Incest Sex Stories

Stories involving bhabhi-devar, jiju-sali, brother-sister, mom-son etc. Tales of broken Indian Incest taboo..

My Maami! HOT!

By innocentrahulst On 2017-02-26 Tags: aunty, horny, lust

How my aunt seduced me and gave a wonderful experience of a steamy session with a great blowjob followed by a wonderful banging time.

Sex With A Sexy Milf HOT!

By icec4007 On 2017-02-25 Tags: horny, hot, indian

Sexy hot milf in need of sexual satisfaction reaches out to me . We fucked like a never ending sex tale making eachother cum to the most

The Weight Loss Program

By rockyhub On 2017-02-24 Tags: horny, hot, indian

Its about an aunty who contacts me for a weight loss program, as I sell some nutritional products she contacts me at the gym which we hit together and we end up making out.

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