mother to control her. She was still shaking far and wide. He tried to stop her from moving to and fro and went behind her and put her arms from behind near her naked waist. Manjushma loved this sexy touch of her son’s hands on her naked white skin. It sent shivers down her body and she writhed even more, shook wildly so that her son’s hands brushed her entire exposed body at the center. Raja now moved his hands to the top gradually trying to calm his mother and stop her shaking. The distance between his hands and his mothers exposed nipples was diminishing by the second and then sparks of uncontrollable passion flew in Manjushma as her son touched her nipples. He rubbed the buds to their full length. The blouse Majushma had torn was showing the areolas too. On both the side little bit of areolas of both her huge mammary were peeking out. Raja gently massaged the exposed area while his mother was still shaking to and fro acting out as a Daakini. She was getting horny by every second now.

Then she shouted again, “What are you doing? Why have not inserted your pole in my hole? Are you waiting for some else to come and it, you son of a bitch.” and while shouting she stood up and removed all her clothes. Then violently she tore the clothes of her son Raja. Then acting as a Daakini she positioned herself such that she sat on his face.

At first Raja thought it nauseating to be sitting under the groin of her mother but he soon remembered that he had to do anything to free the soul of his father. The Daakini now thrust her pussy on Raja’s nose heading for his mouth. The smell in the crotch of his mother was strong urine smell and she had even not cleaned her anus properly. (Hygiene was not proper in those days and private parts were rarely washed or the hair cut down there). His mother had never trimmed her pubic hair throughout her life so they had grown to over eight inches in length. Raja’s face was dumped into the jungle of his mother’s pubes and his nose was diving deep into those thick pussy hairs and he smelt the most horrifying smells there. At first, it was strong ammonia smell mixed with shit but soon it converted into pleasant and then Raja’s already hard cock tweaked further when his mother’s pussy lips made contact with his lips. His lips opened inadvertently, on the account of their own and his tongue darted into the deep tunnel from which he had come into this world. It tasted salty at first but soon he started to enjoy its wetness and taste and his tongue dived deeper and deeper. Manjushma was getting ecstatic at this cunnilingus and the joy her own son was giving to her pussy. She started to gyrate her hips on his face in ecstasy while some farts escaped from her anus. It added further sexiness to the atmosphere.

Now it was getting too much for Raja. Somewhere in his mind he was thinking that this Daakini was really very nasty. He would teach her a lesson by fucking her rough. He brought his face from the pussy of his mother to her motherly boobies. Those melons of lust, which he had admired, all those years in his meditation sessions and he had sleepless nights once his mother bared them to him. They were the ultimate fulfillment of his lust. His hands reached to her boobies before his wet lips could suck at the nipples. Meanwhile, Manjushma had grown quiet and she loved every act of her son.

Raja cuddled close and began milking her fantastic boobs while his mother caressed his head. It appeared a normal mother child feeding session with the only difference that after the feeding normally the child sleeps whereas this child was getting this as foreplay to fuck his mother. He was being enticed before his cock pushed into the internal recesses of his mother. He chewed the nipples and licked them until they were flashing with his saliva on them. The two nipples were particularly wet due to this licking and yet they were erect demanding more. Raja cupped the nipples and tweaked them with his thumb. His mouth had gone down again but not towards her pussy, but just about there on her flabby tummy. Her tummy had a bit of flab and it made her midriff area look real sexy and her bellybutton looked almost another pussy of hers. It was real white and so deep that it could take his cock when he was just a boy.

Then, sensing the heat, the mother got up and lay on the bed and opened her legs baring her hairy pussy. She separated the muff of hair with her hands and took her son’s cock and guided him inside her. Raja could not believe that his cock was touching his mother’s pussy walls. The lips accommodated his cock nicely and he pushed in slowly. He had been nursed inside her here. These walls were pushed away by his tiny body when he came into this world and now his nice cock was pushing them for pleasure. His cockhead got real far in his mother and he felt her cry in pain. But when he looked at the face of his mother, she was still violent uttering obscenities and acting as Daakini. She was hiding her pleasure in the garb of excited Daakini.

Raja began to move to and fro on the account of his own self little realizing that it was his mother’s pussy his cock was piercing. Manjushma was now getting this cock after ages and her pussy began to shower a little rain on the her new guest who was going to stay here for long and which was his inaugural night. Manjushma bucked her hips up to support the movement. Now Manjushma took the hands of her son to her breasts and placed them there for support. Raja was feeling giddy as he cupped his mother’s huge breasts and moved to and fro on the bed inserting his rock hard cock into his mother’s pussy. Nothing could beat the sensation of his cock coming fully out and then diving deep into the filthy hairy ravines of his mother’s heavenly pussy. The entire room started to fill with the sounds of squish and thumping of her mother’s pussy. The dutiful banging of her pussy by her son was carrying Manjushma away. His cock had really swelled inside in his mother’s pussy. Raja looked to the eyes of Manjushma but her eyes were closed as they were relishing each and every move of her son. Manjushma forgot who she was acting and told her son in ecstasy,

“I love it, my boy, where did you learn this. You are making me crazy. Please fuck me faster son. Oh Raja, fuck me with your nice cock. Fuck my pussy faster and harder…I love it” Manjushma was not realizing that she had stepped the role playing of the Daakini by saying these words but her son, Raja, on the other hand was lost in lust to understand anything. So, Raja once again pumped his cock in his mother’s pussy faster and louder. Unable to take this intense pleasure as her son’s grip intensified on her ever rotund mammary, Manjushma cried in ecstasy, “O my dear, my son, my Raja. Take me to sex heaven. Fuck that pussy real hard. Squish and churn my pussy. Yes baby. Fuck your sex-starved mother, you holy man. You man of gods starts the charity at home by fucking your mother. Yes, fuck me, Raja” after hearing these words Raja took no time to realize that it was his mother who was enjoying him and probably the Daakini had left her body. Manjushma was having an orgasm all this time shouting obscenities she trying to regain the composure of the Daakini with little success. But now, Raja disengaged his giant cock from his mother’s pussy and asked, “mother, are you all right, I thought that the Daakini has left your body. You were saying my name mother. That is why I disengaged.” Raja saw that while his cockhead was still lapping around the juicy wet cuntlips of his mother, which had really swollen with the vigorous thumping of her son’s cock, Majushma just turned around and without facing him, replied in a very cautious motherly tone,

“yes Raja, though Daakini has left my body, but it has enflamed my body with sexual fire. Please don’t stop now as I might die if you do not complete what you started. What I am asking might not be right but that’s all your poor mother can say. It is all up to you now. I don’t know if you even find my used baby making body attractive!” Saying this Manjushma waited in the silent corner of the heart for her son to make a move. As if her prayers were answered for she felt her cuntlips quiver again and a large piece of flesh made way into her deep love canal as she moaned in ecstasy. Her son straddled her from behind holding her gigantic ass first and then her boobs with one hand and thumped her pussy to glory. The mother was delirious with fucking.

“Raja, you made me the happiest woman and mother in the world tonight!” Manjushma said,

He replied, “Mom, I love you so much that from today onward I want you as my wife!”

She replied, “You wanting me as your wife is something society won’t approve but in secret we will be living as wife and husband.”

“Who cares for society, I am King I can change the law and declare mom-son wedding legal.” Raja said and continued sliding faster inside her.

“I’m your wife now. You can make me pregnant! I want to carry your child, honey!”

Raja cried out, “My mother, my wife…. Carrying my child. A child we conceived in love, as husband and wife, in fulfillment of our love as mother and son!” His mind was filled with thoughts of his mother’s belly growing, carrying their child inside her. He could only imagine what was to come in the next few months, as their child grew inside her, and he would be able to fuck her, while their child grew inside her womb. He would be so proud of what they had been able to accomplish, from simply being a mother and son in loving union, to a mother/wife and son/husband with a child.

Manjushma was also excited with the thought of her only son planting a child deep inside her. A child conceived in their unconditional love as mother and son, but sanctified by their new relationship as husband and wife. She anxiously waited for the time when she would give birth, and her breasts would swell, and she could give nourishment to both their child, and to her loving son.

Raja was at the point of no return, as he felt his balls swell, and he knew he was about to plant his seed inside his mother’s fertile belly. He drove in deep, and his balls exploded, spurting forth rope after sticky rope of his fertile semen, with sperm destined to make a child inside her womb.

Manjushma felt her son’s semen flow inside her, and she cried out, “Oh, Raja, I love you. I’ll be such a good wife for you, such a good mother for our child. A child we made tonight!”

Both mother and son fucked each other the entire night. The very next day Rajendra the King announced that he is taking his mother as his wife because there is no suitable match for him in his Kingdom. Just after marrying his own mother he made a law under which it was decreed that every son had the right over his mother’s body. His father could not sleep with the mother if the son desired so. As a consequence, a lot of incest children were born. Raja himself fathered a child with his mother. Their girl was named Yonekta (one who results from the unison of lovers.) After the death of both Raja and his mother the children of Yonekta continue to live on and can be traced in the Dogra families of north India.Yonekta had made her mother and a father proud

She was a child of incest, it was spoken loud A son’s seed had gone into his mother’s garden

Then occurred a sin for which there is no pardon The greatest incest of a mother is bearing a baby To her son who the baby called daddy,

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