House Wife Used By A Stranger

By: Aditya The Taurian

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Bang! There was a bang on the door that suddenly brought Neelu out of her thoughts. She saw towards the window. It was morning and the news paper wallah had thrown the bundled Paper on the balcony. She got up and dressed her gown and came on the balcony to take the news paper. She tried to read it but she didn’t feel like she was not feeling like doing anything. She was still feeling an itch between her legs she tried to clasp her thighs and felt a kind of wetness there.

The whole scene of last night rolled like a film in front of her eyes and a shiver traveled in her spine from her Cunt till her head and without even wanting to do so but a lustful smile spread her lips apart. The night before was Saturday night and as usual Aditya and Neelu had to go for watching the night show of the latest Adult Category film which they always did every Saturday. Neelu had dressed her in her latest Cut-Sleeves backless Orange Blouse with a matching Chiffon Saree.

The blouse was tight enough and was revealing her porking large nipples from its thin cloth. Any one passing nearby could sense that the woman is not wearing Brassiere inside it. Her Saree was tied just below her Belly Button. Although, Neelu was a bit fat with a bulging fat layer on the sides of her stomach but her Belly Button was real wide and deep. One could sense looking at it that her hubby would have been using her belly button for his pleasure by fucking it with his cock.

Her blouse had a low neck and the broad line of her cleavage separating her 40D breasts from each other was clearly visible. At the age of 21 when she got married her breasts were 36 and now at the age of 37 she had such big breasts with large pinkish brown nipples because Aditya was very fond of sucking his nipples whenever they had a fucking session, which was there almost every night.

She had done her makeup painting her lips with a matching brownish lipstick and kaajal in her eyes. Her hairs were open and she was wearing a broad orange Bindi on her forehead. But yesterday night Aditya returned late from the office. He was tired and did not want to go to see the film. But Neelu compelled him and though very tired, but he went with her for the film. The only tickets available were of Silver Class because the film was a Box Office Hit.

They went inside the theatre where she got her first shock. On both sides of their seat there were men. This had happened for the first time otherwise she would have sat on the side where a woman was there. Left with no option, she sat on the right side and Adi sat on the left seat. The man sitting on the right seat of Neelu seemed to be an aged man. She could not see his face as the lights of the theatre were already switched off.

Within a few minutes the film started and within next few minutes, Aditya was in deep sleep as he was tired working since morning. Neelu was watching the film which was full of eroticism. After around half an hour an erotic song started in the movie. Neelu was a bit aroused watching the song as the Hero was slowly caressing the bare back of the heroine lying naked under the bed covers. Suddenly she felt a hand moving on her bare arm.

She gave a slight glance on her right and found that it was the hand of the man sitting next to her. She moved her hand a bit towards herself. The stranger hand did not touch her for again but after a few seconds the hand was again touching her bare arm, now the finger of that hand caressing the upper part of her bare arm. She tried to move her hand more towards her but there was no more place.

She looked at Aditya so that she could change places with him but he was deep asleep. Having left with no option she decided to sit as she was. But the courage of the stranger was becoming more and more. His finger was moving on her bare arm. She looked at the stranger with annoyance but in turn, he gave a dirty smile to her. His smile was enough to raise a shiver in her body. Her mind was unable to take any decision, it was blank.

She thought that she will change places with Aditya during the intermission but till then she had to handle the situation on her own. After some time again there was a deep kissing scene in the movie and Neelu also got a bit aroused and suddenly she found the hand of the stranger had rested on her upper arm and was caressing it as if he had no fear. She tried to move her hand but the dare devil had got the courage of holding her arm and was now squeazing her felshy arm.

She moved her face towards right and whispered, “Kya kar rahe hain aap.” and the reply she got from the man was, “Kyun acchha nahi lag raha hai kya? Ban kar to badi sexy aayee ho” and saying this he pushed her back and inserted his hand between her back and the seat. Now his hand was on her bare back as he brought his face near her ear and whispered, “Chupchaap mazaa leti raho.

Agar zaraa sa bhi shor machaaya to main sabko keh doonga ki tumne hi mujhe yeh sab karne ko bola thha.” Neelu was stunned at his dare devilish character and whispered, “Maine kab bola hai aapko.” He moved his hand on her back and said, “Bola to nahi hai, par jis tarah ki dress tumne pehni hui hai usko dekhkar to sab maan hi lenge, aur fir socho tumhaari kitni be-izzati hogi.” Neelu had no words to protest. He again brought his face near her ear and said,

Bhalai isi me hai ki chup chaap tum bhi mazaa leti raho aur mujhe bhi lene do. Neelu’s decision making power had collapsed and she was not able to think as to what to do. The stranger was caressing her naked back with his hand freely now. Somehow Neelu also started getting aroused with the touch of the stranger on her body. He moved his hand a bit forward and wrapped it on her waist.

My Goshhhhhhh a shiver traveled all along her body as he touched her bare stomach and he gave a small jerks and pulled her towards him and as she came near him he bent and gave a kiss on her neck. “umm” a shreak rose from Neelu’s mouth but it did not make any effect on the stranger. He pulled his hand back and moved his hand from the left side to touch the stomach of Neelu.

Till this time Neelu was aroused, she was feeling a kind of itching between her thighs. Her inner conscious was restricting her but the Slut inside her was asking her to enjoy the opportunity. Neelu tried to shrink his body but the hand of the stranger was strong enough to move between her hand and waist and now his hand was roaming on her naked stomach. Moving his hand slowly he took it to her belly button and pushed it inside forcefully.

Ufffffffffff my Goshhhh” Neelu wanted to shreak but she clenched her teeth on her lower lip and somehow managed to restrict her voice in her mouth. As if the tsranger had known till now that the woman is hot. So he moved his hand upwards and without any hesitations he held the left breast of Neelu and squeazed it like a ball. Neelu was not able to control herself and a slow moan emerged from her lips ummmmmmaaaa

But that encouraged the stranger and he started fondling Neelu’s breast as if he had owned her. By this time the ethical feelings of Neelu of being the wife of Aditya had collapsed and she had started enjoying her own molestation. She slowly moved to a position lifting her breasts so that the stranger is able to squeaze them properly. The stranger understood this and started playing with her breasts one by one.

She wasn’t wearing a brassiere, so it was very easy for the stranger to locate her nipples which were hard and erect now. He took her nipples between her fingers and started turning them like radio buttons, pulling them to the front. Neelu’s cunt was wet fully wet juices had started dripping. She was clenching her legs, she was enjoying the itch created by the sticky drops of her juices between her thighs. The stranger had tilled now crushed the front portion of her blouse

And was now squeazing her breasts and nipples with full strength. He squeazsed her breasts pulled them and ended up on her nipple turning them and then pulling them and leaving them and before she could gasp he held her breast again. She was moving slowly on her seat trying her best to hold her moans inside her throat. It was becoming hard for Neelu to control herself. She turned her face to see Aditya who was still in deep sleep.

Suddenly the stranger brought his face close to her ear and spoke in a commanding voice, “Blouse kohl apna, Mujhe tere Nange Doodh dabaane hain.” Neelu’s mind till now had lost connection with her limbs completely and her hands went on the back to open the string of her backless blouse. Some meak voice from inside her was still trying to stop her but the Slut inside her had overpowered the wife and within a second she had opened her blouse for the unknown stranger sitting besides her.

The stranger, without any hesitation pushed his hand inside her blouse and squeazed her naked breast so hard that a shreak came out from her mouth, but she clenched her teeth and didn’t let it come out of her lips. This man was now turning her nipples like they are radio buttons. His fingers squeazed her nipples hard and his palms were kneading her breasts one by one. Neelu was going mad now.

She was making all possible attempts to hold her moans but still they got converted into deep sighs which were coming from her nostrils. Her thighs were wet with her own juices and she was clenching her thighs to squeaze her pussy lips hard. Neelu was pressing her own thighs with her hands. The stranger took Neelu’s hand in his own and placed it on his bulge. With a jerk Neelu tried to move her hand away but before that he had stopped her move.

She whispered slowly, “What are you doing.” In reply the stranger brought his face near hers and said, “Ab to tumko bhi mazaa aa raha hai meri jaan, to chup chaap maze leti raho naa.” Neelu made a second attempt to move her hand from his bulge, a very soft attempt, but the stranger did not let her hand move. Rather he placed his hand on hers and started caressing it slowly. His other hand was still caressing the smooth naked stomach of Neelu.

She had almost lost control on her now. She gave up and the stranger slowly guided her hand inside his pant from the top. Like a toy she let him guide her hand but as it went inside and touched his cock, she again gave a jerk to move her hand out but the stranger was expecting this from her and he stopped her from doing so. Her hand was now on his cock. My Goshhhh what am I doing. I have never seen this man. He is a total stranger to me but he is using me like his sluttt.

My hand is on his cock now. If at all Adi comes to know this then what would he think.” All these thoughts came and traveled in her mind but the Sluttt inside her was too powerful now. Nevertheless, she was enjoying her hand on the cock of this stranger. She started moving her hand on his cock. His cock was wet; the head was totally slippery due to his precum. She started moving her hand on his cock.

The stranger was enjoying this and in turn he brought his hand on her breasts and squeazed her right breast in such a way as if he was milking it. His hand squeazed the right tit of Neelu from its origin and traveled to her aerola and turning her nipple hard he pulled it to the front. Neelu tried her level best to hold her moan inside her mouth but she could not control a deep sigh from her lips and her hand tightened on the cock of the stranger.

The stranger also arched his body to the front slowwwly letting her hand get full hold of his cock. Her hand was now moving on his cock. She had transformed into a sluttt. In public she was jerking the cock of a stranger while her husband was sleeping next to her. Her hand moved on his cock and he was slowwwwly moving his body enjoying her strokes and in turn was squeazing her titties one by one harddd.

Neelus hand started stroking the stranger harder now. Her hand was slipping from the root of his cock till its end and then moving round on its head it pasted the precum on the head of his cock and moved down. She could hear soft moans from the mouth of the stranger and the moans encouraged her further to move her hand faster. She was jerking her, his body slowly moving to facilitate her hand movements.

She was out of her control now, Ohhh she loved holding the cock, she wanted to have the smell of the cum and her hand started moving faster and and faster and all of a sudden she realized that his cock was swelling and then a gushhh of hot thick cum errupted from his cock and came all over her hand. She stroked him more and more and had more erruptions from his cock which came on her hand.

She wasn’t satisfied till now. She kept on stroking him till she could milk out the last drop from his cock. Her hand was full of his cum. The stranger took her hand in his and guided it to her titties. He was now moving her hand to paste all her cum on her titties. “Ohhhh what a Slut am I. I am pasting the cum of a stranger on my titties. I am a Whore now uuuffffff and the very thought created an itch between her thighs and she felt as if a

Hot stream is gushing inside her stomach and it exploded from her Vagina. Jerks after jerks and she was having an orgasm or an explosion from her cunt. The stranger left her hand and put his hand on her purse. Before she could do anything he took her mobile and dialled a number from it. After two seconds she heard a ring of mobile from the stranger’s pocket. She was stunned. The stranger looked at her, smiled and said,

Bahut Mazedaar Maal hai tu meri Jaan. Yaad karta rahunga tujhe abki baar bulaunga.Chodne ke liye saying this he got up from the chair and went out of the cinema hall. Neelu was looking stunned not knowing what to do. To be continued, Dear Readers, I would love to have your feedback on the story as it will encourage me to write more for all of you [email protected]

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