Mera Rajesh

Hi Readers, This is Kaveeta Gupta here; I back here with my new exciting experience to share with you. You will recall my earlier postings Fuck in Ass and Diwali fun. I am back here after a long gap as in between I did not find anything exciting to share with it was all routine fucks / swapping with my husband or his friends or with my female friends. But I was regularly enjoyed reading your postings.

Just for your ready reference I will reintroduce myself. I am Kaveeta Gupta, married with one son 5 years old. I am 38 originally from Delhi settled in Nagpur after my marriage with my husband (Amit) who is a businessman. My vital stats are 38 32 38. I am a party lover but restricted to my close circle. I drink and smoke too. My husband has expanded his business and had invited his younger brother Rajesh to join him in the business. Rajesh is 32 years married they both husband wife are staying with us. We are a broadminded family and Rajesh my husband and I many a times drink together before our dinner or weekend lunch.

This happened on last Friday, while Amit is on tour to Singapore with his clients for 10days. Rajesh’s wife went to Alwar on Thursday to meet her parents as her father is not well. We are three me, Rajesh and my son. On last Friday Rajesh came from office in the evening around 8.30pm I was in my room with my son feeding him the dinner. My son goes to sleep early by 9.30 / 10pm. After making my son sleep I went to Rajesh’s room to ask him about his dinner plan.

He was talking to his wife over phone and told me that he will come to living room in 10minutes, by that time I went to me room and changed my dress and wore thick cotton nighty with bra and panty inside which was not visible and came to living room. After some time Rajesh too came and was looking upset probably he had a fight with his wife. He asked me shall we have some drink before the dinner. I said I don’t mind. I opened the bar and made two drinks (whiskey) for me and him. He told me that he will have on the rocks while I had my soda and water.

He was looking very upset I asked him what happened. He told me nothing let us enjoy the drink. We were sipping our drinks and watching TV. We finished our drink and made a second round which he again took on the rocks while my second drink was half finished he made his 3rd drinks on the rock and was little high. He asked me for the cigarette which I gave him normally he does not smoke in front of me or his brother. by this time it was already

11.00pm after finishing my 2nd drink I asked him shall we go for dinner he said let us have one more drink then we will have food. I said OK made another round of drink this time I had mine also on the rocks and sat beside him on the sofa and we were watching TV. He was in T-shirt and shorts while I was in my nighty both of us were silently sipping our drinks and smoking. Suddenly I started moving my fingers in his hairs and asked him why are you looking so upset what happened?

Any business problem? He said no just was upset with his wife who wanted him to join him at Alwar but he can’t go because his brother is not here on that issue they had a fight. I told him just ignore the issue have dinner and go to sleep. After finishing my drink I went to kitchen to place the dinner on dining table by the time I placed dinner he went for another drink which he had while having dinner.

After 5 on the rock drinks he was little high. While I was having dinner I was dreaming about him looking at him with my lusty eyes and I was thinking to sleep in his arms tonight. I did not want to miss the opportunity to have a new Lu…d after a long time. After finishing our dinner while we were getting up from the chairs he lost his balance and I immediately gave him support and stopped falling him.

He was in my arms his head was touching my boobs. Slowly I took him to his room he and placed him on the bed he was in all his senses and was praising me while leaving his room he asked me that if he could share a cigarette with me in his room, I told him OK I will bring cigarette and lighter and coming back in 10 minutes after clearing the dining table and kitchen. After doing cleaning work

I went to my room changed my nighty (wore a pink transparent gown) removed my bra & panty so that he could view my assets. With cigarette and lighter I went to his room he was lying on the bed and watching TV. I offered him cigarette and light for both of us. He asked me why I changed my nighty, I told him that was spoiled while cleaning the kitchen. Both of us were sitting together on the bed and smoking. He told me that I was looking very sexy in this nighty I lifted my eye brows and with a sexy smile told him “really”

I could see his penis was growing in his shorts while he was smoking and looking at my boobs. I could see the lust and sex in his eyes and same was here. I kissed on his forehead and wished him Good Night. He requested me that he is having a head ache can I message his head for some time so that he could have a good sleep. I said ok. He put his head in my lap and I started moving my fingers in his hairs and forehead.

While looking at my boobs and in my eyes he told me that I looking very good and I am blessed with good assets. I said what assets? he told me this touching my boobs. By this time I had lost control on me, feeling of his head on my choot and his touching my boobs. I told him with a sexy smile that you too have got good asset he asked me what? I bend down and holding his erected Lund through his shorts, while doing this my boobs were on his face.

Both of us crossed our lines and hugged each other locked our lips we were kissing and smooching he was pressing my boobs pinching on my erected nipples while our lips our locked I inserted my tongue in mouth. We broke for a second and he asked me if he could feel my boobs I told him with my naughty smile on one condition he asked me what if he could let me feel his lund he laughed and removed his shorts and underwear immediately.

I took his long thick erected Lund in my hand and he removed my nighty I was standing first time naked in front of my devar I removed his t shirt too both of us were total naked and got involved in our foreplay he was pressing sucking my boobs licking my ears necks I was holding and playing with is dick. I was moaning my choot was dipping with my cums I hold him from his head and brought him down to lick my clean shaven pussy.

He inserted one his finger in my wet ch oot which was already leaking and was licking my juices while doing finger fucking biting on my flashy thighs. I lost my all controls and was moaning and groaning ahhhhhhah maaaaaaaa rajeshhhh pls ohhhhhhh yeh kay kar rahe ho apni bhabi ke saath ohh maa plss fuck me aaj moka mila hai apni bhabhi kooo chood dalooo ohhhhhh goddddddddddddddd. Without any respond he was busy in licking my wet choot. Ahhhhhh ohhhhh rajeshhhhh

I am coming he fastened the speed of his finger I started talking dirty to him and splashed my cum on his face. I lifted him and licked my cum from his face we locked our lips kissing each other I inserted my tongue in his mouth and tasted my cum from his mouth while doing this I was playing with his erected lung with my right hand. After kissing for few minutes I sat on my knees and started licking his thick lund tasting his pre cum on my tongue and took his full lund in mouth and holding his balls in my hand

I was enjoying sucking his lund in my mouth like a lolly pop. I licked his balls and his ass hole. Doing this for some time I asked him to say some dirty words to me, he ahhhhaaaaaaaa meri payarri bhabhi bahut mazzzzzza aa raha hai ohhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh. I told him to call me by name not bhabhi and talk dirty thing to me abuse me. He was moaning ohhhh kaveeeetaaaa pls zor zor se choso mera lundd ohhhhhhh ludd ki bhukhi plss bhen ch.d ahhhhhhh kaveeeeta aaj tujhe chodne ka mera sapna pura hoga ohhhhhhhhhhh plsss madar ch.d I am coming hhhhaaaaaaa ohhhhhhh hhhhhaa maaaaaaa ley pe laye mera he came in my mouth and

I gulped all his cum and after licking drop of his cum I got up and we kissed each other for some time. Sat naked on the bed and started smoking while smoking he told me that he had fantasized about me many a times while fucking his wife. He also told me that he has peed in our bed room while I was getting fucked by Sapna’s husband and Amit was fucking Sapna. Since then he was dreaming to have me and Sapna both together. I promised him I will make his dream come true soon if he allows me to fuck him tonight.

He started laughing and said Done kissing on my cheeks. After finishing his cigarette he got up and I asked him where he is going he told to wash room for a pee. I told him he can do it here only with his open mouth he said What? I too got up sat on my knees on the floor with both my hand close to my lips I asked him to pee in my palms he did it and I drank all his salty warm pee after he finished I was licking my palms and my fingers looking in to his eyes and then started sucking his semi erected lund again.

In few minutes It was fully erected I asked him to lay on his back on the bed and I came on top of him in 69 position and again took his lund in my mouth and he started sucking and licking my pussy. In between he was moving his two fingers in my wet c hoot. After doing oral for some time I got up and spread my choot adjusted his dick on the face of my choot and sat on his penis. It all went smoothly in my wet tunnel.

After taking whole dick in mine I bend down and start kissing him licking his nipple he was pressing my boobs I started jumping on his penis and both of us were moaning uhhhh ahh ohhhh kaya maza aa raha hai rajessshhhh tumaraha lun d bahut mota aur lamba hai uiiiiiii maaaaaa rajesh say something dirty to me he was slapping on my boobs I asked him to pinch on my nipples bite on my

Boobs ohhhhhhhh kaveeeeeeeeeeta kitna maza aa rahaaai tum meri wife ko bhi aise cho d na sikha dooo ahhhhh who bhen cho .d ko lun d chuna nahi aataa tum bahut acchha chusti hooooooooooooo aahhhhhh I was moaningggggggggg Rajesh mujhe bhi uski chu t bhi chusni hai tum uski chu t mujhe chuswao ge naaaaa plssssss haaaa I am cummingggggggg ohhhhhhhh ma I had my orgasm his was still to cum

I got up and asked him to sat on the corner of the bed and started sucking his l und after doing this I sat in his lap with my legs crossed around his waist took his l u nd again in my c hut both of us locked our lips and I was jumping in his lap and after few shots he told me he is about to cum ohhh rajeshhhh I am also cuming cum inside me I want to feel ur hot cum ohhhhhhhhh kaveeeeeeeettaaaa yheeeeloooo main aaaaaa raha huuuu.

Both of us came almost together. I got up from his lap and cleaned my c hut with my fingers and start licking my fingers and cleaned his l und too by licking. By this time it was 2am both of us decided to smoke a cigarette and go to sleep we sat for some time smoked and slept naked in each other arms like husband wife.  Hope you enjoyed this. More to come with me Rajesh & Sapna. Till then bye and love you all

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