Husband, Wife And A Maid Sex Adventure

This is Deepak from Chennai I am
26 now 6 feet tall fair guy. I would like to tell my experience which happened
way back when I was studying in College. I was staying in a hostel and during
holidays I used to go to my village as usual in my second year I went to my
village during study holidays. I was waiting for bus, there was lot of rush. I
saw a familiar looking figure then I realized it was my maid.

She was around 37 years old a typical
maid, not so beautiful face with average features, brownish colour but super
hot body, as she was working in farms she was super fit. She is one of the
maids whom you’ll want to fuck the minute u see her and I went to her and asked
her where she is going to. She said she had come to see her sister and she is
returning to our village. There was lot of rush so I said well go in private

She said she will come in the
government bus itself. I said no and caught her hand and went to and bought
tickets for a volvo but and it was an aircon bus and she was amazed at the
bus and we got in the bus and we were sweating a lot. She took her pallu and
cleaned my face, as she raised her hand I was able to see her breasts and
nipples as she had not won a bra and my cock was now fully erect and
wanting to come out.

After some time the bus was in
the outskirts and it became very cold and she became amazed at the comfort
of the bus and thanked me many times for taking her in a luxury coach. Now the
lights were switched off. I just left it there waiting for her body to touch my
fingers as the bus moves, so that it would look as if it happened by mistake
and when the bus took a turn to the right her body touched my fingers. I acted
as if it was not my action.

She had gone back to her old
position after the turn but she never turned back or reacted rude. I then
slowly inched my fingers near her body so that even the slightest movement of
her body would touch my fingers. It happened sooner than I had expected (I have
lot of patience normally. This time she did not move away far but at the same
time she did not let her body touch my fingers.

Slowly fingers inched towards her
arm in an unknowing fashion and touched her and took it back immediately (Ty to
give a feel that it was by accident) she gave an angry look. I got scared and
took my hands off after some time I just turned towards her and checked what
she was doing. She had closed her eyes and was trying to sleep now. I gathered
courage and decided to give it a try again. I moved my hands so that her
hips touched my hand slightly.

This time she did not move, maybe
she was asleep already then I started increasing the area of contact on her
body but with the same pressure. It seemed like she was tilting her towards her
co-passenger to check what she was doing. She was already asleep. I then started
off leaving my hands on her hips without looking at her and I was touching the
cotton blouse. I slowly gave a soft massage to her hips.

I was still cautious to take away
my hands if she makes any move. I was expecting her to move the pushback to
straight position if she didn’t like what I was doing. Luckily no such thing
happened. I assumed that as a positive response then slowly put my hands into
the saree and felt her boobs over her blouse. It was really wonderful and must
have been size 38 it was the most wonderful experience to touch a married woman
in an intimate manner when you know that she is somebody else’s wife.


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