Doctor’s Visit

By : D.Alexin

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Hi Chaps,

My name is Alex and back to narrate a sweet incidence of my life.

I am from Chennai. I was at home on a Sunday and while urinating i found it was a bit painful for me. I was working in night shifts and i just came back from work. I was a bit worried and went to nearby hospital which was empty as it was a Sunday afternoon. I asked for a urologist explaining the reason and told her that i needed a complete check up and the nurse asked me to wait.

After sometime, she told me that the urologist was not coming in today and to meet the duty doctor. I waited for some 2o minutes and she called me inside and to my surprise, I saw a lady doctor. She introduced herself as Anita, She should be around 35 years old. Fair, tall, she was around 38-28 – 36. Seeing her, i just couldn’t take my eyes off her boobs. I controlled myself and explained the situation. She asked a few question about my general health.

After that she asked to wait in the adjacent room for a checkup. I went in and was a bit nervous as i didn’t know what to expect. Nurse came in and gave me a gown and asked to wear it. I was shocked. It was a gown where the backside was open with just a strap to tie. It was covering until my knees.

I asked the nurse to wait outside and removed my dress.

The nurse came in and kept my clothes on the table next to me and asked about my inner-wear. I told her, i was wearing it. she laughed and said how would doctor do a check up. She asked me to remove it. I hesitantly removed it and gave it to her.

She asked me to lie down on the table.

I lied on the table and the doctor came in along with the nurse. She saw me a bit nervous and She asked me to be comfortable. She was wearing gloves in her hands.

She moved the gown until my belly button and saw my penis.

It was lying flat and she started to exam it. She inquired on my sex life. I told her i wasn’t married. She replied marriage has nothing to do with sex and asked ” how about your girlfriends “. I told her, it was good. She asked to explain in detail. I was getting excited and cock sprung up in all its splendour. I have a 6 inch cock. I told her i have fuck thrice in a month with my girlfriends.

She then asked ” Do you fuck in their ass “. I was shocked but hid my expressions and said ‘yes’ . She pulled down my foreskin and looked at it.

She said its nothing major and asked me to take more water and use condoms while fucking my girlfriends ass. She asked me to remove the gown. I was now totally naked in front of two women. She asked turn-around and face the pillow.

She told she wanted to check up completely. She asked to lean backward and show my ass. Then, she told the nurse to stretch my ass. The nurse with her bare hands separated my butt to the limit. Anita took hold of balls and inserted one of her fingers in my asshole. She started to squeeze the balls. I screamed in pain. She tried to rotate the finger in my asshole.

After sometime, she started to finger-fuck me. She asked the nurse to take hold of cock. She told the nurse, ” take hold of his penis and stroke it until i tell you “. The nurse [Her name is Rama] giggled. Both these women started to play with my genitals for a few minutes.

I asked them, Is everything OK? Anita told me. Tell me how do you feel. I told her i am getting excited. Anita, I want to test your sex health which will help after marriage. She told Rama, ” Remove you top and give you boobs to him “. Rama removed her top. She was dusky, but her boobs was fair. She was 34-26-36. I kept my hands on her boobs. I started to have fun and was pressing her boobs as hard as i can. Rama started to moan.

I thought to myself, That’s i need to fuck them both or i will go mad. I told that am unable to control my penis pressure. Anita asked me turn towards her. She removed her gloves and took my penis in her mouth and within seconds i loaded her mouth with my cum. She licked my penis head and cleaned it. Rama went in the next room and came with an injection. I asked her ” What is this for? “. She said ” Quiet, you got to ensure both of us are happy “. She injected on my ass. Anita said 10 more minutes you should be ready for the next 3 hours.

Anita now removed her top and she was wearing an orange bra. I took hold of it – We moved to the resting room next door. I made Anita lie on the bed and made her naked. I started to lick her pussy and Rama was licking my asshole. Suddenly, I got a stiffness in my cock, It was a bit painful at the start but then Rama took my cock in and it was like heaven!

This time i splashed my cum on Rama Face but my erection did not subside. I took Rama’s nipples in my mouth and at the same time inserted my hard cock into Anita’s pussy. Fucked her to the core and loaded my cum again. Rama said ” It’s enough, come fuck me ” I said can i fuck your ass. She said anything you like. I entered her asshole which was black. She screamed in pain but while fucking Anita poured a Gel on top of my penis which made fucking smooth.

After a hour of fucking, We three were totally exhausted. My penis still erect but all of us were tired. Rama took my cock and said let me suck it until i can. I dressed up and said i enjoyed it. All of us took our phone numbers. Anita told me we could enjoy this on every Sunday as there would be lot of patients and asked me to come possibly during night.

I asked Anita for hard-on pills but she said you don’t need one you cock is good enough to fuck me all my life.

Sure was a awesome day, and it continued for several months.

Girls, Aunties who are interested contact me at [email protected] and guys please put forward your comments.

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