Her Father In Law & His Old Friend

Hi this is Sultana Sinha, 36 yrs old healthy Male from Patna Bihar along with 49th story. My friend with a request to get it published on ISS has forwarded this story. If you like, the story, please say so via mail [email protected] or [email protected] This happened recently. My name is Latha, father in law is Rakesh Prasad, husband is Vijay who lives at Kuwait, and mother in law is Sarita Devi. I am 29 yrs old having one kid 2 years old. I got married 8 years back.

Earlier I had written my real story about how I was being cared in my in law’s home. Once my husband and in laws opened the words of incest and made me a family slut, we all began living happily in one room. We all sleep together. We do not know the real father of my kid, my husband or his dad. All our incest activities started because of my husband’s infidelity.

Once my husband got job in Kuwait last year, he began staying there; he was supposed be back by next year only. I along with mother in law live with father in law as his two wives inside our home and outside, nobody knows. We have regular threesome sex in house. And my husband is aware of all our activities between father in law, mother in law and yours truly as we regularly inform him of our sex escapades.

Last week my father in law’s friend and his long time office boss Keshav Rajaendran visited our city. He was working with father in law for almost 11 years before retiring and he helped my father in law in many ways. There were even some allegations against Kumar and my father in law in finance issue of company and I heard that my mother in law and Kumar were seen some places in wrong circumstances. We went to meet him in is house.

Kumar welcomed us very well. He was all alone, now a widower and his sons were abroad. While we were going back to home by bus father in law kept pressing my breasts from under the saree pallu. I caught his cock and squeezed it. No one noticed it in the bus. I remained wet all the time. When reached home I was very horny for a fuck.

At night while my father in law was fucking me, mother in law opened her secret relationship with Kumar uncle, “Kumar is a very good fucker. He has fucked me many times. His wife knew this as she fucked your father in law. All four of us (Kumar uncle along with his wife and us two) used to go for trip and we did not have any barriers and used to enjoy each other like anything. It was one of the best part of our life. We are telling you now no one knows it outside the house.”

Only I know about it outside their club. I did not tell that I heard something from outside about their sex affairs. Then they informed that Kumar uncle is coming to stay with us this weekend. My father in law expected aunt and me to be ready to do anything for him. I was reluctant to say yes, as papa told me not to inform hubby anything about this or to ask him anything.

He arrived on the scheduled day. He came by evening around 7.00pm only. We wore saree without blouse when he entered in to home itself. He called me as Latha daughter and mother in law with her name. In addition, they discussed about how it was difficult to make me ready for this. And we told him that if my hubby got to know he will kill us.

We told him that I am the family slut here as my husband is away, we all are sleeping in same bed, and all are having sex together. Kumar uncle pulled me towards him and pressed my uncovered breast. The he held my waist and tummy. He praised my figure and body. He traced the outline of my waist, breasts, ass and thighs. Every line was smooth, firm, trim, and just right.

After all, I was only twenty-nine years old. I should not be getting fat and sloppy. It was a good body, a great body and I admired it even more in the mirror at the bedside where I was regularly getting a fuck by my father in law, and Kumar was hell bent upon taking me raw in places which I had been only with Father in law and my husband. Now I had to take lead as Kumar was 57 years old with 8-inch long cock, which took half hour to get erect fully and 40 minutes to shrink.

So I put my lips on his lips and he became very excited by this and he responded me by taking my lips in his mouth and inserted his tongue in my mouth. His hands were now on my breast, which he was caressing and rubbing gently. I whispered in his ears, “You are very lovely old man. I like you very much.” He was rubbing my breast, my breast became too hard, and my nipples got erected. I moved my hand to his thighs and placed on it.

My hand was moving on his thighs and reached his penis. I opened his pajama string and slid it little down, as his cock was now free from cloths. I slide my hand on his cock and I touched his cock. I became excited to feel his manhood, as he was a perfect man not an old hag. He had very big cock, which was semi, erect by the time. I started wondering how large and thick will it become after full erection. I took his cock in my hand and started moving my hand down and up. His cock reached full erection.

I was still holding his cock in my hand and was rubbing it. Suddenly he moved towards the back and said to my mother in law, “I am sorry.” “For what?” she asked him. He replied, “I am fucking your daughter in law before you.” Mom (MIL) replied, “You have done nothing, I have done all this with you before so I have allowed you to fuck my DIL before me.” I said, “Do not feel guilty.” Saying this I bent down and started kissing his cock softly.

I was kissing, licking and sucking his cock he was moaning and saying, “You are too nice.” I was so happy that I had him entirely for me at last. Then he put his hand on my waist. He caught my tits in his hand and rubbed them for a while, and then he put my one tit in his mouth and kissed, licked it, and at last sucked my tit and squeezed the other with his hand. He then interchanged the process.

I was moaning “Uncle…. ooo..yess.” Then I caught his hand, led it to my pussy, and placed it on it. He started squeezing my pussy. As I was sucking his dick, which now became in its full erection and was not less than 8’’. I was very happy in my heart that I selected the correct one. My MIL asked him, “Have you seen anything so beautiful as my DIL’s tits and pussy”, he said, “I am seeing it in for the first time.”

So I said, “You sucked my nipples now see my pussy.” I opened my saree and pulled it out now. I was now totally nude. We sat in the bed and he bent to see my cunt. He put his mouth on my cunt to kiss it. I pressed down his head in between my thighs. But his mouth could not reach it. Therefore, I asked him to lie on bed and I lay on the bed with him. I spread my legs little wide for him and he placed his mouth on my pussy lips. Papa came over, kissed me, and pressed my boobs. It was double attack.

Uncle continued licking my pussy and I was moaning in pleasure. Then he tried to put his tongue in pussy hole. He inserted his tongue in my pussy and started moving his tongue in and out of my cunt hole. I stopped him by saying that I need your dick in my pussy please enter your cock in to me. Meanwhile papa was sucking my boobs. He sat between in my thighs and I held his cock, rubbed it with my clitoris for a while and guided it in my cunt hole.

I asked him to push his cock towards my pussy hole and he did as directed. But he failed to insert his cock in my hole as he had a big tool and my cunt had never been fucked by such big tool. He became little nervous. I smiled and once again, held his dick, put it on the orifice of my pussy, and asked him to push.

I did not leave it until his dick went in my wet hole. He carefully put it in. He was now fully inside me and I was feeling his cock like a hot steel rod in my pussy. I asked him to start moving his cock in and out of my cunt. Now mom was also getting excited. She came over me on fours putting her cunt on my face. Papa began kissing mom and squeezing her boobs. I happily began sucking her pussy. Papa got in front of mom; she kissed his cock and then began sucking it.

Uncle pulled half of his cock from my hole and then pushed it in again. In the same rhythm, my tongue was going in and coming out of mom’s pussy. Papa was also fucking mom’s mouth in the same rhythm. Meanwhile uncle was doing as I told him and now he started pushing me hard. He had bigger than 9″. So I was moaning very frequently.

Then he increased his speed of fucking my pussy. I became too excited and started using abusive language due the lot of excitement. Aunt and I were using all bad words like anything. I was crying now and saying, “You have got dick bigger than that of my bastard husband. Take your daughter’s legs on your shoulder and fuck me.” He placed my legs on his shoulders and started fucking me.

This way I was receiving his cock deeper in my pussy. Every muscle of my body was jerking and twitching. I locked his cock so hard on my pussy so he could not get it out and asked him to suck my tits. He bent over my chest and started biting mom’s ass so hard that she screamed and asked, “You bastard do it slowly. You want to hurt my ass.” But he was not in mood to listen as he had not fucked a cunt since last few months before this and he was flying in sky by now fucking one female and sucking ass of the other.

I was jumping now toward him up because I wanted his dick more in my cunt. I was moaning and crying with pleasure. I was saying, “Where were you till day, you bastard? You are fucking me in real in my life. My husband had never given me such pleasure in 8 years like this. Fuck me hard, harder.” I started gasping and moaning very loudly, and even the bed started shaking and swaying due to the force of his violent stroking. Mother got up from my face and turned her ass towards papa. Papa (father in law) took his cock and inserted in mother’s (mother in law) ass. He began ass fucking his wife.

Mom turned her face towards me so that she was kissing me or pressing my boobs. All four of us were enjoying our sex act. Only sound heard in the room was of our fucking. Phuch, puch, thap, thap thap. And that was natural when an old man sex-hungry for months fucks a thirsty woman much younger to him, more than half of his age. I caught his hips from behind pushing him towards me and also squeezed them. I was now jumping up with every stroke he was giving me to get his dick more deep in my thirsty cunt. We became very exhausted and we felt that we cannot control long it more.

He asked me, “What to do now? I am coming Latha. I cannot control it more.” I said, “I also want to come.” He asked, “What to do?” I said, “Come inside in my pussy.” I now pressed him as tight as possible, squeezing his hips. He plunged as deep as possible into my cunt almost reaching my womb and filled my pussy hole after a hard wild, 35 minutes long fuck. He fell on me after releasing his load in my cunt. Same time papa also came in mom’s ass with a loud moan and mom joined us.

We laid there for a long time and I was feeling a lot of love for them (parents in law) as they had given me the real pleasure in my life. I asked them to rest, went to washroom and after that to kitchen, and brought glass of milk for all three. Mom lay nude by Kumar uncle kissing him. Uncle began fondling mom’s nude boobs. Mom said, “Let us change partners now.”

I went to papa and handed him the glass of milk. He drank it and I lay with him. I got busy fondling and kissing him. He was also playing with my teat, and searching in my pussy to touch my clitoris. I caught his cock and stroked it. Now he was ready for another fuck, as his cock had become hard like a pole. I wanted to ride him. I asked him to lie on his back so that I could ride him as he rode me.

He lay on his back and I climbed on top of him. I held his hard dick and rubbed the tip on my cunt lips. Then pushed my pussy to his cock and took it in my cunt very expertly as this is my favorite style of fucking. He lay straight and was having a lot of pleasure, as he was saying, “You are the best daughter in law, you are really sweet.”

Meanwhile, uncle was laying on mom on bed and was inserting his cock in her oozing pussy. I took all of papa’s cock in my pussy and started jumping up and down. We were looking to each other eyes with great love as he was my father in law and was giving the ultimate pleasure to a woman who really needed it in her husband’s absence. And for him this was the pleasure he could give to woman having 29 years of age.

My breasts were bouncing which I asked him to catch, and he caught them both of his hands and squeezing them. I was jumping up and down to take his dick very passionately style in my pussy. I was fucking him very skillfully. While riding him I was moaning and grunting. After few minutes, I asked him, “Now we should change the position.” He said, “Dear daughter as you like, I don’t have a passion for the positions.”

And by this I felt a lot of love for him and I bent on him and kissed him very long on his cheeks. Then I got up, made a doggy style bending my waist and my knees, and made my wide soft ass up. I asked him too inert his cock in my pussy. He inserted his cock in my pussy, started forth and back, forth, and back motion to fuck me. Uncle and mom were making too noise while fucking. Uncle was giving deep strokes and mom was yelling. They were fucking like two long lost partners.

I was in great pleasure and was moaning, “Hhufff huuu huumm.” He caught my dropping tits. He was fucking me very hard and lustily. His strokes now became more forceful. He grabbed both my shoulders and was giving me full stroke. He was trying to reach in my full depth, but it was already reaching me very deep and it was too enough for me.

His hand found my cunt and he located the clit. While fucking me from behind he began tweaking my clit. This added to the pleasure. After some time I was again near to coming for third time and I shouted, “Fuck me fast; give me your cock pump fast, faster. Your daughter in law is coming. And you should join me at the same time.” And he started pumping faster and faster. We both came together. He fell on me.

We fucked four times on that day and uncle fucked me for not less than 30 minutes each time. And after that he became crazy to fuck me as he was a old man and we were the only one to satisfy his desires. I never disappointed him and whenever he demanded, I provided a chance. Now some time I think that I was wrong to introduce a simple-minded person like him, who could not stay without my cunt and me during his stay.

He stayed for a night and day and we made sure that we are nude except sometime when we came out. I gave a nice view of my pussy to all who were standing in their terrace while shitting and pissing from terrace. I pulled up my nighty and stood up so that others can see from near building, Dear readers, tell me how you liked the story. If you like, the story, please send your comments or suggestion via mail [email protected] or [email protected]

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