A night with my elder sister

Hello everybody! It is Rahul and I am a regular reader of stories in this section. In this section, I want to include my incest affair with my elder sister, Bhavani which was held one months back. Now, let me describe about me and my sister. I am 21 years old working in a office which is 50 kms away from Chennai, medium complexion, weighing 65 kgs. My sister is 30 years, married (widow), having a male child of 2 years old, medium complexion, sexy body, big breast and weighing 60 kgs.

After my sister’s marriage 5 years ago, she lived in Trichy with her husband till 6 months back when my uncle was met with an accident and die on the spot. Then my sister came with her son to my parents living in Chennai. I stay in my bachelor’s room near my office and used to go to my parents house in Chennai only on Sundays. My nephew joined in a school near my parent’s house and my sister could not pass her time in the house. I asked her whether I could arrange a job for her in my office and she said ‘yes’. Then with my influence in my company, I could arrange a job for her in my office.

Since she could not come to office from Chennai (she felt tired), she wanted to stay in my room for quite some time. Her son will be taken care by my parents. My room is a small double cot room with attached bathroom. Hence we have to sleep in the same bed.

We used to sleep in the bed with nothing happening for the first 3-4 months. Then one day, after my office hours, I went to a evening show, a sex movie and came back to the room at 10’o clock. After opening the door, my sister told me that she was very tired and she felt asleep in the bed very soon. But, I could not sleep gossiping over the movie. Suddenly I imagined the girl in the film with my sister lying a few feet’s apart from me. Even at 12 midnight, I could not sleep and I wanted to fuck my own sister. I feared how to start. Slowly, I kept my hand in her neck and slowly moved downwards over her nighty and stopped at the breasts. I could not feel happy and once again starting from her neck, I slowly moved ,now this time inside her nighty an over her bra and kept my hands on her breasts. I could feel the stitches on her bra. Suddenly I moved my hands inside her bra and kept my fingers on her nipple.

At that instant, my sister hold my hands in that position and she woke up and asked me what I was doing. I told ‘sorry’ and begged her not to tell that to anybody. Then she asked me whether I wanted her fully. First I told ‘no’ and then ‘yes’. Then with a smile, she told me to do whatever I want with her body an she also told that after my uncle’s death she was eagerly in need of it. By that encouraged speech, I got more courage then, I removed her nighty. Now I was in heaven, my own sister is before me with a bra and panty. Then I hugged her very tightly so that no air could pass between us. We exchanged kisses in our lips for some time.

Then, I unhooked her bra. Now, the two big… Sorry… Very big melons were before me and my mouth watered. I sucked her nipple and I played with her breast for 15 minutes. Then I cleaned her navel with my tongue. Then I moved further down and I unworn her panties. Her pussy was very wet and I touched it with my finger. She couldn’t control her feelings and she told me, ‘Rahul, suck it fast, Rahul I love you so much and she hugged me and undress me. She caught hold of my erect penis and tasted it. The first ejaculation filled her mouth. Then I told her not to waste semen and she went to heaven and she guided my penis to enter her pussy. She moaned at every in and out and finally semen came out and filler her.

Now, I loved my Bhavani very much than everything in the world. Now, I am having sex with her regularly. For the outer world, we looked as brother and sister and for us we are living as husband and wife and I wish to continue this relationship for ever. I love you Bhavani… I love you so much…. If any woman in Chennai who wants to have in secret can contact me on [email protected]

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