My Husband Asked Me To Fuck His Friend

Hello readers, this story had its seed sown in my earlier story “I arranged four studs for my wife”. I was little apprehensive while writing this story as it is true and the persons involved are my best friends. If you like the story, post your comments on my mail [email protected] or [email protected].

I received a mail from a reader named Sudheer praising the story. He requested for chat I accepted. He seemed nice guy but what he asked was funny.

Next day he came online. He asked, “Whether it is possible in real life or not.”

I replied, “It can happen with anyone any where. But why you want to know?”

He asked for my help. He said, “I wanted to try the same with my wife ie watch my wife being fucked by his friend. You see I am not so good looking and don’t want my kids to look like me. Can you help me in this? Can you convince my wife to agree for a cuckold session? I know brother, if you try you will succeed.”

I said, “But I have never done this. This is very risky and can ruin my reputation as well as your conjugal life. The stakes are very high. I would love to help you but you will have to keep me covered from all sorts of problem. And there are chances that she may fall for me and we may result in having sex. You will feel jealous.”

He said, “I am ready for that. In fact I want my wife to have sex outside marriage and I want to watch it. So no problem. So you are welcome for it. I don’t mind if you end up seducing her or even having sex with her. NO PROBLEM. And more over she tells me everything that she does whole day, so if any problem I will help you.”

I offered my help but I didn’t know her nor seen her picture. What was the authenticity of his words, what if he was fooling me? I asked, “How will I help?” He was very happy to hear this. He sent me their pictures. He persuaded me to convince his wife for a cuckold session with his friends. He opened a new account on gmail. Then he forwarded his wife’s email id and her picture along with his picture.

I sent friendship request to his wife Sunitha who was engineer by profession but was housewife. She accepted my friendship request and we became net friends. I informed Sudheer about our friendship. He was happy to hear that and encouraged me to carry on and convince Sunitha to agree for sex with his friends.

He said, “One interesting thing happened. She always tell me what she did the whole day in house or on net. But today she did not mention about you and above all she deleted your chat. Something is in her mind which she is hiding. Brother you are great………….”

I asked, “But you don’t be jealous brother due to her talking to me. I will never deceive you. Have you ever talked with your wife about your intentions? What did she say?”

Sudheer replied, “She does not find it exciting and has declined but I want to see her fuck my friends as cuckold husband. I want her to enjoy the joy of sex with a person other than her husband. You can say a type of fantasy or a gift from me to her. I know you can help me in this. Talk to her and make her agree to it, my friend. And moreover I am not jealous with you as I want you to come and fuck my wife.”

I asked, “Do you have any particular person in mind?”

Sudheer replied, “No one but I wish it could be my friend, Ajay. He is a nice guy.” He wished me luck, so did I.

I was chatting with Sunitha on regular basis. We became close. Next day during regular chat I asked, “Why do not you take a job instead of staying at home? You are wasting India’s talent.”

She replied, “I am not keen on job. I want to stay at home.”

But after few discussions I could convince her to take a job. Few days later she informed that she has taken up a job in a college as lecturer.


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