Hello friends, I am reproducing the story earlier sent by my net friend Jayan from Kerala and penned down by me for my readers. This is really good incidence which he has narrated as per his memory. Tell me how you liked the story? Send your comments to [email protected] or [email protected]

Hello sultan sir. I am writing to you as I wish to share my experience with you and request you to post it on the ISS so that all my friends on net would read it. I wish to congratulate you for the marvelous stories you posted on the various sites. All the stories in the site given by you were fantastic and your narration was super. You are master in story telling and expert in narration.

I am not as good a writer as you are so I think it is better that I mail you what happened in my home and you write in detail. Earlier I was apprehensive whether to write or not and if post it whether to use the correct name and relation or not and I thought incest is bad and I should not share my experience with anyone as it will bring disrepute to my family but you convinced me that there is nothing wrong in sharing your experience with like minded persons.

After reading all your lovely stories, now I feel that it will be better if I use at least half of the real name of persons involved in the incidence. You were right and really now I feel that incest and sharing thought.. Sex within family.. Group sex etc is all fun. The incidence involves my mother. Actually I hadn’t taken the said incidence about my mom much serious previously.

My story as much i explained below. Please write and sent to me after uploading. All the conversations are actually in Malayalam which I translated for the sake of readers. I hope readers will appreciate my effort. So let us start with the incidence.

My name is Jayanraj. Mother’s name is Divya. I am 24 and my mother is 43 now. But what I am going to say is about an incidence which happened when I was in school, in 9th standard when I saw raw sex for the first time. Actually I kept on noticing things for almost a year, but didn’t know what to do. Whether what was happening was wrong or right I didn’t understand.

But deep within there was a feeling that something which was wrong, was happening around me. I was a simple boy who had been taught that sex is a bad thing, not to be discussed or shared with anyone. I had no one to fall back to ask. If I asked my mom she would have beaten me like a dog. If I asked my friends they would have made fun of me. So I kept it to myself and waited for the opportune moment to arrive. Now I will start with the story.

My mom is beautiful and has figure of 38-32-35 size. Mom is of wheatish complexion around 160 cm tall. She had long hairs like all Malyalis do, she loved flowers in hair, had big and round ass, her breasts were stout and heavy, her big sparkling eyes black in color, small nose and she boasted smooth tummy. She was very good to look at. All my friends were her fan and would love to be in my house just to taste idli.

She was admired at by all even in the locality and family. Everywhere I saw people watching her up and down whenever we had to venture outside. It was the time we have started our house renovation. The house was partially demolished to give it a new look. We vacated the concerned portion and started staying in the remaining part of the old house partially demolished. It was only me and mom. Dad was in gulf working at that time.

I used to stay in a shed nearby and mom in the room. We made sure that at least one room and kitchen were not demolished of old house. Mom used to sleep in kitchen and I was made to sleep in the room covered with shed. The toilet was in the courtyard so I had to cross kitchen when ever I had to pee.


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