Namard Ki Bibi

My hot welcome to all the readers. My name is Shweta from kanpur. i am 27 year old married to Amit 2 year back. Amit work in a PSU in Delhi. his hometown is in Kanpur itself. we dont have any kids. i used to read the sex stories even before my marriage specially in which humiliation is involved, i wanted some time my husband to dominate me and some time i dominant him.i even wanted some group sex activity but only if my husband want it too. with all these feelings i married to amit. all the marriage program was in Knapur. And after marriage i was to go to Delhi with Amit.

Let me first tell you about my features. i am 5′ 2″ height vary fair complexion slim girl having my figure 33 28 34. My long hairs make my look so attractive that anybody will be ready to make love with me. i can see lust in peoples eyes near me.

It was my first night. i was very excited as every girl would sister in law send me in my bed room and i was waiting for the great night ahead. i was wearing red color sari and matching low cut blouse. lots of jewelry and makeup make me like princes. i was having some veil like indian bride. My waiting time was not very long and soom Amit enter in my room.5’6″ handsome boy, well built white complexion very attractive personality. Amit is a working as deputy manager in PSU in delhi. i was so happy to have a good husband like amit. i was feeling horny and wanted a good sex even on my first night but i dont wanted to initiate. he sit near me and we talked lots of things like like, dislike, family etc. our topic went to the romance and sex and i felt wet in my panty, but i had to control. soon he started foreplay and he kissed me, our lips become one. i did not have hesitation and i responded well on every activity. soon he unrolled my sari and i was my blouse and cleavage was visible now and as my petticoat was below my novel, my deep novel was also visible.

he kissed all my face very passionate and i was horny, soon my blouse and petticoat went off and i was my skin color bra and panty only. he started kissing every part of my body. from forehead followed by lips, cheeks, necks, on the boobs above my skin color bra, deep in my novel and my love hole from above the my already wet panty.and finally i was made nude completely. i was laying naked in front of him expecting a great sex to come. he started licking my cunt and i become more wet.after some licking he placed his one finger in my chut. i become more horny.he started fucking my cunt by his finger.i cumed and his finger become wet by my cum he licked all the cum coming from my vagina.

I tried to remove his cloths, but he hesitated. i thought he might be shy. but i wanted a dick in my pussy anyhow so i tried again.i could not understand why he was feeling shy in front of his beautiful nude wife asking for fuck. some how i removed his shirt and pant and now he was in his underwear i tried to make my hubby nude i saw a strange fear on his face and tears on his eyes. i could not understand anything and pulled his undi off. ohhhhhhhh my god his tool was of just less then 2″ and there were no erection at all. i become upset to see such small and thin dick of amit. i thought when there will be erection it will become long and i can enjoy sex. so i decided to give him a hand job but even after 10 minutes of hand job from a girl like me it was same as before. so i decided to for mouth job. but unfortunately there was no result at all. i started crying, i could not understand what to do, what to say. finally i said ” are you impotent”.

” i am sorry shweta” he replied.
“why did you marry me?” i asked
” i dint wanted to marry but my parents forced me, they do not know that i am impotent” he said.
i dont know what to say. i was crying continuously. and we slept.
next morning i said ” i can not live with a person like you”.
he replied “sorry Shweta, dont leave me, it will cause a great insult of my family. i will give you all the happiness except the sexual pleasure”
“but sex is a integral part of of life and i cant live without sex” i said.
there was a pin drop silence and finally i said “it is dream of every women to have a good sex life and i have too”
he replied” i know dear but i am helpless, please try to understand, i have a good job and lots of money too, we can have a good life”
i said” there can not be good life without sex in it, no doubt you are handsome and rich man but i have some more requirement too “
after some time he said “ok, you can enjoy sex but you will have to do as i say”
“but you are a impotent, how can i enjoy sex” i said.

“you can have sex with other men, i will not object, just be my wife in kanpur, and after three days we will move to Delhi. there you can make boyfriends and enjoy sex as you like. ” he said.
i was socked to listen this, i could not utter a single word. ” i need some time to decide” i said.
” take your time, but please think about both of our family, if you leave me there will me problem in both the families.” he said.
” i will tell you at evening’ i said.

it was a very important day for me as my any decision will change my life completely. i thought about me, Amit and about our families. Amit was rich and have a good job too and he will allow me to have sex life as i like. if i leave him, surly both of our family will suffer. so finally i decided to accept amit’s suggestion. also i wanted group sex which will be very easy if i am free for my sex life so i decided to enjoy life in Delhi and do not think about wrong or right, just flow with river, fly with air and have lots of fun in life. i decided to welcome whatever comes in life happily, i decided to live a modern wild life.

At night Amit come to my room and asked about my decision.
“i thought a lot and i have a doubt that at this time you are ready to allow me to sleep with anyone, but what if you do not allow me in future” i asked.
“oh’ come on shweta, i know i can not give you sexual pleasure so do not worry about it. you will be free to have sex with anybody of your choice in future, i will co operate” he justified.
I replied” i am ready for all these things but i have some conditions too”
“what are these?” he asked.

as i wanted sex in which humiliation is involved and now i also wanted to teach a lesson to amit. so i surprised him by saying
“i can have group sex too, and you will be a part of it”
“but what will be my role as i am a impotent” he argued.
“you will know it at that time only” i answered.
” i am ready to pay the cost of my impotency, i will do whatever you say” he said with a smile on his face.
“why this smile”

” i am a bottom gay too and after marriage i wanted to live a cuckold life after marriage . so it will be fun for me to serve for you and your boyfriends.”
i was socked to know new things about my husband, but it was too late and i have to live with him, i was ready to enjoy coming life.
“ok, from now you will be my slave and i will be your master” i ordered.
” ok shweta, but in front of my family we will have to behave like simple husband and wife”
i agreed and we both smiled.

” let us start some fun, put your cloths off one by one and make your self nude in front of your master” I ordered.
” yes dear” he said.

i slapped hard on his face and said you will call me Madam, not shweta or dear or anything else.
The desire of ruling him and humiliating him become very strong in me.i wanted to treat him like a slutty bitch.

My husband obeyed my order and started removing his cloths one by one. and finally become naked with his 2″ dick. i was sitting on the chair and order him to sit down like a dog. he followed my instruction and sit like a dog in front of me. i was wearing pink color saree matching blouse and petticoat. and surly my undergarments too.

i lifted my right leg till his mouth and say to hold my leg and start licking my feet, he was on his knees and holding my right leg slowly he bring his mouth near my feet and kissed it starting from my toe to heel. a hot sensation ran in to my body, it was feeling good. i said “lick it you bitch” so obeying my order amit started to lick my feet. suddenly i place my toe to his lip he understood the signal and opened his mouth, i put my toe in his mouth and say to suck it.

my toe was in his mouth and he was sucking my toe. then i start moving my toe in to and fro motion like my toe was fucking amit’s mouth.after five minute i removed my right leg and placed left leg and did the same. By all this things his knee started paining and he requested my to stop. but i rejected he request and said” you deserve this pain sister fucker”. he was helpless and said nothing. then i say “ok, sit down on the floor crossed leg.

he followed the order and sit crossed leg on the floor. then i pull my lower part of saree up to the knee and say now lick my leg till my knees.and soon my leg become wet by his tongue. it was good feeling to make my husband my slave. by all these activity i was getting turn on.i realized that my panti was becoming wet. so i stand up from chair and removed my saree and petticoat now i was in my blouse only, i come to the bed and lay down. i asked my husband to come on the bed and lick my already wet pussy. completely naked amit came to the bed and kissed my pussy. a hot sensation run in to my body. i closed my eyes ans started enjoying act.after kissing my pussy amit started licking it, his tongue was moving all around my vagina. soon i realize that his tongue was going in my pussy and he started tongue fucking of my love hole. i was about to cum. i was laying and he was sitting in front of me , i put my legs on his shoulder and pressed it harder.i cum in his mouth only i said him to lick all the cum. i made him drink my cum. Even after cum i was not satisfied and wanted more, i wanted a dick in to my pussy, but i was help less. i order amit to lick from my vagina till my ass. he accepted the order and kissed my ass hole he licking like a dog from my vagina till my ass. it was a great pleasure and at that time i was proud to be NAMARD KI BIBI. soon i cum again . Next day it was our train to Delhi. I was thinking of group sex and wild fun in Delhi. with these thought i sleep.

Dear readers i hope you enjoyed my story till now. In next part you will read how i enjoyed sex in the train and in my sex life in Delhi. How i was fucked by two of his friends, his boss and by my friends too. please send your suggestion and feed back on my id. [email protected] , you will get reply sure, you can also add my id to your gmail account and we can chat.plzzzzz add me.

Your Shweta

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