The Night In The Hotel

The A/C in the room was roaring at full blast. I was on the bed under a loose blanket. Completely cold and bedridden. My body aching. I got myself up, my long hairs let loose over my naked body. I was smelt of a whole lot of things, whisky, cigarette, beer and sweat. I could feel my whole body limb and was tired. It did not take much time for me to realize how wild I was over the past few hours. I looked around the room.

Shi was lying on the bed next to me, dug inside layers of sheets and blankets. I looked around for Rat and he was on the sofa, sleeping full Monty with his tool sleeping and lying placid.

The previous night was one wild night as far I was concerned. I had sex first time when I was in last year of schooling. Since then I have been wondering how it would be to have sex with two guys at a time. I never thought I would have ever been able to do that. I was not among the most beautiful girl in the college. I was rather short with 155 cm in height. I had a rather decent figure for that height. With sharp and round breasts and bottoms, with round face and a real long hair, extending up to the curve of my butts. Many guys and girls had come up to me saying how beautiful my hair looked. I knew it was rather cool to have such long hair.

Long story made short. Half of our class had come down to the French Style city of Pondicherry for one of our classmate’s engagement. The whole day we spent at the marriage function and evening many girls’s got to spent time with their boys and was in one room or the other. My room mate was with her boy friend since last evening and I had spent most of this evening watching some channel and flipping through one magazine or the other. I had just got outside from a bath my long hairs all let loose and dripping wet. I was wearing a white t shirt and a dark skirt. The wet hairs were dripping water and this had ensured that the white t shirt was not hiding much of my frontal assets. I looked like was going to participate in a wet t shirt competition. The door bell rang. I pulled over a towel to mop up the wet hair and to cover the t shirt. It was the room service bringing me the dinner. He gave a look at me. I was sure that the wet t-shirt had given him something to dream about today evening.

I had almost finished my dinner when I heard the door bell again.

This time it was two of my classmates. Shi and Rat (there names cut short). Each of them carried enough drinks for a bachelor party. Shi asked me if I could join them for a drink. I had gone for pubs and drinks with my classmates earlier too and had quiet often gone out with Shi. So it was natural for Shi to ask me. I said I was planning to crash on the bed and was not going in for any drink. After some persuasion I agreed for some breezers and nothing more. Rat had two bottles of breezers. So that was enough for me. All of us started out with the little drink party spent most of the time talking about the days marriage and the hook ups. After almost an hour of loose talk and banter Shi asked me if I would like to have a different kind of drink. I did not understand what he was intending at. I thought it was some intoxicant mixed with grass and all. I have had a joint before and was really smacked that day but today was not prepared for that. But the way he asked I was not able to understand. This drink did not come in any bottle. This was enough for me to understand what drink he was mentioning about. It was not the first time I have had this drink and that too I have had from many bottles before. In fact Shi had tried few times to fool around with me and I had never given him the chance though. He was a handsome guy with a good athletic figure but was bit short and had this tonsured palate. Rat was the long guy. Extremely thin and was pretty long.

Coming back to the situation again. It was around 8:30 in and I had just finished two bottles of Breezer. Shi and Rat were also there who were on their respective glasses of rum when Shi shoot the question if I wanted another drink, this time not from a bottle. It was not the first time for me. But it would be the first time I would be putting a show for someone else. I was up game for it.

Shi was right on again. I was the one who had escaped from his prying hands for quiet long time. So when he heard that I was ready for his special drink he was elated. He kept the bottle of rum aside and then spread his legs like a V. I then climbed out of the bed and walked towards him. He was already giving wolf cry’s can howls. I went close to him and then removed his jeans. I pulled it down completely. His rod was pushing the think clothing of his underpants. When I removed it of the final clothing it sprang out like an agitated and violent animal. For a moment I was taken aback. I had seen longer cocks before. But this one was thick. Instead of being long it was like a small canon. I looked at Rat and I guessed he too was wondering looking at the size of the instrument that just sprang into life. I was already getting wet thinking about what it was going to do once it was inside me. I ran my fingers around it and wrapped it around the rod. I could feel the dick pulsating inside my fingers. Then I kneeled on the floor and took the head of his thick rod in my mouth. With one free hand I was squeezing his balls while the other hand was freely all over his rod giving him stimulation. It did not take long with all the rubbing, squeezing and the sucking he was all ready to blast. I never liked the idea of cum inside the wrong hole. I did not like it in my mouth. I took out my mouth and just continued with the stimulation and the squeezing. Within seconds he shot his load all over the place, all over my fingers. I placed the bath towel and cleaned his penis. He was fully relaxed.

Penis out of the Pants:

Rat was all charged and erect.

“I have only seen that in porn movies” He said.

Okay that kind of made me sits back and ask him. Are you still a virgin. He nodded his head saying he was. Shi was laughing his ass off. I was equally shocked. This made me sit up and think. I was in first year college when a married cousin of mine ‘deflowered’. Ever since that I have had quiet few times with quiet few men. And all of them were I knew have had it before. So this would be the first time I would be ‘deflowering’ some one.

It could be real fun.

I thought of a better way to make Rat splash.

I then told him let me do the honor’s. I moved towards Rat. It was a bit difficult to get him relaxed. His boxer shorts were already wet in the area. He had already cum invain. I then removed his shorts. While he made himself comfortable lying on the bed. Shi had a thick instrument. While Rat’s was entirely different. I had never seen such a penis before either in the porn movies or websites or in real life. It was not long (don’t start thinking of all those big black cocks that internet is so full of tearing apart little white ladies). It was long but not that long. But strangely it bent at almost a 45 degree angle right at the middle of the penis. Curving a bit. It was only semi-erect but the curve was visible. I then caressed my fingers through his rod. Rat was already in a high. I had told him not to do anything just lie down there and let me finish my job. He was obedient enough. I then began licking his penis right from bottom to top. He was reacting faster than I had expected. Soon his curved penis was shinning with my saliva. I took the head of his erect penis and started masturbating it fast. He was fully erect and was responding to my overtures. I was in full gusto more excited about the fact that I was the first person to suck on this penis. I began to feel the tension in his body. It was getting hardened and hardened. The legs were beginning to straighten. He was breathing hard. My mouth had taken half of his penis in and out. My hairs were loosely brushing all over his inner thighs while my breasts were bouncing with the effort, held back by my t-shirt. And then I knew he was going to cum. I was going to stop for a second. Since I never really liked the taste of things that were shot from a dick. I had only done it once before and that was my first and last time. But this time I was going to make an exception.

I kept on sucking as he shot inside my mouth. He shot his sticky semen in my mouth. Since I was on him sucking his penis I felt the whole fluid right at the tip of my tongue shoot up right inside my mouth. Rat then sat up, his penis still leaking the fluids as he finally stood. This made his entire cum find my mouth. I was not going to swallow it. The distaste of the semen was a bit too much for me; I spit it out on the floor. Both the guys now looked at me. I went to the washroom to get myself cleaned. I am not your slut; I had to tell them when they asked me why I had spit it out.

Beat the heat and go for the meat:

Men have always been attracted to women and vice versa. I have always felt that men had an eye always open for the slightest cleavage exposure, as also if some lady had made it deliberate to expose her navel, then the pant accidents. It made them horny and kinky.

All said and done I sat on the sofa nearby. Shi was relaxing there after enjoying what he had just seen. Rat had just got up from the bed and was still reeling under the fact that he had just been given his first blow job. He looked at me and gave a shy smile. I knew he would not have minded another round of the same treatment. But I was not going to take the cue.

Shi was still naughty and horny as he had been earlier. He wanted to just go for it. His dick had to satisfy the hunger for my hot oven. He came and sat close to me, and then started caressing my loose hair and the nape of my neck. He reached for the front collar of my t-shirt and then stretched it down exposing my cleavage as he went down and down. He then licked the cleavage. I felt the saliva trickle down to the narrow sweep between my breasts. He then lifted my t-shirt to see the navel. Playfully he inserted his little finger into it and started fiddling with it while his other hand was busy cupping my breast. Rat was busy on the bed seeing all this. Shi then asked him to move from the bed while he asked me to climb on to the bed.

In one swift action he was out of his t-shirt and jeans. His boxer shorts were already down on the floor. His semi-erect penis was pointed right towards me. He then moved on to the bed. Lifted my t’s and removed it. The two boobs bounced back to life. It had to get the feel of a man’s hand, it had to be brought back to life. He asked me to spread both my legs which I readily did. He then lie down on my with his stomach between my inner legs while he cupped both my breasts and started nibbling my nipples. It was a pleasurable pain. As it began to react to his stimulations. I was getting hotter and hotter and I could feel the need to burst out. He still continued with this till he has his mouth full of my boobs. He then moved down to my navel. I have had sex many times and only once have anyone lavished attention on one of erotic parts of a female body. It was only the second time this was being done by Shi. He told me he had seen my navel a few times while I was wearing short t-shirts and he just wanted to know how it looked from close quarters. My t-shirt was already off my body and the skirt was still holding the last paradise of pleasure. Shi’s hands were already down between my thighs cupping my hot oven which was by each stroke of his tongue on my belly button getting hotter and hotter and ready to implode into a world of infinite pleasure. My pussy was already getting wet way before he had put his hands down there. He then finally went further down. He held himself for a long time before he lifted my skirt. He was smiling at me and was looking at Rat while he was doing that. He told me that he had always wanted to see this one thing about me and he had run this scene in his head a hundred times. And he was still not ready to believe that he really was going to get the feel of the same. He finally lifted my skirt. I had neatly maintained bush underneath. I hated to shave it off since I had no ideas to be in a porn movie. But this was more convenient for me. Shi looked at me. I am not surprised though I imagined a much clean shaven triangle. I said I never liked to clean it that way. “Anyway is fine with me dear”. He slowly placed my legs apart and started leaning towards my pussy.

Imploding into oneself:

He then separated the pussy lips and went for the flesh inside.

I have heard many girls in the hostel speak about their sex life. When the men first went down to this one sacred part of the woman’s body. Many had told me they had warm fluids flow out then and there. Some told me they would take many more minutes and the right amount of cajoling to make them implode. But the real bitches of the college had told me they needed a little more coaxing before they would implode. Orgasm was expressed differently by each and everyone. This was a major talk among most of the ladies in the hostel. Most of the ladies who had lost their virginity over and over again, to men of different ages and different sizes and different numbers. It was a club of the elite in the college. Today it was a different feeling.

He then separated the pussy lips and went for the flesh inside.

I could feel his breath on my inner thighs as he tried to smell my rosy cheeks. All the acts of seduction. It was not needed. I was all ready for this. And that too not just one guy but both of them. But Shi was not ready to accept the fact that I was all his for as many times as he wanted. All I cared for was his rock hard thick dick right inside my hot pussy. I could feel the warm saliva find the inner regions of my hot cunt. It was pondering and pondering inside licking all the inner regions. I could feel my body raise in the air. Feel the weightlessness and then the utter despair of how not being fucked out of my senses. My body could no longer take this torture when I told him to just put his rod inside me. This was the invitation he was waiting for. Shi told me not so fast dear not so fast. He told me he was holding it back with all his energy he just wanted to shoot it out at the right time. It was torture at its best and violent forms. He then separated my legs further. Placed a pillow cushion under my ass. Rat now had a clear view of my bush. Shi had done it many times. He had gone down many times. The way he held himself I knew he had done this and is used to it. I thought I would shatter any moment. And then he slightly pushed his rod inside me. I could feel the thick rod get inside me. Slowly. Ever so slowly. And then finally when it was completely inside I could feel the inner walls stretching to accommodate the meat of his manhood. He then began pushing it further in. His hands clutched my ass as he raised me into the air. With one final thrust he was right inside me. I could feel the union of male and female forms. And then he stayed there for as long as I knew, as long as I could feel the little it. Shi then slowly pulled out his organ, till only the tip was touching the outer lips of my vagina. I felt like something was torn out of my body. He lifted me higher in the air and then once again with one thrust he pushed his organ deep inside me. He did it few more times. I could not hold any longer. I was going to burst out. I could feel my body getting lighter and lighter in his hands. I could feel my body loose its weight. I could feel the rush within me. A touch of dizziness and I felt I was going unconscious. He was still throbbing inside me when I shuddered. I could feel myself back to being normal. Back to being a woman again, relaxed and calm. No sounds, no wolf cries, no nothings. Everything was silent and everything was as quiet as it had begun. I felt the entire weight of my body stream down my thighs. I could feel that I was breathing again. Shi just lay there with his organ still inside. He was tired and immobile. He had shriveled within me and the AC was still blasting to keep the perspiration out of our naked bodies.

It was minutes before he composed himself and got off my body. He lay naked near me. I was completely relaxed now. The breathing was back to normal. And then there was the definite need to wake up to the reality of having touched a crescendo of pleasure in the past few minutes.

Sometimes once is just not enough:

Many times I heard my own classmates speak about having a group sex. All of us had seen it only in porn movies. The way a single woman was ravaged by hungry men and their cocks again and again over and over again. Many of us have always wondered what it would feel like being in such a situation. There was no one among us who had gone out and ventured into that. There were all kinds of ladies in this club. There were the one’s who had lost their virginity at the age of 14 to those who had sex with multiple partners. There were one’s who have had sex with an uncle or a cousin brother. There were one’s who has sex with their brother in law’s or had just gone out with the school teacher. This was one bunch of special ladies. But no one had done it in a group. We have had those who got their brains screwed out of them. Those who would wake up next day still feeling the weightlessness but then they still had not done that. Years after we had left those sacred walls of boarding schools with enough information about everything and every aspect of a woman’s body, I was here lying naked with two other men in the room. In few hours I would be ready to tell the ladies, if we ever by chance met how it would feel to be fucked by two men.

I was not thinking this when I was lying down there on the bed. All I was thinking about was when was the next pounding going to begin. How long would Rat wait before he got on to the bed? Would he be as good as what Shi had just done? There were a hundred thoughts flashing all across my mind. But then I had no time for this. I could feel Shi already move out from the bed and move to the bathroom. I could see him look at me with a longing that was there when he saw me naked for the first time. The look said me he was still hungry for more and he was not going to rest with this one time. Shi got out of the bathroom with a wet towel and pulled it down to me. I grabbed it and cleaned myself up. I had got up from the bed. Rat was still there with his legs crossed and fingers crossed harder.

I was not going to do it right then and there on him. He was not experienced as Shi was. I knew that and he knew that even better. He might not have had the sex thing before and all he was doing till now was patiently wait for his chance to be on the bed. He had seen what Shi had done to me right there few minutes ago. Rat still did not move. I did not have time to closely observe him while I was being ravaged by the other man in the room, but I had seen during intervals of ecstasy sitting quietly on the sofa watching the live porn unfolding right in front of him.

Woman on Top………

The first time I had sex with was a much senior guy to me, both in age and experience. He was gentle and was quiet caring for me. Most of the girls in our club had agreed to one thing that a girls liking for sex always depended on her first experience. I would never oppose that. It was always the first time that mattered. Always.

Shi had poured me a drink and I was nursing my glass while Rat was still there sitting. I had to sympathise his cause. He was still not sure if he was going to do it or not. I knew that he was going to do it and I just had to make him relax.

Minutes later Rat was lying on the bed. His legs spread apart. The little bush of hair around his penis neatly shaved and maintained unlike Shi. I was still holding my drink.

Naked sitting on the sofa with Shi on the chair next to me. Both of us were looking at Rat who had taken to the comfort of the bed. He still had a placid penis which had some real coxing to do before it stood up to its full glory. I had always loved to be the woman on top once in a while. It actually gave a chance for the male body to be properly exploited. Some men did not like it but I knew a few who had enjoyed it thoroughly. Rat had no idea of having done anything remotely related to sex other than probably shooting in the men’s room or wetting his bed sheet at night. For him until an hour ago sex was just another word in dictionary.

It was for me to release his sperm into the light fleshy mounds of a woman and there by set him free, make him a man from a boy. I got on the bed, spread my legs and lowered my cunt for Rat to lick. He was lying on the bed with my vagina suffocating him of his last breath as he explored my inner flesh with his tongue. There was still unclean sperm from the love making session I had with Shi. Rat never cared. He continued to lick me, it was his first time. He did not let the opportunity slip by. I felt myself reacting to the stimulations again. I could feel my whole body bounce back the same way it had reacted to Shi. A few minutes of being on his face I removed myself. I then went down to take his manhood in my mouth again. I had kneeled down on the bed exposing the crack of my ass right on to the face of Shi. He could not hold on either. He then pulled up his chair close to the bed and started licking the crack of my butt. While his fingers were finding its comfort within the inner walls of my vagina. He was already playing with the clitoris. I was still busy with Rat’s manhood. I had the helmet of his slightly bent penis inside my mouth sucking it hard while with the other hand I was masturbating it. I could feel him react to the same. Grow itself and expand to occupy a vaster space within my mouth. When I knew he had grown the stiffest and it was all ready for the final act of loosing itself into someone else’s world I stood up. I asked him to lean back on the bed with pillows pulled under his ass. Rat did as I told him to do. He leaned his back against the back rest of the bed. Placed a pillow obediently under his ass as he sat on it. His rod was erect in its own way. Now all I had to do was go as close as possible to him and sit on his erect penis while he saw his penis vanish inside my womanhood. I asked him to watch it as closely as he could. He was all eyes for it. I was going to give him the treat of his life.

I had taken in all sizes of penis inside me, thick like Shi’s, long like my ex-boyfriends and not so long like a young cousin of mine. But I had never taken in a curved penis. When I spread my legs place my vagina right on the helmet of his penis while he separated the lips of my pussy to let his tool inside me. I could feel the enormity of his rod. I could feel it curve inside me as it went right inside. I let out a moan. It began to enter me as it grew itself inside. I then started to thrust myself to take it more inside. He began to push it inside. We were one with each other. He was madly sucking my boobs and kissing my bare breasts as his organ began to bore deep inside me. I was again held by thongs of ecstasy. There were gasps of breath being trapped within my body as my breath began to get heavier and heavier while there was moaning. For all I knew Rat was crying out spasms of Oh’s and Ah’s. I could feel his enormity expand within myself as his curved erection embraced the last remaining walls within my vagina. I could feel his finger nails dig deep behind my back. I knew he was going to explode. And then the flood gates opened. He was pouring within me. I could feel his sperm wet my entire pussy as it erupted. With one last breath of air escaping from my lungs I too shattered to a climax I had only dreamed till now. It was the second time I had the same feeling. I lay placid in Rat’s arms as my boobs rested on his face. I could no longer get up and just move away from him. My legs were too weak to support myself. I remain like that for how many minutes I had no idea. Finally it was Rat who moved me back from my ecstatic reverie. I got up from his lap. The warm drops of his fresh and virgin cum dripping down my inner thighs. He asked me to stand for some time as he saw his cum drip down my inner thighs. The stream was quiet warm. I caught it before it dripped down to my knee, I wiped it all the way till my pussy with the towel shi has left behind.

Rat was all glee and happy. He had just been welcomed wonderfully to the world of men.

It was all over for me. The last and straining drops of energy squeezed out of my body. I could have sat on that cushion for a whole day without even moving a limb before I could feel a part of my body. I was still floating in the thin air trying to understand what had happened. Trying to know the physical form sometimes looses itself into a trans when the pleasure is more than bearable.

From one orgasm to wanton floods of ecstasy:

Sometime it wonders me, what is the thin line that separates ecstasy from pure anarchy of pleasure. For the past one hour I drifted from one high to another. I have had two male forms violate myself to provide me the highest pleasure. But then was it all enough for me. Was it sane for me to walk back and say I have had enough for the day, so good night gentlemen? It would be ok for me. But then I never had gone all the way. Taken the journey to the unknown. Was it all I was capable of? I decided to go for the hilt of it. Till now the meaning was to have sex for an orgasm. Now the reason was how many times could I do it before I would be as useless as one can be?

I had cleaned myself up once again. Another glass of my favourite drink of vodka. Both Shi and Rat sat on the cushion while I was busy with my drink sitting on the bed. It was all mangled and distorted. I pulled over the bed sheet not to hide my nudity but a cover from the cold stings of the air conditioner. We began a light conversation. How was it? Shi asked Rat. He was too dumb for any words to express. Rat was still all happy for having done what he had done. Shi was all ready to go all over again but I was only one person for that. He had plenty of rest for his body and his needs. I was gratified twice in an hour. I had reached my heights twice in last one hour.

Shi had enough time to finish his beer twice over. He was getting enough of everything he wanted tonight. And going by his looks it seemed he had only warmed up with the first session.

He then got up from the bed and got on the bed. I was he pulled himself under the bed sheet that I had used to cover myself up. He then placed his hands over my boobs and was already cupping them. I was not ready for another session. Not yet. He kind of understood the same and said all he wanted to do was take some rest with me. He was in no way trying to do anything other than hug me and lie down as close to me as possible. I could feel his hot breath on the nape of my neck. He then kissed me gently on the back of my neck. He was whispering to me. “I had always wanted to have this with you. Never really thought I would end up having sex, but always wanted to hold you and simply lie down like this.”

His hands were holding me tightly. I could feel his placid rod between the crack of my ass. His hands were all over my body. He then finally moved it to between my legs. Caressing my pussy hair. His fingers were rubbing gently on my clitoris. It was not long before the little one reacted and was ready for the next bout of flesh. We did not hurry. I don’t know how long we were lying down like that in each others arms with body’s held tight. Somewhere in between I had a slight nap. It was already cold and I had gulped down few pegs of Smirnoff. That apart I had also been plummeted by two hungry cocks. Shi was still caressing me when I had gotten up from my light reverie. I could feel his hardness behind on my back. He then held my face and kissed my lips. Pushed his tongue in my mouth. I could get the strong taste of beer and whisky. He kept probing the roof my mouth as he inserted his tongue. His hands were rubbing my tits and were cupping my pussy. A slight glance at Rat made me feel weak in my knees. He was also fully alive with his tool erect and ready to penetrate. Shi was as always gentle. He did not hurry into anything. He had given me enough time to recover. I was already getting aroused to his stimulations. He was already down on his knees cleaning up my pussy. Eating it like he had done before. It was then Rat too got on the bed. I had only seen it in movies. And now it was going to happen to me. He began playing with my boobs. He went from one tit to another. Kissing my lips occasionally and then concentrating back on the boobs. I was already reacting with moans and groans to what was being done by both the men. Rat had lost himself. Kissing all over my face and breasts. He then finally stood next to me with his curved penis right on my forehead. He then playfully touched the tip of his penis on my head and eyes. The strong odour of the male form was nauseating. He then finally pushed his penis into my parting lips. First he inserted the tip of the penis and let the helmet remain inside for sometime.

Shi was busy with his works. When he saw what Rat was doing he too got excited. He then parted my legs and held my legs around his waist as he guided his penis into my vagina. I could feel the pulsating rod inside me. He pushed it fully inside like he had done it earlier.

Rat had placed his penis inside my mouth while I got busy servicing it. He then got up and crossed his legs around me. He then pushed his penis into my mouth. In one go I could feel it reach down to my throat. It was a suffocating feeling. I pushed him back. He removed his penis out. He then told me he would not push it. SO he placed his rod again inside. This time not fully inside. He was already beginning to pump his rod inside my mouth. I could see him close his eyes and look up at the roof. Shi was the first one to shoot his load. He had emptied his entire sperm inside me for a second time that night. I could hear his groan loud. Rat was still pushing his penis inside my mouth and each time he was getting to the deepest portion in my mouth. Finally I knew he was going to cum. I could feel his thigh muscles harden and then his guttural muscles flex. With one violent push he went deep down my throat and emptied his entire load of sperm right down under my throat. I got suffocated on his cum. I had no other go but to swallow his entire load. He then pulled out his saliva drenched dripping rod out of my mouth. I coughed hard and spit out the remaining sperm from my throat. Rat had moved out from the bed. When Shi was still there down with his penis still within me. With one final shudder I exploded within.

Each woman has her own way of reaching a crescendo. I had reached mine. And I did not scream it out loud. Instead I was crying it out. My eyes had drained tears and my breathing got heavier and heavier. My mouth did not taste anything except his sperm while I could feel the same warm liquid down under me.

That night was not over. Shi had left after some time. Leaving me with Rat. He had drained his entire energy on me. We had sex late till morning. That is how a memorable night of my life drew up its curtains. I will be remembering it for a real long time to come.

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