My Friend’s Husband Fucked Me

One day it just happened and all names faked and I went to my cousin’s house. I told him that I’m coming but he said he is out of the city and his wife is there to care us.

We went there we had some food and all. Mini wore blue long top and jeans. Her top was too long. We were seeing mini’s boobs and ass she went to the kitchen and I followed her. All boys are normal and dusky in colours 6 feets and gym bodies.

She was doing something in kitchen and seen and said why you came here? Go and sleep it’s too late now. I came here to see you mini. Why? Just interested in seeing you and she is 15 years younger than me even others too. It’s very cool mini.

Yes it’s raining and I went back of her and placed my hands on mini’s wrist. She seen me and said what? I came here for you mini. So what? What so what? I rounded her wrist with my hand and grabbed her she sounded aaahh, I closed her mouth so she can’t shout.

I started kissing and licking mini’s throat and under the chin. She pushed me I licked and sucked each finger on one of mini’s hand thn I given caress stroke kiss and nibbke an exposed part of mini’s body. I’m standing behind her and wrap my arms around mini’s waist.

Kissing mini’s ears, neck and shoulders and tickled the back of mini’s neck with the tip of my tongue and I was giving a relaxing massage to mini now. I think she was getting down. I stroke sex words on minis back using my tongue. I’m giving a sensual massage to mini.

Massaging mini’s head and neck with my finger tips and I was exploring mini’s ears with my tongue and nibble the lobs. She started moaning now aaah and I raised mini’s top till her belly and tickle her stomach and belly with my tongue.

I place tender kisses all over mini’s face and gently stroke mini’s face and lips with my finger tips. Her ass was against the platform of kitchen. I made her to sit on it her legs had bent at knee level and spread them I stood between her legs.

Grabbed her and kissing her. She was moaning mmm ah mmm ahhh mmm I kissed her lips now. I removed her jeans and top hugged her and unhooked mini’s bra and pressed them kissed them and licked them.

I removed her panty and licking her pussy and fingering she was moaning aaahh mmm ahhh mmmmmh uuuuh ooh!

Continued Part II

I kissed her hugged her and I kissed mini’s neck. I dropped mini from kitchen platform and I sat on that bed asked her to suck my cock. But she said no at least gives a blowjob mini and she hold my cock and giving blowjob.

I was moaning and my hands on mini’s boobs and pressing them later that I bend her and licking mini’s ass and kissing her butts. I sloped a finger inside of mini’s ass what do you want their baby? Don’t do anything there.

I entered another finger inside ooh baby no don’t do. I placed my dick to the entrance of mini’s ass gates. I pushed a little inside as she shouted aaah I say no. I pushed again and again but it was not going lastly I given a shove mini can’t handle it and shouted aahhhhh it won’t goo.

I grabbed her back and placed my hands on mini’s boobs and asked you can’t handle it mini? no baby! we don’t know when my another cousin came there we seen him and she covered her body with her top and he said I’m giving some time mini you should come to bed room with a saree today is our first night.

He went out and I too after two hours mini came to the bedroom and he went to her and kissed her face and lips. He said. You must be having lot of flesh to show mini. I’m here to use you totally. He removed the pin of mini’s sari pallu and dropped the pallu. He seen up to down and he took the one end of the sari and started pulling it.


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