My Friends Banged My Wife

By : Shobhen

My name is Rahul and my wife’s name is Prema. I love my wife Prema so much that I can do anything for her pleasure. She is sexy and has a good ass which can attract anybody passing by her. While walking it swings and give an ultimate pleasure to manhood. I have seen gentle guests coming to our house also fix their eyes in her ass. I am lucky that I am fucking such a beautiful lady daily.

When she bends to serve food, you cannot take your eyes off from her beautiful cleavage. We fuck daily and she rides me like a porn star in the bed. She looks very innocent during the day time and she is an ultimate wild on the bed. She has a hairy beautiful juicy mound and I love sucking her for an hour and she shouts in ultimate pleasure. What a lucky man I am having such a beautiful loving and sexy wife.

Prema has developed a wild urge recently. She wants to be fucked by 2 other men in front of me, his husband. I wanted to give her this satisfaction. I was thinking always that how I fulfill this desire of her. I was also worried about my reputation in the society. One day it so happened that 2 friends of mine came to India and called me from their hotel when I was in office. They were very close to me when I was in Mauritius.

They helped me a lot in terms of providing good food and accommodation. Also they helped me in all ways when I lost my passport. They called me to their hotel and invited me for lunch. I took half day off from office and reached their hotel. They were very happy to see me. We discussed about our stay in Mauritius and I really thanked them for all the support they have provided me.

They were very open to me. They requested me as a localite of Bangalore if I can arrange a prostitute for their fun on Friday night as Saturday was a weekly off. I didn’t know any pros in Bangalore as I have never tried them. But, I could not say them No, as a matter of respect.

I came back with thinking what I can do for this. I was very worried. I told my wife at home about all these after our fuck session that night.

She jokingly said, you can take me there I laughed on her joke then it came to my mind that why not. I also wanted to fulfill her desire of being fucked by 2 persons and it will be also very secret as they will not come to Bangalore anymore and will not come to know that she is my wife. Then I insisted, Let us think about this seriously. She hesitated and said, no I am scared. I said her, maybe this is a life time opportunity where she can fulfill her wild fantasy.

Both of my friends were heavy built and their height was 6 feet plus. So, I told her, I think you can enjoy good sex with them. She said, let us try then we decided and finalized that we will spend to Friday night in Hotel Leela Palace. I called up my friends and said that I have arranged a beautiful sexy slut for you guys. And you will be lucky on Friday night. But I also said that, look; she is a high profile slut. They said “My friends don’t worry for payment; we will bury her under dollars.

To that I said “No, No – payment is not a concern, we need to be careful handling her and we should not treat her like any other ordinary sluts”. They said, from there speaker phone, you don’t worry my friend we will give her the ultimate fun of her life time. I was a bit relaxed after hearing these words and so also my wife. Friday Night, the moment finally came. She was getting ready for the occasion.

I instructed her to use red lipstick and wear sexy reveling pink Saree. So that she will really look like a slut. She was very happy; I could feel this from her activities. I was also happy that I was going to fulfill her dream. We drove in to the hotel and parked. She was a bit nervous and excited and we pressed the calling bell of the suite. There was a hearty welcome to both of us as we enter; they were stunned to see my wife, what a sexy you got” they could not stop saying this they shook hand with me and hugged my wife while hugging I could see they are pressing her ass hard oh my god what I am seeing.

My wife’s ass is being pressed in front of me. I was really getting excited. The hug was longer than expected. The starter with drinks was ready for us. They made my wife sit in between them and I was in the opposite sofa.

Things were happening different and I was trying to be relaxed but don’t know why I was not able to. My wife was kind of nervous between them and was trying to be comfortable. They were praising my wife from all the angles. Ramesh, what a sexy slut you area you are really damn hot”

Prema, Thanks sir, thanks for ur compliments” with her English she was trying to justify that she was a high profile slut.

Suresh “Prema, sit here” pointed to his lap, where I was seeing a bulge I Wanted to weight you. Prema is now sitting on Suresh lap and looking at me nervously. Suresh, you should be 55kg is not it, he was pressing premas boobs on saree very soft water melons” he was sharing with Ramesh. Ramesh offered prema a peg she readily agreed after taking a sip. Ramesh stopped. Don’t drink, you need to pour in my mouth and Ramesh and Prema’s lips joined now they both were kissing desperately.

Prema between both the men, seem more comfortable now. Ramesh was unrolling her saree from bottom and taking it till mounds and massaging the thighs. Suresh was still massaging the boobs on saree he also wanted to drink in the same way ramesh did. Now Prema kissing ramesh and suresh alternatively hey, why don’t you join” they asked me. I went near now” I can see them very close now.

Prema was very comfortable now; she was initiating the kisses now I was also very hot seeing all these I started pressing one boob under saree and on the blouse. Things were getting hot now prema now pressing ramesh on her breasts she was pressing it hard and still sitting on the lap of Suresh. Hey we want to drink now in a different way and they started taking off the saree.

Prema initially was hesitant and then help them taking off everything, Ohh what a scene my wife is standing naked between the three of us. They made her sleep in the center table and started pouring alcohol all over. Suresh was trying to clean the boob area while ramesh started cleaning the pussy which was watery either way for me her sexy navel was left and I stared drinking from there she was really aroused now 3 men working on her body. Suresh is working on her nipple now and was trying to byte it

Prema was pressing his head hard on her boobs and ramesh got fixed in between legs and really sucking the pussy likes anything. I could not resist more and started kissing her lips desperately and pressing one boob. She was very hot moaning like anything, Ramesh said does not look like this is a regular sult, her pussy is very tight and very juicy, one of the best pussy I have seen and good that it is hairy. I like hairy ones and he continued, Prema was irresistible

Now pulling Suresh’s hair and also pressing Ramesh’s her between legs. It continued for 30 mins and then Ramesh raised his head with satisfaction you are a real bitch. It will really be fun today” patted on my back “thanks man” it is a life time present u have given us. They both started becoming naked and they asked prema to sit or the tea table now all 3 tools were pointing to her she was confused what to do you whore now suck what the hell you are seeing.

Prema got frightened and gulped ramesh’s rod in her and started giving hand job to we both it was it rotation and she was doing it good Suresh, in his turn was pulling her head tight and taking his rod to her throat she started enjoying it after 10 –15 mins.all started coming in her face and we all sprayed all over her body she was a complete mess.

Now she was ordered to clean all tools till the last drop she did it now she was looking like a real slut and when our eyes met while cleaning mine she blinked her eye with satisfaction. Now they asked her to bath and get cleaned. Instructed her to come naked to dining room and serve them food. We all ate even Prema while serving ramesh and suresh started smacking her on ass saying lots of languages you slut, you whore you beach she was not reacting. Ramesh entered one carot to her pussy and started eating it he liked her pussy the most.

After dinner we had a round of smoke.Ramesh asked her to wait in the bed then we entered the bedroom where Prema was lying naked we pulled her to the center and there were a slow music we all started dancing naked everybody were pulling her towards them kissing, byte and smacking now all rods were again standing. Ramesh pushed her to the bed and entered her in her pussy she started screming. Now Ramesh started pumping hard she was now moaning hard. Suresh pushed his tool in her mouth and asked her to lick again

She started licking her balls also. They fucked her one after other for an hour and later pulled her head down of the bed while she was sleeping upright in the bed and started fucking in her mouth oh this should be painful for her now they were cuming in her face and the cum was all over her face she was looking like a real slut now.

They both were tired now they slept hugging her for some time and then said it was really great they thanked me a lot and it was already 3 am in the night we drove back to our house there was a smile in her face. Also I was satisfied. For feedback please mail me at [email protected]

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