Namard Ki Bibi

My hot welcome to all the readers. My name is Shweta from kanpur. i am 27 year old married to Amit 2 year back. Amit work in a PSU in Delhi. his hometown is in Kanpur itself. we dont have any kids. i used to read the sex stories even before my marriage specially in which humiliation is involved, i wanted some time my husband to dominate me and some time i dominant him.i even wanted some group sex activity but only if my husband want it too. with all these feelings i married to amit. all the marriage program was in Knapur. And after marriage i was to go to Delhi with Amit.

I tried to remove his cloths, but he hesitated. i thought he might be shy. but i wanted a dick in my pussy anyhow so i tried again.i could not understand why he was feeling shy in front of his beautiful nude wife asking for fuck. some how i removed his shirt and pant and now he was in his underwear i tried to make my hubby nude i saw a strange fear on his face and tears on his eyes. i could not understand anything and pulled his undi off. ohhhhhhhh my god his tool was of just less then 2″ and there were no erection at all. i become upset to see such small and thin dick of amit. i thought when there will be erection it will become long and i can enjoy sex. so i decided to give him a hand job but even after 10 minutes of hand job from a girl like me it was same as before. so i decided to for mouth job. but unfortunately there was no result at all. i started crying, i could not understand what to do, what to say. finally i said ” are you impotent”.

” i am sorry shweta” he replied.

“why did you marry me?” i asked

” i dint wanted to marry but my parents forced me, they do not know that i am impotent” he said.

i dont know what to say. i was crying continuously. and we slept.

next morning i said ” i can not live with a person like you”.

he replied “sorry Shweta, dont leave me, it will cause a great insult of my family. i will give you all the happiness except the sexual pleasure”

“but sex is a integral part of of life and i cant live without sex” i said.

there was a pin drop silence and finally i said “it is dream of every women to have a good sex life and i have too”

he replied” i know dear but i am helpless, please try to understand, i have a good job and lots of money too, we can have a good life”

i said” there can not be good life without sex in it, no doubt you are handsome and rich man but i have some more requirement too ”

after some time he said “ok, you can enjoy sex but you will have to do as i say”

“but you are a impotent, how can i enjoy sex” i said.

“you can have sex with other men, i will not object, just be my wife in kanpur, and after three days we will move to Delhi. there you can make boyfriends and enjoy sex as you like. ” he said.

i was socked to listen this, i could not utter a single word. ” i need some time to decide” i said.

” take your time, but please think about both of our family, if you leave me there will me problem in both the families.” he said.

” i will tell you at evening’ i said.

it was a very important day for me as my any decision will change my life completely. i thought about me, Amit and about our families. Amit was rich and have a good job too and he will allow me to have sex life as i like. if i leave him, surly both of our family will suffer. so finally i decided to accept amit’s suggestion. also i wanted group sex which will be very easy if i am free for my sex life so i decided to enjoy life in Delhi and do not think about wrong or right, just flow with river, fly with air and have lots of fun in life. i decided to welcome whatever comes in life happily, i decided to live a modern wild life.


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