Indhira Chitta Get Bail From Police

Everybody read my previous stories about my beautiful Chitta and our sweet fucking for the new guys I will explain about my Chitta she is about 40 years old but look like 30. Round beautiful ass which will swaying when she walk and firm boobs .her size is 34d-30-36.she has long black hair and having some hair in her beautiful legs, that make her more beautiful. She often shaves her under arms but her pussy is full of hairs, she had a bushy pussy. I fuck her many times and we had group sex with my friends that incidents I narrated in my previous stories.

We didn’t get chances to make fun for long time after the last story my aunt is a nurse but she is not working and she looking only government job. There is staff nurses required for railway hospital. She applied for that and exam is conducted at Trivandrum. I and Chitta make a story to our family members that it is a three day exam but actually it was one day exam. Chitta call my uncle (he is in gulf) and said about this exam and he said go to exam with me. We are from Ranni and that is too far from Trivandrum. So we have to stay Trivandrum.

We got permission from my parents and her hubby we leave to Trivandrum with full of happiness. We go to Trivandrum by our car we start journey at morning 4 o clock on the exam day. We both really enjoy the journey to Trivandrum because we hug each other inside the car squeeze her boobs and we reach Trivandrum at 8.00 0clock and exam is scheduled at 10.00am. We find out the exam centre and after breakfast from a hotel we went to the exam centre.1 pm 1st exam finished and after lunch balance exam start at 2pm and end at 4pm.

Then we both search for a good lodge to take room. We search only good lodges to prevent police checking we get a good hotel at thampanoor and we took room as son and mom our room is an ac room with full facility my Chitta is going to the bath and I said her to don’t close the door. But she lock the door with a naughty smile after bathing she wore a tight churidar it was so fit to her body and she is appeared stunning in that attire . she sit on the bed and start watching TV after my bathing left bathroom full nude

And sit near to her and kiss her from back she get aroused and start passionate kiss and she told me that from last few weeks she was waiting for that day. Then I squeezed her boobs and lift her top and untie her pant and remove it and pull off her panty and remove her top and bra then I found her nipples become sharp because of arousal after few kisses I lick her pussy he suck me and we had a long lasting fuck. I cum inside her pussy and she also reach her full orgasm after that I removed my penis from her pussy then my sperms come out from her pussy and stick at her pussy hairs.

Because of long lasting fuck we both become tired and we lay in the bed full nude she lied at my hands and I press her to me and kiss her and we both in a sleeping mood because of long journey and long fuck. When we are in a small sleep I heard calling bell sound I wake from sleep and found somebody press calling bell. I look at my Chitta she was in good sleep and full nude. I look at the clock it was 7.30 pm only and I call my sweetheart and wake her up and said to “wear dress somebody is outside the room pressing the calling bell” she wakeup soon and start wearing panty

I said “hurry up, somebody calling us for long time so just wear churithar only leave panty and bra”. So she soon wears churithar and throw her panty and bra to under the bed. I wear my pants and t shirt. And opened the door. I shocked that police men’s are outside the room and they are pressed the calling bell. When I opened the door they shout at me and asked why its long time to open the door. I said “we are asleep because of journey” . then inspector saw Chitta he stunned on seeing her he look her top to bottom and asked to me “who is that?”.

I said “my mom” . he said your mom what is the proof, I said we both have driving license with same address. He said “show me” .we both took our licenses and show him . then he smiled and said both are same address, that means you both r from same house. I said “yes sir, we are son and mom”. Then he said “Indira’s year of birth is 1970 and Dipins 1985, That is you r 25 and she is 40,she give birth u at  young age. I know you r telling lies, told the truth”. I said “she is my Chitta” .SI said “may be true, but you tell lies to me first that means you have some illegal job here”. I and my Chitta get upset and said no illegal business.

Then inspector said the constables to search our bags. They start searching our bags and found one packet of condom from my Chitta bag.SI come near to my aunt and ask her “you r his Chitta then why did u bring condom, r u a prostitute he came here to sell you’’. Then my Chitta start crying and said we r not like that. SI said “police will make checking in all hotels in Trivandrum every month to avoid prostitution, we have to arrest somebody, and we have targets. Today we check all hotels but nobody is arrested. Now we r happy we got you two peoples to arrest. Then only we can finish our target.

I know you r doing sex here ,condom caught from you is the evidence”. We got shocked. And my aunt cried then SI slap my aunt in her cheeks . her cheeks become red, then SI bolt the door and put my aunt in his hand and squeeze her boobs. She didn’t tell anything. Si said “mmm its so good but you r not wearing bra is it” my aunt said “yes” Si “why, you don’t like that”. Chitta “I always wear, but when you knock the door we throw that to the underside of the bed”. SI said “good” and he bend to the down of bed and he found bra and panty, he took that and said “now this is the additional evidence to charge prostitution to you”.

My ‘Indhu’ cried . Si said “ if I arrest you now from this hotel it will damage the name of this hotel, owner of this hotel is my friend. So both of you must come to the police station. Your driving license is with me so you must come to the police station. If you try to escape I will trace you with the address in the driving license”. We become more tensed , police team left the hotel. My aunt began to cry. I try to console her. but no use. I said be calm otherwise everybody will know the matter.

She washed the face and remove the churithar and wear panty and bra , then wear churithar, her eyes become red because of crying but that adds her beauty. We both get ready and go to police station by our car. We reached the police station at 8.45pm . Si and 4 constables are waiting us there. When Si saw us he said if we paid 2lakh rs he will relieve us. We become shocked. Because we doesn’t have that much money with us. I said we will arrange money within one week. But he said he needs money urgently.

My Chitta cried and beg to him to leave. Then SI come near to my Chitta and wipe her tears with a smile and put his hands on her shoulders and press her towards him. And smell her hair and said nice smell. And ask her about her past, SI: “ how many men’s had make fun with you” she said “only one”. Si: “who is that , is it Dipin” Chitta: “yes” SI laughed and asked “that means your hubby never touch you”. She said “no he and Dipin , only two”. SI : “ don’t lie , I know you r fucked by many guys ,tell the truth”.

She said “s many people’s fuck me , before marriage my lover present me to his boss and colleges after marriage my hubby and Dipin and Dipins friends. Dipin and me have common friends , we made group fuck”.Si said “good that means you r experienced is it? But now I fear you may have infected Hiv” Chitta: “no sir I insist condom, I allow only my hubby and Dipin fuck me without condom”. SI: “That good then let’s go to my quarters, we can chat there. Dipin will stay here”.

Chitta said: “no will not come with you without Dipin”. SI “ok lets go come Dipin we can go by your car” I said “ok sir”. I drive the car and Chitta and Si sit back seat. I saw through rear view mirror, he insert his hand inside the churithar and squeeze her boobs. She sitting silently and cooperate with him .he give route direction to the quarters. We reach the quarters . I found that that is not a quarters that a single house. He enter the house and invite us to the house . he soon took a bath and come back.

He said he is going to fuck Chitta, because he is out of control now. He said he demand 2 lakh rs to him and other constables who were part in the raid. So that constables also come to the house after his fucking. He said his name is Rajeev. Me and my aunt agreed and she said she didn’t have any condom with her. Si said he need a normal fuck without condom . he doesn’t have any diseases. But she doesn’t ready to accept that. Then Rajeev said he will took prostitution charge against her. I said her to obey him.

She agreed reluctantly .he remove his lungi and shirt. He is in his briefs there is a bulge in his briefs . he pull off her churithar top and remove her bottomnow she is in her panty and bra. He tear off her bra and remove her panties with his fingers. Now she is full nude. He look at her bushy pussy and put his hands at her pussy and massage there she get aroused and make sounds and pull him to her and kiss him after long foreplays he insert his pennies at her pussy and give a high push his large cock fully enter her vagina and she moan loudly with pleasure.

He push and pull cock inside her vagina, she put her both legs in his shoulders to make his way easy. He cum in her vagina . his sperms spread in her pussy hair. He removed his pennies and call his constables in phone and said me to lick her pussy. I took a bottle of water and wash her vagina very well and start licking. I enter my tongue to her pussy and sip her pussy juice. Then Rajeev come with a bottle of chilled whiskey and pour in three glass and pour soda to that. I said I will not drink .

Rajeev and Indhu drink one glass whiskey and I offer my glass drink to my Indhu. She have it and become booz. Then three constables came and bring Indhu to the sofa. She become very booz , she is not able to stand straight. They make her bend down on sofa like a dog. And bring some Vaseline cream and put that cream to her ass hole and one guy pull his foreskin of his cock back and push his hard cock to her Vaseline filled ass hole. Vaseline’s lubricants allow his cock to easy entrance to her ass hole. He give strong strokes to her ass hole.

Another guy lay down her and lick her pussy and finger fuck her. Third guy bend and give long ending kisses to her he chew her soft lips like madly and he put his hands on her hair and hold it because of the pleasure from ass and pussy she screamed loudly then third guy slap her very hardly to her both cheeks many times. But she never mind that she again screamed with the pleasure from pussy and ass. Because of hard slapping her both cheeks became red and five finger prints came on both cheeks.

And because of slapping her lips crash with her teeth and start small bleeding. Third guy stop slapping and suck that blood from her lips and chew the lips again and then put his cock in her mouth. She hold his cock with beautiful hands and caress that with her lips and hands. As soon her pussy leaks with her pussy juice. The second man drink that juice. The fist man fill her ass hole with his semen. And third man soon ejaculate because of her hand caressing and lip caressing.

He cum full on her mouth when he withdraw his pennies from her mouth, she tries to spit then, the third guy put his hands on her mouth ordered to swallow his sperms because of her unconsciousness she drink that semen without any hesitance. Then first guy take a one glass whiskey and add soda to that, and he take a spoon and all sperm he ejaculates in her ass hole took in spoon and add to that whiskey and take all sperm from her ass and mix that to drink and he put his cock to that drink and wash all his sperm from tip of cock,

Then second guy took his cock in his hand and masturbate and ejaculate in that glass of whiskey now the semen of two guys mixed in that glass of whiskey and they give that to my Indhukutty. She take that and drink fully. Now she become fully unconscious and lie in the sofa full nude . Rajeev(si) said he need one more fuck and he took unconscious Indhu to small table and fuck her. Then Si said something to constables they went outside and come back with two beggars who were sleep in roadside.

They said they want to see how this dirty guys fucking gorgeous lady .SI give condoms to beggars and said them to fuck. They become happy and start fuck one start enter condom covered cock into her pussy and other caressing with her boob. After one hour both of them well used her pussy and left. Si said me to take her to hotel and he will come to the hotel tomorrow with his some friends. I bring her to hotel it is very difficult to carry her in drunken stage.

Si called hotel guys and asked them to help me to bring her to the room they help Chitta relieve from unconsciousness on 9 am next day next day 11 am Rajeev and his two friends came room one is that hotel owner. Up to that evening we four fuck her hardly. Up to that time she drink six glass of beer. On evening she become half booz .

Rajeev stayed on that night with us she drink two peg rum on that night. We both fuck her in all three holes next day become a sudden harthal. So Rajeev didn’t come to room because he is too busy on that day only hotel owner come to the room. I and Chitta called to my home and said hartal day’s exam postponed to next day and we will come only after one more days. On that day I said to her that two beggars fuck her when she was unconscious.

She said she feel to vomit to hear this. I said but they had very big cock. She smiled. Next two day Si and hotel owner bring their friends so many fuck her and she become more happy. That four days we enjoys very much. On the last day when we leaving to the home hotel owner come to the room and give one gold waist chain to Chitta and said that chain must be on her waist when he call her for fuck, that’s a 24 grams gold.

She agreed and he gave rs 50000 to me for offering her to him. After that that hotel owner and Rajeev come to Ranni many time and take room on any hotel and call us . I bring my Chitta to that hotel and arrange fuck. For that she always wear that waist chain for each fuck hotel owner give lots of gifts to her and money for me and there is a small gold bell on her waist chain when they fuck her that bell make small noises .it seems like sound of her satisfaction.

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