FIL & BIL took me

Iam a very beautiful and sexy looking housewife. To describe myself – Iam about 5’5″, fair skin, long black hair, big black eyes, smooth skin texture, big and firm rounded boobs, Curvy waistline and a sexy firm butts. I usually wear saree and also tight low waist jeans sometimes. Whenever, I go out I get all types of attention from my opposte sex. People from all age groups lust for me. I know how to all these people, as experience has taught me.

My hubby has gone on a foriegn trip for last six months and I was going without sex since then and therefore I started feeling horny. I desperately needed sex, but I wanted it to be safe. I was staying with my father in law. My mother in law expired long back and therefore he too was without sex for a long time. I started seducing my FIL by wearing sexy revealing dresses at home and also touching him here and there.I used to take good care of him. I used to find him sexy at 60 years. He was possessing a strong sexy muscular he was exercising regularly and kept himself fit. I started brushing against his body and gave the feel of my boobs. i found him to get aroused but he never trid to flirt.

Once Mahesh who was my brother in law visited us alone for some work. I found this guy who was elder to me by about 10 years an outright flirt. He took of the situation that Iam without sex for about six months and therefore started flirting with me. I too was soon attracted towards him. One night, he entered my bedroom and slowly started massaging my feet and talking to me in hushed tones, lest my FIL would be alerted. Slowly he started presseing my thighs. I was getting hot. He fondled me all over. He removed all my clothes, made me naked, caressed my boobs, kissed them, sucked my nipples. He french kissed me for a long time. He fingered my cunt and I was wet down under. I wanted his manhood desperately. He removed all his clothes and gave his manhood in my hand. It was warm and strong rod like. I caressed it lovingly, as I was craving for one such Cock for a long time. I then kissed it lovingly and started licking it all over its length. He started moaning when I did this. I then took it in my mouth and started blowing him. Just then when he was moaning at his loudest, there was a knock on the bedroom door. My FIL was shouting to open the door. We both were completely taken aback. I tried to talk him over but I was unaware that he was aware about us. Ultimately we both dressed up and I opened the door. After entering, he told us to continue what we were doing and he offered to join in later. I protested, but he cautioned me of telling my hubby. So I kept quiet. Again both of them mauled my sexy body and fucked me for the whole night turn by turn.

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