My Friend And His Sexy Mom 2

Hi, this is Sarath back again. In the first part, I said I how made my friend as my cock sucking slave. In this part I will tell how I fucked her sexy mom in front of him.

My friend called me and he said he and his mom are ready for the deal and I said I will be at 7 pm sharp. So I went to their house and on the way, I got some beer bottles and some chicken.

As I entered the house, she welcomed me in. I went and I asked her to fry the chicken and get ready. I told her to wear a transparent saree and not blouse inside. She said ok and went for cooking. I went for bath and I asked my friend to help me.

He guided me to the bathroom and closed the door and asked him to remove my dress he did. And I asked him to apply soap for me. He do what I said and I asked him to apply soap on my cock and ask him to shag it. While he was doing that, I called his mom to come to the bathroom. He took out his hand from the cock. I asked him to do while her mom is seeing that he started again to shag it his mom watched his son shagging.

I asked her to bring towel she went and get the towel for me. She brought it and she went. After that I wore a lungi without underwear its her husbands lungi. I asked where he is?. My friend replied he is in hospital for treatment. I said ok.

After 15 min she came out with a red transparent saree with out blouse with fried chicken in her hand after watching this my friend said, “he was gluing out”. I stopped him said “You must watch how your mom is going to get fucked and u also help me”.

He could not neglect my order and stayed there. I asked her to sit beside me. She sat I opened a beer bottle and started to drink I gave to her to drink. She refused first but later she also drank it. After drinking session over I asked both to come inside the bed room. I asked my friend to sit on the chair first and asked him to watch.

I said to her, “she is going to be my bitch for night and do whatever I say with out hesitation”. She replied, “Yes”.

I started to hug her and kiss her lips. after kissing her I started to remove her saree as the saree fell down her boobs are hanging down I touched it and erased it. God, I cant take the boobs in one single hand.

I tried to press it in one hand and with the other hand I started to squeeze her ass she moaned in pleasure and I asked her remove my lungi and suck my blackie she knelt down and removed my lungi and took my blackie in her hand she said, “it is bigger then my hubby’s. I had never seen such a big cock”, and started to lick my cock.

Slowly she started to take my cock in her mouth and sucking it. I watched my friend there he was shagging his cock he was enjoying her mom sucking his friends cock she too saw her son shagging.

I asked him to come near me and remove his dress he started to remove his dress I asked him, “do you enjoy your mom sucking me”. He said, “Yes I love it”. I asked her to suck his cock now. She thought for a moment I said does it.

She had no way and started to suck him too.He enjoyed it and started to moan she sucked both of us at the same time after our sucking session over I said her to get up.

She stood up and lied down on the bed. I asked bala to lick her ass so I can fuck her while it softened he stared to lick her pussy during that I went top of her and pulled my cock in to her mouth and started to fuck her mouth she enjoyed her son’s tongue.

She started to suck me vigorously and after 5 minutes, I came down. I pulled her son down and I slowly inserted my cock in her pussy she moaned in pleasure as my cock entered in her pussy. I slowly started to fuck her and increased the speed.

Meanwhile, I asked her son to come near me and lick my balls. He started to lick my balls and mom’s pussy I enjoyed her pussy it was so tight I started to increase my speed.

I turned her over to doggy position and I started to fuck her from back and asked her son to fuck her mouth she is taking two cocks at a same time my friend enjoy her mom sucking his cock and getting fucked his friend.

After 20 minutes of fucking, I felt I was coming, so I took out my cock and poured my cum in to her breasts. I asked him to lick those cum from her boobs he wasted no time he licked all the cum and started to kiss her mom.

I now wanted to fuck my friend’s ass hole. So I asked her lick his ass hole and make free for my cock. She started to lick his ass hole while he sucks my cock she inserted her fingers in his ass hole after 5 min of licking she said, “its time to fuck my son and she loves to watch it”.

I took my cock from his mouth and started to pull my cock in his ass hole and started to fuck his ass hole as it was the first time he cried in pain her mom watching this sat on his face and he started to lick her pussy again and taking my shots in his ass hole after 15 min I cummed in his ass hole and made his mom to lick and clean my cum.

After that I gave them the money and fucked them again and again now she needs me and always call me through her son I also pay them for the sex. This is my experience if u like this story of part-1 and part-2 reply me to [email protected]

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