Wife Fucked By Another Guy

This story is about my wife Rittu with whom I got her fucked with another man. I was married to Rittu who had a very ripe body with fig 36 34 38 and she had nice boobs and big ass and we very much used to enjoy sex initially she was a shy girl when we got married but gradually I taught her all the art of sex then she blossom into a ripe lady and she often used to wear saree.

She looks very sexy in it with her big boobs hanging out of her blouse and she used to deep throat my cock and take all my cum in her mouth and I even used to suck her clit and make her cum and we used to fuck vary wildly in bed. I even used to make her drink whisky and fuck her in her ass and our sex life was getting very monstrous over the years and I started fucking prostitutes for many years.

I was fucking all kinds of whores and even used to fuck in my flat when Rittu was out of station and this was also becoming a routine affair and I was taking less interest in Rittu for sex then I started chatting on internet. I made many friends but all of them were male although I was looking for females with whom I could satisfy my lustful desire. I had a very special friend named Amit sodhi with whom I used to chat regularly.

I showed some nude pictures of my wife to him and all of a sudden he put on his webcam and showed me his dick and wow his dick was 9 inches and very thick and he started masturbation on webcam while seeing Rittu pics. this also got me a hard on and we used to masturbate together using all the foul language in my wife name sometimes when Rittu was sleeping I used to show her on webcam to Amit. Amit often used to tell to undress Rittu but I was afraid to do so as I thought this could spoil our relation

And I was also afraid of Rittu. Amit told me to make Rittu drink whisky and bring her in front of webcam so he could enjoy her ripe body virtually so one evening as the kids were out to their grandparent’s house I told Rittu to get ready so we could go out for dinner. I told her to wear a black saree and keep her hair open while she was getting ready.

I went to my barroom and poured 2 glasses of large pegs of whisky. I offered one glass to her and told her to enjoy the drink. I then started my laptop and began chatting with Amit. I told him Ritu is getting ready and I have offered her whisky he immediately put on his webcam showed me his long dick waiting to explode on seeing Rittu ripe body. Rittu was now fully ready and was looking damn sexy in black saree. I again poured another drink to Rittu and she was also enjoying the drink.

I then put on the webcam without Rittu knowing and started kissing Rittu and our tongues were in each other’s mouth doing French kiss while Amit was watching us on webcam as I was about to undress Rittu. I got a call from Amit on my mobile that he wanted to hear the sexy sound of Rittu on phone while watching Rittu. I did not disconnect the call and then started undressing Rittu.

Amit was hearing our voices while watching us on webcam and I disrobed Rittu sarre and made her nude in front of webcam Rittu got suspicious that we were often standing in front of laptop so she closed the laptop and then everything was over anyway I fucked Rittu since I was having a hard on and my I fucked her hard thinking about Amit cock Amit was hearing us on other side and he also came twice.

Next morning when I chatted with Amit he told me he was desperate to fuck Rittu as he had seen Rittu ripe body and he wanted to enjoy her whole body. I told him it was impossible as Rittu would never agree to this. I logged out of the chatting and stated thinking about Amits thick and long cock entering Rittu pussy and I masturbated twice thinking about the fantasy and next day when I chatted with Amit he again insisted me that he wanted to fuck Rittu and I would also enjoy.


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