My Wife Get Fucked – Part I

Hi, everybody. I am writing my own story for the first time on ISS. But, I am regular reader of ISS, especially Group Fucking, I like them most. Let me introduce myself I am Sunny 46 yrs old my wife Nisha (alias Sonu) 42 yrs old, her stats are 40-36-44. We hail from Dehradun (UK). Actually she is a very conservative type lady; she thinks sex is only to be done by husband and wives only in closed rooms, with lights off. Whereas, I am a very horny person I love sex with different ladies,

I have fucked so many girls at my college time, and also fucked married ladies. I am also having fantasies of wife getting fucked by someone else in front of me, but I know that mine fantasy cannot be a real one. But, my fortune changed I got the opportunity to turn my fantasy into a real one….Now the real story begins, as you know that , after giving birth to a child ,Indian women have got a tendency to get fatty at their tummy, so my also get few extra pound at her tummy, after the birth of my 2nd son, that fat has changed my life as well as my wife’s.

Let the story begins, after getting fatty my wife decided to go for morning walk. She started morning walk, she used to go at 5.30 in the morning and came back 6.30… , The time passed after few weeks, she met a lady named Sunita aged 49yrs.. They started talking. Sunita told her about herself, that she is wife of a rich businessman , they lived very near from our house, they are having two children, both are studying abroad…My wife told me about her, but I didn’t have any importance to her.

Suddenly, one day Sunita invited to her house on Sunday evening, as on that day it was her Birthday, and also asked her to bring me along with her. Initially, I was not interested but my wife compelled me to along with her, as Sunita was her now good friend. After some hesitations I become ready to on her Birthday. Then, we bought a gift for Sunita and went to their place at 6.30 pm. I was shocked to see that, despite her age Sunita was looking very beautiful, her figure was 40-32-44, her boobs were popping out of her blouse, and I admired her beauty of course with my eyes only.

In between her husband came, she introduced him as Rahul aged around 54yrs, but very smart and handsome, after formal hallo, they took us to their drawing room, which was nicely decorated, we sat there. Out of my curiosity I asked them about other guests, Rahul said that we haven’t called any one, as they just wanted to enjoy with only few people. I said OK. Then Sunita stood up and went to kitchen to bring some Soft drinks for us. AS she moved back I was just ogling at her swaying buttocks,

Which were looking very sexy, my eyes were only at her buttocks, my wife noticed this, but kept quite. I And Rahul were chatting normal talks, sharing about our business. While talking with Rahul I was looking at Sunita from the corners of my eyes….which I was enjoying also. Then, Sunita asked my wife lets go to inside, they are boring us. After their departure to another room, Rahul Asked me about Drinks, which I said Ok. Then he bought two glasses and served whisky, after having few drinks, Sunita came asked about the dinner, then we had dinner and we came back to our house.

But, I was only dreaming about Sunita all the way from their house to ours……After few days I got a call from Rahul , he wanted to meet me alone , I was surprised but I ask him where we can meet he called me at a Bar, I went there we had some drinks , we were chatting about business , suddenly he changed the topic to sex , then he asked , What I think about wife Swapping , I said I have no problem but my wife is so conservative , that I cannot make her ready for swapping, he said don’t worry Sunita will convince her.

I said ‘’Ok” if she can convince my wife then I have no problem as I wanted to Fuck Sunita from the day a saw her .., Then very next day Sunita talked with my wife but as usual she strictly refused her . My wife came back home and talked me about the whole scene, I also tried to made her ready but all in vain … After few days I once again ask my wife about swapping , then she said that “You go and fuck Sunita but I am not going to get fucked by any one”. I said “How

Rahul can will allow me to fuck her wife, as you are not getting fucked by Rahul” she said “I don’t know, you can manage yourself, if you want to fuck Sunita.” I said OK. Then, I told the whole situation to Rahul, He said don’t worry you can fuck my wife as she is very desperate for fucking other man and I have no problem. Then, we fixed a program for Sunday evening … I told my wife that I am going to fuck Sunita on Sunday if you have got any problem then plz tell me, she said NO and got irritated and left the room .

After few minutes, she came back and started firing me “how you can fuck other ladies”, and started crying/weeping, to cool down the atmosphere I said ok I am not going to fuck Sunita, then she calm down. After the hot talks I went to my business and came late in the night. I found my wife was still awaken, she served me dinner. We ate the dinner silently no talks , suddenly she broke and said” You want to fuck Sunita “, I said “not now, as you don’t like that”, she said

Ok, you can fuck Sunita, but in front of me ”.I was shocked . I said “Ok I have no problem, but Rahul will also be there, & he must be nude while fucking session, can you bear that?… She said” I have no problem, but Rahul cannot even touch me”. I said ok with joy. The next day, I called Rahul and told him about the situation, he also agreed. Then on Sunday (25/07/2010), I and my wife reached their place , my wife was hesitating in talking with Rahul , whereas I was very happy, I Sunita she was smiling , wearing a very beautiful sleeveless

Top and Jeans., showing her sexy cleavage, I instantly get a hard on due to thinking of fucking her very soon , though in front of my wife and her husband , After, having soft drinks Rahul said ” Let’s go to bedroom “ Sunita also nodded in yes, Sunita asked my wife to come along , she put her hand on my wife’s shoulder , they went inside , then Rahul asked me stay here , he gave me a tablet & ask me to have it. I took it with water, and reached the bedroom .Now the rest story in Hindi…..

Jab hum dono bedroom mein pahunche to dekha wahan par ek TV laga hua tha our uspe B/f chal rahi thee , meri wife wahan chair par baithi thee aur Sunita bed par baithi hui thee, dono tv dekh rahi thee tabhi meri wife ki nazar Rahul par padi, toh who Sharma gayi aur neeche jameen par dekhne lagi. Tabhi Sunita ne hamein dekha aur kaha ki bed per hi aajao, to main uske right side par aur Rahul left side per baith gaye , Main toh pagal hua ja raha tha , tabhi Sunita mere najdik aa gayi aur mujhe kiss karne lagi, main bhi usko respond karne laga ,

Itne mein Rahul ne uski jeans uttarni shuru kardi aur jaise hi meri nazar uski chikni hjanghon par padi main to dekhta hi reh gaya, kya gori aur well shaped thighs thee uski par main uske honth jo ki bahut hi raseeley thee unhi ki chus raha tha. Tabhi Rahul ne uska top bhi uttar diya usne uski jaise he bra kholee to uske boobs jo bahut hi milky aur mote the mere samne aa gaye aur maine unhe chusna shur kar dia tabhi Sunita started maoning , she was making sounds like isssssss ahhhhaaaaaa aur jor se chusoooooooo,

Thabi meri nazar apni wife par padi to dekha who dhire se smile kar rahi thee tabhi mujhe ehasas hua ki who bhi garam ho rahi hai, khair maine uski taraf se dhyan hatatya aur shuru ho gaya sunia ke mote mote boobs chusne.Sunita was moaning heavily, tabhi Rahul ne uski panty bhi uttar di who bhi Sunita ko moan karte dekh garam ho chukka tha , usne sunita ki legs ko thora chaura kiya au uski hairless choot ko sunghne laga to sunita jor se boli nahinnnnnnn main mar jaongi , kyonki who to bahut garam ho chuki thee.

Lekin Rahul kahan mannewala tha usne uski choot ko suck karna chaaloo kardiya aur main uske boobs chus araha thaa . Tabhi achanak Sunita boli “kya tum dono anpne kapre nahi uttaroge”. To main bola “tum hi uttar do”. To usne Rahul , jo uski choot me upni tounge dal raha thaa , ko bola “rahu tum jara hato main sunny ke kapde uttarti hun” To rahul ne jais hi uski choot ko choda wo mujh par bukhi sherni ki tarah jhapat padi,aur boli aaj tujhe nahin chodungi. Aur meri T-shirt uttarne ke baad meri pan bhi khol di ,

Ab main kewal underwear mein tha, tabhi Rahul ne kaha “Aab is underwear ka kya kaam, isko bhi to uttaro”., To sunita boli”uttarti hoon mere raja,jaldi kya hai, pehle tumhe bhi to nanga karna hai, taki Sonu tumhe kam se kam dekh to sake”….aur yeh kahakar usne meri wife ki taraf tarah dekha , jo hamaien ghoor –ghoor kar dekh rahi thee, achanak sunita ki kahi hu baat par who sharma gaayi aur dusri taraf dekhne lagi. To maine Sunita se kaha “kyun tum usko tang kar rahi ho, usko dekhne do jo who dekhna chahati hai , aur tum sirf apni chudai ki taraf dhayan do” …….

Sunita tabhi Rahul ki taraf mudi , aur uske kapde uttarne lagi, to maine sonu ki taraf dekha who bade hidhayan se yeh sab dekh rahi thee. Sunita pehle rahul ki shirt uttari phir uski pant, lekin uska under wear rehne diya, jisme se uska ubhara hua lund saad dikahi de raha thaa, Sonu ki nazarein uske ubhre hue under wear se hat hi nahin rahi thee. Jaise who bahut utawali ho rahi the uska lund dekhne ko.

Sunita meri taraf ghumi aur boli kay meri choot chusoge main kaha haan kyon nahi, kuynki mujhy choot chusne ka bahut chaska hai aur meri wife mujhu chusne nahi deti., kehti hai key eh ganda kaam hai, who bistar par let gayi , aur main uski tango ke beech mein aa gaya sur lag uski rasbhari choot ko chusne , Rahul ne uske boobs chusne shuru kar diye.. Sunita moan karne lagi ahha ahhaaa uffffffff mar gayiiiiiii

Main usski choot ko badi bedardi se chus raha thaa aur rahul uske boobs par chipta hua thaa tabhi achanak sunita boli-“ tum dono to kuch na kuch choos rahe ho mujhe bhi to chusne ko lund chayie, Sunny tum apna lund mujhe chusne do, Rahul ka to maine kai baar chusa hai, mujhe anpa lund taste karne do”. Main utha aur uske muh kae pass bed ke neche khad ho gaya , to usne mera under wear uttar phenka aur mujhe 69 position mei aane ko kaha. Ab main bistar par let gay ,

Aur sunita ko bola apne upar aane ko, who apni chut ko mere munh par rakh kar mere Lund kop chosen lagi, Pehle toh who bad aaram se choos rahi thee pra achanak usne speed badha dee, aur lagi jor jor se chusne meri to jaan hi nikal de. Udhar Rahul ne bhi apna under wear uttar diya uska lund dekhkar meri to ankheen phat gay, uska land tha kam se kam 8” lamba aur 3” mota , tabhi meri nazar Sonu par padi to who uske lund ko aise ghoor rahi thee jaise abhi usko kha jaygi. Ab Sunita boli-,”

Rahul tum meri gand marna main sunny ka lund choot mein loongi….. Aur who tabhi seedhi ho kar mere land par jo ki uske pati se chota hi tha us par baith gayi aur tezi se uchalne lagi, phir maine usko pakad kar apni taraf khencha aur uski gand upar ko uth gayi aur tabhi Rahul ne apne land par tel lagaya aur uski gand ke ched par jaise hi rakha to Sunita chilayee—“ Madarchod ,bhen ke laude kya soch raha hai, kay gaand kabhi nahi mari,jaldi daal—uffffffff ahhaaaaaaaa abbbbbaa ayega maza ,meri ab tamanna poori hogi do-do lund ek sath lene ki”……

Aur phir Rahul ne uski gand me apna lund pel diya , aur lag jor-jor se dhakke lagane. Meri nazar baar baar apni wife Sonu par ja rahi thee , who yeh sab dekh kar bahut garam ho chuki thee. Uski saansein bahut tej chal rahi thee..Aur who apni choot ko salwar ke upar se hi apni choot ko masal rahi thee, aur ho bhi kyoun nahi samne uske jordaar chudai jo chal rahi thee.. Tabhi sunita aur Rahul ne bhi usko dekha, us samay uski eyes band thee , aur who moan kar rahi thee. Rahul ne mujhe ishaare se pucha ki who

Sonu ko chodne k try kar le , to maine phoren haan mein apna sar hilaya, who Sunita ki chudai chodkar Sonu ki taraf chala gaya, aur uske kandhe par haath rakha, to Sonu ghabra gayi aur apne aap ko chudane lagi……Tabhi rahul ne usko kas kar pakad liya aur usko chumane laaga, pahle to Sonu ne virodh kiya par kuch hi palon mein who dheeli pad gayi aur usko kiss karne lag gayi, Rahul ne badi teji se uske kapde uttarna chalu kar diya , Sonu bhi uska saath de rahi thee. Agle ek hi minute mein Sonu nangi ho chuki thee,

Rahul se lipte ja rahi thee, jaise who janmo ki pyasi ho..Rahul be use betahasha chum raha tha , Sonu ke muhn se ajeeb –tarah ki awajein nikal rahi thee , jo maine kabhi nahi suni thee. Woh chilla rahi thee –“nahin mat karooo, mujhe chod doooooo, yeh galat hain, dusre ke pati ke sath karana galat hai”, par who usko chodna nahi chahati thee. Aur yeh sab dekhkar maine aur sunita ne apni chudai rok dee aur Rahul Aur Sonu ki chudai dekhne lage..

Phir Rahul ne hamein Ishare se kaha ke bed khali kardo, aur who usko chumta hue bed tak le aya, aur Sonu ko peeth ke bal seedha lita diya, phir uski choot ko dhire-dhire sahalane laga, meri wife jo us samaya tak pagal ho chuki thee, Rahul ka mota lund pakad kar sahalane lagi, Rahul uski chuchiyo ka ras pee rah tha, aur saath hi bahut jor se daba bhi raha tha. Phir Rahul 69 ki position mein aa gaya, apna mota lund Sonu ke munh mein dalne laga, par meri wife ne to kabhi

Apni 21 saal ki shadishuda jindagi mein mera lund munh me nahin liya tha, main yeh dekhna chatat tha ki aab who kaye karegi. Par tabhi jo kuch hua main dekhkar chonk gaya , Sonu ne Rahul ka lund apni jeebh se chatna shuru kar diya , aur phir dheere – dheere uska lund chusne lagi , Rahul ka lund mota hone ke karan use munh mein nahin ja pa raha tha par phir behi wo koshish kar raahi thee, phir who Rahul ka lund pura munh mein me lekar anda bahar karne lagi, udhar

Rahul uski choot ka ras peene mein laga hua tha, who apni jeebh se uski choot ke under tak chatata ja raha thaa, Aur meri Sonu lund chusne ka maja zindagi mein pehli baar le rahi thi, jise woh aaj kissi bhi kimat par chodna nahi chati thee, Thodi der baad who achanak jor—jor se apni gand ko uthane lagi aur ek haath se Rahul ka sar apni choot mein dabane lagi , main samajh gaya ke who aab jhadne wali hai….Aur who jhad gayi , usne Rahul ka lund munh se nikal diya , aur chillane lagi bassssss aab aur nahinnnn bardashat hoooorahaaaaaa haiiiiiiii mujhe chod doooo leaveeemeeeee.

Tabhi Rahul seedha Hua aur Sonu ki choot par apna lund rakha, aur Sonu ki choot mein dalne laga, tabhi who chillaye—“ nahin main itna mota lund nahin le paungi, please mujhe mat choddo “ . par Rahul kahan sunne wala thaa, usne to apna mota lund meri biwi ki choot mein daal hi diya , who bahut jor se chillane lagi-“ main mar gayi meri chut phat gayiiiiii, kuttee apna lauda bahar nikallllllllll bas kar”…, lekin Rahul ne apna lund bahar nahi nikala, aur dhire se uske upar let gaya aur chumne laga , dhire-dhire-

Sonu shant ho gayi aur phir maze lene lagi, who bhi Rahul ke honth chusne lagi, aur halke-halke moan kar rahi thee, tabhi Rahul ne apne dhakon ki speed badhani shuru kar di, who use chodne laga, ab Sonu ko bhi maja aa raha tha , woh apni gand upar utha utha kar chudai karne lagi, yeh sab dekhkar me maIn bhi khush ho gaya ,” Akhir meri biwi dusre mard se chud hi gayi” Tabhi Sunita mere lund ko pakad kar chusne lagi , aur main bhi sunita ki chuchiyon ko chusne laga ,

Aur phir Sunita bhi garam hone lagi , aur kahane lagi , –“jaldi shuru karo meri halat kharab ho rahi hai, meri choot ko apne lund se bhar do”. Aur phir main bhi uske upar chad kar uski choot mein lund pelene laga… Ab Sunita aur meri wife Sonu dono chud rahi thee, aur kamre mein sirf , un dono ke chillane ki, moaning ki awaj goonj rahi thee, tabhi Sonu jor se boli-“main to gayeee, mera pani nikal raha hai, jor seeeeee chodoooooooo jaldi

I chodddoooooo, maaaaaar gayiiiiii”, aur uski body akarne lagi aur who bahut jor se jhad gayi, lekin Rahul toh use pelne mein laga tha kyonki usne toh Goli kha rakhi thee who toh abhi jhadne wala nahi tha, aur Sonu pagalon ki tarah upna sar patak rahi thee, chilla rahi thee-“ leave mee, mujhe chod dooo, nahin to main mar jaungi”.. Aur usko iss tarah tadapte hue dekh kar main bhi josh main aa gaya , aur Sunita ko jor-jor se chodne laga, tabhi Sunita ki body bhi akadne lagi aur woh chillayi-“bhen ke lode jaldi chod , madar chod jor se choddddddd”

Uski galiyan sun kar mere ander aur josh aa gaya aur phir maine usko kuttiya banne ko kaha , who jaise hi doggy position maine upna lund uski chut mein ek hi baar mein ghused diya , is par who chillane lagi ahhhhhhh mariiiiiiii , tabhi who bhii jhad gayi , aur main toh aaj usko jam kar chodna chata tha, aur mere upar goli ki nasha bhi thaa, khair main lagbhag 30 min ki chudayi ke baad uski chuut mein hi jhad gaya, Jab meri najar Sonu par padi toh uski halat par mujhe taras aane laga, kyonki who chilla rahi thee “leave meee main mar jaungi, mijhe chod do, mujhe nahin chudna tumse”…….

Par Rahul toh jhadne ka naam hi nahi le raha thaa, uska stamina dekh kar main bhi hairan rah gaya, phir akhir lagbhag 45 min ki chudai ke baad usne apna sara maal meri biwi ki choot mein hi daal diya, aur side par bistar par nidhal ho kar let gaya, Sonu ki choot mein se uska cum bahar aa raha thaa jisse dekhkar mujhe bada acha laga, Thodi der baad , hum sab uthe aur bathroom mein gaye aur apne ko saaf kiya, bahar aakar nange hi drawing room mein sofe par baith gaye ,

Sunita kitchen mein jakar Juice le aayi, aur ham sab baithkar batein karne lage …. Sonu Rahul ki paas baithi the aur Sunita mere pass, maine Sonu se pucha –“kyun tum toh kisi aur se chudne se mana kar rahithee, phir kya hua,maja aaya ya nahi”, uske bolne se pehle Sunita bol padi,-“lund dekh kar toh kisi ka bhi dimag kharab ho jata hai, chahe who jitni bhi sati savitri kyon na ho” , Sonu ne jawab diya-“toh maine kaya galat kar diya,maine bhi toh wahi kiya jo sab karti hain”, hum sab hasne lage….

So, that was the story how my wife get fucked, now we use to have fucking sessions regularly. My Wife Sonu is now no more a shy lady , now she demands double penetration, one lund in her choot and one in her ass, how she again enjoyed her sex life, Please read Part -II ,.How do you all like my 100% true happening of my life, comment mail me at [email protected], Sonu & Sunita are waiting for your replies…..

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