Moms and Band

Billy Thomas had to beg and plead with his mother to give him and his friends permission to use their garage for his band to practice. She finally gave in and for two hours a day she had to listen to Billy and his three friends jam out hard rock hair band songs. The other guys were really happy Billy was able to convince his mother to let them practice there, one she was always really cool about it and the other she was hot.

Christine Thomas, mother of two, 37 years old, she was in very good shape doing aerobics every morning. She should length blonde hair, framed her tan face, her blue eyes always seemed to dance and twinkle. Her body was beautiful as well, her breasts sat firmly on her chest, nicely round 36 d’s, her ass was small, tight and round, her legs long and tanned from sunbathing all summer long.

“Hey Mom good news we got our first gig.” Shouted Billy over the playing.

“Really that is a great son, where is it.” She shouted back.

“At the Woodrow Wilson highschool.” He shouted to her.

“Billy, which is twenty miles away, turn the music down boys.” She shouted.

“What’s wrong mom?” Billy asked.

“Well by the time you guys get packed up after your concert you will be out on the road really late, I think maybe I should get part of the other mother’s and chaperone you guys.” She explained. “Who knows maybe we might just get some motel rooms and spend the night.”

“Aw, out of town with our mom’s, this is going to be embarrassing.” Sighed Chuck Simmons the bass player.

“It won’t be that bad, I’ll be back out, why don’t you boys start putting you equipment away.” She said to leave the garage.

The boys did as she said and around fifteen minutes later she returned to the garage, she was smiling from ear to ear.

“The entire mother’s agree and we will all be going, Chuck’s you mom and Kenny’s mom with drive you two and your equipment. While Matt’s mom and I will drive the rest of the equipment, we even agreed to get motel rooms for the night as well. So we will all meet here at five o clock Friday afternoon and drive you boys to your gig, the rooms will be reserved so then all we have to do is go back to the motel afterward.”

The guys all left for home and Billy had to listen most of the evening to his mother explain to his father how much fun this was going to be. His dad looked at him amused at his son’s predicament, but offered no help in getting him out of it, actually agreeing with his mother on what a great idea this was.

A few days later Friday afternoon rolled around Billy and Matt loaded the equipment into the mini van. Mothers were out there neither to help them nor to tell them how to load every thing, then when they finally had it all loaded out came their mothers. They were each carrying a small overnight bag and they both made the boys stop and stare. Their usually conservative mothers stood in the garage looking like something that stepped off of MTV.

Christine, wore a tight denim skirt, a tight white halter top, she wore red heels and a pair of cute little white socks. Matt’s mom Colleen wore a tight one piece black spandex dress with matching heels, and her lipstick was thick and red. Colleen also has a large chest and the boys could tell she did not have a bra on under the dress. Matt had told them one time that his mother had a 44 double d chest or at least according to her bras.

“Wow, Mom, Mrs. Murphy, you two look hot.” He said

“Oh Billy would your stop with that Mrs. Murphy crap, but you can call me Colleen.” She said.

“Tonight try not to think of us as your mothers, think of us for being with the boys in the band.” Laughed Christine.

Finally the station wagon Chuck’s mom drove pulled into the driveway, Billy could not believe it when the other two moms got out of the car. Donna Mahoney, Chuck’s mom got out from behind the steering wheel, Donna like his mother Christine in blonde with long tan legs, only her hair is a lot shorter and she is tall. Donna looked incredible, and she had on a pair of daisy duke shorts and a sleeveless western shirt, along with a pair of cowboy boots. Sharon Martin, Kenny’s mom got out of the passenger seat, she some skins tight pair of jeans, black leather boots and a black lace shirt that was nearly see through, she wore a vest over it with a couple of buttons buttoned up.

“Wow you, and guys look great.” The mom’s all told each other.

Then they were off for the drive, the mom’s helped them set up for the show, took them out for dinner drawing a lot of stares from men as they ate pizza before the show. They got the boys back to the school so they could change and do a final sound check.

The mom’s had fun and danced during the entire show, while the boys played different songs from all the different hair bands. Three hours later the show was over and the boys packed up, loaded the van and station wagon back up.

“Hey Mom, we were talking, well more actually thinking about what you said earlier before we left tonight.” Billy said to close the back of the van.

“What’s that Billy?” She asked.

“Well you said tonight you are not our mothers, but you are with the boys in the band. So we were thinking when we get back to the motel, we are all eighteen, we are out of town and no one would know, maybe we could get some beer and party for a little while?” He asked expecting a no.

“What do you think girls, do we want to party with this really cool rock band?” Asked Christine.

“I could use a beer.” Laughed Colleen.

“Sure what the hell, let’s show our boys how cool we used to be, I saw an all night grocery store on the way into town.” Said Sharon.

So on the way back to the motel room they stopped at the all night store, they got beer, wine coolers and snacks. Then they got to the motel and got the keys to the two rooms they reserved, each of them with a double bed. The mom’s put their bags away and then they came into the boy’s room where they had filled the shower with ice, they placed all of the beer and wine coolers in the tub.

Kenny turned on Mtv in time for headbangers ball, he turned it up a little bit and then they began to party. The mom’s laughed and joked with their boys as they got drunk, before they knew it though the mom’s were drunk as well. A video for a slow song came on the television and Chuck went over and asked Christine to dance. She accepted and the two of them danced in the center of the room, Billy asked Colleen to dance, Kenny asked Donna and Matt and Sharon danced together.

After the dance Billy went over to the light switch and dimmed the lights, Kenny taking the hint found a soft rock station on the radio and shut the television off. They took turns swapping dances with each other mothers and a few times you would hear a laugh of a giggle when one of the guys would try to cop a feel.

Then the strangest thing happened, Chuck while dancing with Sharon kissed her fully on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down kissing him back, the six people stood or sat watching the exchange. Billy watched when Kenny gently pulled Christine down on the bed, and his mother and his friend began to kiss, then he saw Donna and Matt kissing on the other bed. Before he knew it him and Colleens were sitting in a chair, with Colleen sitting on his lap as they began to make out.

Billy tried to concentrate on the woman on his lap, as well as what was going on in the room, he could be her soft moans and groans, the sound of clothes being undone, the occasional dejection followed by a moan of acceptance. Then before he knew it Colleen slid off of his lap, she looked up at him the whole time with her big green eyes. She undid his jeans and unzipped them, she then pulled out his erect seven-inch cock out. She helped him shimmies out of his jeans some more, then she got between his legs, lovingly she licked the entire length of the shaft of his cock. Then he felt the warmth of her mouth as it engulfed his eager young manhood inside, he could hear the sounds of her slurping.

Billy looked around the room, he saw Chuck and Sharon, her vest on the floor, her small perky breasts hanging lewdly out of her shirt. He had her jeans undone and he had his hand inside of them rubbing her pussy. He watched as Chuck stopped kissing her and he leaned down sucking on one of her large pink nipples.

He then looked over to see what Donna and Matt were doing on the other bed, Donna was on her back, her western shirt unbuttoned, her daisy duke shorts were off, her cowboy boots still on. Matt was between her long legs, he was feverishly licking her pussy, which was completely shaved. Donna humped her pussy against his face, moaning, asking him to keep eating her til she came.

Then he saw his mother and Kenny, his mother had Kenny on the floor, he was naked she was straddling him, riding up and down on his cock. The only things she had on were the heels and socks, but his mother had such an incredible body. Just then Colleen stopped sucking him and stood up, she lifted the spandex dress off and stood before him naked. Then she climbed on top of Billy, and she rode up and down on his cock, her big tits bouncing in front of him the whole time.

The eight of them were now all fucking, mothers were in the same room as their son’s fucking one of their friends. A son’s in the same room as their mothers fucking their friend’s mothers. Soon the boys were pumping the older women full of cum, they all either sat around naked or laid down on beds. The boys were all in the bathroom drinking more beer and talking about what had just happened.

“Well I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to go fuck Billy’s mom.” Chuck announced boldly.

“Go ahead” Said Billy. “I will go fuck yours then.”

Billy followed Chuck out of the bathroom and true to his word Chuck got on the bed where Billy’s mom had decided to lie down. He got between her legs and rammed his cock into her wet squishy pussy. Billy went over to where Chuck’s mom lay on the other bed and forcibly rolled her over onto all fours. He proceeded to fuck her from behind, Kenny joined Colleen, the two of them got on the floor where Kenny proceeded to fuck her. Matt pulled Donna off of the bed he pushed the tall woman down to her knees, roughly grabbed the back of her head and shoved his dick between her lips.

The depravity went on for about an hour with all the boys once again shooting cum into the wanton pussies of these women. Billy, Christine, Chuck and Colleen left the others and went to the other room. Soon everyone was asleep, around six a.m. Billy could hear the shower running, he saw Chuck was still asleep as was Colleen. He got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, his mother was lathering herself up under the hot water. Billy pulled the Curtin back and got in with his mother, she tried to cover herself up.

“Mom I don’t think after what happened last night that it really matters anymore if I see you naked.” He said.

“No, I guess not, oh my your cock is getting hard.” She exclaimed.

“I did not get a chance to fuck you last night.” He said reaching down stroking it.

“Oh Billy it’s one thing what I did with the others, but we can’t.” She explained. “It would be wrong.”

“I don’t care.” He said in more of a growl.

He roughly grabbed his mother and kissed her on the mouth forcing his tongue into it, she struggled to free herself. Then he broke the kiss and turned her around, he positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy just under her ass. He gave a hard push, his cock entered the pussy that gave birth to him.

“Oh mom, you are such a fucking slut for rock stars.” He said to shove his prick in and out of her.

“Oh Billy, oh god yes, yes, I’m a slut for rock starssssssss.” She hissed. “Fuck me hard.”

Soon Billy was shooting his load into his own mother, the two of them recovered in the shower, she bathed her son and then herself again. When they got out, Chuck was fucking his passed out mothers, he had heard the two of them in the shower. He too wanted to fuck his own mother, so he took advantage of her when she was still passed out. Colleen started to wake up groggily to the site of her son over her fucking her.

“Yes baby, give it all to me, fuck me, fuck your mommy.” She whispered.

Like clockwork the two of them came together, everyone showered and dressed, in the other room the same thing happened. They too sampled some incestuous love between them and after a big breakfast the eight of them were on their way home. The boys all the way home kept asking their mothers if they were going to go to anymore of their shows, only to get the typical motherly response of “We’ll see.”

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Everything is starting to spiral out of control, one week after our overnight concert in another town everyone mothers were still acting like smutty groupies whenever nobody was around. When Billy Thomas finally arrived home from school, his mother was on the living room couch on all fours. His buddy Chuck was fucking her hard from behind while Chuck’s mom Donna stood in front of her, letting his mother lick her pussy.

“Mmmm Billy, would be a dear and fuck Donna?” His mother asked in between licks.

Billy walked over to the couch and extended a hand out to Donna, she took it and he helped her off of the couch. She takes him into her arms and they kiss passionately, she slides down and sits on the heavy oak coffee table. She unbuttons Billy’s jeans and pulls them down, then she pulls his semierect cock out of his boxers. Billy pulls off his shirt and looks down at Donna now grasping his cock.

Donna engulfs it into her warm wet mouth, sucking it until he is now fully erect, Billy starts to pump his hips back en forth fucking her pretty face. Finally she stops him and she gets up off of the coffee table, she places her hands on the table and bends over it. Billy shoves his cock up into her pussy fucking while watching Chuck fuck his mother.

“Oh god Chris, your boy has got such a great cock, oh that’s it babies fuck me, fuck me.” Donna moaned.

“Yeah, fuck her Billy. Oh Chuck fucking shit I’m going to cum again sweeties.” Screamed Christine.

Soon both boys were shooting there cum inside of both women, both boys collapsed naked on the couch. Their mothers left the living room with their clothes to get into the shower, the boys sat speechlessly together when the phone rang.

“Hello.” Said Billy

“Hey is this where I can get a hold of Rock until you Puke?” The voice asked.

“Yeah that is we.” Billy replied. “What can I do for you?”

“Well if you can be at my bar, the Dirty Glass at nine o’clock Saturday night I have a job for you, that will pay five hundred bucks.” The man on the other end said.

“Sure we have that date open.” Said Billy “We will see you Saturday.”

“Cool another gig.” Said Chuck. “I wonder if we will have our groupies again or will have to get new ones.”

“New what?” Asked Christine coming back out into the living room drying her hair.

“Oh we got another gig, this time at the Dirty Glass bar.” Said Billy.

“The Dirty Glass, boy that is one of the roughest bars in this area, a lot of bikers hang out there.” She replied.

“It pays well and we already told the guy we would take it.” Said Chuck.

“Well I guess we better go along to chaperone.” Said Donna now joining them in the living room.

“We better get dressed and let the other guys know.” Billy said getting up from the couch.

“Yeah and we will call Colleen and Sharon, see if they are free on Saturday.” Christine said getting out her cell phone.

Saturday night rolled around and the boys were busy loading up the van for the show at the bar. The boys were disappointed when the four women came out in their normal conservative clothes.

“Look boys we had to lie to your fathers in order for us to go to your show tonight, so we are going to dinner and movie. We will meet you there a little later, so keep an eye out for us.” Christine explained.

The boys got to the bar and the owner showed them where to set up, he also put his biggest, toughest bouncers by the stage as well. He called the guy Hugo, and he had to have been around six foot eight and probably weighed three hundred pounds.

Once they got set up the bar started to fill up with a lot of big bikers and assorted thugs, these guys did not want to hear any ballads so the boys would just have to jam out every fast song they knew. While in the middle of a song by Aerosmith the four most beautiful women just walked in, it was Christine, Donna, Colleen and Sharon. The four of them wore tight black leather skirts, spandex tube tops and spiked five inch heels. They sat at the table closest to the stage watching the boys play.

Several guys were hitting on them throughout the night, and the mothers kept the men at bay and still watched the show. With an hour left to the show two big bikers with pool cues came up to the table. After a brief discussion Sharon and Colleen got up. The two men led them to the pool room in the back of the bar. Donna got out of her chair to go to the bathroom, leaving Christine there by herself. Two big guys came over to sit in the vacant chairs, they dumped some coke on the table and after a little encouragement they got Christine to snort some of it up.

Then one of the guys started kissing Christine on the neck, while the other guy was rubbing her long legs. The guy who was kissing her then lifted her top and began to suck on her erect pink nipples. The other guy got down on his knees and found she did not have any panties on, he dove his face into her crotch eating her pussy.

Christine was so horny she could not stop what was going on, she let the two men fondle her and lick her pussy. Then she saw a nice cock being waved in her face by the guy who was fondling her. So she took it into her mouth, the guy who was licking her pussy, then started to lick her asshole. In all of her years she had never had her asshole licked, she liked the sensation of the man’s tongue swirling around her anal bud. The guy whom she was sucking finally shot his load down her throat, she took a long swallow from her drink and then lifted her leg higher to give the other guy better access to her pussy and ass. Once the guy brought her off to a powerful orgasm she got him to stand up so she could suck his cock. This guy did not last very long, after a couple of minutes this guy too was spilling his goo down Christine’s throat.

Suddenly Hugo chased the two guys away, he then stepped over to Christine and pulled out his cock. Christine gasped when she saw it, she tried to suck the monster but could barely get her mouth around it. Hugo pulled her out of the chair and lifted her up easily onto the table, Billy watched in horror as the monster pushed his huge cock into his mother. He watched his mothers eyes bug out of her head as he inched it in inch by inch.

Hugo was now pounding his monster in and out of Christine, he roughly squeezed her tits and you could actually hear her screams and moans over the music. Her legs were now wrapped tightly around the big man, pulling him tightly toward her.

“Oh yes fuck me, fuck me, oh gods you are so big, oh fuck me, fuck me with that big cock.” She screamed over and over.

Soon the giant was blowing load after load into her unprotected cunt, and he gently eased her off of the table and back into a chair. He pulled up his pants and then sat next to her for the remainder of the show, she could feel his cum dribbling down her leg not bothering cleaning it up.

Meanwhile Donna on her way back from the bathroom was stopped by five guys, she was told if she wanted to get back to her seat, she would have to get all five of them off. She sucked the first two guys off, when one of them lifted her off of her knees pushed against the wall and fucked her against the wall. Donna came several times as this young biker fucked her very hard against the wall. The next guy turned her around and fucked her from behind against the wall, he reached up and roughly pulled her tits out of their top. He roughly fondled them, pulling hard onto her nipples as he fucked a sloppy cunt. Soon this guy was shooting his cum into her cunt, and the fifth guy now came into view. She was going to get down on her knees, but he stopped her, he spun her around.

“Oh gods my pussy is going to be so sore.” She moaned.

“Pussy who said anything about pussy.” The guy said.

She heard the guy pull something out of his pocket, it was a lubricated condom, he slid it over his cock and shoved it up her ass. It hurt at first, but at least the condom helped it go easier, her ass wasn’t virgin, she had let her husband have it a few times and her son on Wednesday. Now here she was being treated like a dirty slut, getting fucked in the ass outside the bathrooms of a bar. The guy lasted long enough to make her cum and then he too was filling up his condom, she returned to the table where she sat with Christine and the surprising Hugo.

In the pool room the other two moms lost their game against the two guys whom they went out to play with. There must have been ten guys out in the room, when the one guy they played with told them to get on the table and dance. The two women did as they were told and danced on top of the pool table, they did a seductive dance and strip tease. They gave the men peaks at their pussies, asses and tits.

“Get it on” Yelled a guy from the back.

Reluctantly the two women started kissing each other, then they started fondling each other as well. Sharon had a few lesbian experiences so she was the one who started to take the initiative, she pulled Colleens’ tits out of her shirt. She licked, squeezed and sucked on her nipples, then she encouraged Colleen to do the same to her. Finally a dozen guys were gathered around the table watching the show as the two women started to get into each other.

They pulled each other down on top of the table kissing, licking and sucking on each other, they then began to finger each others pussies while kissing. Sharon rubbed gentle circles on Colleen’s clit, while Colleen fingers fucked Sharon’s wet pussy.

“Sixty-nine me.” Said Sharon.

Without waiting for an answer climbed on top of Colleen and began to lick and suck on her pussy. Colleen now had Sharon’s pink slit in her face, not sure what to do with it, when she felt Sharon’s tongue on her sensitive clit she let a moan escape. Then she hesitantly stuck her tongue out, having her fast taste of another woman. Liking what she had just tasted she was now licking Sharon’s pussy with as much passion as Sharon was licking hers.

While the two women were making love to each other, the crowd of men around the table all had their cocks out. As the women continued they were oblivious to the occasional shots of hot white cum being sprayed onto their bodies. They brought each other off and at the same time fifteen different guys had cum on their bodies. They fixed their clothes and walked hand in hand back out to the table, they still had the cum of fifteen strangers on them.

After the show was over the four women used the bathroom cleaning each other up and changing back into their original outfits. Hugo helped the boys load up their equipment and the manager gave them the five hundred bucks as agreed. Then he gave them each an extra fifty bucks, he claimed this was the best night he has ever had in the bar.

The boys were disappointed that none of them got to sample their sexy mothers or their friends mother after the show. When Billy finally got home, his mother was waiting in the living room with just a robe on.

“Hey, great show tonight.” She whispered.

“Yeah, how are you doing after what you did at the bar?” He asked sarcastically.

“Well the coke I snorted is finally wearing off, as for my pussy, it will be sore for a few days I think, that Hugo guy was huge.” She said. “Oh babies you’re mad at me aren’t you?”

“Well it’s just you looked so hot tonight, I was just hoping to have some of my sexy mothers.”

He said sullenly.

“Come over here baby.” She said.

He went over to the couch and sat down next to her, and he could smell the strong scent of her shampoo. She ran her fingers through his hair and then she undid her robe to reveal she was naked underneath. He was going to say something, but she placed a finger over his mouth, then she undid his jeans and pulled his hard cock out.

His mother gave him a long, wet blow job on the couch, while his father was in their bedroom sleeping. Billy could not believe how long he lasted, nor could him believe how long his mother was making it last. She loving sucked his cock until she felt the warm release of his hot young cum unloading itself into her mouth. She swallowed her son’s load, kissed him on the forehead and went off to bed. Billy put his deflated cock back into his pants, and he fell fast asleep dreaming of his mother and rock n roll.

Thanks to his mothers help Billy’s band continues to get more and more popular, soon playing five nights a week. The other women could not keep up with the rock n roll lifestyle, but they soon stopped going to the shows. Yet Christine continued to be a fuck toy for her son, his band, complete strangers she met at bars where they played often.

With all of the money coming in the boys were able to cut a demo and mail out copies of it to most of the major record labels. One afternoon when arriving home from school Billy sees a black Corvette parked in the driveway. He goes into the house to see his mother on the couch snorting cocaine with a guy he had never seen before.

“Who the fuck is this!?” Billy asked loudly with annoyance in his voice.

“Honey, and this is Mitch “The Bitchmaker” Mitchell from Rockhard Records.” His mother said to wipe the blow off of her nose.

“Hey kid, that was a great demo you guys sent out, I’m here to offer you and your band a record deal.” He said standing up and extending a hand to the young man who slowly reached out to take it.

“Wow, great to meet you.” Said Billy.

“Your mother has looked over the deal and she agrees this is a great offer, we will sign you guys to a three-record deal, you will get to open for great bands like Motley Crue or Dokken, tour the country, live the rock star lifestyle every day of the week. Just think kid, you will get more pussy than you ever seen, drugs, booze, party, signs on the dotted line.” The producer sat back and pulled the document out of his briefcase.

Without looking at it Billy signed on the dotted line, then he watched the guy take the contract and put it into his briefcase. He then pulled out baggie from his jacket and dumped more of his cocaine on the coffee table.

“Now that we got the deal done and before I go sign the rest of your band, how bouts me, you and your very sexy mother party some.” Mitch said. “You’ve done blow before, haven’t you?”

“Oh yeah sure.” Billy replied sitting down on the floor.

Billy took the rolled up hundred dollar bill Mitch was using to snort through and quickly sniffed up a row of coke. He coughed and sneezed a little, his eyes watered up, he hated the way it burned, Mitch muttered something about the more he does, the more he will get used to it. Then his mother took the bill from him and snorted up two long lines before handing it to Mitch, who then did a couple himself.

Within fifteen minutes the three of them had the small pile of coke snorted up, Billy sat on the floor watching his mother reach over and rub Mitch’s crotch. He felt as if he was in some kind of dream, as Mitch slouched down on the couch and helped his mother undo his pants. Christine pulled out his large erect cock and stroked, then she leaned down giving the agent a slow sensual blow job.

Billy crawled over to where his mother was on the couch, he pulled her long legs apart and kissed his way up her legs. He kissed his way all the way up to his mother’s pussy, he spread her lips apart and began to lick her wet cunt. His mother picked up the pace sucking on Mitch’s cock and humped her wet pussy against her son’s face. Soon she had to spit the cock out so she moans aloud how much she was cumming.

Mitch pulled her top off to reveal her firm braless tits, he then helped her up on top of his cock. Billy not wanting to be left out stood up, his mother using one hand to support herself while riding the agent’s cock, the other, she used to jerk off her son.

“Wow this is so fucking hot.” Said Mitch squeezing her tits hard.

“Oh yeah, give it to me rough, momma likes it rough.” She moaned.

Mitch was pounding his cock in and out of Christine for all he was worth, soon she was bouncing up and down on it so hard that you could hear his balls make a loud slapping sound against her ass.

“Oh fuck bitch, I’m going to fucking cum, oh fuck I’m going to cum.” He groaned shooting load after load up her cunt.

After Mitch finished cumming Christine climbed off and knelt on the floor before her son, she took her son’s cock into her mouth deep throating him in one big gulp. Billy humped his cock hard in and out of his mother’s hot wet mouth. She was soon rewarded for her hard work with generous helpings of her son’s cum being sprayed down her throat.

“Wow kid you, sure do have one great mother there.” He said pulling up his pants.

“Thanks.” They both said in unison.

“Well I got to go see the other members of your band, and we will be in touch kid.” Said the agent as he left the house.

After Mitch left Billy and his mother cleaned up, then they got dressed before his father got home. His mother prepared a simple dinner when Billy got the first call from Chuck about the record deal. Billy left his parents alone in the kitchen and went into his bedroom so they could talk in private.

“I wish you talked to me before you let him sign that contract Christine.” Billy’s father said with dismay in his voice.

“Well it is what he wants, so let him follow his dream.” Christine replied scraping the dishes into the garbage.

“Maybe it won’t be so bad, I guess we can use his college money for that condo and I will have my wife home with me for a change.” His father had complained many times his wife not being home enough.

“I’m going with him, to take care of him and the other kids while they go off on the road.” His mother replied.

“What!?” Yelled her husband. “Out of the question, out of the fucking question Christine.”

“Who the fuck is you to tell me what I can and can’t do Phillip.” She shouted back.

“I’m your husband, look I let your little groupie stages go, figuring you were just having fun with your son before he leaves the nest, but this is too much.” Phillip said pushing himself away from the table.

“Fine then, I want a divorce, going with Billy will be a lot better than sitting around here being the good wife while you get fat and old.” She said defiantly.

“Good then I will give you your fucking divorce, but I will make sure you will get nothing, you hear that bitch nothing!” He shouted storming out of the house.

Christine began to sob while leaning against the cabinets, she could hear her husband’s car squeal its tires as it sped down the street. Billy hearing his father and mother argue, then he waited until his father left before coming out into the kitchen. He took his mother into his arms and held her there while she sobbed into his neck.

Soon the sobs turned into soft wet kisses on his neck, he could feel his mothers warm breath, his cock was getting hard. His mother lifted her head and the two of them engaged into a passionate kiss, Billy could feel how intense the moment was getting. He reached up with both and hands to the front of his mothers dress, then he ripped it open.

His mother broke the kiss and stood in the kitchen panting hard looking him in the eye, he could see that they were glazed over with the same animal lust he was feeling. He reached up and unhooked his mother’s bra, freeing her tits, then he grabbed around the waist with one arm roughly, leaned down to suck on her tits. Her skin was so hot it felt like it was on fire, Billy then stopped doing what he was doing. He let go of her long enough to sweep the dishes off of the table, then he turned back to his mother.

He picked her up and set her down on the table, he pushed her onto her back then he reached up her dress. Instead of pulling her panties down, he just ripped the flimsy material apart, she whimpered for a moment from the pain of his forcefulness, but then arched her pussy up toward him. Billy pulled his hard cock out of his pants, he fucked his mother hard right there in the kitchen on the table they eat their meals on.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh.” He grunted over and over again.

“Yes Billy, fuck me hard, mommy is your bitch now baby, fuck mommy hard, harder Billy, fuck me harder.” She beckoned him to punish fuck her pussy.

Billy fucked his mother until she screamed aloud that she was cumming, he waited for her orgasm to subside for a moment. Then he saw the butter dish sitting on one of the chairs, he picked it up and pulled out his cock. He rubbed the butter all over his cock, then without warning he shoved it hard and forcibly into his mother’s asshole.

“Oh yeah, yeah fuck mommy in the ass, oh fuck, oh fuck that hurts so fucking well, fuck my ass son.” She moaned.

“Fuck dad, fuck everyone, your ass belongs to me now mom.” He said as he pounded her ass hard with every inch of his cock.

“Yes baby, my ass belongs to you, fuck my ass baby, fuck it, fuck it hard.” She moaned.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, my god you slut, I’m going to cum in your ass Mom, oh shit here it comes.” He said as he shot one spurt into her ass, then he pulled his cock out and shot the rest of it all over the front of her and her dress.

After that night Billy and his mother packed, they moved to the city where the recording studio was. Then with the other members of the band they recorded their first record, then they went on tour promoting it. Christine was right there with her son, fucking other famous rock stars, fucking her son’s band mates and fucking her own son.

The first album and tour were received well, so they were back in the studio making another album. Christine went along for the ride again, the opened for bigger bands, they went on a longer tour. The third album did very well and now the band was going to headline, they partied hard, Christine still by her son’s side. When they finished touring, they came back looking for a new deal, they got one but they found that the industry went toward grunge.

After the fourth album and tour the band broke up, all four members went their separate ways as did Billy’s mother. Chuck Mahoney was able to save some money and was able to start his own record label, he produces many pop music acts. Matt found religion, left the music industry and got married, he now is a pastor at a church in a small town, he and his wife have five kids. Kenny played in a few other bands, then he got a small part in a movie, that led to roll on a television drama, now he does both movies and television.

Billy tried to play in a few other bands, then he put out several solo albums, Billy was able to find success again when he formed a retro hair band with other former hair band members. They tour the country performing the same songs that made them popular in the eighties, then he wrote his memoirs, he changed his mother’s name and made her out to be an older neighbor lady. The book was a New York Times best seller for several weeks and as for Billy’s mother.

Christine woke up one night, she did not like whom she saw in the mirror, she saw a slut and a drug addict. She no longer saw the loving caring mother and wife her once was, she saw someone who was a shadow of her former self. She gathered up a few things, then she checked herself into rehab, several months later Christine reemerged off of drugs and healthy again. She decided to go back home and a make amends to people she had hurt, maybe finds a job and settles down.

She showed up at her former home, she found out that her husband still lived there alone and she went up the walk, then knocked on the door. When he answered, they both stood staring at each other for several long minutes. Then he invited her in, they talked and cried all afternoon, then they went out to dinner. Phillip told her that she looked like she did before she got caught up in the rock n roll lifestyle. He offered her their sons former room, she agreed and moved in with her ex-husband. It took several months but the two of them reconciled, she sent Billy a short letter telling him that she went home and found what she really wanted out of life again. She then told him in the letter that his father and she were going to get remarried and that they were going to go on a cruise. She wished him happiness and hoped he would someday come home again to see them, she thanked him for loving her all of those years they spent together.

Billy took his mother’s letter and put it in a scrap book he kept during his time on the road, he drank a shot of whiskey. He could not wait to get out of this crappy little apartment he was staying and get back out on the road with the other has been to play rock n roll before a crowd again.

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