Getting Caught

I am rajat and am 42y old and am 5’9″ tall and weighing 75kg. Since last 8y i have been having very regular sex with rita my wife’s friend. Rita is now 40y old and when we started our sex life she was 32y and i was 34y – both in our sexual prime. Rita is 5’5” and has a figure of 37-34-36 and is very sweet, pretty and sexy. My wife , nandini[now 38y] knows about our sex life and in fact she is having very regular sex with samir [now 46y]- rita’s husband since last 8y -nandini was just 30 and samir 38 when they had their first fuck . We are actually neighbours. Rita has a daughter rupa who is now 19y old – she is through samir and rita’s younger daughter rinki has been fathered by me. Nandini has a son through me and a daughter through samir – these facts are known only to we four.

infact in last 8 years i have fucked nandini only 2-3 times and samir has fucked rita around the same. I have tied a mangalsutra around rita and consider her my wife too and samir has accepted nandini has his wife also. Both rita and nandini have two husbands and samir and me have two wives.

rupa is aware of our sex life but does not say or comment. This incident occured about 1y 5m back in july 2008. Samir and nandini was in the master bedroom and i was sleeping with rita in the second bedroom. Rupa was sleeping alone next to the room where rita and me were sleeping. We had locked the door from inside.It was a weekend hence we were not in hurry to get up on a sunday morning. The room had a single bed but it was no problem as i was on top of her through out the night and fucking her till the wee hours of the morning. She is just 2 years younger to me and on the bed she is superb- just out of the world. She has a sexy figure, nice shapely smooth silky thighs, well formed breasts with round nipples, and a sexy juicy smooth silky vagina and my penis fits in her vagina very well and we both enjoy the fuck – me fucking her and her getting fucked by me. We were living as husband and wife and i was fucking her every day.

as soon as we entered the room we undressed and came on the bed. She lay on her back and i mounted her. We were hugging and kissing very passionately. She said to me “my darling and dear hubby, i want you in me. Please fuck me”. I was hard by then and she was dripping. I started sucking her breasts and then we decided on the 69 position. She took my penis in her mouth and her tongue was doing wonders with my penis. My tongue was probing her vagina and i was savouring her love juices. I was too sexcited and wanted to fuck her. I held her smooth sexy thighs and spread them and inserted my penis in her vagina. She shouted “aah. You are good. I love you my darling husband” and pulled me over her and we hugged and kissed very passionately. Her legs had encircled me and i was fucking her with deep and strong thrusts. I could feel her hot sexy vagina rubbing against my penis. This was giving us immense sexual pleasures and excitement and we were enjoying the fuck. I knew she is ‘coming’ and i increased the depth of my thrusts in her and we responded with groans and moans of immense sexual excitement and pleasures. Finally she ‘came’ and she scratched my back, hugged me very tightly and kissed me frantically and cried “fuck harder, i want you. I love you dear.Make me pregnant. I am your darling wife my dear hubby”. I was too excited and could not hold on and said to her “my wife i am ejaculating in you i am coming” and ejaculated in her vagina with a great force and we reached our orgasm as we climaxed together. We were kissing passionately and hugging tightly as we were enjoying the orgasm and our fuck. She said “dear i want you again.

Let me make you hard”. She made me lay on my back held my thighs apart and took my penis inside her mouth and her mouth made to-fro motion over my penis and her tongue was doing wonders on my glans as she licked the remaining ‘cum’. I held her head and assisted her mouth movements over my penis and soon i was rock hard and ready to fuck her. She said “come dear fuck me. I want you in me”. She was lying on her back and spread her sexy legs and i could see her hot juicy vagina dripping of her love juices. I took my rock hard penis and inserted it inside her vagina – it was a very smooth entry and soon we were locked in very passionate fucking. We did not speak much except “i love you my love my dear my darling husband/wife”. We were very much aroused sexually and i knew that i will ejaculate in her soon. My thrusts were deep and strong and soon we reached our orgasm and climax as i ejaculated inside her vagina. At 39 she was a sex bomb and i really had superb time fucking her and she enjoyed getting fucked by me. I was not yet satisfied and so was she and we wanted more.

She again gave me a sexy blowjob and soon i was ready to fuck her. We decided on the ‘doggie’ position. She bent forward on her knees and i held her waist – holding her by her waist is enough to give an orgasm – and my penis entered her vagina. By now we were at our sexual excitement’s zenith and i was fucking her with very great passion. In the doggie position the penetration is the deepest and ‘my wife’ was really enjoying the fuck. She kept on saying “i love you darling hubby. Fuck harder”.My thrusts were deep and strong and her vagina felt superb. Our groans and moans spoke volumes of our sexual pleasures and enjoyment and then we reached our orgasm and climax as i ejaculated in her with a very great force. I grabbed her tightly by her waist as we reached our orgasm. She shouted out on reaching the climax “aah it felt very good. You were very good. I enjoy getting fucked by you. You are only mine”. It was a superb fuck. She then asked me to lay on my back held my thighs apart and took my penis in her mouth and started making to-fro motion of her lips and mouth over my penis – it felt superb. All the remaning ejaculate she licked and started giving me a lovely blowjob. I was tired after three ejaculations – all in her vagina – but her blowjob felt so good that before i realized i was hard and i was holding her head and assisting her in giving me a blowjob. Suddenly i ejaculated in her mouth and she licked me dry though i must admit that the amount of my ‘cum’ was very less. We really enjoyed the fuck that night.

it was almost 4am and we decided to sleep off. We were fully naked and hugged as we slept off. Our clothes were lying on the floor by the head end of the bed.

it was about 5am. She wanted to go for a pee. She got up and told me that she wanted to go for a pee and we kissed . I said to her “come back soon. I am not satisfied and want to fuck you again. We have enough time for a good fuck as the children won’t get up before 8am. She replied “ok my dear. You can fuck me. I will come in minutes. She wanted to put on her dress but i said “no one is awake you go naked and come back and we will not waste time in undressing.She said “it is ok i too want a fuck very badly and can see you are erect and fully ready to satisfy me and my vagina” and opened the door.The bathroom was just out side the room in the passage and there was a basin.

As she opened the door she came out fully naked and saw rupa was standing and brushing teeth. Rupa saw her “mother” rita coming out from my – her uncle’s room fully naked with a ‘satisfied’look and had that expression on her face which one has after a very satisfying fuck – and saw “me” on the bed naked and “my hard on” was seen very easily . Also our clothes including her bra & panty could be seen lying on the floor and she must have heard ‘our passionate kisses’ & what we said just before the door was opened.

She must have taken less than a second to realise that “her mother” was being fucked by “me – her uncle” all throughout the night. Neither said a word and she went for her pee. Rupa went off to her room after brushing teeth. After the pee rita came in the room and locked the room from inside. She was very upset and disturbed at being caught but i consoled her and said to her to forget the episode. I told her that rupa is big and i am sure knows every thing. I also told her that we are not wrong as we love each other very much. I was hard and wanted her and she agreed and soon i was on her and my penis entered inside her vagina and we were locked in a tight sexual embrace as i was fucking her. We were kissing and hugging but i realised that she was upset a lot.

I could make out that she was disturbed and was not enjoying the fuck – it was more like a routine fuck though i was hugging her and kissing her with passion and enjoying the fuck – the feel of my penis rubbing her vaginal wall is simply great – her kiss was lacking the lust and passion. I wanted the fuck as i was very hard and aroused and her vagina was definitely better than shag. I was not disturbed by the fact that i have been caught fucking her – in fact i would be happy if we were cuaght in the ‘act’ as that would have enabled me to fuck rupa too. I kept on consoling her while i fucked her. She was hugging me tightly and i realised that her hug was full of emotional love and bond for me and not mere sexual. I too was feeling very emotional about the episode but nevertheless enjoying fucking her. I ejaculated in her soon.

We both had our orgasm and climax simultaneously as i ejaculated inside her vagina. As we climaxed she hugged me tightly and kissed me passionately. She said “we should not have been caught”. I told her “dear do you think that it is not known? We have been fucking for so long that it can’t be hidden at all. Be happy that the door was locked or else we would be caught in ‘action’. What would you do then? I am sure rupa knows the ‘action’ between ‘nandini and samir” . So do not feel sad and depressed and enjoy our love and our fuck”. She felt somewhat relieved at my consolling her though i feel that she did not enjoy the fuck much as she was disturbed though i must admit that i felt very good fucking her and great ejaculating in her vagina and reaching orgasm and climaxing simultaneously. We fucked on for 21/2 hours till almost 8am before we came out of our rooms.

by the way i have managed to convince rita, [samir and nandini are not aware as they are too busy fucking and they donot bother me rita and rupa] and have started having sex with rupa since last 2-3 months – with full precautions to avoid pregnancy. In fact our first few fucks were in front of rita who insisted that i put on a condom. I fucked both rita and rupa in front of each other.

Now a days i have sex with rita every day [about 3-4 ejaculations in her vagina every night] and 2-3 times a week i fuck rupa – we sleep alone and i use a condom and ejaculate inside her vagina only on her safe days and she also takes unwanted or i-pill. Actually most of the days rita rupa and me sleep together – all fully naked. By the way rupa is 5’6” with figure of 34-31-35 and is damn sexy. We have told rupa of our sex life and also of samir and nandini and rupa has admitted that she had been a peeping tom and have seen her father samir fucking nandini her aunty a number of times and have also seen her giving samir blow jobs.

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