A Story Of Devar – Bhabhi

I am Citu Sachin from Mumbai and I came with new exciting story please give your comment about story and it’s not my story, this is a story of my one of friend Naresh, but lead actor of this story was his bhabhi Manisha, so this story is written with respect to bhabhi Manish, now the story starts

I am Manisha, from India. I am married. I am telling you today about an event that happened after a year of getting married. I was staying with my husband. We were only two persons in the house by the way

I have quite a strong sex drive, but fortunately my husband is an equally hot guy. In general, I was satisfied with him but of late, though he was good at it, sex had become somewhat routine and monotonous once he received a letter and on reading it he told me

Manisha, one of my cousin who stays at our native place it’s a very small village) has his examination centre for SSC college graduation in our town. So, he intends to come here for study and for appearing in exam. I hope you will to mind it, if he stays with us for a few months.

I replied, he being your cousins we have also have a relationship, that of brother-in-law and sister-in-law known as devar-bhabhi in India. I have no objection at all. So, there he was at our house. His name was Naresh.

He must be of 18 yrs age and he was about 5-8 tall, and had a muscular built. He was not fat, but the effect of regular exercise was visible through his well shaped body. He had fresh moustache also. Now, we had company in the house.

We, all three of us, used to have morning breakfast together. Earlier, after my husband’s leaving for office, I used to be alone in the house. Now, Naresh was also there. He used to study sincerely throughout the day. I also did not used to disturb him.

We used to have lunch and afternoon tea (that’s a practice in India) together. After getting up from my siesta (afternoon nap), I used to go to his room and inquire regarding his preparation. We used to talk about it a bit and I used to ask him for tea.

Normally, he was always ready for it. We used to carry on discussion over tea on that fateful day, I had a short afternoon nap and I got up early when I went to his room as usual, I found the door locked and heard some strange voices. I stopped and listened.

Those were moaning voices of aahhaa etc and I could not understand and got eager. I was about to knock the door and I thought of the window between both rooms. I went there and found it also shut. But, it was not properly shut.

I gave a small push and opened it only slightly. I peeped to see and my god!!! I was taken aback at what I saw! Naresh had undressed fully and was standing there absolutely naked. His cock was fully erect. He had held it in his hand and he was playing with it vigorously.

My eyes stopped blinking my heart bits raced in front of me, an 18 year old guy was masturbating with his erect cock in his hand. I heard about male masturbation, but never seen it. Today, I was looking at it so closely with my naked eyes.

naked!! Mere his bare chest was enough to kindle sexy feelings in a girl. While here his thighs were also visible.

Very well shaped thighs!! Wow!!! And a fully erect cock in between those thighs!My heart bits took a jump. My upbringing was telling me to move away from there. But my mind just denied it. Ultimately, I stood there and went on observing that interesting spectacle.

Window was only slightly opened, so he could not spot me. His full attention was in what he was doing and went doing it with full fervor even his face was worth having a look. Extreme desire for sex was clearly visible.


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