Dancing In The Rain Naked

Hi! I am Somi from Kolkata and I am a 21 year old girl, working .That morning I was out to my office. There were already very few people on the roads as it was continuously drizzling for 2 days at a stretch. I had to go to my office as I did not want to waste an allotted leave just for the sake that it was raining very hard but as my train entered Howrah station, it started raining very heavy.

I was worried on how I would reach VIP road. The train stopped at car shade for just ten minutes or so, but that was enough to make my day hard enough. The train entered platform no 5. I stepped out of the train with an umbrella in my hand at the outlet of the station I found a huge crowd. I knew that I had to cross somehow and reach faster. The crowd was not able to clear out because the ground outside the subway was totally waterlogged.

I pushed my way into the crowd and made some space for myself people were pushing from behind and I suddenly felt a pinch on my back. I wanted to slap the guy but was unable to move my limbs. I was being pushed by the crowd on one side and the guy now touched my pussy from underneath just at the right place. I felt a shiver down my body and my heart started to beat faster.

I was getting erotic somehow and wanted more of that. I was no more pushing my way out but was on his fingers. I was moving my back while being touched by him and his fingers were a treat I was pushed by the crowd and now I was out in the rain. The winds were very stormy and it was pouring like anything after getting so much of fingered over my clothes I was already feeling very sexy and wanted more from everyone.

It would be very nice of someone to put his hands inside me when I got out I was no more able to hold my umbrella to its place. So I folded it down. I got totally drenched in 2 minutes and now my top was stuck on my body. My bra lines were clearly visible and my hard nipples were pointing out. All my curves were readable. I walked through the way to the bus lines and found very few busses on the road. I found many pair of eyes on me.

Even my panty was dripping wet and my jeans were going down as I walked. I got a bus and had good time when people standing beside my left no chance of touching me down. Reached my office and changed my clothes. I did not have extra bra and panty so I opened the panty and kept it aside. The bra was unavoidable so I had to wear the wet on. My dry clothes got wet at the bra line and I had to stay that way for the whole day for the whole day.

I was waiting for some excitement to happen when I got out; I again changed into the wet clothes panty and bra. I adjusted the bra straps and made it loose. It was still raining and as I was already so wet I did not care. I took an auto from there. I was thinking about the morning and enjoying my thoughts. My cell phone slipped from my hand. I bent down to get it up but was unable to reach it.

So the guy in half pants beside me took it up and gave it to me. I thanked him for the act. Some time more I felt a touch on the side of my stomach. I looked at the guy beside me. He was looking out again he touched me. I felt the shudder run through my body again. He slowly moved his fingers on my top and reached my left boob. He was moving his fingers around my nipple.

To my surprise the one who had who was sitting on my right also started with my right boob? The same thing they were doing. They were circling around with their fingers. My body was turning quite hot and I was feeling that my pussy is getting some hot flow out of it. I was bitterly turned on. The guy on my left slid his hands through my tees. I felt his hand touch my lower abdomen and the hand went up till my cleavage.

He slides his hand from under my bra and cupped my breast. My top was up and my stomach was exposed in front of two unknown guys. They were not more than 23 years. The driver was enjoying the scene. There were no one around and I knew what was about to happen with me. The guy on my right slid his hand from the back of my top and opened the hooks of my bra.

My left breast fell on the hand of the guy and it was like he got a food to squeeze. The other guy lifted my tee shirt and took my bra out of it. Now it was like my boobs were freely dancing inside my tees and two hands were cupping them. I left a moan. I was breathing heavily. I was feeling like a vibration inside my cunt. The guy on my right tried to put his hand inside my jeans when he was unsuccessful he opened the button.

The zip and now my wet panty was out both of them together pulled my jeans till my knees and did not even let the panty stay in its place. I opened my shoes and put the panty and the jeans out. The made me stretch my legs and one finger slid into my hole. The guy whispered. Bhai the randi is already so wet! The other guy said. I knew she is a good bitch when I saw her boobs jumping wet while she was walking.

She was even looking at your lund when you were peeing by the road side. The right guy said. Le Sali randi pakad aram se. I was acting so automatic. I never thought I could be so. I caught it with my right hand and with all my current and pressed it hard. Wo bola, le Sali itni sexy hai. Tere mulayam hathon se sirf uska pakdegi. Le mujhe bhi pyar de. I had two rods in two hands and my boobs were dancing with the jerk of the auto.

I was silent and could not utter a word. The autowala stopped his vehicle at a street which was surely not on the way of my destination. He came out and said. Sali randi teri jagah seat pe nhi hamare goad mein hai saying that they undressed in front of my eyes. And I had three full boys with erect rods. All the cloth materials were thrown out of site and I was naked enjoying them. The driver came to the back seat and made me sit on his lap both my feet were over the hard rods of the other two.

I was pressing them with my feet. The driver asked me to give him a lap dance. I stated moving my butt on his lap. My pussy was touching his lund sometimes. He was holding my boobs which were like switches in his hands. He was pressing my nipples which were paining by that time. The other two guys were kissing every part of me that they found. My lips were open and wanted some love. The driver’s cock was hard and hot.

I moved my buttocks up and sat on his lund. It was hard and was paining. But I was enjoying the pain. He got inside me and I started moving up and down on him. One guy was kissing my ass from behind and I closed my eyes. I was in heaven as the hot fluid came into my vagina. Now it was they turn of the other two to use my pussy. My boobs were erect and they were just not having enough of my sexy body. The other guy was already fingering my asshole.

My lips were dry and I needed some treatment. The driver went to the right seat and the guy came in the middle. There was not enough space in the auto. We needed more ground. I lay on my stomach and kissed the lund of the first boy. He pushed his cock into my mouth and I slowly started sucking him. The guy at my back started slapping my ass and came on his knees to handle my pussy.

He was holding he tried to put his lund in my ass hole. He introduced the tip near the hole. I was burning with heat. I wanted to piss. The driver had his head at my pussy and was tongue fucking me while I was holding his lund and crushing it. He was rather biting my pussy. The guy tried to have my ass hole and it was hurting. I shouted ahhhhhh as he put a part of his dick into my ass.

It was very tight and I was unable to bear the pain. The guy whose cock I was about to swallow slapped me, chal Sali chus. Sari juice aaj tujhe pilaunga. The other guy thrusted his hard dick into my asshole with 3 shots. I moan ahhhhhhh! He slapped me again. Chus Sali randi. Aaj tujhe itna chodunga ki tu duniya bhul jayegi. Yeh toh bas surwaad hai.

I was eating his his lund like a lollipop even after so much I was hot like anything. I was having orgasms at fast rates. I had three penetrations at a time and all my holes were full. My body was dancing and moving and I was enjoying the current like anything after this they ordered me to get out of the auto and stand naked outside. I said I can’t do that.

They pinched my pussy and pulled my lips with the fingers. Abbe dar mat randi. Koi dekh bhi lega toh? Tu toh randi das logon ko ek sath chod sakti hai. Aur koi hai bhi nhi abhi bahar. I got out with feared steps and stepped outside the auto. I went and stood out my nude curves were a treat to watch and after so much of fucking and pressing I was really looking nothing less than a fucked bitch.

My boobs were erect and nipples were still pointing. I went in the rain and wanted to piss. I was feeling a tickle in my pussy. I have long hair till my back and had it wet with rain and the water was flowing through my body when I was walking on the road my ass crack was meeting my hair. A guy from the auto said, le randi ab catwalk kar. I turned back with those black heels, erect nipples and hairy pussy.

I was looking more erotic and very sexy as I walked forward my boobs jumped and shaked like anything. I was standing with my hand on my hips. They told me to dance and the driver put a song, beege honth tere. I danced like a bar dancer and moved my hips and made a show. I was naked dancing and standing with all my private parts out on a street giving a good show to three sexy guys.

I shouted that I wanted to piss. Two guys came out and took me on their shoulders. One guy spread my pussy lips and said ab mut. I let the hot piss out of my pussy on the guy’s hands and face. Shed the load and they brought me down on the ground. They said ab hamari bari hai. They pointed their rods at me and bathed me one by one with their piss. I was half laid on the ground.

The first guy let all his piss on my face. The second one came even before the first one finished and pissed on my boobs. The third guy said le tu mera lund pakad aur jaha pe dalna hai dal le. I brought it near my face and kissed it. He let it out and pissed on my face again. I was bathed with piss and rain. The third guy put his lund in my mouth again and fucked me. I was being fucked again by all three in open ground.

I was fucked till the middle of the night. Later that night they took me to their place and I slept with the three guys. The whole night I was pinched fucked and caressed. They slapped me to get me on and we slept at 4 pm. Guys if you liked my story then please write to me. I would love to get fingered in a bus or if I like you I may even give you a private show and you can fuck me hard. I love excitement and love you all uuumahh! Mail to [email protected]

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