I Fucked All Of Them–5

Vaqārunnisā Saiyad plunged at me as soon as my Penis came out of Julie Watson’s lovely American Protestant Cunt.“Fuck her Durgesh!” Julie Watson pleaded to me, “Make her happy also as she has made me.”Vaqārunnisā Saiyad had undressed herself in the meantime.She was burning with insatiable, voracious, greedy, and avid, female Muslim lust for my Hindu Penis.“Vaqār!” Suddenly Julie Watson addressed her, “I’m grateful to you. I know Durgesh would have never fucked me if you were not helping me.”“Julie!” Vaqārunnisā Saiyad smiled, “I don’t have any monopoly on Durgesh’s Hindu Prick.” “But you have, Vaqārunnisā Saiyad dear!” Julie Watson laughed, “You all Muslim Beauties have somewhat exclusive sexual rights on Durgesh’s Hindu Prick.”“Allah!” Vaqārunnisā Saiyad laughed, “We are not Durgesh’s wives, if that’s what you mean.”“You all Muslim Beauties are more than even his wives for him. He loves you all very much. His Penis is very much at home when he fucks you Muslimāt whether Årab Muslimāt or Other Muslimāt. I congratulate you all having so great authoritative power on Durgesh’s great Hindu Penis. Please! If you don’t mind I want to request you that don’t keep Durgesh to yourself only. Let all of us womankind enjoy Durgesh’s great Hindu Penis. He fucks unique, my dear! His Penis was not feeling at home when it was in my Cunt, but even then―”Vaqārunnisā Saiyad cut her short in quite astonishment.“You mean Durgesh’s Hindu Penis is more at home in our Muslimāt Cunts?”“More than that my dear! More than that.” Julie Watson laughed, “Your Muslimāt Cunts are the only home Durgesh’s Hindu Penis knows and recognizes.”Vaqārunnisā Saiyad hugged me passionately.“Durgesh! Is it true? Is it true, my dear?”I kissed nude Vaqārunnisā Saiyad. Julie Watson and I were also still nude.“You know, Vaqār! You requested to me to fuck her. I had to oblige you my dear!”

Vaqārunnisā Saiyad laughed and squeezed my Hindu Penis into her right fist, warmly.Then suddenly, she bent down, taken my Hindu Penis into her beautiful Saiyad Muslim mouth and started to suck me so passionately and with so much love and respect that I was thrilled beyond imagination.“Vaqārunnisā! My love!” I whispered and held her head with both of my palms.I pressed her mouth more and more into my Hindu male lap.Vaqārunnisā Saiyad was laughing and her beautiful eyes were filled with intense gratitude towards me.She sucked my Penis more and more fervently.Julie Watson laughed.She started to lick my nude male buttocks.“What are you doing Julie?” I tried to stop her, “Vaqārunnisā is sucking my Penis and you ae licking my male buttocks. What do you want? I should explode with my Penis into Vaqār’s extremely beautiful mouth?”“Well,” Vaqārunnisā Saiyad was panting now, “I need your Hindu Penis in my Saiyad Cunt now. You and Julie have made me mad.”“You’ll get.” I kissed her, “Haven’t you heard what Julie told you?”“I repeat!” Julie Watson laughed, “Durgesh fucks unique! But His Penis was really not feeling at home when it was in my Cunt―”Vaqārunnisā Saiyad cut her short in quite astonishment again.“You really mean Durgesh’s Hindu Penis is more at home in our Muslimāt Cunts?”

“More than that my dear! More than that.” Julie Watson laughed, “Your Muslimāt Cunts are the only home Durgesh’s Hindu Penis knows and recognizes.”Vaqārunnisā Saiyad hugged me passionately.“Durgesh! Is it true? Is it true, my dear?”I kissed nude Vaqārunnisā Saiyad. “Well. I enjoyed Julie.”

“Nonsense!” Julie Watson laughed, “Durgesh! Vaqārunnisā is not asking whether you enjoyed me or not. She is asking whether you feel more at home when you fuck Muslimāt. Your Hindu Penis is more at home in Muslimāt Cunts. I felt it in my Cunt. You can’t refuge.”“Stop it Yaar! You all are making me as if I’m unique.”“Durgesh!” Julie Watson kissed me full on my lips, “You know you are unique.”“Nonsense!”“No! It’s not nonsense! You are master in sex psychology of us Beauties whether Muslimāt or White Beauties.”“Julie! You are―”“Listen to me.” Julie Watson cut me short, “I’m an American. Moreover, my father is a senator.”“So what?”Suddenly the door burst open.We, all the three whirled back to the door.Vaqārunnisā Saiyad screamed.“Bhābhījān! Bh..Bh..Bh.. Bhābhījān! Youuuuuuuuuu? Allah! Yā Allah!”“So this is what you are doing with your American friend?” The beautiful young woman standing at the opened door asked in her ice-cold voice, “I had a doubt.”“Bhābhījān!” Vaqārunnisā Saiyad was feeling as if she will never meet her eyes.Fareedā Jamal Saiyad, her Bhābhījān was the wife of her elder brother, Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb.“Come on Muħammad!” She called her husband, “You did not believe me. Now see with your own precious very eyes what your ‘Muttaqi’ sister is doing.”With wooden hard face, Vaqārunnisā Saiyad’s elder brother, Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb, appeared there.“Vaqārunnisā!” He addressed his sister in equally ice cold voice, “I knew you love Durgesh. But―”

“If you knew that―,” Julie Watson thundered suddenly, “What is there to be so cold? She is enjoying with her love.”“I’m not talking to you, madam!”But I’m talking to you.” Julie Watson was not ashamed of her even a bit, “Mr. Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb! Only because you are named Muħammad, don’t try to act Paighambare Islam Ħuzoor Sallallāhu ålaihi vasallam yourself. Even He has instructed to knock on the door before opening it. Your ‘Muttaqi’ wife did not think she should obey your Paighambare Islam Ħuzoor Sallallāhu ålaihi vasallam even.”Fareedā Jamal Saiyad did not hear it.She was watching my Hindu Penis.Allah! What a Penis!What a Penis!!So it is the Penis the Muslimāt are mad of?It is the Penis that has crossed all the bridges of Islam even.Almost every Muslimā she had heard of was dreaming now of this Penis.Julie Watson watched it and laughed suddenly.“Want to get it into your Cunt, Bhābhījān darling?”Fareedā Jamal Saiyad was as if in trance.She could not hear Julie’s question.Vaqārunnisā Saiyad could not believe her eyes.Her Bhābhījān!Fareedā Jamal Saiyad!Maulānāzādāī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad! She was watching Durgesh’s Hindu Penis as if in trance.could not believe Durgesh’s Penis was so long, so hard, so desirable!Steel hard.Full of absolutely unashamed masculine lust.Fareedā!” Suddenly Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb was aware of what was happening really.Maulānāzādāī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad did not hear even what her husband was saying to her.She remained in trance watching my proud Penis now absolutely unashamed.Julie Watson was watching it closely.She laughed.“Come on Bhābhījān! I think you are seeing a real Penis first time in your life. Your husband does not possess a real penis I think.”“Julie!” Vaqārunnisā Saiyad protested.

“Shut up you fool!” Julie Watson thundered, “Your brother is going to kill you unless we make him to realize it’s just natural we are doing here.”“Julie!”“Want to be killed for what you did?”Vaqārunnisā Saiyad was unable to speak.Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb tried to speak but suddenly he stiffened.His extremely beautiful Maulānāzādāī wife, Fareedā Jamal Saiyad, proceeded in trance and grabbed my Penis in her palm.“Fareedāāāāādāāāāādāāāāādāāāāādāāāāā!” He cried at top of his lungs.Maulānāzādāī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad laughed in satanic lust.“Watch it, Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb! It is a Penis!”“Fareedāāāāādāāāāādāāāāādāāāāādāāāāā!” “You have a nooni! You don’t have a Penis. It is a Penis, Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb! It is a Penis. Just watch it. Perhaps even you haven’t seen any Penis before.”“Fareedāāāāādāāāāādāāāāādāāāāādāāāāā! Are you mad?”“I want to enjoy it.” Maulānāzādāī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad announced, “I want to enjoy it.”Durgesh!” Julie Watson squeezed my hand, “Bhābhījān is requesting you to fuck her. Oblige her. Please!”She is out of her senses!” Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb cried.

“Come in Bhāijān!” Julie Watson said in her sweetest voice, “Let’s enjoy. I promise you. You will love it watching your extremely beautiful Maulānāzādāī wife Fareedā Jamal Saiyad getting fucked by Durgesh. You can learn how to fuck even.”“Julie! Vaqārunnisā Saiyad screamed, “Shut up! I say keep your filthy mouth shut“Vaqārunnisā darling!” I winked at her, “Your Bhābhījān is really a piece! Rather masterpiece! I should say.”I took Maulānāzādāī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad; Vaqārunnisā Saiyad’s extremely beautiful Bhābhījān in my arms and kissed her.Julie Watson came rapidly to help me.She undressed Maulānāzādāī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad so rapidly that neither Maulānāzādāī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad, herself, could protest, nor Vaqārunnisā Saiyad, nor even Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb.Now, Maulānāzādāī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad was standing naked and utterly exposed to us. Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb was horrified now.It was beyond his imagination that the events would take this miraculous incredible turn.Maulānāzādāī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad kissed me full on my lips.

Revealing her sculpted well-exercised body in all its glory, she was playing with my Hindu Penis now.Her breasts were full, yet firm, inviting with pink raspberry nipples.I reached to feel one of her breasts as they were exposed.I responded even, “These are nice, aren’t they?” I pinched her nipple very hard.”Ouch!” Maulānāzādāī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad uttered, and laughed, “Ooooooohhh Allaaaaah. Want to play with them?”“You are playing with my Penis darling!” I winked at her.

“Yes! I― I see your point.”“I’m also seeing your points.”“Points?”“Two of them―Sālī!”Maulānāzādāī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad laughed.Muħammad noticed I had a Penis bigger, far bigger, than his own. It was much longer andbigger, the biggest one he had ever seen. It was hard and the blood vessels were visible. Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb was now afraid that I would hurt his wife Fareedā Jamal Saiyad when I put that Hindu monster in her.Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb said in a firm voice, “OK, Durgesh, now let’s stop all this nonsense. You should be ashamed of yourself.”“For what, Bhāijān?” Julie Watson laughed, “Durgesh did not bring your wife here. He did not ask her to act in the way she is acting! Naughty, naughty, Bhāijān! You should not keep your wife so hungry.””Don’t worry, Bhāijān!” I laughed winking lewdly at him, “I’m going to fuck your sexy Maulānāzādāī wife as much as she needs. You just watch me. I’ve already fucked your sister, Vaqārunnisā Saiyad. Now, i’ll fuck your wife also. Just sit there and enjoy!When I get through, she will know she has been well fucked.”Julie Watson spoke, ” Durgesh, go ahead. Get her stretched.”I didn’t waste any time. I brought her on her knees atthe side of the bed and bent her over.Fareedā Jamal Saiyad cooperated with me enjoying every moment and every action. I walked up behind the nude Maulānāzādī, Fareedā Jamal Saiyad with my Hindu Penis in my hand. Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb watched as I aimed my Hindu Cock at his wife’s Saiyad Muslimā Pussy.

I moved the head up and down her Saůūdī Årab Muslimā slit for a little lubrication. Then I tried to ease the Hindu head in. Fareedā Jamal Saiyad smiled.“Thank you Hindu Piya!”She wasn’t wet and the intruding Hindu Cock was having difficultyentering her. She knew she was dry and thought I was also now so excited that I would hurt her byforcing the entry.Fareedā Jamal Saiyad said in desperation, “Aaaahhh. Get the cream from the dressingtable drawer. Even I can see it’s laying there, Durgesh darling! Get it and lubricate me. Ooooooohhhhh you are hurting me.Nooooooo Pleeeess! Not in this way.”Julie Watson fumbled with the drawer, found the bottle and handed it tosaiyad Muħammad Wahāb. Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb thundered at her.“What do you mean? What do you mean? Give it to her. Or give it to the Hindu Kħasam of you all.”“Now Durgesh is your Maulānāzādī wife’s Hindu Kħasam also. Fareedā Jamal Saiyad’s. Bhābhījān’s.”“Don’t try to humiliate me.”“I don’t need to.” Julie Watson laughed, “Your sister and your wife are enough.”“Oh, come on Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb! Be a sport now!” His Maulānāzādī wife Fareedā Jamal Saiyad smiled at him, “Durgesh is too excited to wait. I’m also excited but I’m not still wet. Help us.”“You mean―you mean―” Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb could not complete his sentence.

“Yes!” His Maulānāzādī wife Fareedā Jamal Saiyad thundered at him, “Take a liberal amount of it and anoint Durgesh’s Hindu Cock. You hate Hindus. Don’t you? Now serve one of them. They are more competent for your women. Syeda Henna Ålī is right when she says: ‘may ol da cutcockz burn in hell ! Go ahead and do it. Or should I do something more to make you to do it?”Eīshāngyātam what she meant with these words.

Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb immediately took out a liberal amount on the head of my Hindu Cock.I pushed to enter Maulānāzādī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad. After a couple of back and forth strokes, my Hindu Cock was all the way in. Fareedā Jamal Saiyad started enjoying.She kissed me again and again, as she braced herself for me to pound her. She said a prayer not to preventpregnancy.“Remember. Make me pregnant, Durgesh! I want to have your son so that this impotent husband of mine should have something always to feel some shame. He is quite shameless now.”“Don’t worry dear!” I smiled fucking Maulānāzādī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad vehemently, “i’ll give you as many sons as you want.”” Durgesh, this is good Muslimā Pussy.”, Julie Watson said, “You will like it too.”I started pounding Maulānāzādī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad with strong thrust. Her eyeballs were rolling feeling my Hindu dick knocking her Muslimā womb. She was moaning and writhing “ooooooohhh Allaaaaaaaaaah, pleeesse not sooo haaaard.Pleeeeese doooont sqeeeeeeeze myyyyy Saůūdī Årab Muslimā nippplees theeey aaaarepaaaaiiiining Actually it’s my first time dear, to have a real fucking. Your uncut Hindu Penis is the best. The Muslims have them cut. I don’t know why they don’t cut all of them. They don’t serve any purpose.”After a long time of ramming her, I took my Hindu Cock out of her Muslimā cunt and rolled her on the bed to make her lie on her belly. I caught her waist with my hands and pulled her bums up. Maulānāzādī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad liftedher Muslimā ass up in the air.

She was now on bent like a bitch. She looked at her hubby, Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb, sitting on the chair and writhing in sexual excitement watching her getting laid by me passionately. She noticed a small tent at the zipper of his pants.”Yā Allah! Yā Allah!” She laughed out of satanic pleasure, “Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb is getting excited seeing me rammed in frontof him.”. I pushed my Hindu dick from Maulānāzādī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad’s back andstarted thrusting it again and again in her ravenous Muslimā cunt.”hmff hmfff” was the sound I was emitting with each thrust.”fuchhh fuchhh” was the sound coming out from her now wet Muslimā Pussy and”ooooooo mmmmmm uuufffff aaaaah oooooohhhhh Allaaaaaaaaaaaah” was the soundcoming out from her Muslimā lips. With each Hindu thrust, her Muslimā boobs were bouncinglike some ripe fruits. Durgesh fucked and fucked Maulānāzādī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad in this positionfor a long time. Then I made her lie at her back again andentered her again in missionary style.I soon began to groan as i speeded up my movements. Then I yelled as I shot spurt after spurt in her unprotected Muslimā Pussy. Maulānāzādī Fareedā Jamal Saiyadfelt very proud as she too came with me. Her Muslimā cunt erupted hot Muslimālava on my Hindu Cock. I collapsed on Maulānāzādī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad. ā Jamal Saiyad feltmy Hindu Cock getting soft inside her leaking Muslimā cunt. I wasbreathing heavily lying over Maulānāzādī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad.Then he became alert againpulled out from her Muslimā cunt allowing some of my Hindu cum to ooze outand down her leg.”Mmmmm pretty lovely fuck. But I will love fucking your brain out, Fareedā darling!”I moved again in a position to fuck her.

Fareedā Jamal Saiyad was now glad, but somewhat frightened looking now at the size of my Hindu dick.It had grown more and more now.”Alright, Maulānāzādī Fareedā Jamal Saiyad darling! Prepare yourself mentally. Now you are going to get a real Hindu Cock. It was only introduction till now” I turned towards Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb.”Look your impotent Musalmān hubby loves every moment of it. Look, he is having a hugeerection. Perhaps not even before.”Fareedā Jamal Saiyad looked at her husband Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb and found the truth behind my comment. He was having a huge erection and he was writhing on chair.”Durgesh let’s Allow him to masturbate seeing his wife getting pinned by you.” Julie Watson winked at me lewdly.Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb’s hand at once moved to his Muslimā Nooni. He started caressing his Muslimā Nooni.Fareedā Jamal Saiyad now rotated herself on bed so that her head was towards Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb. I lifted her waist and placed a couple of pillows below her Muslimā ass so that her Muslimā cunt was raised and Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb could easily see her clean shaved pink slit of vagina.I then moved near her and placed her Muslimā legs on my Hindu shoulders. Her Muslimā body was now bent like an arch.”Now you will be able to see your wife’s beautiful Muslimā cunt being torn by thismasterpiece Hindu Prick of mine.” I smiled at Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb.Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb smiled back at me with burning suppressed anger and intense helplessness.His own wife, his own sister―both had betrayed him.It was the burning reality he was facing now:‘A Muslimā does not need Tāj nor Takħt,She needs Durgesh’s Hindu Penis long & sakħti inserted my Hindu Penis in his wife’s saiyadmuslimā cunt.

“It is slippery like hell.” I took the bed sheet and wiped the cum inserting a portion of the cloth inside her cunt. I again inserted my Penis in her Cunt.” Hmmmmm now it is dry like the sand paper. Ramming a dry Muslimā cunt givesimmense pleasure.”Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb watched as I forced the head of my Hindu Prick slightly inside her Muslimā hole. He knew she was going to be stretched.”Aaaaaaahhh “she moaned slightly.Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb saw my hands clasp the sides of her butt to hold her as I prepared to push forward. I didn’t want her to fall forward awayfrom me. I pulled my Hindu Cock completely and with a strong thrust, I moved it again into her Muslimā cunt. Fareedā Jamal Saiyad felt as if a hot rod is beingrammed into her cunt. The friction made by the dry walls of her Muslimā Cunt and the skin of my Hindu Cock made her wince with pain.Fareedā Jamal Saiyad uttered, “Oooooohhhhh! Allaaaaaaaaaaaaah” as Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb watched my Hindu Cock go about half way in. I pulled back ready to plunge again.Fareedā Jamal Saiyad yelled, “Take it easy. I will die with pain. Please get it lubricated by the cream”” I am not a fool, my dear!” I gave a loud laugh ” It will destroy all the pleasure I’m getting now. Moreover, you are getting wet now yourself as I jam this Hindu pole of mine in your Muslimā cunt.”Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb could see the walls of her cunt are stretched to the maximum.I pulled my Hindu Cock out again. And with much more energy, I buried itagain in her Muslimā cunt.Again Fareedā Jamal Saiyad uttered in pain, “Ooooohhhhh! , You’re killing me,” muchlouder as the big Hindu Cock went nearly all the way in. Her beautiful Muslimā mouth opened

For breath and her eyeballs just popped out with intense pain. Fareedā Jamal Saiyad was nearly senseless.Nevertheless, she was enjoying it very much.I started taking pity on her as I pulled back alittle. I started small back and forth movements going a little deeper each time.”There, Fareedā Jamal Saiyad dear! How do you like a real Hindu Cock?”Fareedā Jamal Saiyad didn’t answer. She was enduring the pain the best she could.After all, she was getting pleasure more than the pain.Intense pain!Yet, intense and far greater pleasure!Not only was Fareedā Jamal Saiyad stretched, but also Durgesh’s Hindu Cock was now too long.The incredible Hindu Cock!She had heard from her friends―female friends of course― that Durgesh has an absolutely incredible Penis.Its length and thickness increases as he fucks a Muslimā more and more.With each ejaculation and orgasm, it does not go soft.Instead, its hardness increases more and more with each its ejaculation and orgasm.Now, Fareedā Jamal Saiyad was experiencing the incredible fact.Is it possible?Is it possible?Yes, it was not only possible; she herself was experiencing it and enjoying.I started fucking her while she continued painfully, yet experiencing utmost sexual pleasure tomoan, Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb watched me fuck her.Fareedā Jamal Saiyad started yelling as I plunged deeper causing her to scream in pain and intense pleasure simultaneously. I started fucking Fareedā Jamal Saiyad with deep thrusts. Slowly her cries subsided and moans of intense pleasure took its place. I fucked andfucked Fareedā Jamal Saiyad. We lost all track of time. I fucked Fareedā Jamal Saiyad nearly for halfan hour in this position then lied on the bed with my Hindu Cock pointed to the ceiling. Fareedā Jamal Saiyad screamed with delight and jumped on me.

She sat on my Cock and went up down up down and up down continuously.Her large and firm Muslimā boobs were jumping with every motion. I caught the jumping Muslimā boobs with my palms and started squeezing them hard.Fareedā Jamal Saiyad came on my Hindu love pole again and again.Then she could feel my big Hindu Cock jerk into her and knew each time it jerked I was shooting another gob of Hindu cum very deep in her Saůūdī Årab Muslimā Cunt.My Cum started running down her leg when I simmered down. Fareedā Jamal Saiyad fell forward and collapsed on my body. I caught her extremely beautiful face inmy palms and kissed her deeply. Fareedā Jamal Saiyad too replied by inserting her tongue deep in my mouth.Muħammad Wahāb looked at me, “What do you want to do now?””Why don’t we have a rest?” Julie Watson suggested, “We must have some refreshment. Then we can have another go at our sexy Bhābhījān. I’ll golook in the refrigerator, Durgesh, while you stay here. Bhābhījān! Do you want tohave something?”Fareedā Jamal Saiyad was still lying on her stomach on me.She looked at Julie Watson at once.Of course, i’ll have some refreshment. What do you think? I’ve a Cunt only? Not a stomach?”“I thought you are already refreshed perhaps.” Julie Watson winked at her impishly, “After all, you Muslimāt say:‘A Muslimā needs neither Kħilāfat nor Ħukoomat. She needs only Durgesh’s Hindu Sex Kicks savage and violent.”Ulie Watson soon returned with refreshment. While taking refreshment, Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb noticed his wife had her legs slightly parted. He saw a big wet spot on the sheet and could see my Hindu cum still oozing out of her Muslimā Cunt.”We might as well continue.” I smiled after refreshment.

Despite my continuous fucking of Fareedā Jamal Saiyad, My Hindu Penis was still burning with hot desires.It was as greedy to enter Fareedā Jamal Saiyad’s Cunt as it was before.As if I hadn’t fucked her at all.Eīshān!Eīshān!What a beauty Fareedā Jamal Saiyad was.What a hot and sexy Saiyad beauty Fareedā Jamal Saiyad was.Kħadījatul Kubrā, get back up on your knees again.”Fareedā Jamal Saiyad winked at me vivaciously.“On my knees again, Durgesh darling! What do you say?”I laughed.“Sālī! Want to be my Saiyadā Musalmān Ghođī once again?”Fareedā Jamal Saiyad laughed.“If possible, I want to be your Saiyadā Musalmān Ghođī forever, my Hindu fucker! Your uncut Hindu Lund has brought me alive again. ‘may ol da cutcockz burn in hell !”All of us laughed.“Syeda Henna Ålī?” Julie Watson laughed.“Syeda Henna Ålī.” Fareedā Jamal Saiyad nodded proudly, “A great Muslimā. A great young woman. It’s her historical Duā, I believe! Allah accepts it as soon as it is made.” She was completely worn out. Yet she was vivacious.Bhābhījān!” Vaqārunnisā Saiyad laughed, “I thought you were completely worn out.”“I am.” Fareedā Jamal Saiyad acknowledged, “I am Nanad Sāħibā! Yet―”“Yet you want to be Durgesh’s Saiyadā Musalmān Ghođī forever.” Vaqārunnisā Saiyad completed her sentence.“Yet I want to be Durgesh’s Saiyadā Musalmān Ghođī forever.” Fareedā Jamal Saiyad laughed, “If it is only possible, Nanad Sāħibā! I―”“I did not know you are so ravenous. So sexy.”“Thanks to your Bhāijān, Nanad Sāħibā! He is so impotent that―”“Bhāijān had a revolver on you when you were asked whether you accept your nikāħ with him?” Vaqārunnisā Saiyad was chewing her words out of extreme anger.“Our society had, Nanad Sāħibā! Our society had.” Fareedā Jamal Saiyad laughed ironically, “You can’t understand. You are not married yet.”I’m married with Durgesh.” Vaqārunnisā Saiyad screamed.Fareedā Jamal Saiyad and Julie Watson laughed.Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb looked at me.“Will you marry Vaqārunnisā, Durgesh?”

“Bhāīīīīījāāāāāān!” Vaqārunnisā Saiyad screamed out of extreme happiness, entirely unexpected, “I’m proud of you, Bhāijān! I’m proud of you.”I extended my right hand to Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb.“You are a great person, Muħammad! Are we friends?”Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb shook my hand warmly.“We are if you think I’m worthy of the honor.”“Let’s embrace, Muħammad!” I stretched my arms. Fareedā Jamal Saiyad looked dubiously at Julie Watson.“Well, i’ll be damned.”“You did not think Muħammad Bhaī such a great person?” Julie Watson asked her.“Never.” Fareedā Jamal Saiyad acknowledged.“But he is, Bhābhījān! He is.”“Yes! I’m seeing myself. Muħammad! I’m sorry. I’m extremely sorry. I could not understand you. Please forgive me. You are impotent. But you are still a great person. I think manhood is not everything.”“It’s for a woman, Fareedā!” Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb looked at her gravely.Fareedā Jamal Saiyad got up on her knees again at the side of thebed.My Hindu Cock easily went into her cum filled Muslimā Pussy. I started back and forth movements.

” Fareedā Jamal Saiyad darling, you are so stretched, I don’t feel much of anything. You aregoing to give me a blowjob and it had better be good. Turn around and sit on the side of the bed.”Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb was thrilled to hear this. He wanted to see what she would do now. She never before paid any thought to occasional pleas of Saiyad Muħammad Wahābto have his nooni sucked.Fareedā Jamal Saiyad turned around as requested and sat on the edge of the bed. Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb watched as I walked up to her with my Hindu Cock pointing at her. As requested, Fareedā Jamal Saiyad took my Cock into her mouth and cupped my balls. Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb was fascinated seeing his wife deep sucking my Hindu Cock. I started fucking her mouth.I had already cum once, so I fucked her mouth for quite a while until my knees beganto buckle.I groaned and shot several spurts in her mouth. She swallowed. She nearly gagged as she did. Yet, she swallowed all of it.She knew I had already plantedmy seed into her Pussy. “Suck this up and make it rockhard.” I smiled at her.My Cock was right in front of her extremely beautiful mouth. Fareedā Jamal Saiyad held it withher hand, then swirled her tongue around the head. She could feel my Cock slowly becoming very hard.”I’m going to fuck you again. Last time you fucked me like a trained Muslimā woman. I’m going to lie on my back again and let you ride my Hindu Cock.”Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb watched extremely fascinated, enthralled, and spellbound, as his wife held my big Hindu Cock to aim it at her Muslimā hole asshe started to sit on it again.

Fareedā Jamal Saiyad was well lubricated after having huge loads of cum dumped into her. While she was sitting on my Cock, she could feel my Hindu cum draining out of her Muslimā Cunt on to her palm and on to my Cock and balls. The sheet was already a mess.Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb watched as the big Hindu Cock slowly started disappearing into herpink Muslimā Pussy. Fareedā Jamal Saiyad was taking it much better this time and she had control. She leaned forward some to allow her Muslimā pelvis to touch minebefore my Cock was fully in. She started making circular movements hoping it would not take me very long to cum again.Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb, Vaqārunnisā Saiyad and Julie Watson were watching the action and could see my Cock into her Pussy. Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb noticed her Muslimā ass as she was fucking mepassionately. He moved close to the bed so that he could watch closely.The crease of Fareedā Jamal Saiyad’s sexy round ass was beautiful. There was plenty of lubrication around her Saůūdī Årab Muslimā Pussy and ass. She continued circular movements, and then started up and down on my Cock.Fareedā Jamal Saiyad washoping I would cum soon, but I just lay still allowing her to fuck me.Fareedā Jamal Saiyad laughed. “Durgesh darling! Don’t you want to cum? I’m doing my best for you.””Just keep it up, Fareedā darling! I’ll finish when I’m good and ready to finish.”This seemed to go on for a long time.Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb was sitting there completely mesmerized with our sex play. We fucked and fucked.Fareedā Jamal Saiyad started faster movements on my Penis. She finally felt that I was becoming more aroused and was about to shoot into her. She madeeven faster movements until she could feel my Hindu jerk with each spurt of my seed I planted deep in her belly. Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb stood up in our honor and started to clap, mesmerized as before as he was.Vaqārunnisā Saiyad looked at her Bhāijān astonished.But when she felt it was genuine applaud she also started to clap.

Julie Watson laughed and joined them also to applaud.“Great! Great performance, Fareedā!” Saiyad Muħammad Wahāb praised his wife genuinely and passionately, “Bravo!”“Thanks.” Fareedā Jamal Saiyad smiled at her husband, “Thank you, Muħammad!”

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