Call Girl Of Call Center

PS. I like to narrate the story slowly, but I am sure it would be worth the

Hiy name is Shalani. I am 25 years old and i am married. I look a mixture of
Genelia and Shriya Saran. I am in perfect shape, the classic shape of 36-24-36.
My husband I is a school teacher and he earns a good salary but not enough to let
us enjoy some household pleasure, so I joined the call center. Call centers are
good for house wives as we don’t have to work too much; there is not much work

But it is also inappropriate as it is most of the time night
jobs. I was good during my college years, good in studies I mean. Good grades
and no body competed with me when it came to speaking in English. I had a
friend whose father owned an outsourcing company. His name was Swapnil. He was
a good guy, handsome, well natured, good in studies he was good in sports too
and we were best friends.

We were so best friends that everybody in college thought we
were a couple, but we kept on rubbishing the rumors. He was good I liked him
too. But I never gave it a thought, I was afraid that it would spoil our
friendship. I knew he had some feelings for me too, but he did not approach to
those feelings for the same reason I did not. We both were together till our
graduation in MBA, after that we both went our different ways.

He took over his fathers company, while my parents decided
that I should fuck my life, career, and my self and get married. I married to Raj at the age of 23. Two years into our marriage and I was already bored of my
sex life. Not that I had experimented before college that I would know what sex
is all about, but I never really got excited when Raj fucked me. He would come,
get naked, kiss me for some time, fuck me in both my holes, cum and go to

I mean there were no love, no romance, and no fore play. I
was never loved the way I wanted, I had never felt excited, I wanted to be
loved; not just to be used for sex and then forgotten. In these two years I did
not once have any orgasm. I never planed to cheat on my hubby. But when you’re
not fully satisfied and there is a burning fire in your body it is hard to
control yourself. I still controlled myself for a very long time, but
situations and my hunger to be loved lead me rather I say forced me into
cheating my husband.

Two years later in our marriage I was looking for a job to
support my husband financially so that we could enjoy some lifestyle pleasures.
How is you search going on? I asked my hubby. Not so good. What kind of job you are looking for.” He said, as he came form
behind hugged me form behind, and kissed on my collar. Now that was kind of
some romantic stuff which really got me excited, as I was not excepting that my
panties got wet as soon as he left a warm wet kiss on my collar.

Oh! That sensation, that warmth how I loved it and I just
wanted him to fuck me right there on the table, but he was a kind of limited
and not so creative guy in sex; who kept sex in bedroom and for himself. He
realized me and sat next to me on PC. You should try for some call center jobs.
He said but I was not listening, I was still trying to make as much as I can of
the warmth of his kiss he left on my shoulders before it faded away, who? What
I said.

Try for some call center jobs. He said and left me there,
incomplete. My body was angry, it felt betrayed. I looked for some call center
jobs. Hey honey, I had a friend who owned an out sourcing company. I said. Oh
that is great, why don’t you ask him. We have not been in touch for three years
now, and I don’t have any contact no. of his. Try searching him on facebook. Oh! Yes face book, right place to find all your lost friends.

I typed his name, and a list of Swapnil arrived with their
pictures in front of there name. I scanned through the page and there it was a picture of his with nothing on
his chest, a perfectly fit, body at display, unbuttoned jeans, with jockey
flashing in big letters. I went on his profile page and sent him a friend
request. Boy there were some hot pictures of his on his profile, he liked
getting his pictures clicked like models do, so I guessed he would have done it
and uploaded it.

At evening when I checked my profile, I had about fifty
messages from him. Where are you? How are you, I thought you forgot me’ messages.
I checked, and was lucky he was on line, Hi’ I typed and we chat for about two hours, I told him about my job needs and
he asked me to come next day itself. For
interview I asked are you mad you don’t need interview you are hired. He
replied. I was happy. Next day I went to his office. He welcomed me with a
great hug. You have not changed a bit. He said and still the perfect figure.


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