It was after one of our few sessions where Jaya let me fuck her, that she began to talk to me about her interest in that story in the magazine. She said she found it very exciting to think of me licking her pussy after she’d had sex with another guy. She said it made her feel sexy and would that it would show that I really loved her. As she was telling me this I was kissing her breasts and pulling on her nipples. She placed her hands gently on each side of my head and gradually pushed me further down. I was kissing her stomach then the top of her pubic mound. She gave me a gentle push and my mouth was up against her wet pussy where I had shot my sperm only minutes before.

I could tell that she was getting really excited. Her hips were gyrating slowly as I ran my tongue tentatively along her wet slit. It didn’t taste as bad as I feared and before long her body was quivering as I gave her a good licking, my tongue going up inside her tight cum filled hole. After several minutes we changed position and Jaya straddled my face, her pussy only inches above me. She then proceeded to rub herself all over my face and nose. I could feel my cum running from her and I lapped it up. Jaya had several orgasms that evening before she was finished with me. This experience added a new dimension to our lovemaking. Quite often when Jaya came home from a night out with her friends, which was happening several times a week now, she would tell me that she’d been a naughty girl that night. I would be licking her wet slit as she told me little stories about her evening.

She’d ask me if I liked eating her when I didn’t know what she’d been doing or if she’d been with another man. She even told me once to imagine that I was licking her after another man had shot his load in her and asked me over and over if I could taste his cum. This type of fantasy never failed to bring us both to swift orgasms. It became quite usual for me to wait by the door for Jaya to come home and as soon as she’d stepped inside and closed the door I’d lift her skirt and begin eating her, pushing her up against the wall. At other times, if she was really late getting home, she would come up to our bedroom and wake me. She would then strip and quickly squat over my face as I lay with my head on the pillow and licked her swollen excited pussy. At these times her pussy would be extremely wet, almost sopping and she would rub herself over my face. It was also left to me to jack myself off as Jaya brought herself off on my face as she claimed that she was too tired to do me afterwards.

We were very close and intimate with each other by this time. I don’t think anything brings a couple closer together than sharing their fantasies with each other. I also believe that eating her pussy was the most intimate act that I could perform for her. We both loved each other and loved the sex, even though sexual intercourse was now non existent between us. About this time we also started a few other games. Jaya liked to watch me jack off, and I often did it for her wrapping my cock in a pair of her silky panties. At other times she would tell me to jack myself off while she was out and hand me a pair of her panties to do it into. I’d show her the spunk encrusted panties when she came home. She also liked me to wear her panties occasionally. I did find the feeling of her silky knickers on my body quite erotic. Luckily my penis is quite small and it fits neatly inside even her skimpiest panties.

Once or twice she has gotten me to wear a pair of her little panties to work under my business suit. Wearing these all day keeps me permanently aroused and it doesn’t take much to bring me off later that night after servicing her. Once Jaya actually made me wear a pair of her panties when we went to a party at a friend’s house, this was one of the few times we went out together. The party was in full swing when we arrived. There were couples kissing and feeling each other up in every corner. We’d only been there a matter of minutes when Jaya was dragged away to dance by a colleague. I was left alone to find a drink for myself. It was probably half an hour later that I saw my wife again. She was sitting with a man on either side of her on one of the sofas. One man had an arm around her shoulders and Jaya was laughing and giggling with them both. The man on her left kept trying to lift her skirt up, in a playful way, and Jaya was pushing his hand away.

The room was fairly dark and I knew that they probably couldn’t see me as I was stood slightly behind them. I watched as the man kept trying his luck and I noticed that each time his hand went a little higher up my wife’s thigh. The man on Jaya’s right then seemed to join in and she’d no chance against two of them, in fact one of the men held both her hands as the other lifted her skirt high up her thighs. Her long legs were now completely displayed to these two men and anyone else who passed by. Jaya seemed to give up the battle and proceeded to stretch her legs out in front of her. She was now exposed up to her waist as the men lifted her skirt higher. They were both taking the opportunity to give her a good feel and I could see their hands roaming over her thighs and up onto her panties. Both men’s hands then became busy around her pussy and, although I couldn’t see what they were doing from where I stood, I had the impression that they were both putting fingers inside her.

Strangely I found this tremendously exciting and my penis was erect inside the white lace pants that Jaya had made me wear that evening. Unfortunately it was at this moment that another of Jaya’s friends, Bhavya, arrived. She obviously took in the scene on the sofa pretty quickly, and the fact that I had been standing watching it. Bhavya took me by the hand and into the kitchen area and then engaged me in conversation for half an hour or so. It was pretty obvious that the idea was to keep me away from Jaya and whatever she might be getting up to. I was a bit upset at first, it wasn’t that I wanted to break up Jaya and her amorous friends; I just wanted to watch what was going on. Bhavya, though, was quite good company. She told me that Jaya and she had no secrets and that they had often discussed their sex lives with each other. She told me that Jaya was really happy with the way our sex life was and Bhavya also implied that she knew that I wasn’t actually fucking Jaya anymore.

She also shocked me by telling me that she knew I was wearing a pair of my wife’s panties under my jeans and went on to tell me that it was Jaya’s idea that if I was wearing them then I wouldn’t be tempted to fool around at the party with other women. When Bhavya eventually let me go I went in search of Jaya but couldn’t find her, though there were several rooms that had the doors locked. I contented myself with having a few more drinks and watching the groupings and sexual activities that were openly taking place at various points around the house.

At one point I saw Bhavya sucking a man’s cock, which was a bit strange as I knew she was married and that her husband was away on business just then. Jaya found me about an hour later. She just came up to me, smiled and asked if I was ready to leave yet. We were home within the hour. Jaya had asked me if I enjoyed the evening. I told her that I had but, that it would’ve been better if I’d known what she’d got up to with those two men. She just smiled and said that she’d hoped that I’d been watching them. She asked me what I’d seen and I told her that I’d seen the men fingering her while she had her skirt around her waist. She asked me what else I’d seen, but I told her how Bhavya had taken me away to talk. She laughed and said, “Good old Bhavya.”

We were home by this time and Jaya led me straight up to the bedroom. She made me strip off, leaving only the white panties on, and lay on the bed. Then she took her clothes and got on the bed with me. She moved straight up to my head and straddled my face with her thighs, her pussy resting against my chest.

She was looking down into my eyes when she said, “I really want you to do this for me tonight. You want to do it, don’t you?”

I said, “Yes.”

Then she said, “It’s a bit different tonight. I’ve been a naughty girl, you know that don’t you?”

I had a good idea what she meant, she meant that she’d let a man fuck her that evening. My mind was in turmoil but I knew that I wanted her to put her pussy over my face and let me eat it. It was as if she’d been training me over the past few weeks. I wanted her to rub it all over me. I wanted to eat out her pussy even though a strange man had cum in her only an hour before. I wanted to prove that I loved her.

Her pussy was still resting on my chest and I could feel the heat coming from it. Jaya asked me again, “You want this don’t you? You want to eat my pussy, don’t you?” I was nodding. She was still talking at me as she brought her pussy closer to my face, “You really want to eat my sloppy wet cunt, don’t you?” Jaya didn’t usually use language like that and it turned me on all the more to hear it now. I could see her pussy close up now as she brought it above my face. Her puss lips were bright red and looked raw. They were also hanging loose and I could see her hole was wet and open. Her cunt really was a mess up close with her hair matted and tangled and her hole literally dripping.

She was only a few inches above me so I raised my head and began to lick, first at the outer lips then the long, hanging inner lips. I sucked those lips into my mouth and ran my tongue over them. Then my tongue found her hole. It was as I pushed my tongue inside her that Jaya began to really grind herself down onto my face. Soon she was rubbing and wiping her cunt all over my face. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. She was still talking to me all the time, telling me to lick her and, at one stage, to eat her lover’s cum from her.

Some time later when she was happy that I’d licked everything that I could out of her, she slid down beside me in the bed. My face was covered in her pussy juice and — if I believed what she was telling me, the spunk of at least one other man. We kissed several times and she asked me if I wanted her to jack me off. I was embarrassed to admit that I had shot my load into her panties while I was licking her pussy. Jaya found that really amusing and laughingly said that at least it was proof that I had enjoyed what I had just done. We went to sleep then, Jaya with a well fucked pussy that had been lovingly soothed by my tongue, me still wearing the panties that I had worn all evening and with a mixture of my wife and her lover’s sex cum drying on my face.

When we woke the next day we talked again about the previous night’s experiences.

I was a bit reluctant to admit how much I’d enjoyed it, but Jaya was really positive and said that it was an experience that she’d like to have over and over again. She felt it was good for our relationship for her to have lovers and to share some of the experience with me. She also told me how good I was at oral sex, which made me feel better. Jaya told me that she’d be going out the following evening and that she would like to think that I’d be there for her when she got home to provide, as she put it, that little something extra. I presumed from this that she was going to have sex with a man and she wanted me to clean her up afterwards.

True to her word, Jaya went out the next evening and I even helped her get ready. It was a strange feeling helping my wife of only a few months, get dressed to meet a lover. I chose her underwear with special care knowing that another man was going to be removing the little g-string that I’d pulled up her thighs. Jaya even let me kiss her pussy before she left. She raised her short lycra mini-skirt and slipped the flimsy panties to one side so that I could run my tongue up and down her slit. She tasted divine, but I knew that she would taste even better when she returned that evening with her lover’s spunk dripping from her. Once again Jaya made me wear a pair of her panties while she was out. This time it was a red pair, cut high on the legs. My penis was erect even before she left.

It was only about half past ten when Jaya returned home. I was sitting in the living room when she arrived. She smiled at me as she walked through the doorway and her first words were to tell me that she’d been a naughty girl again, but that she’d brought me home a present. Without asking her anything I went and knelt before her as she stood in the center of the room. I started kissing her legs at the ankles and worked my way upwards. I was soon lifting her skirt up her thighs. The first thing I noticed was that there was dribble down her stockings, but as I raised the skirt further I could see why. My wife had come home without her knickers.

I gazed at her trimmed pubic hairs and once again noticed the tangled mess they were in. There was drying sperm in amongst the hairs and I could see her cunt lips hanging loosely down again. Jaya pulled my head gently towards her and I buried my face in the sticky mess. I was soon licking some strange man’s spunk out of her, running my tongue around her slit and up her hole. I even moved around to the rear and got Jaya to bend over while I licked her anus and up the crease of her ass. She seemed to like this especially so I probed her anus with my tongue but it was very tight and I could only get in about quarter on an inch. Within ten minutes I had cleaned Jaya up sufficiently that she was able to sit with me on the sofa without messing it up. She watched while I slipped my penis out of the leg hole of the panties and rubbed myself to a swift orgasm. She even scooped some of my cum off my stomach and fed it into my waiting mouth.

Jaya started going out with men about three times a week from then on. There was no pretense at meeting girlfriends or going for dinner, she was going out to get fucked and we both knew it and loved it. I’d developed a passion for eating out her sloppy pussy and she had the desire to make me do it. I’d look forward all day till the time she’d arrive home in the evening and I could raise her dress or skirt up to her waist and bury my face in the sticky remnants of her lovemaking. I knew instinctively without her telling me when she’s begun an affair at work. It seemed that she’d deliberately let her lover fuck her just before she left work in the evening so that she was still leaking his cum when I met her at the front door. Jaya loved to talk to me while I performed for her. She’d ask me if I liked what I was doing, whether she tasted good and whether I loved her. The answer was yes to all the questions.

I had, for the past few weeks, began enjoying licking her anal area. Since that first time, and knowing how much Jaya liked it too, I’d make a special effort to clean her up around there. I think she liked me doing it because it was especially humiliating for me to lick her asshole clean. It was with great delight therefore when she came home to me one evening and found that her once tight little ass had been ravaged. I got Jaya to bend over the edge of our bed while I examined her in more detail. It was clear that she’d been fucked up the ass, there was sperm still dribbling from it and I wasted no time in getting my face down there and inserting my tongue into her asshole. Eventually she sat over my face as I laid on the bed and let the spunk run out of her ass into my waiting mouth. I spent a long time kissing and licking her there to show my appreciation for what she’d done.

Jaya confided to me that evening that her boyfriends were aware that I liked the job of cleaning her up after they’d used her and that one of them had particularly used her ass that night to see if I still did my duty. Jaya had assured him that I’d love the idea of cleaning out her asshole but he couldn’t believe that someone could degrade himself that far. Soon after this Jaya said that she was going to start bringing her lovers home. She was having regular sex with four men now and she wanted them to meet me and for me to be there while she was getting laid. They were also very keen to meet me and also watch me as I sucked their spunk out of Jaya. This was an exciting development for us as it meant that I could be more actively involved in my wife’s lovemaking.

Chandu was the first friend that Jaya brought home. They had spent the evening together and had arrived at our house around nine. I shook hands with Chandu and we seemed to get on ok. I got Chandu and Jaya drinks and made one for myself. Jaya sat with Chandu on the sofa while I went to sit in an armchair until Jaya stopped me. She told me to come and sit with them, but pointed to the floor by their feet. I did as she asked and sat at their feet watching as they chatted at first then began to kiss each other. Soon they were feeling each other all over, their hands rarely leaving each others bodies. Chandu then undid Jaya’s blouse and was feeling her breasts through her white bra. He freed one breast from its cup then the other and I had a great view as he played with her large brown nipples before taking each in his mouth in turn.

It seemed that it was only minutes before they were both down to their underwear. Chandu had a massive bulge in the front of his pants which looked very impressive and Jaya was laid back with her long legs spread well apart. Chandu’ fingers were moving lightly over the front of her white panties then they slipped inside the waistband and I could see his fingers running down through her pubic hair. It was then that Jaya requested that I remove the last of her clothing, her underwear. I knelt forward and unhooked her bra and dropped it onto the carpet. Next I reached for her panties and slid them slowly down her legs. She raised herself slightly to help me take them off. She was now naked with her lover.

Jaya wasn’t finished with me yet though. She told me to take Chandu’s pants off. I was a bit reluctant at first having never done anything like that with a man before, but, with a bit of coaxing, I grasped the waistband and pulled his pants down as well. He was as well endowed as I had thought. His cock was long, very long, but it was thick as well. And it was hard and erect and slapped against is stomach as I had pulled the pants down. Jaya asked me what I thought. I was lost for words. I’d never been that close to another man’s cock before especially an erect one. The size of it was intimidating. Jenny leant forward and placed her hands around Chandu’s erection, one hand above the other and there was still plenty to spare – more than me fully erect!

She looked at me and said, “Now you can see why I love it. Isn’t it wonderful?!”

I had to agree that it was certainly an impressive sight and I could also understand now why Jaya’s pussy came to me looking so battered and raw when she’d been out with Chandu. This man’s cock was about three times the size of mine, and his foreskin was long, fully covering his cockhead even hard, and then some. His balls looked large and heavy too. I understood now why Jaya only used me for oral pleasure, I certainly couldn’t compete with this man. Jaya then told me to take my clothes off. I was a bit reluctant as I was wearing a pair of her knickers under my trousers and didn’t really want Chandu to see me in them. I hesitated but Jaya insisted and I stood to remove the trousers. Chandu couldn’t stop laughing when he saw me. I was made to stand in the center of the room and do a pirouette wearing only my wife’s tiny black panties.

In spite of the embarrassment my cock was hard inside the panties. Jaya noticed my erection and told me to come over and stand in front of them. She said she wanted to show Chandu how small my penis was. I stood there with my cock making a noticeable bulge in the panties. Jaya told me to get it out so I slipped it out of the leg hole. Chandu was laughing even more now and Jaya joined in too. Chandu couldn’t believe how small I was and asked Jaya if she ever got any pleasure out of something that size. They compared me to a little boy. It was all pretty humiliating, but I found it exciting too and my cock was fully erect. Jaya told me to rub my little cock and I did as I was told, rubbing the foreskin up and down.

You might think that I would be angry, but for some reason having this well hung man ridiculing my size only made me more aroused. And knowing that I was going to get to watch him use my wife, was also making me horny as hell. Chandu was still laughing at my size when Jaya began to move her hands up and down his monster cock. This got Chandu attention back to my wife and he began to maul her breasts. I was ignored after this and stood in front of them as they began to make love. Chandu pushed Jaya gently onto her back on the sofa and moved his body between her widely spread thighs. I watched as he positioned his giant cock at the entrance to her cunt. He held it there for a few seconds before pushing a few inches inside her. Jaya’s head was thrashing from side to side as another few inched went in. Chandu already had more of his cock up inside my wife than I could ever manage and he still had about six more inches to go.

I could see her pussy lips being dragged wide around his cock. He fed another few inches into her and she was moaning now for him to fuck her hard. Chandu pulled out then rammed his whole length into her and the breath went out of her. He did the same again, removing his cock from her hole then ramming it back in right up to his balls. He did this again and again. Jaya was having one orgasm after another now and I had never seen her like this before. I recalled my own previous pathetic attempts at fucking her and could fully understand why she’d now found herself a lover like Chandu.

Chandu fucked her for over half an hour in a variety of positions. I’m afraid I shot my own load onto the carpet shortly after they started but no one seemed to notice. I stood in awe watching this man take my wife. Although I had lost my erection, I normally only cum once, I was still rubbing my now flaccid little cock. Chandu eventually decided that Jaya had been shagged out and shot his load into her, I could see his large balls tightening and his muscled body tense just before he shot his sperm into her. They kissed afterwards but Jaya seemed incapable of moving and lay spread eagled on the sofa as Chandu got off her.

I glanced down at her pussy and what a sight it was. Her lips were hanging open and I could see right up inside her. Her muscles were quite slack from the pounding her cunt had just taken. Jaya noticed me looking at her and smiled. I took this as encouragement and proceeded to kneel between her spread thighs. Jaya didn’t move, I don’t think she had the energy, as I gradually moved my mouth nearer and nearer to her ravaged cunt. I could smell her aroma and I could also smell the scent of Chandus’ cum, it was overpowering. Eventually my mouth was up against her cunt hole and I tentatively began to kiss her sticky wet slit. It didn’t take long before I was using my tongue and within seconds I was swallowing gobs of Chandus spunk as it drained out of her. It was so sexy that I regained my erection and I began to jack myself as I ate the fresh spunk out of my wife’s pussy.

After I’d cleaned her up, Jaya made me get a damp cloth and wipe Chandus’ penis clean. I’d never touched a man’s cock before and found it fascinating. I cleaned his cock as best I could with the cloth, then Jaya really humiliated me by telling me to kiss his penis and thank him for giving my wife so much pleasure. I was so far gone with lust and love for my wife that I did as she asked. I lowered my head and gently kissed his manhood. I started at the tip and kissed him all the way down to the base. I even lifted each of his balls in turn and kissed them lovingly. I looked up at Chandu and thanked him for satisfying Jaya and filling her with his sperm.

Chandu left soon afterwards and Jaya and I retired to bed. While I cuddled with her in bed that night she laid out what she termed the ground rules for our relationship. She told me that I wasn’t going to get to make love to her anymore, and although she might jack me off occasionally, I was only good for cleaning her up after she’d been with one of her boyfriends. I was, from now on, going to have to wear her panties all the time. I’d also have to do anything that she, or any of her friends, told me. Our life changed from this point. Several times a week Jaya would bring a boyfriend home. I’d be made to serve them whilst wearing only a pair of brief panties. I was also made to clean both Jaya’s pussy and the man’s penis with my mouth after they’d had sex.

Jaya also invited Bhavya around one evening. She brought along her own boyfriend, apparently her husband was aware of her extra marital affairs but had no objection. Both Jaya and Bhavya got fucked by their respective partners and then swapped over. I got the job of cleaning both women with my tongue and also both men. I think Bhavya was very impressed with me because she commented that she was going to get her husband trained the same way.

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