A Stormy Night

When, as a child, I first caught sight of my mother naked, I thought she was being punished. The rain was beating on the roof of my troubled dreams, and the thunder roaring, raging. I was frightened. My bedroom window looked out across the long driveway into the trees, and it was dark, the trees quaking like ghosts.

I wanted my Mother, I wanted to pee. I began crying and got out of bed, wandering down the dark corridor and then along the balcony that looked down into the living room, Mummy! Mummy! But my voice was smothered by the storm and the howling wind. Then a flash lit up everything like bright day and I saw them below for an instant, both pale and raw-looking. I went very close to the window of their room, and then saw my father was doing something terrible to my mother, humping and jerking on top of her, and she was crying and groaning.

He was kissing her on her lips, then suddenly she arched back with a loud groan I wondered as she shouted with my name, father also shouted “aaaahhh” with her name. After few seconds she gave a shudder and fall on the bed he also fall on her, and started kissing. I was filled with amazement. Then I went back to bed very quietly, although I wanted my Mother even more than before. I lay awake for a long time but I was no longer frightened of the storm.

The story, I am going to tell you happened next thunder storming night, the most pleasurable incident in my life so ever. Ever since I was a little boy I was afraid of thunderstorms, and whenever there was a particularly violent one at night, I would run to my parent’s bedroom and climb into their big king size bed, where my mother would hold me until the storm abated.

I literally shook with fear, and only the warmth of her body holding me close, and her soothing voice could calm me down. One such occasion when I was in class twelve took a different twist, we were experiencing the worst storm I had ever witnessed the thunderclaps were so loud the house literally shook on its foundations. The lightning bolts were sizzling and cracking as they struck, and I was utterly terrified.

Fleeing to my parent’s room I climbed into their bed and Mom held me as I shivered and shook, paralyzed by fear. Even my father was concerned that night. The storm finally began to abate, and as I gradually overcame my terror I became aware of the softness of my mother’s body as she held me, my face was against her breast, and my body was pressed tightly against hers, and as she stroked my hair murmuring the usual platitudes, my penis grew hard and dug into her stomach.

As my small penis became completely rigid, it began to throb against her in time with my pulse, making my mother aware of my arousal. She didn’t move or say anything, and as my awareness of her heightened I realized that her nipple had hardened against my cheek. Neither of us moved for some time, but when my father began softly snoring mother eased her body away from mine a little. I was immediately saddened as

I was enjoying the feel of my penis pressing against her soft stomach. I need not have worried though, because she silently drew her nightgown up around her waist, and raising her leg, pulled me back into contact with her now bare flesh. Then I realized that my shorts also tugged off. My penis was now jutting up between her legs, and she closed them on it, making me feel much better than before.

I didn’t know what to do, or if I should do anything, so I just lay there with my hard prick throbbing against Mom’s hairy crotch. Again she moved her body raising her leg slightly, and I felt her hand close around my penis, and then the most wonderful feeling I ever had engulfed me, and my penis slid into something wet, slippery and warm,

I made a sound “oonkkk”, she also sounded “huuukk” both of us jerked in shiver. Then mom’s hands went to my buttocks and pulled me against her tightly, and I finally realized that my erect penis was inside her vagina. I was going to shout mom pressed my head with her breasts and I made muffled sound “uummff”. I began thrusting my prick into her hard, Mom panted and whispered in my ear, “

Gently Honey, we don’t want to wake your father now do we? Slow down and do it gently, I’m not going anywhere!” Then she gave lip kiss to me, she put her tongue into my mouth that I couldn’t make any sound. She set the pace with her hands varying the pressure on my butt, and I fucked my mother with long slow strokes, at that time we were making some muffled sound like ” huuumm, huuummm” until suddenly something inside me exploded, mom pressed her lips tightly against my lips we sounded like “Uummm” and

I knew for the first time in my young life what pure bliss was. We couldn’t shout but in extreme pleasure we farted loudly instead of shouting, “prroonnss” that made my father awake. He just expressed his disgust with closed eyes, “ooff” and got slept. I didn’t know I could produce so much cum, my prick spurted into my mother’s pussy for a long time, and she held me tight as she felt the hot wetness of my sperm flooding her insides.

Afterwards she kissed me as I lay in her arms, and whispered, “Was it good for you Honey?” I just hugged her as tightly as I could, not trusting myself to speak, and Mom continued, “You’d better go back to your own bed now before your Dad wakes up, you certainly should sleep well after this!” Give comment on that story.

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