School Girl Shylaja And Her Friends – Part I

Hi readers, this is yet another story from my side. I house is near a famous gals school in my area. Every morning this street will be packed with gals of upto 18yrs in all sizes. Every day it will be show for me, except when i start early. I dont remember anyone faces, but jus everything else. I used to see all sizes and shapes. Its a day to remember.

Once i started from my place early morning, and i was cleaning my car which was parked jus opposite to the school. By that time a person came in bike to drop her daughter, maybe special class. Its too early and school was still closed. He was my dads friend. He started conversation with me, asking about my car, my work etc. Her daughter who was standing next to her, kept looking at me without blinking, i jus occasionally looked at her. Then he enquired about my personal, i told few details. Then he introduced me her daughter shylaja, she was doing 12th in that school. She looked beautiful, a typical south indian gal. With stats as 34-28-34., its like she missed her school in between and writing 12th after delay of 2 years. So her age is around 18 i guessed. We chatted till i finished cleaning the car, by the time her school opened and we parted.

It was hectic day at work, but i returned early, and by the time the school closed for the day and everyone started to come out. I parked my car and started to take my things out, i had heavy things so i was having trouble with them, “Hi..” suddenly someone called me and i turned back and i saw it was shylaja. She asked me i am early today.

Me: well work got over, ne enga pora?(where you headed)

She: ohh.. inniki appa varala, tutionum leave so enna panradunu theriyala (my dad didnt came, and no tuition for me today. no i dunno where)

She: ok..

She helped in carrying my things to my place. We chatted about her school, studies and her friends. And we went to my place. She helped me in kitchen work, we prepared tea and made some snacks, we came to my work room and started to have them. She was in her school uniform, which was smaller than her. I kept ogling at her breast, she noticed it but never attempted to cover it. She called up her father and told the situation, he said that he was outside and will pick her up after 6, which was not a problem for me. After the call she was casually asking unrelated questions about my love marriage, my wife, college days. After having snacks i went to freshenup. I changed to lungi and was wearing vest. I came to computer room and she was quickly doing something, when she saw me. But she was late. She was watching porn on my system, i cursed myself for keeping those files so openly in downloads rather than my secret folder. She looked at me shyly, the video was still running it was video which i downloaded recently.

She: s(her face turned so red, she shyly started to look at screen)

I sat next to her in chair and started to show her some videos, and pics, i was sitting in such a position that my hand was touching her hand, and my other hand around the chair she was seated. I could feel the heat from her body, and her body odour was creating a instant hardon. She kept watching it and suddenly asked.

She: ungaluka illa ennaka (for you or for me)

Me: i will take care of it.

She started to give me kiss on my lips, she was inexperienced so jus small peck on my lips. I started to give her full kiss which she received with open mouth. I was in full mood, so i kissed her lips like anything, I then took her to my bedroom and continued kissing her, and made her lie on bed and continues kissing her and gently massaged her boobs, she was moaning in my mouth. and asked me to remove her dress as her parents may doubt if its too much crushed, so i removed her dress and made her lie jus in her panty and started to suck her boobs, initially i started slowly but later started applying force. I removed my lungi and tried to touch her panty, it was wet with her juices. She was moaning aaahhhh amma innum, i kept sucking her boobs alternating between two. and started to kiss her lips her face neck and moved down kissing to her navel. Then i rubbed her thighs and licked her navel. She holded my head and guided me to her cunt. but i moved from there and started to kiss her thighs and moved down, she got up held my hair and forced my face over her cunt, i jus kissed it over her underwear and moved up to her navel.


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