Husband, Wife And A Maid Sex Adventure

This is Deepak from Chennai I am
26 now 6 feet tall fair guy. I would like to tell my experience which happened
way back when I was studying in College. I was staying in a hostel and during
holidays I used to go to my village as usual in my second year I went to my
village during study holidays. I was waiting for bus, there was lot of rush. I
saw a familiar looking figure then I realized it was my maid.

She was around 37 years old a typical
maid, not so beautiful face with average features, brownish colour but super
hot body, as she was working in farms she was super fit. She is one of the
maids whom you’ll want to fuck the minute u see her and I went to her and asked
her where she is going to. She said she had come to see her sister and she is
returning to our village. There was lot of rush so I said well go in private

She said she will come in the
government bus itself. I said no and caught her hand and went to and bought
tickets for a volvo but and it was an aircon bus and she was amazed at the
bus and we got in the bus and we were sweating a lot. She took her pallu and
cleaned my face, as she raised her hand I was able to see her breasts and
nipples as she had not won a bra and my cock was now fully erect and
wanting to come out.

After some time the bus was in
the outskirts and it became very cold and she became amazed at the comfort
of the bus and thanked me many times for taking her in a luxury coach. Now the
lights were switched off. I just left it there waiting for her body to touch my
fingers as the bus moves, so that it would look as if it happened by mistake
and when the bus took a turn to the right her body touched my fingers. I acted
as if it was not my action.

She had gone back to her old
position after the turn but she never turned back or reacted rude. I then
slowly inched my fingers near her body so that even the slightest movement of
her body would touch my fingers. It happened sooner than I had expected (I have
lot of patience normally. This time she did not move away far but at the same
time she did not let her body touch my fingers.

Slowly fingers inched towards her
arm in an unknowing fashion and touched her and took it back immediately (Ty to
give a feel that it was by accident) she gave an angry look. I got scared and
took my hands off after some time I just turned towards her and checked what
she was doing. She had closed her eyes and was trying to sleep now. I gathered
courage and decided to give it a try again. I moved my hands so that her
hips touched my hand slightly.

This time she did not move, maybe
she was asleep already then I started increasing the area of contact on her
body but with the same pressure. It seemed like she was tilting her towards her
co-passenger to check what she was doing. She was already asleep. I then started
off leaving my hands on her hips without looking at her and I was touching the
cotton blouse. I slowly gave a soft massage to her hips.

I was still cautious to take away
my hands if she makes any move. I was expecting her to move the pushback to
straight position if she didn’t like what I was doing. Luckily no such thing
happened. I assumed that as a positive response then slowly put my hands into
the saree and felt her boobs over her blouse. It was really wonderful and must
have been size 38 it was the most wonderful experience to touch a married woman
in an intimate manner when you know that she is somebody else’s wife.

The breasts were soft round and
nice (I had hands full and wished I had bigger hands to hold them fully) she
woke up and asked you’re not sleeping still; she then put her blanket around me
and came closer. This would make both of us safe, she understood and
covered herself with the blanket well at the same time allowing my hands to
remain where they were, lucky me.

I was now becoming bold and kept
my hands on her left breast over the blouse and slowly started massaging it.She
just laid her head on the seat towards the window and acted as if sleeping. I
wanted to feel her better and who would want to miss out on such a bounty. The
blouse had a sexy cut with good deep cut, through which I could get access to
the cleavage, which was so soft and wonderful.

I put my fingers into the
cleavage and started feeling the most sensitive skin of her breasts. I could
feel her breath getting hot and on my hands. The feeling was making me mad. It
generated a great heat from her body. I slowly started trying to push my hands
into her bra further to feel her lovely bare tits and but the blouse was tight
and was not so easy for me. I felt her hands coming up and I thought she is
going to stop me and it would be the end of the fun and maybe the beginning of
a disaster for me.

I found her releasing the clips
of her blouse. Wow! my joy knew no bounds that gave me the space, and freedom I
needed to reach my target. The bra had a beautiful cut which I could feel on
the back of my hands. I cupped her left boobs with my hand inside her bra; it
was such a beautiful feel. You have to feel it to understand how it feels to
feel the naked breasts. I now slowly started massaging it and could feel her
enjoying and her breath getting faster.

I was feeling as though she was
stopping and releasing breath in short spells. I could feel her heart beats and
it was such a beautiful situation. I started giving it a perfect massage slowly
rotating my palms over the beautiful boobs. I though now I can go a bit further
and touch her nipples. I did what I wanted and my heart’s happiness knew no
boundaries as I could feel her soft erect nipples rolling between the fingers
of my hand.

I could now feel the nipples
growing further which I think was about 1/2 an inch. I could feel the beauty of
it. It was really a sexy feel to massage the breasts feeling the nipples in the
middle of the palm with a nice mature married lady cooperating. I now slowly
caught the nipples between in thumb and index finger and rotated it. That was
too much for her as she had left out a moan unable to control her feelings.

I could feel her wriggling in her
seat here and there out of excitement and could feel her cuming and I saw her
pressing her legs on seeing her press her legs, I pulled her nipples further
with my fingers and I could feel her enjoying it greatly and release her
breath. Now, she shifted to her sides looking to the windows. This gave me
better access to her right boob too and I took hold of both the beauties in my
hands though it wasn’t possible for me to cover even one boob fully.

I was in heaven(here I have a
woman who is married to another man letting me touch her love mountains though
she knew the man who touched her is not her husband) I started massaging both
the tits in fact rather than a massage I was literally crushing both her boobs.
I was making an assault to my hearts content and she was shivering in
excitement. It took about 10 mins for her to reach the peak of excitation

I felt she wanted to release once
more and by now the bra had become loose and allowed me to touch any part of
her breast. The feeling of having naked breasts in my hands was driving me
crazy. I was twitching her nipples between my fingers. She was licking her lips
and I could find perspiration on her face. I could feel her breasts were
sweating and it was giving a great feel. I pulled her nipples hard and it was
so erect that it had me excited and my pre cum came because I was excited like

The pull of the nipples and the
sexual massage made her tighten her legs when I touched her legs she said not
here and she kissed me and said well do it in her house after her husband
leaves for night work. I went to her hut which was in my farm the next night. She
called me in and closed the door and I asked her if she liked me. She said she
liked me from a long time ago as I was very fair tall like a hero. She then
placed her lips on mine and started a deep kiss.

I also started to response in
kissing meanwhile I was pressing her one mango really hard after the deep kiss,
she lied me on bed kissing me everywhere, licking my tits and then opened my
three quarter. My cock jump out of pant and it was at the front of her
mouth then she just kissed its head and doing up-down the skin of it. She did
it for 10 min. I never have feelings like that. She applied her saliva on my
cock and gave me a soft blow job.

Then she stood up and removed her
saree. She was standing in front of me with only petticoat. She had still in
blouse but her blouse was not covering her boobies. Then she removed her blouse
completely. She then asked me to come near her .I went to her, hold her very
tightly. Her mangoes were pressing against my chest. I then kissed her
passionately and pressed her butt and by another hand I was pressing her tit.

Next, I placed my hand in search
of her pussy. I entered my hand in between his thighs and found the deep bush.
She had deep bush around her hole. I then broke up the kiss and quickly removed
her petticoat .I finally saw her completely naked. I used my hand to find the
way of her hole and very fast I discovered the way of the hole .It was already

I inserted a finger into it. It
was quite loose. I was slowly moving it in and out while my face was working on
her milk-pots. My maid was enjoying my activities. She kept her eyes closed and
moaning very softly ahhhh. I then place her into the bed, kept her legs wide,
placed myself in-between them hold my cock in my hand and pushing it into her
pussy. She was smiling like a horny bitch. I then apply the force. It was fully
inside of her.

I was moving very fast cause she
had a loosen one. So from the fast if was in my high speed. She was moaning
loudly yaaaaaa haaaaa. I was fucking her while I was biting her tits hardly at
the same time after 5 min we changed our pose, we then did the doggy. She sat
on the bed like a bitch with huge ass. I was at her behind at first I kissed
her pussy from the back then I insert my tool in her. I was fucking her like a
mad while.

I was fingering her ass hole it
was amazing feeling. I slapped her ass chicks and turned them into red. It was
the best part of our fucking session, while I was pressing her huge ass and
fucking her wet hot pussy after another 10 min she came and sat on me she was
jumping on my cock like a hungry slut. Her big mangoes are hanging and jumping
with the motion of fucking. I grabbed both of them in my hand and press them as
hard as I can after two-three mins, she cum.

She cum a lot and her love juice
was dripping in my abdomen suddenly the door opened and it was her husband. We
were both shocked he came and started slapping both of our faces; more of me
each slap started pain like hell. I tried to cover my head by putting my
head down, kneeling and raising my ass in the direction of his blows. He told
how you dare fuck my wife; you will regret this now and took out his 11inch

He slowly pushed his rod inside
my boy-hole and I could feel the muscles around my whole twitching for more. I
felt pain like hell and started crying after about 10 minutes I started
enjoying. His rod moved in and out of my hole that my horny hole wanted more of
it. He realized it and then he inserted his finger inside my hole still my hole
wanted more of meat inside it and he slowly inserted his other finger also and
without a warning he inserted one more finger and this time.

It was painful, but he didn’t
care about it, he started moving his fingers in and out of my hole and i was
moaning with pain and pleasure. His other hand was slapping the soft dangling
ball-sac which was hanging freely between my thighs. He was enjoying the way my
dangling ball-sac would swing with each of his slap and the way I moan with his
every slap and his fingers fucking my hole. Sometimes he will stop and start
spanking and biting my ass buns and give a tight squeeze on my boy-boobs.

This routine continued for almost
5minutes until I was not able to control my passion anymore. He sensed it and
this time he increased the pace of his finger fucking and ball-slapping. He
increased the pace of the rhythm so much that I was literally gasping for
breath and I was moaning uncontrollably. He increased the pace further, fucking
with his cock now for 40 mins. There was total submission from my side. I was
moaning loudly and.

He still continued his activity
though my ass muscles where giving wild spasms and finally I just collapsed he
shot his load on my face. My ass was soaring the next day and I was sitting in
my house alone. My maid came and I didn’t speak with her. I asked her that
your husband has a strong big monster cock, then why she wanted me. She said
she wanted a fair guy like me.

Then she said her husband likes
me and asked her to bring me. I said no then she said today he will do it
softly. She kissed me and put my hands on her boobs, she said common we can
also enjoy. I followed her innocently like a puppy please mail me your comments
at [email protected] Straight couples, Bi- couples, single women can also
contact me

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