Shifa Khan – My Wife In A Crowded Bus

Hello people…how are you guys doing?This is shiraz again with another incident about my wife Shifa who is turning into a naughty housewife.

I hope you guys have gone through my first story titled-“My wife shifa is a slut.” I got a terrific response from horny readers which is why i’m happy to share another experience i had.This story may seem long but i am sure you’ll love it!

All the people working in IT companies had a rare 3 day holiday and everybody seemed to be going to mangalore!!The state transport buses were overcrowded and i knew this before hand.And i wanted my wife to be felt up by many guys in the crowded bus and there was also no danger of things getting out of hand as there will be nothing more than grabbing and fondling my wife and no one would dare to go beyond that in a public bus no matter how tempting the woman is.I lied to Shifa that all seats were full in AC buses and there was no other option but to go by bus as its risky to go by car through the western ghats.She reluctantly agreed and asked me whether Vikram is coming.I said yes and she seemed happy.I called up my cousin and told him we were coming and asked him to lie to shifa about his birthday party which had to be cancelled.This was just to cover up my excuse about attending the function which had obviously failed as Vikram was sticking to us.

Friday 28th august 9 pm
I deliberately planned that we would catch the bus at the bus stop near our house as i knew the bus will be crowded enough till it reaches the stop from its source which is called “Majestic bus stand.”As we reached the bus stop we found Vikram already standing there with a kit hung over his shoulder and i could smell his musky deo from a good distance.He was all smiles and so was my wife.He was wearing a loose T-shirt and a bermuda,I was in a t and jeans while Shifa was in a red cotton saree with a black backless blouse with only 2 knots holding it in place and her saree tucked way below her navel and wrapped tightly around her round,shapely bum which looked bigger than ever.She had let her hair loose which covered her back till her hips.Her red lipstick made her look even more hot.I’m sure for vikram she looked like a high class whore who was ready for action.

The bus arrived at 9:30 pm and was packed as per the plan.It was a 7 hour journey and since it was night time,not many women were travelling,maybe 6 or so who had occupied the ladies seats in the front.The rest of the people were either working youngsters or small businessmen who were going to mangalore.My wife Shifa had never travelled in a bus like this before but she wasn’t complaining which surprised me and also made me happy.I had made up my mind that no matter who enjoys my wife,I would not let Vikram even close to her.

We got into the bus and around 10 guys were standing with all the seats full.Shifa knew that she couldn’t even reach the front portion of the bus through all these men and vikram said-“Bhabhi I think it’ll be good if you stand here with us..what say sheru?”I just nodded yes.All the men turned to have a good look at the beauty who had just entered the bus and some men who were standing between the seats changed their direction and stood facing my wife to have a good look.Shifa was the only lady standing among around 20 men and instinctively i stood in front of her and Vikram behind her to protect her from all the hungry-looking men trying to get close to her.After about 10 mins the bus started moving and took in more passangers at another stop before crossing the city limits.

Shifa was leaning against the pole of the bus and it was buried between her ass globes completely.The guy sitting at the seat next to the pole was trying hard to move his left hand near to her bums and after sometime was pressing them lightly with his elbow.Shifa dint seem to mind as she was busy chatting to Vikram who was standing to her left.As soon as we croosed the city limits it was about 10:15 and nothing much had happened as yet except for the guy feeling her ass.Then suddenly the lights went off and a zero watt blue light was the only source of was time for action.

I could only see dark outlines of everyone around me and was worried what vikram would be planning now.The light from the occasional vehicle passing by from the other direction would give me a chance to see whats happening.I noticed that Vikram had taken his hand off the bar over his head and holdong the pole for support just where Shifa’s bare back was touching the pole.They had stopped chatting and i could only hear occasional whispers followed by controlled laughter of my wife.I was acting like i was taking a nap by resting my head on my biceps.Due to the rush all of us were just inches away from one another but when a car passed us i could see Vikram was sticking to my wife like glue and his crotch was rubbing on her waistline and with a little effort on her belly too.As shifa was standing sideways and we 2 men covering her on both sides,she was sure no one could see anything going on there.The old couple in the seat opposite to her were sound asleep.The stage was set and my wife was acting indifferent to the advances made by this dirty colleague and was pretending to look out of the window over her right shoulder and was checking if i’m still asleep.

Vikram realised it was time and took his left hand and placed it on the seat handle next to shifa such that he was now standing right opposite to my wife with his right hand on the pole behind her back and left hand near her right side.It was a cool night and i dont know when i slipped into sleep but when i woke up it was 11:30 and i realised i had been asleep for almost half an hour.I dint move suddenly but continued to act asleep.I was shocked when i saw Shifa facing away from Vikram and holding the bar above her head such that the pole was now resting perfectly between her huge melons and Vikram’s left hand was caressing her from waist to thigh region and his crotch buried into her ass.As she had raised her hands to hold the bar above her boobs were protruding out and the guy sitting beside where she stood(who was feeling her ass)obviously couldn’t sleep with all this action happening next to him.Shifa’s pallu was bunched such that it looked like a thin line running over her blouse and much of her belly was exposed.The guy was facing her belly now maybe admiring her navel which was deep and her fairness made it even more sexy and her blouse-covered boobs which were just inches away from his head.

Shifa’s head was raised up with eyes closed and i think Vikram’s right hand,which was out of my view,must have been playing with her right boob.It was an easy guess for me that Vikram was enjoying my lovely wife like a whore in front of all these strangers.I couldn’t think of stopping them as my cock was stiff and i was enjoying this.Just when i thought this is as far it can go,the sitting guy raised his hands to keep them folded behind his head.This made his elbows rise and his left elbow was clearly caressing Shifa’s boobs.My wife was lost in her own world and the men knew it.

Finding no reaction from shifa,the guy simply placed his left palm on her boobs and started pressing them gently at first and then harder and harder.Vikram knew what this guy was doing as even his hands were playing with her boobs.Just then a guy sitting right next to where i was standing stood up and shook me.I looked at him and he said-“I will get down next stop.Take my seat.”It was more of an order than a favour.I knew he just wanted to stand next to my slutty wife and have some fun.When Vikram and the sitting guy thought i had woken up,they took a break and my wife too realised it and set her pallu and blouse to hide all the work the two men had been doing on her body.

As a gentleman,i offered the seat to Shifa.Just then did the man who had offered me the seat realised that she was my wife being enjoyed by another man.”I think u need it darling…you are feeling sleepy too i think…i’m comfortable here!”Shifa said in a low voice and i just slumped into the seat.The guy who offered me the seat was heavily built with a pot belly and he didn’t smell good.He was huge and had a scary moustache.From where i sat i could see my wife by tilting my head slightly to the right.As soon as i sat and was still looking through the corner of my eyes,Vikram made my wife face the other way and pushed her to the pole such that she was in her previous position now.

The big guy(lets call him Ram) was around 6″3′ and mostly drunk as he smelt awful.My seat was in the fourth row and all the action was taking place just one row behind me.I again acted asleep and as it was dark i could only guess the movements of the men.I could see Shifa’s shiny hair even in the dark and i saw that she was tying it up into a ponytail.I thought this must be to give the guys better access to her back which was covered by a backless blouse.I saw Vikram taking down her pallu and Ram cupping her butt casually standing next to her.Vikram untied the two knots of the blouse and it was out.I couldn’t get a clear view of the happenings as Ram was blocking my view.But i’m sure even her bra was taken off.

Ram pulled her towards him and now i could see her.He kissed her on the lips for about 2 mins while pressing her boobs and ass.The lights from the passing vehicles made Shifa’s fair upper body shine for a second while these dirty men were exploring her.I had my dick out of my pants and was rubbing it and Ram did exactly that.I could make out his cock was almost 8 to 9 inches and it didn’t look erect still.It was hanging out of his zip below his pot belly.He took Shifa’s hand and placed it on the cock.She didn’t show one bit of opposition.They were standing just behing me about 1 and half feet.Vikram who was busy rubbing his cock all this while on Shifa’s bums,took her right hand and placed in on his undies after opening his zip.Shifa chuckled lightly as she struggled to get the monster out of the prison.

Shifa was now topless with only pallu covering her milk pots and i knew the guy sitting next to where she stood and towards whom her ass was facing now,had his hands under the pallu and over her boobs.He had stood up slowly and now my slut wife was blocked completely from view of other unaware passangers and was getting her boobs crushed by one while handling other two cocks even as Ram was massaging her cunt area over her red saree.

After about 10 mins of massging their cocks,Ram held her by her shoulders and prompted her to sit on her knees.She promptly sat and both cocks were staring right at her eager to be sucked.Shifa began kissing the tips of both the cocks and licking the shafts along their length when Ram grew impatient and held her head by the ponytail and shoved his monster cock into her sweet mouth.It was almost 4 inches inside and he started pumping her mouth slowly.Shifa had blown me only once so far that too after begging her for 2 weeks.But now she was sucking the stranger’s cock like it was a lollypop.She took turns to satisfy Vikram and Ram when the third guy decided to have a piece of this pie.He took out his throbbing cock out of his zip.It wasn’t thick but long and very fair.He guided Shifa’s hand to it and she was now servicing three cocks at the same time.Ram had the lion’s share in this blowjob action and vikram was rubbing his cock all over my face’s face when she sucked the other two.The long and fair cock held Shifa’s attention and she went directly for his hanging balls which were really huge.She took one ball at a time into her mouth as that guy closed his eyes out of ecstacy.

All 3 men were ready to explode after 30 mins of sucking and vikram went first filling my wife’s mouth with his seed.She must have swallowed it all as i didn’t see a single drop fall out.The guy with the fair cock took his cock out of her mouth and spilled his semen all over her lovely face.Shifa tasted his seed greedily by wiping it off her face with her finger and licking the finger clean.It was the big guy Ram’s turn and he held her head with both hands and pushed almost his whole cock into her.After throat-fucking her for a few moments his body stiffened and i knew the bomb had exploded.I could imagine how bad his cock must have smelt as he was visibly very dirty but my wife was slutty enough to take any cock right now.As he filled her mouth with his seed,shifa was crushing his balls as if she wanted every single drop of his man juice.The semen flowed down through the sides of her mouth like a white stream even as this monster kept giving her more and more.

It was almost 1:30 now and all 4 seemed exhausted.Shifa was made to stand up by the men who took turns sucking her milk tanks one by one and sometimes two at once.They were quite enough to not let other people know how the whore was being used.Shifa was closing her eyes and massaging her cunt over the saree.Vikram whispered something to Ram and he nodded.vikram slowly started pulling the saree up with her petticoat until it came up to the waist and Ram immediately started touching her wet pussy lips over the panty.I thought my wife was going to be fucked by them now.I was worried as all three of them were more or less strangers and may have sexual diseases but i was helpless and horny.After playing with her pink pussy lips for a while Ram pulled her panties down to her knees and all three men had their hands over this beautiful treasure.

Ram was fingering her cunt while Vikram was caressing her asshole.The other guy in whose chest Shifa’s face was buried right now was grabbing and playing with anything he could get his hands on.I ejaculated seeing my shy wife in this condition.Ram’s cock was stiff again and it was massive.I thought this is it.My wife is to be fucked by this bull today.Just as he was trying to turn Shifa’s pussy towards him by holding her waist,The bus started slowing down and everyone was alert now.All three guys put their weapons back into their pants and helped my wife dress up.I saw the third guy sniffing at her bra before allowing her to wear it back.They pressed her boobs and ass over her saree until the bus stopped completely.The lights were on again and everything seemd to be normal except my wife whose bright red lipstick was gone and her straight long hair was all messed up.She seemed to have enjoyed the night and the 3 guys were happy for sure.

Many people got down at that town and i called Shifa to sit beside me and vikram took the seat next to her.I didn’t ask her about her messy hair as i knew it was of no use.She would make up some lame excuse.3 more hours of journey was left and the lights went off again.Vikram must have smooched her a dozen times during the whole journey as i had had enough and went to sleep for real this time.

When i woke up to Shifa’s voice,i observed there were some stains on her blouse which meant she had blown Vikram gowda again while sitting next to me.What a bitch!!We got down at mangalore and headed to my cousin’s house while i reminded Vikram about his plans to explore the beaches.He made a sad face and bid us goodbye and said he’ll meet us in bangalore.I was kind of sad that my fantasy had encouraged my wife to be a slut she really is but everyone was happy and i couldn’t blame anyone for all that was happening.

Well after this incident Vikram used to come to our apartment mostly when i wasn’t around and i knew Shifa was sleeping with him and she was his bitch now.I even found birth-control pills in her handbag once and i was sure of her affair now as i always use condoms.Once when i was out of town for 3 days,our watchman Shiva informed me on my return that Vikram had visited my home all three days and one day with another man.I had asked shiva to keep an eye on shifa as she would be alone but vikram had kept her company all along.I was shocked to hear that and hoped that Vikram wasn’t getting my wife fucked by his friends.This continued for about 1 year when he got transferred to Hyderabad and i felt relief after a long time.Now whenever Vikram comes to bangalore to meet “ME”,i try my best to keep him away from my home but i know my wife still secretly gets fucked by his cock.

Well this was my story,quite long i know but thats my style of writing.Thanks for your patience and i hope it made your dicks rock hard.I’m now looking for a stud in bangalore who can really fuck the hungry cunt of my beautiful wife while i get to watch it without her knowledge.If you are interested to look at her pics,mail me your pics with your cock pic and no need of mail id is [email protected] and though she has played with a lot of cocks over the last three years Shifa has been fucked only by Vikram and my boss Mr.Damodar(I’ll write about that in my coming stories) and she has developed a taste for monster cocks who can really fuck her well.

So guys hope you enjoyed and mail me your pics at [email protected] lets see if you are eligible to fuck my wife.She’s 26 and very horny.And i am very concerned about keeping all of this a secret as i dont want our image in society to be spoilt.Thanks for reading…take care.ciao.


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