Sex with a virgin boy

I had been fucking with a number of guys since long time and always had a fantasy to be fucked by a virgin boy. I mean a boy who is virgin in all the possible ways who had never touched any girl anytime. And one day I found that type of boy to my wish.

I met this young boy, Manish of nineteen years of age in one of the family function at my aunt’s house. The function was supposed to continue for four days and I made sure that he notices me during those four days. Every time I would find myself near him. Though he was only nineteen but had a great body that was certainly made to fuck a woman until the break of dawn. Most of the guys at his age are usually pretty skinny or not too well developed but he must be attending some gym because he had toned arms and very sexy looking broad shoulders. The trousers he uses to wear never failed to conceal his beautiful ass and the front of his trousers outlined the appearance of a very healthy looking cock. He had fair skin with short black hair along with dark black eyes. Just seeing him that first time made me so horny and I wished I was of his age to make the things lot easier. Sometimes I thought that my chances of getting into those trousers were very slim.

But I was wrong. Even though we had exchanged pleasant conversations, I had seen him staring at me couple of times. And I then tried to be posed more romantically for him to enjoy my beauty. I made sure that I would hang around near him with my 34 inch breast and plenty of ass wearing tight T-shirts and pair of tight jeans. During the family sittings, I came to know that he was studying in First Year at University and I gave him my telephone number, making him promise to call me whenever he needs any help. I took his parents telephone number too (just for a show off). After about a month Manish called me and I invited him for the lunch for coming Sunday so that he could enjoy home cooked food and gave him my address and instructions to reach.

He was there on Sunday morning at about 11.30AM. I was doing some cleaning at my place. Pooja had gone to her call centre in the day shift and was supposed to come back only after 8PM. I was wearing a transparent gown with nothing underneath. My tits were clearly visible while as one could notice my naked bush down with expert eyes only. I allowed him inside and asked him to make himself comfortable on the sofa. I offered him glass of water and poured cold drink in two glasses and settled in the sofa opposite him. During general talks I noticed he was frequently looking at my tits. We talked for a few minutes. I asked him whether he would like to have something special in his lunch to which Manish softly replied no, with thanks. I asked him whether it will be comfortable with him to continue our talks while I start cooking our lunch and he agreed. While talking to him about the studies and the other topics I included girls also. I asked him about his girlfriend to which he replied he hasn’t got one. I told him that he is a really hot looking guy and he must be lying to me so that no one could know about her. He said that he was not lying and had not shown interest in any one.

I told him that he might get one as the time goes in the college. He asked whether I stay alone to which I replied that I am staying with one of my roommate Pooja who had gone to her office. During the talks I kept on turning towards him and couldn’t notice even a soft bulge in his trousers. Since my back was facing towards him so I tried my best to move my ass to left and right to make him notice of my burning ass. I asked him whether he would like to have anything to drink or eat, for which a no and thanks came again from his mouth. I asked him to switch on the TV in the bedroom and to be comfortable. Once I finished cooking I also entered the bedroom and found him going through a pornographic magazine, which he kept aside when he saw me. Now I could see a bulge in his trousers.

Suddenly I thanked god that he hadn’t switched on the DVD player as there was a blue film in that which myself and Pooja were watching last night. I asked Manish whether he would like to have those couple of magazines I had with us and he replied that he had seen the magazines in his hostel since other boys also have plenty of them. I asked him that whether he had sex before and he replied no. I asked whether he felt like fucking someone while watching those pornographic magazines and he just kept quiet. I teased him that I can bet that he would be a hot one in the bed when he will have a girl, to which he blushed and I could see his face becoming red like a ripened tomato. Finally I asked him would he like to see the real nude woman. Then I removed my gown and saw Manish was staring at my nipples which were hard by now. I was totally naked watching Manish’s mouth almost watered as he stared me. Pointing at my mountains I asked Manish whether he liked what he was looking at. He shrugged and blushed a little.

Before he could answer, I lowered myself a bit more in front of him in order to have him a better view of my cleavage. I was feeling horny and was thinking of the best way to get Manish’s trousers off so that he could also experience being totally fucked by a somewhat experienced and very willing woman instead of some young and sexually tight girl of his own age. I held one of his hands and put it on one of my tit and pressed it very hardly. It was like an electric current for him and he removed his hand immediately. “What happened, you did not like them,” I asked. “They are very big,” he replied. “Feel them, touch them, Manish,” I sounded in my sexiest voice. “Suck them, Manish,” I said sitting on the bed next to him. I pulled him closer to me forcing him lick my tits, then he gently began to suck and nibble on one tit while his shaking spare hand played with the other. He went back and forth on each breast like that for a few minutes. “That’s it, Manish,” I said gently. “Make my tits feel good.”

Since it was my wish becoming true to fuck with a virgin boy, I could feel my pussy was getting wetter just from what Manish was doing to my tits. He was playing, squeezing and sucking on them. I had my intensions clear, hoping at the same time that I wasn’t scaring this boy of what he was doing. “I want to fuck you, Manish, come on, fuck me and see what it’s like to have a woman under you.” I said. “You are beautiful, Shalini Ji,” Manish said.

“Manish since you have already played with my tits and we are going to fuck so you can call me by any name you want” I said.

“I never knew an elder woman can be so hot and sexy!” Manish said. Now I could see Manish’s cock was swelling and really straining in his trousers, aching to be free of the material. “Well, Manish, it looks like that big pole in your trousers is telling me truth. Come on, sweetie let’s get those off. I know that you want to fuck me too.” I said. Before he could think further, I then reached over and peeled off his clothes in one go, revealing a very healthy erection of about eight inches. Next I pulled him towards me rubbing my hands all over his chest, licking and lightly biting his nipples and then ran my tongue down the rest of his body, stopping just above his cock. I gave it good lick and back up started with deep passionate kisses burying my tongue in his mouth. Meantime his hands were busy trying exploring the parts of my body.

“I want to suck you,” I said in a husky voice.

“I want to take your cock in my mouth, Manu. How would you really feel when I will take your hard cock in my mouth?” I asked. “I don’t know but I think it would be a great feeling. Please suck my cock!” He requested. I then started to work on his cock by swirling my tongue around the head of his cock and then licked his shaft up and down while gently squeezing his balls.

“Ohhhhh!!!!!…..” he moaned. I then took him into my mouth, sucking him as much as I could and Manish’s moans grew louder. He may have been hesitant to go to bed with me initially, but there was no doubt he was enjoying, me going down on his cock.

“Oh please, Shalini!” he cried as I sucked him even deeper, “Your mouth is so good!”

I continued licking, sucking and teasing his cock with my mouth for several more minutes, I then downed it in one gulp, giving him the opportunity to experience deep throat from a woman. He panted and groaned, thrusting his hips up as I continued to deep throat his cock. I felt that any minute now he was going to shoot his cum. Lying back with my body stretched out, I guided his aching cock between my breasts and instructed him how to tit fuck. As his cock slid through my mountains of flesh, rubbing his precum between them, I flicked the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue.

“Ohhhhh!!!!!Ohhhhh!!!!!…..” he moaned and continued to thrust gently between my tits for a few more minutes. I pulled him off and laid him on his back before kissing him passionately again with our tongues entwined and then kissed my way again down to his cock.

“Oh My God!” he cried as I sucked him even deeper, “I never knew that it feels so good!”

“Oh fuck!” he yelled, now really into my cock sucking, “Suck it more please!!!!!”

I wanted him to enjoy both the oral sex, which I was giving him as well as hardcore which was on its way already. I speeded up deep thrusting on Manish’s cock when I sensed he was getting closer to come.

“Ohhhhh please…..Shalini please leave me as I’m going to cum, OhhhAhhh!!!!!” a cry escaped from his mouth. That cry made me suck him even faster, just seconds before, he pulled out his cock and he sprayed off his hot cum on almost all over my body. Lying on the bed he sighed heavily “Shalu…that was great!!! Sorry for coming so early but you just got me so excited that I couldn’t hold it!” An excuse came from Manish. How funny, I thought, so many guys hadn’t even liked my blow jobs and here was practically a kid who shot a large load of cum because my cock sucking had excited him so much. After sometime I cleaned both of us with a wet towel. His oral class was not yet finished so I asked him how about licking my pussy. He then asked me if whether someone had licked my pussy earlier.

I laid back and spread my legs. “Let me be the judge of that,” I smiled at him.

“Show me how you can lick my pussy, Manish.” (I would like to add here that If there is anything that I like apart than actual fucking is to get my pussy licked, provided the guy is good at it also I would like to mention here that Pooja was very good at pussy licking). Nearly ordering him to lick my pussy, I pressed his head forcefully between my legs, where he started running his tongue up and down the sides of my pussy, which made me shiver a little. “Are you okay, Shalini? He asked when he felt the shiver.

“Ohhhhh Manish, it is feels so good, please don’t stop!” I said. He kept on licking the outside of my pussy lips, sometimes licking my thighs also.

“Oh Manish my love, don’t stop, sweetie! I’m going to cum!!!!!” I called out as Manish continued to go down licking near my pussy lips. I wrapped my legs around his head very hardly almost choking him and asked him to tongue fuck me. As he licked on my pussy lips, I climaxed, hard actually very hard, his head still pressed between my legs. I could almost feel my wetness go on his face as I had exploded like a volcano. When I finished my orgasm, I grinned and told him that his pussy licking skills seemed to be very fine to me. “Now if any girl doesn’t enjoy that, then there might be something wrong with that girl!” I praised him. He only smiled at me. I noticed that he had gotten hard again. His cock felt so good to me that I could hardly wait to feel him in my dripping pussy.

“Let’s fuck,” I then came to the point straight. Manish might had enjoyed giving and receiving oral sex, but now he seemed to be a little confused when it came time for a real hardcore sex. I gently assured him that it would be fine. I wanted to be fucked badly as I was feeling so horny. I thought I would have to practically force this boy if kept feeling nervous like that. Besides he was saying another thing with his cock which was already harder. Looking on his face I could see, he wasn’t sure about what to do, that is why I decided to fuck him by being on the top first. “You will love this, Manish,” I smiled again. I then mounted on his belly with my legs on his each side. Not taking my eyes off of him, I then guided Manish’s now very hard cock gradually into my pussy, slowly sinking down onto it.

When I felt his entire cock inside me, I began to pump up and down slowly at first, gradually fucking him faster. I lifted him a bit to kiss him and he wrapped his arms around my waist not to break the kiss. “Ohhhhh Shalu, you are very tight and so good feeling!” Manish moaned. I could not judge whether Manish had thought about fucking me. As for me, I had my own masturbation fantasies about Manish from the first time I saw him, though I never thought we would actually end up in bed together though he was nineteen to mine twenty seven. But now since he had his cock in my pussy and he appeared to now be enjoying every minute of it. I certainly knew that I was! “Ohhhhhhhhhh Shalu…..!” he called when I bounced harder on his cock, which felt so good deep inside my cock-hungry pussy. “Please fuck harder!” A sound escaped from his mouth. “You liked this, Manish?” I panted as I rode him even harder. “You liked fucking your cock like this? Oh God, Manish, I wanted a good fuck very badly. You feel so good in me…..just stay there and fuck me!” I was moaning. I rode his cock the hardest I could that time when I felt another strong orgasm building in me. “Oh My God, Manish, I’m cummmmmmmmmmiiiiing!” I cried when I finally climaxed. I could see that Manish was enjoying my orgasms as well. He was experiencing a woman cumming during actual sex. I was not sure what he enjoyed more, me sucking him, me cumming when he had licked my pussy or me cumming as I fucked him now. I clamped my thighs harder to his hips as I came yet again, the hardest cum I had experienced in ages with any man. And now that Manish had actually been fucked, I counted him as a man.

Once my latest climax had passed, I got off of Manish and lay on the bed, opening my legs.

“Now it’s your turn, sweetie,” I said, presenting him my pussy.

“I really don’t know how to where to etc…..”He began.

“Just get on top, shove your cock in my pussy and fuck me, Manish. I will do the rest for you,” I encouraged. He hesitantly slid between my legs, guiding his cock inside me with my help. I then thrust up my hips as I put my hands on his beautiful ass to push him deeper into me. I started licking his face and sucking his lips.

“Fuck me, Manish,” I said. “You can do this, sweetie. Manish, I always wanted you to fuck me so much!”

“You thought about doing this with me?” he asked, surprised as he stroked in and out of my hot pussy.

“Oh yes, Manish,” I panted. “Come on, fuck me more!” It did not take long for him to start thrusting deeper into my now soaked pussy and the tempo of his fucking me speeded up a little.

“You feel good at this?” he asked at one point. “You like this, Shalu?”

“Yes…don’t stop, Manu. Oh Manu, fuck me deeper! Faster! Fuck me!” With me encouraging and praising him on his every other thrust in and out of me, his fucking became more intense as we got into it. At one point, his entire cock was deep inside me with his balls slapping against my ass as we continued to fuck. I was ready to cum yet again.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Manish YESSSSSSSSSS! Fuck! I’m going to cum, baby! Keep fucking me like that! Fuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeee!!!!! He continued the pace and fucked me his hardest what he could at that time. I clamped my legs down around his back as I started cumming.

“Ohhhhh Manish fuck me hard sweetieeeee!!!!!” I called halfway through my orgasm. “Fuck my choot Fuck my choot!! I was yelling in hindi now. I don’t when I had come so much in my whole sexual history with the few guys I had in my life. Once I climaxed, we continued to fuck passionately to the point I thought the bed would go through the floor, we were fucking that intensely. Manish’s earlier inhibitions were definitely gone now. He was enjoying the sex as much as I was. Feeling his strokes I felt he was enjoying it more than me. Suddenly, I felt another orgasm coming on as well as Manish’s own body was tense as he was really into fucking me now.

The one thing from what I had experienced during fuck sessions with so many guys was that Manish was ready to cum.

“I am going to cum,” he finally said, confirming my thoughts.

“Shoot in me, Manu. I want you to feel cumming in a woman! And then he let out a large shot of his cum in my willing pussy. His cum was so hot inside me and there was so much of it! We climaxed almost together and he kept on pushing his cock until he emptied his balls deep inside me and collapsed on my top.

“I had never thought in all my dreams that fucking a girl would be so good!” he finally said after a few minutes. “But did I fuck you okay?”

“For your first time, you were pretty good,” I smiled at him, meaning every word. After all, he had given me all those orgasms. “You’re a fast learner when it comes to sex but you need to learn more and more ways to fuck and satisfy a woman.” I replied. After getting his breath back, he then started playing with my tits again. Since we both were tired by now so I advised him to take shower and relax for sometime. I also took shower and went to the kitchen to finish up some works. I asked him about the food to which he replied after sometime. I prepared milk shake for both of us and we sat in the bedroom.

After sometime I asked him, “Manish, do you know something about ass fucking also.”

“Shalini as you know, this was my first time with any girl in my life so how I would know about ass fucking.” The reply came.

Then he questioned. “Have you ever let any guy fuck your ass?”

“Sure so many times.” I replied.

“How do you feel when someone fucks your ass, I mean doesn’t it hurt to have a cock in your ass?” Manish asked.

“Surely it hurts, but if the cock and asshole are nicely lubed and once a girl is used to the thickness of the cock then it can be fun.” I said.

“I do not know about your ass but your choot was very tight on my lund,” Manish said. Talking to him on the subject of anal sex, I could tell by the gleam in his eyes that he wanted to try that too. “If you want to feel what ass fucking is like, I am willing to help you there too, anytime,” I added. I had said “anytime” assuming he might be tired from all the sex we had already. But I was proved wrong.

“Can we try it just now?” Manish asked. Manish was not totally hard yet, but he was not completely soft, either. I told him that if he wanted to fuck me in the ass, he needed a good hard on to get the job done. And with his cock, if he could fuck my pussy so well for his first time, I had a feeling he was going to be equally good in my ass, if not better. I started removing my clothes and then his clothes also. I dropped down and took his cock in my mouth again; performing the deep throat he had loved earlier to make him hard.

“My God you can really suck cock!” he moaned as his erection grew in my mouth. “Oh Shalini, you are a very hot and sexy woman!”

When Manish was completely rock hard, I withdrew my mouth from his cock, then went to the bathroom to fetch the bottle of oil. I put some over Manish’s cock before handing him the oil bottle. I turned around and bent a bit, guided him on how to oil my asshole.

“Make my asshole slippery with that oil, baby. Then we can fuck.” I said. Then he put oil on his fingers and oiled my asshole as I kept on instructing him. Once I felt my asshole was slippery enough to take his cock in my ass, I helped Manish slowly guide his throbbing cock into my ass. He wanted to bury his entire cock in my ass right off, but I told him he can not plunge into a woman during ass fucking as opposed to fucking a pussy; he had to slowly enter her ass so that she would get used to his cock in it and it wouldn’t hurt her.

“Ohhhhh…..” he moaned when his cock head entered my backdoor. “Your gand is very tight Shalu but this feels really good.” (Now he was talking in Hindi).

“Fuck my gand, Manish,” I too encouraged him by my obscenities. “Yes, baby, give me more of your cock!”

“More?” he asked, pushing in a little further.

“Yesssss!! Fuck my big ass real good, Manu. Give me more of your cock! Manish, fuck me!” I could hear his moans grew louder as he tried to push deeper and deeper into my ass eventually full of his nearly eight inch then began to thrust in and out of my ass at a good pace.

“That’s it, sweetie,” I said. “Fuck my big ass just like you fucked my choot! (Now I was also saying in Hindi to make him more and more excited).

“This feels so good, Shalu! I had never thought I would fuck a girl in her ass.” He said.

“Oh, Manish! Fuck me like a whore!” I yelled at him.

Manish sped up, fucking my ass harder to a point when bed was shaking again. With him fucking my ass, I was fingering my pussy. I then felt myself about to cum again for whatever time that afternoon. Actually Manish had made me cum so much that day that I had lost the track of how many times I came. For anyone who is curious, anal sex really does give the best orgasms, and I was about to have my most intense one of the day with Manish pounding in and out of my asshole.

“Manish, keep on fucking me with that your hard cock!” I cried again.

“I’m cuuuuummmmmiiiiinggggg!!!!!” I screeched at the top of my voice. Grabbing the sheets and putting my head down so it wouldn’t bang into the headboard of the bed, I screamed out my climax, putting Manish into an even more ass-fucking frenzy.

“I am right behind you, Shalu,” he finally called. “I am also going to cum in this your tight gand!”

“Just cum! I want to feel your cum in my ass!” I called back. That was all the encouragement he needed, Manish exploded a large load of cum deep into my ass, filling me to capacity with his creamy cum and groaning in ecstasy when he came. When he finished filling my ass with his hot cum, we collapsed back onto the bed.

“It was an incredible experience which I will never forget in my whole life,” he moaned.

“Me too. You know when a woman comes during fucking that means you are doing it in a right way!” I grinned.

“Really? You liked how I fucked you?” Manish asked.

“Manu, I loved it,” I said and then kissed him. “You can always come here for more of it if you like.” We lay back on the bed, still naked, and talked for a while before my cell phone rang. We then got out of bed and I advised Manish to become ready for lunch while I took the wet towel and cleaned off my pussy and ass before putting my own clothes back on. Manish was thankful to me for letting him know what sex with woman was really like and said I was his sex education teacher. I told him there was more to come and asked him to drop in anytime he feels horny.

After that, Manish became my very own private lover (whom I never shared with Pooja). We even spent some weekends together staying in hotels in different cities fucking and sucking in every possible position. Funny, how things worked out for a horny woman who fantasized about fucking with a virgin boy.

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