A Childhood Story

Hi everybody it’s Lipu. I am telling you a real story happened when I was very young. At that time I was only 15 years old. I was preparing for my matriculation exam. My exam was 2 months away. My school was closed. So I prepared in my home very hard. I was a meritorious student. Let me say something about my family. There were three members in our family: my father, my mother, myself. My father was a bank employee and he was posted in Burdwan some 200 km from Kolkata City. We had also staying with him. We were staying in a flat. We had 2-bed room flat in the 4th floor. In front of our house Mr. Gautam Sharma and her wife were living. Actually they are from UP. Mr. Sharma was also worked in the same bank with my father. They were best friends so Mrs. Sharma and my mother. They had no child in spite of 10 years of marriage. There family and ours were so close. We are just like one family. I used to call them uncle and aunty. They regarded me as their son. I also respected them as like my parents. Let’s come to the point. My examination was two month away. So I was busy with my studies. Suddenly my grand mother was serious ill. Hearing this my father became very upset. He wanted to go to home because he is the only son of my grand parents.

At last they decided that I had to live there alone as my exam was one month away. My mother told Mrs. Sharma to look after me in her absence. Mrs Sharma said, “Lipu is like my son. So don’t worry about him. I will look after him”. The next day my parents went to our native place leaving me behind with uncle and aunty. In the night uncle said “You will afraid to sleep alone, so sleep in our house”. I had no alternative but to obey them. After taking dinner I slept in their guest room. This place was new for me so I could not sleep. Around 11 pm I went to bathroom to piss. Suddenly I saw light in uncle’s bedroom. Due to anxiety I went near their room. I stood their for a minutes. I heard some strange sound from the room like aahhhh ohhhhh. So I put my eye on the keyhole and tried to look to the room. Oh my goodness I could not believe my eyes. Aunty was wearing nitted bra and petticoat and uncle was in his underwear. Uncle had picked Aunty up and placed her on his lap, and he was kissing her deeply. Aunty had her eyes closed and mouth open. His tongue was exploring her mouth and she seemed to be melting in his arms. I put my eye on the keyhole and watched them intently. I watched as uncle held auntie’s head with one hand, and put his other hand under her top to caress her breasts over her bra. I could tell that aunty was very excited and she seemed to tremble at his touch. Very soon he raised her hands to unhook the thin-netted white bra she had on and let it fall to the bed. My aunt’s breasts were big and round and supple and beautiful.

Her nipples were big and strong and pointy. Her flesh looked delicious. She seemed giddy with excitement, and eagerly opened her mouth again as he continued to kiss her. The sight was incredibly exciting to me. I knew that wasn’t good but the scene is so beautiful I could not returned back and put my eyes on the key hole again. Uncle then got up, lifted her off his lap and laid her on her back on the bed. He then knelt on the bed beside her, and kissed her passionately on her mouth, and then moved down her body, covering her neck, breasts and belly with kisses. Aunty seemed to be in another world Altogether, and was responding to his touches with moans that seemed to excite Uncle even more. I even felt movement in my lower regions. He slipped one hand under her petticoat and started feeling up her thighs. Her petticoat had risen up to her thighs showing her legs and bare feet. Her feet looked very shapely and delicate. He started kissing and licking her feet and legs, tickling the soles of her feet mercilessly for a couple of minutes as she moaned and thrashed about uncontrollably. He then reached under her petticoat and lowered her panties and removed them, as she lifted her buttocks to allow him to take them off.He resumed kissing her neck and boobs and licking her nipples with his tongue. He slipped his hand up her petticoat again. She started squirming and it was clear that he had a finger or two in her pussy. He continued fingering her for several minutes while he went back and forth between her nipples. Finally he withdrew his finger. It was dripping wet with her juice. He tasted her juices also.

Aunty got down, knelt on the bed and then lowered his underwear with his help. His cock was very stiff and pointed almost straight up with a prominent pink head. He laid her on her back on the bed and lifted up her petticoat all the way, revealing her smooth thighs and pubic area. He placed a cushion under her butt to position her pussy at the right height.He kissed her briefly on her pussy and flicked his tongue over her clit. Her brown pussy lips looked moist and inviting. He then picked up Aunty and made her sit on his lap and started nibbling on her tits. He put her down on the bed and sat, took her hand and placed his cock in it. He motioned her to come closer to his cock and aunty understood that he wanted her to suck him. He caressed her hair and brought her head closer to his cock, and she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock.

She had deep red lipstick on and it was a wonderful sight to see Aunty kneeling on the bed and taking his cock into her mouth. He instructed her to do various things with her mouth, like licking up and down the length of his cock, flicking her tongue across the head of his cock, and kissing the underside of his cock and his testicles. He would then again have her take his cock into her mouth with her lips wrapped tightly around it, with his hands guiding her head up and down the length of his cock. She got the hang of it quickly and started doing it without his help, holding onto the base of his cock with her thumb and index finger. When he was close to coming, he stopped her and asked her to lick around and below his cock. This was repeated several times, until his cock was covered in her saliva.He then parted her legs, folding them at the knees and raised them till her knees were above her chest. He knelt beside her and entered her effortlessly. He started with slow, deep strokes. Aunty bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, wincing occasionally when he thrust deeply into her. I could not see her pussy clearly from where I was standing, but it was incredibly erotic to watch her with her legs spread widely apart, and his butt bobbing up and down between her legs. He started thrusting harder and faster, causing aunty to let out a grunt as he entered her each time. She was also breathing faster and started to sweat a little. .

He continued thrusting harder, occasionally stopping to catch his breath. As he was coming, he started grunting loudly and thrust into her ever more vigorously. After he was finished, he rolled over to the Side and they snuggled for a while. He rolled her over on top of him and made her bounce on his softening cock until it slipped out of her. Aunty seemed tired and sweaty. Then uncle slept on her. I then returned to my room and slept thinking of them.As you know almost all the male human beings get an erection when they wake up in the morning and I am no exception. Exactly that was happened in the next morning. The next morning around 8 am I was awake, but was lying down lazily when aunty came into the room and said “Lipu, wake up”. I didn’t. She pulled the bed sheet covering me, and saw my hard erect long thick virile beautiful magnificent cock. I opened my eyes slightly. Aunty was staring at my upright turgid cock; I could see the amazement and surprise in her eyes on the extra long thick cock.

She turned back, while going out of the room turned her head and looked. Our eyes met. Aunty gave a serious smile “Get up, Lipu. Come for breakfast” and added, “You should know how to wear your clothes properly” I was so embraced, I got up brushed my teeth, washed my face and went to their house and took the morning breakfast. Last night’s scene was dancing I front of me. Uncle was sitting opposite me taking breakfast as well as reading newspaper. When aunty served I clearly saw her cleavage. Aunty also noticed it. I don’t know why but my penis started to getting erected after seeing that. I put one of my legs to other to avoid that but aunty noticed that also.

Around 9 am uncle went to office. I came to our house and started studying. After some time aunty came to our house and told me to bath. I said, “OK, please go I will come after bath”. She said “No. I am here you go and bath”. She gave me a towel and said “why are you so shy, change it now”. I had no alternative but to change. That time my penis was in full mood. When I changed my penis made a tent in my towel. I turned my body towards the wall so that she could not see. She knew every thing. She then holds my shoulder and turned me around. To see my erected penis she said in angry voice “what’s that”. I remained silence. But she again said “I am asking you something why are you silent”. I lost my erection. I was very scare to reply, she said she would not do any thing if I reply to her question. I said I don’t know but it got erected some times. She said when it got erected. After some time I hesitantly said after seeing you. She looked at me and stared at the lower part of my body. She laughed loudly and said “go and bath”. I went to the bathroom. When I closed the bathroom door she said, “There is no one here, so don’t be shy and no need to close the door”. After hearing from her I started to take bath. She was standing near the door. When I rubbed soap on my back. Suddenly aunty came into the bathroom with her saree tucked up above her knees She said “Give it to me, I will rub it”. Then she forcefully took the soap and started to rub it. On feeling her touch my penis getting erect again. She then turned me and rubbed the soap on my chest. The erection between my legs that just wouldn’t go away. My little boy was in full gear. Slowly she moved her hand downwards. She said. “Stand up and remove your towel – I did not even hesitate. I did that and stood naked before her with my hands trying to cover my erection, which was still not going -, ” So this happens to you every day?” I said yes almost. She then said “Ok since you are telling the truth I am going to advice you something, but don’t mention this to anyone at all. I Said I would not mention anything. Then she left the bathroom. I was very disappointed and I lost the erection too. But after 2 minutes she came back again. When I asked, she said I just came after locking The main door. She then brought a stool and sat on it. Then she straight reached for to cock and then apply soap on it. The moment she touched it, I was hard again and my hips bucked. She told me to put my hands on her shoulder for support and stand which I did. I could feel soap water trickling and covering my balls too and flowing below. She said always wash this part clearly. She ran her fingers along the shaft, stroking and murmured “beautiful”. Saying this she took my penis in her hand and said, “it’s so big. So you are now becoming a man”. She then asked do you ever do anything when you are like this. I said I could not understand your words. Then she said “do you masturbate”. I said “no”. She said. “Does anything come out? I said sometimes some gum types thing came out in sleep. She smiled.

She then started rubbing my cock up and down – with her fingers she pulled the foreskin back till my cock head was exposed and with both her hands gently stroked me – I closed my eyes. I am in heaven at that time. Your cock is so big for your age. It’s beautiful. She stroked my cock. She cleaned my cock pulling the foreskin back with water again, kissed the big knob ran her tongue all over my cock, licked from the base to knob, took my balls into her mouth licked my scrotum, then took my cock into her mouth started sucking. Sucking and sucking. Oh! I came in her mouth thick jet of my cum loads and loads of my sperm into her mouth, I put my hands on her head. Saying aunty aunty aunty… She drank swallowed all my cum sucked last drop of my sperm. Then she took my cock out of her mouth, licked the last few drops coming out of my cock, still semi erect and said ” Lipu is it good, do you like it”Oh It’s heaven Aunty.”She said “now bath we will resumes it in afternoon”.

In the afternoon after our lunch she said “Lipu you go and sleep in our bedroom. I will come after washing the utensils”. I went to her bedroom and started watching TV. After half an hour Aunty came in. Aunty made me sit on the bed and asked me to remove my pants. I had an underwear inside and seeing this aunty asked-“why do you wear these kind of tight things while sleeping. That will reduce blood flow and is not good.” Telling this she lifted her saree and took off her panties. Her thighs were so good and sexy and she slid down her panties and gave it me. Then she said, “try wearing this, this is not so tight” Then she helped me to remove my underwear and I wore aunt’s panties. It was so wet with her pussy juices and it made my penis erect to the maximum. Her panties were soft. In between aunty started undressing herself. She remove the pallu of her saree.Then she started unhooking her blouse and removed her blouse.Her breasts appeared so sexy through her white bra. She then completely removed her bra. She was completely naked standing in front of me and her pussy pubic hair was dark big and very dense. I love that sight. She was looking very beautiful. The deep wide navel chord make her look much more beautiful. I just looked at her. I could feel changes between my legs. On seeing my reaction she asked me what are you seeing. I said you are so beautiful. She asked me which part of her body was most beautiful I said your breast She asked me whether I want to experience that. I shook my head in affirmation. She sat on the bed. She asked me to lie down on the bed leaving my head in her lap. I did as she told me. She pulled rob to her breast and then lean towards my face and asked me to take her Nipple into my mouth and suck it. I did as she told me and closed my eyes. I was enjoying sucking her nipple. My body temperature was getting hot and hot. My dick was fully erect. I continued to suck it; she Raised her left hand put it in my hair and circling her fingers in it. I was feeling good. She then placed her right palm between my legs and pressing and squeezing my dick. O’Lipu low voice was coming out of her mouth. I opened my eyes and looked at her face, her both the eyes were closed tightly and the face expression of her never seen before. She removed her breast from my mouth and put another into my mouth forcefully and asked to suck as hard as I could. I grabbed another breast in my hand started pressing it. She was squeezing my penis with power. I was feeling pain and enjoyment same time. She utter that she cannot wait any more. I did not realize what she was talking about. She removed her breast from my mouth and told me press both the breast as hard as I could. She told me that we would have too much fun that from today onwards if I do not tell to any one about that fun. I promised as I was also having enjoyment of my lifetime. I went closer to see it.

She put her both the hand on the leap of it and spread both the leaps apart. I saw red colored attractive skin in it. She asked me to touch if I want to. Without thinking any thing I raised my hand and put it on it. It was very hot. My dick was fully erect and oozing lot of saliva. She put her hand on to my finger and guided to some place on the top part of it and started rubbing my finger there. She told me to come close to her. She grabbed my one hand and placed it her vulva. She asked me to suck her breast and told me to hold her another boob with another hand. She slipped her hand between our bodies and grabbed my dick very tightly and started squeezing it. This was lasted for some time. She was slowly saying to me o’Lipu suck it hard, hard harder, harder and harder. She said was enjoying it. With her another hand She took my middle finger and guided to her vagina, it was hot and slippery and she was mourning and breathing heavily and stroking my penis she slide my finger into the hole and told me to slide my entire finger in it. She asked me to slide my finger in and out of her vulva. I looked at her face her both the eyes were closed and her mouth was bit apart. “Now, Lipu Give me Your tongue.”She spread her thighs. I kneeled down and kissed her wet juicy cunt lips.”Lick my cunt ” I licked rub your tongue there” she guided me on to her clit.I did, rubbing my tongue on her pink hard erect engorged clit put your tongue into my cunt.”I inserted my tongue into her cunt.Now fuck me with your tongue.””Put your mouth at my cunt and suck and slurp, like that oh, you are learning fast my dear. Do it like that. Yes good ” I still remember the sensations of her cunt muscles contracting and expanding against my mouth. Her whole body was shivering She put her hand on my head and pressed hard against her quivering cunt. “Ohhhhh, Lipuuuu, you are such a darling!”

She said she couldn’t wait any more. She told me to come between her legs.. She lay down on the bed and asked me to come as closer as possible between her legs. Which I did. My penis was touching her vulva. She held my penis in her hand and placed it in her vulva and asked me to hold it there with my hand. She put her both the hand onto my hips and slowing forcing it in. As I reached to the opening of her vulva, it was bit difficult to force my penis in. I was feeling bit pain as my fore skin of my penis was slipping down. Then with one hard jerk to the back of my body, she put my entire penis in her vulva. Both of us were naked, feeling sweet touch of bodies. I grabbed her both boobs and started squeezing them. She was urging me to press it hard. She was holding me from my hips and doing my penis in and Out. She asked me whether I know what we are doing. She told me that every married couple does it. She asked me whether I was enjoying it or not? I said am certainly enjoying. I also told her that “I will never forget this experience in my life and will not forget her”. She told me that we would do this as and when we get an opportunity. She again told me to keep it secret. As, I was enjoying the “sex” I started doing in and out of my penis in her vulva. She was saying ooooooooooaaaaaahhhhhhhh o’ Lipu fuck me hard and hard and harder. “Ohhhohh, aaaahhh, aaah, ahh, ah, aaaaaha, Ohhh, Aaaaah, liiiiipuuuuu.”She asked me to enjoy on what I was doing and told me do it harder and harder. She was continued saying oooahhhh. Lipu please do it harder and harder and hardeeeeeeeer. I kept moving at that fast speed.”Oh, oh, oh, ah, ah, ah.” She kept screaming.Ohhhhhhoh, aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrh.”

I was also enjoying it. Her body started becoming stiff and stiffer. She put her both legs behind my back and held me tight between her legs. Her eyes were closed and some sound was coming out her body. After sometime, she loosens her legs grips. I again started doing up and down of my penis. I felt this sudden rush of incredible pleasure and something started to erupt out of me and into her. I couldn’t hold my voice any longer and had to scream, “Ohhhh Auntie!”The feeling on my entire body was enjoying me and after sometime I had great feeling in my penis, I closed my eyes and experienced that my penis was oozing something in her pussy. I could not do it anymore and slept on her body. She remove my penis from her vulva, my penis was started shrinking. I look at my penis; the forehead of it was swollen, as that was its first experience of sex. I truly enjoyed it today also I cherished that experience. Both of us put on our clothes.

We continued it regularly until my parents came. After that whenever we got chance we did. After one year my father got transferred to Kolkata and Mr. Sharma to Mumbai. After some days I heard from my parents that aunty gave birth a son. Now I am 28 years old and working in a company in Kolkata. She always reminded me of our sex and invited me to Mumbai. One day while I was talking with Aunty through phone she confessed it to me that due to our fucking she was getting pregnant and he is my son. Now I am very desperate to meet my son. Dear reader please advise me what to do now. . My E-mail id [email protected]

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