Fantasy Came True

By : Shindy

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All I can say is this is one of the fascinating moment I had in my life and I am very happy to share all with our viewers it is my wildest dream that I should be a submissive slave to multiple partners and if my husband himself satisfied my fantasy should I consider my self lucky. Yes! I am very lucky it has been a rainy evening I and my husband were in a guest house of my husbands company in Ooty.

It was our first stay away from our house after marriage couple of months back he is a HR manager in IT Company and I am a village girl, we were living in Bangalore. I was lying down alone in the guest house when my husband went for the meeting it was boring for me so I watched some television although my husband has regular sex with me. I feel something is missing and I know why it is, at about 3 o clock my husband came and told me he has come earlier to fuck me.

I was happy and he asked me Kritika what is your fantasy in sex, I said I had nothing since I am a shy village girl but he insisted saying Kritika dear tell me frankly what your wish is. I am your husband and I can help you in all matters but still I was reluctant to say him so once again I said Krish I want you and no fantasy is required he said ok dear then we will go for shopping and the we will have our fucking session. I said ok and we took our car and went out for purchase by 5 pm.

We went out and tour around and finally finished the shopping by 9 pm and then we started going to our guest house. When we stepped inside the house I was surprised to see the lights were on and enquired krish krish said I don’t know dear probably you could have forgotten to switch off the light. I went to the door opened it and I was greatly frightened to see 4 men and a girl standing in the hall. I shouted to my husband who was coming to the door after parking.

Krish told why are you shouting I am coming and walked towards me and he also surprised by seeing the strangers in the guest house and about to take him cellphone one of the person took a pistol and showed us and told that Hey I am Vicky and I am the leader of this gang he introduced his friend Malavika surrender and kiran. He said he has come specially to give excellent sex therapy to both of you.

If you people want to be alive just do what we say and he asked to stand in the corner of the house. Vicky told some thing to Malavika and she came straight to Krish and she said ok Mr. Krish make yourself nude my husband was blinking and was wondering what to do the next minute I heard a huge sound that is she slapped him and she had so much power that krish within two minutes became completely nude and Suren came to me and asked to do the same and I cried hard.

Suren said my darling kritika do what I say other wise no one can save me and Suren asked Krish to undress me and Krish did it with great pain and all the other four were sitting in chair.

Suren asked Vicky can me ask them to dance and Malavika said why not they are our slave and they will do what ever they want. I feared at the same time I thought hey this is my fantasy and let me enjoy it while I was thinking I found all the other four also became naked I can see 3 big dicks eager to penetrate my cunt which is becoming wet. I can see Malavika s boobs man what a figure if i have been a man I would have fucked her at any cost.

Then I saw krish to my surprise his dick has grown big seeing malavika and I thought it is going to be a day to remember. Vicky, Suren and Kiran all three came to me and aked which dick I want. I forget Krish is with me and I said I wanted Vicks which is very big and meaty and very dark.

The moment I said Vicky touch me and said I’m your master and you are my slave if you want to say anything just say master can I suck you. I said master can I suck you he said that is not going to be easy you have to first suck Malavika’s cunt and make her cum so I immediately crawled towards Malavika and sucked her cunt and to my surprise I was enjoying it Malavika was continuously hitting my cheeks during my sucking.

I sucked her for fifteen munutes and then I found the first orgasm of Malavika and I was waiting for the reward form Vicky. I was desperate to be fucked by Vicky in the mean time Kiran and Suren’s dick was sucked by my husband Krish and I was surprised weather he is Homo but I thought out of fear he is doing that. Then Vicky asked me to crawl like a dog and come back wards towards him and shake my ass with his dick and now I was asked by Vicky to lie down and he commanded all including my husband to come and stand around me. I am surrounded by 4 huge cocks and a cunt.

Vicky said come on let us give pleasure to our sexy slave kritika vicky choose my cunt malavika choose my lips and Suren,Kiran was given in charge of my boobs and Krish was taking care my ass, every one used my body as a treasure and Vicky started fucking me like a horse and I was really enjoying it and Krish was eagerly looking my activities and he had a eye on Malavika then Malavika came to Krish and they started fucking and then all the four started fucking me in rounds and the night continued till 4 pm in the morning I was exhausted but enjoying it desperately what a day!

I had and I was happy. Then all of a sudden I saw Krish laughing with Vicky to my surprised he told me, that all those people are working same with Krish Company and it was a plan to make me enjoy. Krish told dear I read from your diary about your fantasy and I want you to enjoy. Tears rolled down my cheeks. What a husband I’ve got, love him so much, Thanks. For feedback please mail me at [email protected]

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