Vijaya The Best

Hello friends! It’s me Hari with one of sex experience. It was back in my school days. I studied in a good school and I was an average student back in my school days. I was good looking. It all began when I was studying 1th std. We had most of teachers as female. One of our teachers was Vijayalakshmi and she was our mathematics teacher. She was in her late 20’s.

She was not wheatish in color but she had a good race. She was neither slim nor fat. But one could never take eyes out of her ass as her ass was like baloons. She was 5.2″ of height. She was one of the nice teachers in the class. She always used to encourage students. She never scoldede a student and she was living with her grandmother as her parents passed away when she was young. She used to wear sarees all the time when she comes to school.

We all students used glance at her hips, ass and boobs whenever we got a chance. She never took it serious. One day in our school function she came in chudidhar and everyone were looking at her. It was a red color chudi and she was amazing in that. I was mad on her and tried to touch her whenever I got a chance. She was cool all the time. I was chosen as the class rep from that day I used to become a good friend.

We used to discuss about our class but for a week she was very sad and she was in dull in the class. We asked her why she just said nothing. I and my friend Kumar were very confused why she is very sad for a week. So planned we planned to meet her in her home and ask why as planned me Kumar went to my teacher’s home. But the house was locked and we returned.

Later in the evening about 6’o clock we went again. Thank god the door was not locked. We knocked the door and Vijayalakshmi opened the door. She was in saree and she invited us in. We went inside. We asked where was she before and she told she went to railway station to send her to her native for some important thing.

She asked why we were her. We said we wanted to know why she is sad. She didn’t say a thing and was silent for about two minutes. She asked her can we solve her problem. We replied if we could we will. She said that her boyfriend has broken up with her. We consoled her we both went near her and sat in the same sofa where she was sitting and asked what happened. She started to tell what happened, as she was telling I kept my hand in her thighs she did not say a word so I was just keeping it.

She continued her story my friend placed his hand around her shoulder like consoling her. I started to smooch her thighs she looked at me and I was frightened by her look suddenly she said he hasn’t fucked me in the past 2 weeks and that’s why I’m sad, can you both make me happy? We both were stunned to hear these words and we were dumb struck she place her hands in both our dicks and started to smooch it.

My friend took the right and I took the left and we both started to massage them. She kissed both of us in pleasure. We took of her pallu and massaged the boobs over her blouse. She had pretty good boobs and we asked its size and she said it is about 34 C after the five minutes we unhooked her blouse and she untied both of our pants. We were in our jockeys. She was wearing a white bra. She was looking a like an angel in it.

Soon we removed her bra she had dark nipples were best Jodi for those awesome boobs were sucked her nipples bit them and played with them. I decided to go down and removed her panty and her hairy pussy was already wet and I licked her pussy for 10 minutes and then started to finger her pussy while she was sucking Kumar’s dick. He came very soon and she asked for mine but I had better ideas. I continued to finger her pussy and made her cum.

She again started to suck his cock and we went to her bedroom and I ordered her to be in doggy and kneeled. I licked her ass crack it was my dream to lick her ass and to fuck her ass. I licked her ass for about 10 mins and pressed my dick in her pussy she spreaded a bit and I was good to go she wasn’t tight but it was good to fuck her. My friend wanted to fuck but she told to wear condom else it could make problems. She had a bunch of condoms and she put it on her dick.

She was pumping her pussy and she was giving me a blowjob. We three were in heaven. I cummed in her mouth and rested for few minutes while my friend was fucking her. I decided to fuck her ass and I made lie on top of me and man her ass was very tight when compared to her pussy. I managed to go inside her and she was penetrated both in her ass and as well as her pussy. She said she had never done this before.

She said it’s like she is in heaven I fucked her in her ass and my friend as fucking her pussy. We both were also playing with her boobs. My friends cum again and it was me to cum next but I slowly fucked her enjoyed her ass. I was fucking her ass for more the 30 mins and did not cum. Finally it was time for me to cum she said cumming in her ass would be no problem so I cum all in ass hole. It slowly came out to. She took it and licked and she said thanks and said dont say it out. We replied will we spoil our heaven. She smiled and we all slept in the bed.

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