Family sex

I am 35 and my beautiful wife 30. My sis-in-law, 28, also gorgeous, stays with us. This incidence happened when i insisted my sis-in-law to get married, on insistence of my wife. She refused, claiming that she was ditched by her boyfriend. I was shocked when she told me that she wanted me to fuck her. Getting over the shock i agreed. We decided that we would go out somewhere in a classy hotel and enjoy.

Next day, during lunch hour, i informed my secretary that i would be going out for luncheon appointment with an important client and may not return. I also told her to keep this confidential, since deal was important. When i got into my car, i called my sis-in-law (rekha) and asked her to reach a three star hotel in the vicinity of airport. She told me that she would be reaching in about 45 minutes. On reaching the hotel, i booked a room and checked in. I also informed that i was expecting an important client in half hour and since the discussions were confidential, i needed privacy of the room. I called rekha and informed room no.

Rekha walked in my room shortly. She was looking quite sexy – in short skirt and tight fitting t shirt, which amply exposed her beautiful body. I was relaxing on the sofa, smoking. I had already removed my neck tie and shoes. She straight away came and sat near me. She smiled and asked, ‘ready for the game?’ i said, ‘more than eager, my dear. Would you care for drinks and lunch? I had none’. She said, ‘good idea. I will have gimlet. You order what you want’. I called room service and ordered only for a bottle of vodka, lemonade, soda and water. I explained to rekha that there should be no difference between the two. She nodded and kissed me.

I started fondling with her boobs and tried to remove her t shirt. She said, ‘be patient, my love. Let the steward go. We have ample time’. I kept on kneading her boobs and nipples. I was already aroused. After some time, when the door bell rang, we parted. Steward placed the drinks along with snacks on the center table and asked whether we needed something else. I told him that we would order lunch shortly. After he left, i called reception and instructed that i should not be disturbed at any cost, even with a phone call from my secretary.

I mixed drinks and handed over a glass to rekha. We said cheers and sipped our drinks. After we kept the glassed down, i pulled rekha near me and kissed her passionately. She reciprocated and pushed her tongue inside my mouth. I sucked her tongue. It was warm and sweet. I slid my one arm under rekha’s arm and hold of her round boob. With the other, i held her other boob. Her boobs were firm. I started squeezing her boobs very hard. Rekha kept her hand on my dick and moved it across delicately. Slowly, i pushed up her t shirt. Oh! She wore nothing inside. Her boobs were open for me now. Without spending any time, i fingered her nipples. They became erect in a jiffy. I kept on kneading her boobs and nipples. She unbuttoned my shirt and started caressing my hairy chest. Her soft fingers rounded over my nipples. I removed my shirt. Rekha then kissed all over my chest and then moved her tongue over my nipples. This sent electric shock through me. I squeezed her boobs harder.

Rekha was also getting turned on. She unfastened my trouser belt and unzipped the trousers. Still kissing my nipples and moving one hand over my chest, she started massaging my dick. We were passionately kissing each other. Releasing her one boob from the captivity of my hand, i started moving my hand on her thighs. I pushed her short skirt further up. Her thighs were also firm and milky. I started tickling on her thighs. She giggled. I pushed my hand further up and caressed her vagina over her undergarment. She was already wet. My shorts were also a bit wet, due to oozing out of my pre-cum.

I asked rekha, ‘sweetie, why don’t you get rid of your damned clothes? They are hindrance to our lave making’. She unzipped her skirt and pushed it down, along with her undergarment. She parted her legs slightly to give me a look of her pussy. Wow! It was cleanly shaved. Without wasting any time, i started moving my fingers over her pussy lips. She was excited more. Now she asked, ‘are you still comfortable in your damned trousers and shorts? For god’s sake, get rid of them and let me see your manhood’. I winked at her and said, ‘well, i am relaxing. Why don’t you do it for me?’ she happily pushed down my trousers and shorts. My dick sprang up. I said, ‘let us continue with our drinks as well. We have all the time in the world’. Fully naked now, we picked up our glasses and sipped our drinks. While sipping our drinks, she held my dick in her soft palm and moved it up and down. She said, ‘it’s a beauty. Long and thick. I like it’.

I said, ‘honey, i would like to drink from your melons – i mean the drinks’. She picked up the glass and poured a few drops on her boobs. I licked her boobs. I said, ‘dip your nipples in the drink for a while. I will then suck them’. She immediately dipped her boobs in her glass and i started sucking them hard. I was virtually biting her nipples and she was enjoying it. Her hands kept on playing with my dick. She said, ‘i will now enjoy my drink from your dick’. I dipped my dick in my glass for a while. It seems some pre-cum got mixed with the drink. Rekha bent down, held my dick and took the tip of my dick in her mouth. Slowly, she took my whole dick in her mouth. She moved her tongue freely all over my dick. I moaned, ‘ahhhhhhh!! I am in heaven. Please suck me harder’. Rekha rose, sat on the sofa, with her legs beneath her and bent down once again. She raised her hips and parted her legs. She once again took my dick in her warm mouth. I inclined my head back in sheer pleasure, only to see her pussy from the rear. Fantastic. I moved my fingers over her pussy lips. Bending sideway, i kissed her vagina lips. Rekha withered.

I parted her lips and inserted my thumb inside her cunt. I moved my thumb in at out our her cunt, finger fucking her. She continued to suck my dick. My thumb was wet with her juices. I licked my thumb and tasted her juices. I was unable to bear any longer. I said, ‘come on, let us fuck now’. She rose and said, ‘shall we go the bed?’ i said, ‘no. We will fuck here, on sofa’. I asked her to mount me with her back to me. I slid a bit ahead and raised my hips. Rekha stood in front resting her legs, with her back towards me. While she lowered, i guided my dick in her hot pussy. Since we both were wet, my dick immediately went all through her cunt. Her buttocks were touching my balls.

She started moving up and down. I also moved my hips in the same rhythm. Starting with mild strokes, we increased our speed. I was virtually banging her hard. She was screaming, ‘ahhhh! Faster, my darling, harder. Fuck me hard’. I held her boobs tightly in my palms and increased my speed. I was hitting inside her cunt with my dick and squeezing her boobs hard. After banging her madly for over 15 minutes, i declared i was ready to come. Rekha firmly sat on my dick, talking its full inside her tight cunt. I started discharging. My cum splashed inside her, hitting the father most end of her cunt. I came and came and came. I felt, there was no end. At last, after emptying every drop inside her, i released her.

She got up and said, ‘let us clean and have some food. I am hungry’. We went to the bathroom, turn by turn, washed and got dressed. After having fully clothed, i ordered for food. To put up the show, we pulled out some papers and my laptop. Food arrived after some time. We had our lunch. I asked rekha, ‘are you happy?’ she replied ‘never more happy. I am sure, i will never marry now. We are great and compatible. How do you find reena (my wife)?’ i said, ‘we do enjoy sex frequently, but i had never enjoyed like now. I am all game for your suggestion. But we must keep this secret. If reena comes to know about it, our marriage will be shambles and i don’t want that to happen’. Rekha said, ‘don’t worry. Nothing will happen even if reena comes to know about it. Now don’t get shocked at what i am going to say. You know, reena has always fantasized about you fucking someone else, in front of her. She has told this to me many times. Now i am surely going to tell her about our encounter. She will be pleased’.

Without giving me a chance to speak, she dialed reena’s no. She said, ‘di, do you know where am i and what am i doing? Yeah. I am with your hubby. You know, we just fucked. Your husband is a great fucker. You always fantasized about your hubby fucking someone in front of you. Well, now you are not here, but surely you can watch us tonight. Ok. Speak to him’. She handed over the phone to me and said, ‘hello, reena. I am sorry..’ before i could speak further, reena said, ‘darling, i am happy that you chose rekha. I am not angry at all. In fact, i would like to see you fuck rekha in our bedroom. I want to see every act of yours. Let us do it today. Will you?’ this was the final shock. I said, ‘why not, if you are all game. I will fuck you both. We will surely make a nice threesome. Now let me tell you something. I also would like you to get fucked by someone – in front of me. Let us plan it as well. It would be great fun watching you perform with a handsome guy. I know one such fellow. But it would be sometime later. Let us first make your fantasy come true tonight’.

And believe me, i fucked rekha and reena both that night, in fact whole night. To read about that experience, dear iss readers, you will have to wait for some time.

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