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Recently I had the opportunity to vist this site and after reading some hot stories, I have decided to narrate my own experience here to encourage the readers and i shall welcome mails from them if they have liked my story.

It was a real incident in my life. I was a student of 2nd yr BA in college.I was 20 yrs at that time. I had one bosom friend whose name was Vishal. He was a little bit younger than me and he was reading in 12th std at that time.We were basically from a village where we wre born & brought up.Vishal’s father was a businessman who spent most days outside home. Vishal lived along with his mother & grandmother in the village.I was in a borading house in the town at that time and Vishal was in the village to finish his final exam.I had the full liberty to go to Vishal’s house and to stay there without any hesitation as vishal’s mother loved me as her elder son. However we used to sleep together in the same bed at Vishal’s house, whenever I come to village in the weekend. We talked on different types of subjects including sexual matters.In fact we both were bisexual and we had a homosexual relationship between us. Vishal was too much experienced about sex as he had done intercourse with a 14 yrs old girl in our village. I had also few experience about boyhood sex. He used to buy sexual hot books and hot nude pictures of girls & we enjoyed to see this.

It was the month of November, I was in the village and noticed some guests in Vishal’s house. They were none but his cousin sisters. One is Rumi elder to vishal and another was sumi who was younger to him. All of us had the Durgapuja vacation for one month. Rumi was aged about

19 yrs and sumi was 15. When i saw Rumi, i was stunned to see her with a light yellow colored tight Ganjee in her top and a Jeans pant.The nipples of her big breasts were clearly visible from outside. Vishal introduced me with Rumi as his bosom friend.They were from Ranaghat.

After a few days I noticed Vishal trying to avoid myself , I made an enquiry and observed some doubtful relationship between Vishal & his elder sister Rumi.They used to talk together for a long time after dinner.Rumi slept with vishal’s grandmother in a room and sumi with vishal’s mother in another room.

One day I got a confidential letter written by Rumi to Vishal. It was kept under the pillow cover of the bed where me & vishal used to sleep. I opened the letter and surprised to read it. Rumi wrote to Vishal……” My dear Vishal bhaiya, yesterday night u have made me mad with hot kisses and i will never forget this night with u. I never thought u had so much stamina with ur cock. How long and fat it was. This the first time i have seen such a cock (Bara) which will be 8″long. While i sucked it i felt that I was sucking a sweet “Malbhog” Banana .U have fucked me so nice still no i am thinking of ur cock ….so long i shall stay at ur home, plzz…fuck me every night .. I like to become a whore for u.. dear bhaiya.. I like to be ur slut wife every night…..With hot juicy love & kisses.. ur Rumi didi.”

After getting this letter, I kept it with me and thought of Vishal & Rumi how they were enjoying their nights and thats why vishal is avoiding me since Rumi has come to their home. So I have decided to blackmail Vishal… as I was also mad to see Rumi with her great big juicy boobs and Hot buttocks.From the first day I was also thinking of Rumi and my cock always get erection whenever i fantasize about Rumi’s boobs.

Here the turning point came.That day in the evening I asked Vishal to see me and I show the letter of Rumi to him and asked what’s going on with Rumi. Vishal was silent as a culprit without any reply.I asked ” Is it fact u fucked Rumi yesterday night, Vishal ?” Vishal noded his head.Now I asked him “Should I show this letter to ur mother?” Vishal replied to me.. ” No sisir, plz dont do that..I shall be nowhere if u show this to anybody….””Well, I shall not… but U have to give me a price for it.” Vishl said “Ok. what do u want.?” ” I also like to fuck Rumi … if u can arrange ur elder sister, I shall never show the letter to anyone.” “But How….?” Vishal replied. So I had the plan. “U tell to mother that Rumi had an urgent work at Town, she wish to go with u & me… If mother permits, all of us will go to Town and stay in a Hotel and enjoy during the daytime & shall come back in the evening.” Vishal agreed .

Next day Vishal’s mother gave us permission to go to the town and myself, Rumi & Vishal started for Kolkata.We reached Sealdah early at 9 am anf took one room near Rly stn just for the day time.After finishing our breakfast, we three started to talk . Now Rumi came to know the fact why we brought her to Kolkata.I asked Rumi how did she enjoyed with Vishal.. Rumi was really a slut whore, She replied ..Oh was an amazing night for me.She narrate the whole story of enjoying with vishal.My cock was errected after listening to her,She was sitting on the bed and both me and vishal were each side to her.I asked her..” Rumi, I want to enjoy with u , like to fuck ur pussy hole and lick it until u ejaculate..” She replied ” Sisirda.. I have no objection… but What Vishal will do.. ?” ” Dont wory darling Rumi… U will get 2 great cocks today at the same bad same time.”” Ohh.. my God… ” Rumi said.” Come on my Young Dogs, I’m a bitch today, u both fuck me as a bitch… fuck me as per ur wish…” I called Vishal to get naked Rumi.All of us get shark naked, Rumi had really big titis.. 40DD size. She slept in the middle of the bed ,Vishal & me caught each of her boobs and began to suck.. I go down to her hairy pussy and started to lick it with my tongue.Rumi cried with pleasure.. Oh.. my Dogs… help me to become a red hot Bitch here my dogs come and fuck me together.” She started to suck vishal’s cock and i was still licking her juicy pussy. one by one she sucked both our cocks.. She then told me to push my rod into her from her backside. I Pushed my rod into her pussy from back and lied on my back I asked Vishal to push his cock into her same hole and dear readers u cant imagine She had such a big pussy hole we give her double vaginal penetration that day. after a long time fucking all of us were exhausted and took our lunch in the Hotel and returned back to home in the evening.

This was my first threesome experience of my life. Now I am married and now I’m 43+ my wife is 40. We r still love 3some/4some/group sex.So any married couple is interested to have sex with us, may plzz reply to my e mail [email protected]

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