A Rainy Day In Village

By : Themariner

Every October we visited grandfather house. But for me this was my first visit in nearly 8 years. I was very much excited as I could live on my child hood life again, running in the paddy fields, catching fish by the river, sleeping under the tree in afternoon etc. My parents, my younger sister and I were very happy as we all were going together again after a long time and I knew how much I missed grandfather house and the freedom of enjoyment.

But never did I or anyone else expect that our lives will be changed during this visit.

We hardly had spent a week, dad left us for an urgent meeting. My mother , my sister and myself continued to live and enjoy every single moment with grandfather. We sometime used to sit in the verandah late night and enjoyed the thunder lightning and rain. Every night some new stories used to come out and we really had a good time, but, that was till now. The next day everything went wrong.

The morning started as usual, except for it was cloudy. My mom, sister and myself decided to visit the pond that in our field.Grandfather had really big field, at one end of it was the pond. After having the breakfast we walked towards the pond. As we were walking down the fields, cool air was blowing with little shower. I and my sister were enjoying like small children. Mom was under the umbrella and was regularly shouting at us not to get wet.

But we didn’t listen after 15-20 min of walk we reached the pond. It was very big and never in my life had I seen such a big one. In one corner of the pond there was small house, had two room but didn’t had any doors. One side of the wall was broken down. Suddenly it began to rain heavily. We all ran toward the house, but we got completely wet. Never in my life had I seen both my mom and sister wet. Seeing this, wild imagination began to run in my mind and I was really feeling uncomfortable under my pants.

Both my mom sister looked sexy in wet cloths. Mom was wearing as saree and my sis Pinki was in track suit and top. What captured my mind was the size of their breast. Mom was around 48 had pretty huge boobs of 36D but my sister had very small, may be because she was just 22. I pretended I had not seen anything but mom nipples were visible through the blouse. Now this really made my cock very hard,

I was wearing a jeans half pant so, it played an important role in hiding my hardness. It was raining heavily and we knew it would continue for a couple of hours. After about 20 min I went to pee in the other room, but stood at the door. I stood there for a second and returned back. kya hua? mom asked. I didn’t knew what to say kya hua?kyun laut gaye. Pesahab nahin karna kya? mom said

Nahin do log honey moon mana rahe hain”I replied.mom was shocked pinki giggled.

Yes, in the other room two people were having sex, in this rainy weather, without their knowledge of our presence. The man and woman were average built. They were completely naked and half of their body was covered with mud. Now, all three of us were really uncomfortable. We couldn’t leave the house as it was raining heavily and there was no other home nearby.

So, we stood there without making any noise. From their talking we could make out that the man was little bit drunk also came to know about his name Sankar. He boasted about about his young life and was also cursing. Suddenly I looked at my mom and she was really feeling uncomfortable kya hua maa” I asked. ”kuch nahin” she replied. Mom was uncomfortable when ever Shankar took his name, so I had a reason to believe that she knew who the man is.

I kept quiet. Shankar told his wife that he had fucked many women of this village before getting married; to this his wife laughingly replied that she slept with many men before. On hearing this pinki looked at us and smiled. Shankar began taking name of ladies he had fucked. Sheetal ko bhi choda hai” sankar said. Wo tau ji ke beti” his wife replied haan use toh main pahli baar jab wo bees ki thi, tab choda Shankar said we were shocked.

Mom was sweating, pinki and I just looked at mom. Everyone called my grandfather tau ji and her beti Sheetal happened to be our mother. I couldn’t react or what to say. Mean while Shankar had spilled out his history with our mom and it nearly shocked us. We stood their in silence and could only hear the drops of rain or the moaning of Shankar and his wife.

At last their romance was over and they came out and that too in the room where we were standing. Shankar and his wife were shocked to see us, they also forgot that they were naked and didn’t even bother to cover their parts. Mom and Shankar looked at each other, while my self and pinki gazed our eye at Shankar cock. To my shocking Shankar also had an 8” cock, as mine. I looked at Shankar wife and smiled. Her boobs were small and hanging down and her chut was covered with hair.

Now I knew why mom was uncomfortable and I planned an idea to make it worse. Only problem to my plan was, my sister, but when I looked at her she was still looking at Shankar cock.

Mean while Shankar and mom had started to talk. I looked at Shankar wife and smiled. She saw me rubbing my cock and also smiled. I indicated her to go close to my mom and she knew what was to be done.

Before mom could realize Shankar wife pulled down my mom saree and began to press her boob. Kya kar rahi ho” mom shouted. Pinki and I looked toward mom. The sight was we saw really had so much heat that this rain couldn’t cool it. Shankar wife was pressing mom huge boob and we could see the large black nipple through the wet yellow blouse. I was surprised to see mom not wearing any bra baand karo.mere bache dekh rahen hain” mom said.

Dekhne do,pata chale unki maa kaisi hai” Shankar said with cunning smile and went close to mom, without bothering about his clothes. On seeing mom in wet clothes, his cock was slowly getting harder, now I knew why mom couldn’t control herself mere baache hain” mom replied as if she was crying. Bachhon tum kisi se kuch nahin kahoge” Shankar wife said looking at us. Pinki agreed but I said main bhi nanga hounga, warna man papa ko bata dunga”

All of them looked at me. Shankar wife smilingly replied, Toh kis liye wait kar raha hai .jaldi se nanga ho ja.main teri maa aur bahan ko nangi karwati hun. When I removed my under wear every one was surprised to see another 8” cock in a small room, seeing my mom nude, it was hard rock and straight with juices coming out. Shankar wife undressed my sister and the whole family was nude on this rainy day and our relations were dissolved by mom ex-lover and his wife.

Shankar already had begun his handwork on mom body. Pinki was really amazed to have such a big black lund in her hand. Mom and pinki were enjoying Shankar lund, while his wife joined me. Pinki was kneeling down and was licking Shankar lund, it was too big and could hardly get in her mouth. Shankar wife was now licking mom breast and for the first time I kissed mom. At first we hesitated but we couldn’t control ourselves.

Shankar was lying on the ground and was licking my sister chut.

I touched mom chut and she just shivered. She hugged me tightly. Shankar wife guided my lund inside mom chut aaaaaahhh dheere daal beta” mom said. On hearing I was very much excited. I slowly entered mom and with a quick push my whole lund wen inside mom chut aaahhhhh mom shouted. I slowly began to work on mom. I took out and brought Shankar wife in place of mom. Shankar had made her chut huge, so I didn’t had any problem getting in her.

She was riding like wild horse. Shankar had too gone inside my sister chut and her crying. Mom went to her and placed her chut near pinkis face ise chus lo, bahut maja ayega” mom said.

After sometime we decided to have double penetration on mom and Shankar wife. The ladies agreed. Mom was first, Shankar attacked mom chut and from behind I attacked mom chuttar. After it was Shankar’s wife turned, she also joined in. After about one and half, we all lay exhausted.

It was still raining; we all sat there in the same room, naked. I persuaded Shankar to say more about his relation with mom. We were astonished to hear that they almost had twice every week till mom got married. The rainfall has just slowed down and we decided to leave. Mom warned us not to speak anything about this incident and just to forget it. We reached home and changed our clothes, I insisted mom to change her clothes in presence of mine. Now I used this incident to sex with mom anytime I liked. I still miss that rainy day.

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