Swapping Moms Part – 2

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How Santosh fucked Mythily

For those who didn’t read the first part, this is what happened: This incident happened two years back. While surfing the internet, Yadav met a woman online. They started talking and exchanging details. Soon, Yadav found out that the woman to whom he was talking to was his friend Santosh’s mom, Lata. One day Yadav went to Santosh’s house when no one other than Lata was at home. They started talking and then Yadav revealed to Lata who she was chatting to online. One thing led to another, and soon Yadhav and Lata had sex. Santosh came home earlier than expected and saw Yadhav fucking his mom. He took a picture of them in the act. He showed Yadhav the pic of his mom Lata blowing him. Instead of getting angry, Santosh asked for a favour from Yadhav. He asked Yadhav to help him fuck his mother. Yadhav looked at him and gave a smile.

Yadav’s father was working in merchant navy. So he won’t be home for 6 months. Mythily was a bit hornier in nature. As time passed, both Mythily and Yadav started having some kind of infatuation between them. They started becoming more casual. One thing led to another, and they started having sex. As time went on, Yadav and his mom Mythily started having sex on a regular basis.

No one knew about this. So, when Santosh said to Yadav that he wanted to fuck his mom Mythily, Yadav was more than happy to make it happen as it would help him fuck both his mom Mythily and Santosh’s mom Lata whenever he want.

Yadhav agreed Santosh’s desire and made a plan. He asked Santosh to come to his home the next day. He asked him to make sure that he come quietly so that his mom won’t notice that Santosh is in the house. Next day, Santosh went to Yadhav’s home. He did as he was told. He came to Yadhav’s home next day, and without making much noise, sneaked into the house. Without alerting anyone, they both went to Yadhav’s room. Yadhav asked him to keep quiet and wait for some time. He also asked him to get undressed.

Yadhav slowly went to the kitchen where his mom was cooking. He slowly went near her, hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear “mom, I have a present for you. Stop cooking and come with me.” She smiled and said ok. She stopped her work and went with him. Before reaching his room, he took a black cloth and blindfolded his mom. He led her and made her sit on the bed. He asked her to open her mouth. She giggled and opened her mouth.

Santosh was standing there astounded. Yadhav indicated Santosh to come near and made him stand on the bed. Santosh was fully clothed. He removed Santosh’s pants. His dick fell out. Santosh took his dick and put it into Mythily’s mouth. She smiled and started sucking it. A few seconds later, Yadhav removed the blindfold. Mythily sat there stunned when she found out that she was blowing Santosh. She was afraid and was about to leave. Both the boys stopped her and compelled her for sex. At last, she granted their wish.

Santosh went and lay down on the bed. Mythily went near him and started blowing him. Yadhav slowly went to the back of his mom, and lifted her nighty. He then removed her panty and started sucking her asshole. After sometime, Mythily stopped blowing Santosh. She got up and removed her dress. She asked the boys also to do the same. Now, all three of them were nude. She made Yadhav stand on the bed. She started sucking his dick. Santosh laid down in between Yadhav’s feet and started sucking her pussy. Soon, she cummed on him. All her juice fell on his face and some on the bed. Santosh withdrew and was standing there amazed with Mythily’s juice on her face. On seeing this, Yadhav started laughing. Mythily stopped blowing Yadhav and started laughing.

She got up and with her fingers, wiped all the juice from Santosh’s face. Mythily pushed Santosh to the bed and sat on top of him. She put the finger into Santosh’s mouth and asked him to suck it. He started sucking her fingers and swallowed her juice. Santosh laid down there with Mythily on top of him. Yadhav went near to them and made Mythily turn. He started fingering her. Santosh grabbed Mythily’s boobs and started pressing hit. He pinched her nipples.

After sometime, Yadhav got up and positioned his dick to enter Mythily’s pussy. He slowly entered his dick into her pussy and started banging her. Mythily was lying on top of her and she was pounding on him. He asked them to stop. He took his dick and entered it into Mythily’s asshole. She yelled out a small moan. Both started banging her. Santosh was the first to cum. He cummed inside Mythily’s asshole. He felt exhausted and laid there. His hands were still covering her boobs. Yadhav was about to cum. He took out his pussy and cummed on Mythily’s face and breasts. Some of his semen fell on Santosh’s hands.
All 3 of them lied on the bed feeling exhausted with Mythily in the middle. Yadhav and Santosh told Mythily about how Yadhav fucked Lata and how Santosh ended up fucking Mythily and all. They ended up laughing and fell asleep soon. They woke up after sometime. All the juice and semen had been dried. They went to the bathroom and bathed together. While bathing, Mythily said to them “we should try this more often. Next time, let’s invite Lata too.”

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