School Boys In Kolkata

By : Anahitagarwal

Hi, this is 25 year old Anahita again, and I would like to tell you guys about this wonderful experience I had in the most unexpected place. I was in Kolkata with my husband for his friend’s marriage about 3 months ago. As he was busy meeting all his friends, I decided to meet Sonal, a school friend of mine. I was new in town, and she told me to come to Belgachia metro stations from where she planned to pick me up.

I got up at the Tollygunj metro station, and since all the seats were taken, stood near the junction of two coaches, as it was relatively cooler there. I was told that the journey would take about thirty minutes and Sonal was expected to be there at the station in an hour. Two stations later, a bunch of school boys hopped in, probably in eleventh or twelfth standard, and stood a the same vestibule.

Unwilling to leave my cool place, I moved right inside the vestibule and I was surrounded by the group of 12 boys. They were talking to each other in vulgar Hindi language, and frequently staring at me, laughing out loud among themselves. As the train stopped again, more people came in, making it impossible for me to move out of the group. I was wearing a satin saree, blue in color, with a matching short sleeved blouse, not very revealing from the top.

But my petticoat and sari around the waist was quite low, as I liked to flaunt my well shaped waist. By the time next station arrived, the boys were touching me from all the sides, and now they were laughing out louder, making direct references to me. One of them even spoke out loud about the sweat trickling down my leg inside my blouse. Their hands were rubbing my waist, when I expressed my discomfort, asking them to move away.

The same boy spoke, “Madam, iss samay itni hi bheed hoti hai moving even closer to me, face to face. He also dared to put his hand behind me, and squeezed my butt while the others kept on laughing hiding the things from the view of others. His friend also gathered courage, and now was pinching my tits over the sari and blouse. I was getting publicly molested. Another guy then got his face close to my neck and licked my sweat.

I was beginning to get turned on now and I stopped resisting their moves. Lagta hai saali ko mazaa aa raha hai, adde pe aayegi kya ye?,” asked one boy to another. I was scared but it reminded me of my tryst with basketball players in college. I intervened their discussion, “Where is it? The boys were totally surprised, and one of them replied in broken English, “Madam, it is a construction place, not total privacy, but better than this. Come with us.”

They surrounded my and pushed their way through to the door, and got down at the next station. We got down, and walked to a building under construction on the main road. There was no security or worker there. It was just cement floor and ceilings supported by bamboos. We climbed on to the third floor of the five floor building, and were standing in the center of the area, not visible to people on road.

It was a dirty area, but I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity with twelve horny young boys. So, I followed their lead.  The boys circled me, and started pinching me targeting my bare back, neck and waist. I was pushed on to one boy, and after squeezing me he passed on to the next one. I was enjoying being toyed by this bunch of school kids. My clothes were beginning to get loose with the manhandling.

But, none of them yet had the courage to take them off. After being passed around for some time, they started rubbing their erect cocks in their pants against my butt and their hands were now starting to invade my blouse and petticoat. My pallu was off my blouse, and I was passed around with pallu in the hands of one of the boys, such that the sari was off me. I had to warn them not to put it on the floor and soil it.

They hung my sari at a height. I started kissing the guy holding me, and rubbing the cock of the guy next to me, over his pants. Suddenly more boys jumped around me, and now I felt hard cocks poking me all around, two hands started exploring my legs under my petticoat till it reached the thighs. It was unable to go further with the entire invasion, so I untied the knot and it fell down revealing my thighs and the white panties.

The boys unhooked few buttons of my blouse, and my bra was visible. They were kissing my cleavage, trying to put their tongue below the bra. I released the last button of the blouse, and I was standing only in my lingerie, horny as hell.  But they kept on playing with my body without undressing me further. I on the other hand was getting more and hornier with so many hands touching me. I thought they didn’t know what to do next.

I put my hand inside my panties, and started rubbing my clitoris in front of the guys. The other hand went inside the bra, squeezing the tits, trying to guide them further. They were all shouting loud standing at some distance, enjoying the scene, asking me to take the remaining clothes off too. I took of my bra and panties, and things were becoming noisier. I was playing with myself, and the guys enjoyed watching it.

But all of a sudden, few cops came with people in the neighborhood up because of the noise. The guys ran in the other direction, leaving me naked at the scene. I was totally embarrassed as all of them addressed me as slut, and asked me to wear my clothes and leave. I did the same, and they watched me making sure that I leave the place. To be continued.

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