Arti And The Singh’s

It was a rainy night filled with gloom and Arti was sitting on the bed at her quarters in the red light district and looked beyond at the gloom with a grim face. At another side of the town the noise of the rain was subdued by the high volume of music being played at the Singh’s residence. It was the Singh’s only son Amit’s first marriage anniversary and the happiness was evident from the free flowing music, dance, and alcohol. At the other hand Arti sat grimly looking at the gloom recollecting the memories from her life. And as the celebration reached its height at the Singh’s, Arti took out a blade, her eyes filled with water as her entire life rewind in a flash in front of her eyes. She took a deep breath and a single stroke was all needed for her to collapse on the bed with blood from her wrist flowing like the smooth music at the Singh’s.

The party was over and all the guests had left by then. The servants of the house were busy getting things back to order while the family of four sat at the drawing room still exhausted from all the celebrating and hospitality. Mr. Singh was a 59 year old business man with a big name in the money lending business and his wife was a 54 year old socialite who used to work for an NGO that fought against atrocities towards women. Amit was 27 year old and had started assisting his father in their business while his wife Shradhha was a home maker. Four of them sat together and chatted, criticised, and appreciated moments from their celebration in the evening. It was almost 12 in the night when the bell suddenly rang.

Mr. Singh was surprised to see the police at his house, that too at that odd time. All of them looked at the officer with a puzzling expression when he said that a girl named Arti had committed suicide at the red light district and he has some questions to ask in that connection. Mr. Singh looked in awe and asked if a girl commits a suicide at a filthy place like the red light district what connection does the police finds with them as none in the family ever knew any girl with that name or had any connection with such a lowly place either. The officer looked calm in comparison and said that they had seized a diary which has a mention about everyone present in that room and Arti directly or indirectly have blamed them all for her condition.

Amit suddenly became furious and threatened the officer of calling his seniors if he didn’t stopped this non sense and left the premises immediately. The officer, again calm and composed, asked Amit whether he was sure if he didn’t knew Arti, and when Amit refused he took a photograph out from his pocket and showed a glimpse to Amit. And suddenly he froze and the colour of his face changed. He started mumbling, a lot calmly than he was a moment ago, the rest of the family looked at him with questioning glares as moments from his past life went by in front of his eyes.

Part 1 – Amit and Arti.

It was almost 10-12 years since Amit had known Arti, she used to study with him in the same school but was a couple of years junior from Amit. She was a bright student and was very attractive and likeable too. Amit along his friends fancied for her and used to eye her whenever they could. All of them tried to attract her attention but only Amit succeeded to attract her and within weeks he proposed to her and she accepted. Both of them used to walk back together after school, meet with each other in the evening and their romance started blooming.

Slowly they started coming close to each other too, one day while they were sitting at a park, Amit held her face tightly and then kissed on her lips which was her first kiss. He also touched her breasts from over her top but she was reluctant in letting him touch or play with her private parts the only thing she permitted him was to kiss her. Amit slowly grew frustrated with her continuous protests of his advances and was not at all happy in kept limited to kisses only.

He was growing up and at his age was so fancied by adult movies and fucking. Having a girl friend he wanted to boast to his friends about his exploits with sex but it wasn’t happening with Arti’s orthodox nature. And when he failed after repeated requests and insistence he started remaining sad and upset even in his friends’ company. And when he told his friends about it, all of them made up a plan. One of Amit’s friends had his birthday coming in the next week and they decided to execute their plan on that day.

He invited Arti too along with the others for his birthday, and Arti unaware of their intention agreed to come. On the day of the occasion she went to his house with Amit where the rest of his friends were already present. Mohan, Amit’s friend, took them to the room where their other friends were also sitting. Loud music was being played there and as both Amit and Arti settled in the room, Mohan came back with glasses of cold drinks. Giving one of the glasses to Arti he winked at Amit and as Arti started sipping her glass Amit smiled.

Unaware that the glass was rigged with Alcohol, she took large sips to finish the drink. And when she didn’t felt anything, Amit asked Mohan to bring another glass, though she refused at first but then finished it as well on Amit’s strong insistence. By then the mixture started having its effect as she felt her head grow slightly heavy, realising this Amit asked Mohan to get another round of cold drink for all. This time Arti’s glass was heavily rigged and to have a better effect everyone decided to finish the drink at one go. While the others had normal cold drink, Arti too emptied her glass of drink at one go.

They turned the music louder and locked the door from inside before all of them started dancing. Arti too started enjoying herself unaware of the drink slowly taking over her senses. She couldn’t stand properly and Amit smiled realising her state, all his friends looked at him and he nodded in agreement. They all surrounded her and started dancing and Arti couldn’t realise what was going on. And before she could know, one of them stepped up and held her hands tightly and before she could struggle to free her hands Amit stepped up and pulled her skirt down.

She looked in awe and disbelief at Amit as someone from behind didn’t waste any time and pulled her top off from her body. Amit came closer and whispered in her ears that she was the birthday gift for Mohan. And as she struggled and shouted all that noise got subdued below the loud music. They forced her to spread her legs and started rubbing over her panties while playing with her bra. Amit remembering all her frustrations snapped the straps of her bra quickly and got rid of it, she now stood topless in her panties between the gang of 5 boys. They touched her 28 sized breasts in turn and squeezed them hard making her jump in pain.

They pressed her breasts, pinched her nipples, licked at it, sucked it and often bit it to make her feel the pain. While they kept rubbing at her pussy all along feeling it grow wet. And when they had enough of her breasts they pulled her panties down and carried her to a chair. They spread her legs and while one of them held her hands tightly, Amit spread her cunt wide to have a good view of a girl’s vagina. This was the first time they were looking at a naked girl in real, out of the movies that is. All of them wanted to touch her, feel her, and all of them touched her vagina in turn, spreading it, touching the clits, the labia, rubbing the labia, while the others enjoyed her breasts while someone was inspecting her cunt.

And when they thought they had enough, they carried her to the bed and held her in position for a fuck. Amit being her boy friend was given the honour of fucking her first and he took off his pants and got ready with his throbbing and erect cock. He applied a condom and positioned himself between her spread legs. He rubbed his cock on her cunt a few times before finding the hole and once he found the hole he pushed at it gently to insert the head. Arti who was still a virgin jumped up in terrible pain at the attempt and tears started running down steadily.

All of them held her more tightly, strapping her to position, as Amit placed his cock at the opening of the hole once again. He grabbed at her thigh tightly preparing for the invasion and as Arti kept pleading and turning her head she was kept in the position held tightly by Amit’s friend. And then to Arti’s great horror, Amit gave a solid jerk forward to push his cock in her cunt at one go. Arti arched up and shouted in a terrible pain as his cock ripped through her hymen shooting down streams of blood.

Her virginity was taken, which was also evident from the broad smiles on each of their faces. Amit kept banging her the same way they had often seen in the movies and Arti still kept shouting out in pain. The others now kept themselves busy at her breasts, and lips. Amit varied his pace as the pain kept shooting down her spine like a chill and she kept sputtering continuously. Amit however reached his climax soon and the final thrusts, the roughest of all, spurted all his cum out from his cock and onto the condom.

He withdrew immediately as Mohan, the birthday boy, took off his pants. He replaced Amit almost immediately and started rubbing his erect cock on her cunt and once again as the others held her in position he went for the kill. One push and he was up deep in her and banging. She closed her eyes in pain and didn’t realised when Mohan too reached his climax and was replaced by another friend, and then by another. And by the time the last of the boys was upon her, she had sore nipples, and a pair of sore lips. Sucked and bitten and made red, her breasts pained like hell, and the pain at her pussy was unimaginable.

By the time all of them were done with their turn at fucking, once again they spread her cunt inspecting the area, how filthy it looked with a mix of her blood and juices, it stank. They had the last of the breast play and nipple tease where everyone squeezed her breasts as hard as possible, and already her body ripped apart in pain her reactions weren’t any different from before. Finally satisfied all of them got dressed as Arti laid lump and still naked. They forced her up and got her dressed in a hurry, and before anyone could realise Amit left the house with her.

Amit looked up at the officer, his face resembling a guilt as he pleaded that he was young and was reckless at that age, he didn’t dared to look at his wife and continued that he had never seen her after that incident and also didn’t knew what happened to her. The officer nodded saying that the family left the town the next week. Arti had never mentioned about the incident to anyone even at the strongest insistence she kept shut but took more than a year to recover from the shock and needed professional help. And only after a couple of years under professional help that she could return back to main stream life.

Shradhha became furious of this confession of her husband and flushed angrily at Amit. Amit tried to defend himself but was very embarrassed to do so. However the officer stepped in Amit’s defence now and explained to Shradhha that in heat of youth crimes like that can easily be committed while unaware. And as Shradhha looked at the officer in awe he took the photograph out and showed a glimpse to her as well. Immediately the lady who was flushing in anger till then went pale and dropped back at the couch. Every eyes were now on her with a questioning glare – did she also knew Arti, did she also had a hand behind her death like Amit’s?

Part 2 – Arti and Shradhha.

Shradhha started remembering the 5 year old incident from her college which she managed to keep forgotten for years. She was in the final year of her graduation and Arti who had to spend a few years in a rehabilitation centre had somehow clawed back to the main stream life, completed her schooling and got admitted to the same college for her graduation. It was by the doctor’s advice that her family agreed on letting her take admission at a distant college and stay in a hostel so that she can spend time with people of or close to her age. But little did they imagine what that hostel or the college had in store for her.

It is a tradition at every college where seniors get engaged in humiliating and sometimes abusive interactions with the juniors, called ragging. And more than often it caused grave outcome for a lot of students but overall it was believed to be healthy on the longer run. Alike any college, ragging was customary in Shradhha’s college as well and being in the final year, she and her gang of 6 friends bullied around with the juniors, teasing and humbling them.
Arti’s meekness didn’t go unnoticed as the gang targeted her for further torments beyond the initial interactions. Normally someone as meek is any senior’s dream as they would easily submit to any demands made by them and will also suffer silently. These are normally the type who prefers to struggle than protest, Arti wasn’t a one from this kind from the beginning but the encounter with Amit and his friends left her timid and submissive from inside. Shradhha and her friends quickly planned for the actions that would amuse them and leave the poor girl humiliated and awkward, they also made note of her room number at the hostel.

The next day morning started as usual, Arti and her 2 roommates woke up and completed all their morning chores followed by breakfast. They were back in the room to get ready for college when suddenly someone knocked at the door. One of Arti’s roommates opened the door to find Shradhha along with 5 more girls barge in as the juniors grew nervous and afraid of another session of the ongoing ragging. But the 2 roommates of Arti didn’t realise how lucky they were as Shradhha and her mean gang had already decided upon their target.

They looked around and ordered Arti’s roommates to pack their bags up and shift to different rooms. They looked confused but didn’t have the courage to refuse, so they quickly packed their stuffs and left for the directed rooms. Arti was left alone as her friends deserted her amongst the pack of the mean ladies, who had already shut the door from inside and had started looking through Arti’s belongings. Arti was already dressed for the college, she was wearing a saffron coloured salwar kameez which her mother gifted her lovingly.

As the seniors continued to go through her belongings, she couldn’t protest and stood at a corner silently. The seniors quickly started picking up all her inner wears and separate them from her belonging. Arti could only frown out of awe and fear but still couldn’t protest or question anything. Once all of her inner wears were separated out, Shradhha looked at her with a smile and announced that they had decided a dress code for her. And as tears rolled down Arti’s cheeks she couldn’t believe to what she was hearing, Shradhha told that she cannot wear any inners under her clothes for the rest of the ragging period.

The ragging period resumes till the fresher’s party, which was still a few weeks away, and only post which the juniors are believed to be induced to the culture of the institute. What it also meant was Arti to remain without a bra or panties for weeks. Her vision blurred with tears and as tear came flooding yet she stood not protesting. This allowed Shradhha and her gang to grow in confidence as she ordered Arti to also take off the inners she was wearing at that moment. Arti remained frozen and when she didn’t move for what looked like ages, the gang decided to act upon themselves. They stripped her naked forcefully and then picked up her bra and panties too leaving her on the floor amidst tears and her nakedness.

Shradhha declared that from then onwards 2 from her gang will accompany her in the room and she needs to obey them word to word. She will also be responsible for washing their clothes and any other chores they think suitable for her. Broken and embarrassed, Arti put on the salwar kameez on her naked body, and once again stood motion less. Shradhha looked at her and all of them giggled when the ushered her for the college.

She didn’t want to go to college like that, but Shradhha’s gang didn’t let her stay, so embarrassed and broken she went out accompanied by the gang like that. She hid her front with her bag and prayed to god that no one notices or realises her condition. At the college too she remained in the class most of the time, that too at one of the back benches and tried not drawing a lot of attentions. Her heart beat faster whenever someone came near or looked at her as she thought they might have realised her condition. But the first day went uneventful, much to Arti’s delight and quickly she returned back to her room and lay on the bed crying.

She had skipped dinner in order to avoid glares of the other girls who can easily notice her bra less top. Later she was joined by Shradhha and one of her other friend Pushpa who came to stay with her for that week. Arti grew afraid as she had noticed Shradhha to be the meanest of the lot and prayed to be less suffered. But god had other plans, Shradhha started questioning Arti on various humiliating topic to make her feel discomfort. She asked her whether she has any boy friend to which Arti nodded in disagreement, and then she asked her whether she was still a virgin. Arti froze as her mind flickered back to the incident at Mohan’s birthday and she sweated heavily as she got lost in the disgraced past. She was shook out of her trance from a fierce jerk from Shradhha who demanded to know whether she was a virgin to which Arti lied by nodding sideways.

Shradhha looked at her questioningly for some time and then announced that they will check themselves. Arti froze again as the heavily built Pushpa pinned her down to the bed and Shradhha pulled her night suit up to expose her naked cunt and then forced her legs to spread which opened up her cunt. She pushed one finger in without any warning as Pushpa quickly covered Arti’s mouth to cut off her scream. Shradhha raged in anger as she pulled her fingers out, realising that Arti had lied on the virginity question and grabbed her hairs and asked again that with whom she had been sleeping. Arti broke into tears but kept quite which raged their anger even further, and they decided to punish her until she tells the truth.

Pushpa once again pinned her back to the bed, pulling her night suit up to expose her soft, fleshy ass. Shradhha quickly picked up a ruler from Arti’s desk and started spanking her with it. Arti’s screams were all cut out by the powerful grip from Pushpa and all she could do was to wriggle in pain as her soft and fleshy ass cheeks grew pink and then gradually red under the brutal spanking. Shradhha got exhausted after around 30-40 blows and decided to quit to think over something more brutal and effective for the whore they had in their hand.

The rest of the night passed uneventful, not for Arti though who found it difficult to sleep with the amount of excruciating pain her ass felt but somehow she too passed into her sleep by dawn. The next day was another big day, big test, for the underwear less girl who once again decided to limit herself to the confines of the class mostly. The day ended uneventful too giving Arti the chance to rush back to the hostel to limit her ordeal.

At 5 pm, Arti was busy with her studies, when Shradhha and her entire gang poured in to the room. And before Arti could react or realise they dragged her off the chair. As Pushpa the heaviest of the girls held her pinned, Shradhha asked her again about how she lost her virginity and about her lying about it and when Arti still managed to remain silent they went mad. Pushpa didn’t need a cue as she pulled her dress off from her body and they pushed her off to the bed pinning her there. They started calling her names like the whore, the bitch, and the slut who doesn’t remembers who took her virginity.

Whenever they said the word virginity, a strange pain filled Arti up from inside. She closed her eyes and the look that Amit had moments before he jerked his cock inside her came flashing. Amit was cool, composed, and arrogant, as if saying “look what girls are for”. She opened her eyes again and looked around, she couldn’t see the girls but a bunch of boys, Amit’s friends rubbing all over her naked body, teasing her private parts, playing with her breasts, pinching her nipples, and she closed her eyes again. The boys who lined up to fuck her on that helpless day one after another came back smiling at her, she opened her eyes back, back in the ordeal she had been fighting to forget but came rushing back.

Arti realised how helplessly she was pinned on the bed as one of the girls held her legs spread and tightly. Shradhha was exploring Arti’s cunt with her fingers, she looked up at Arti and demanded to see how quickly the bitch orgasms, and then with no remorse she inserted her fingers in her cunt. Arti jolted in pain but was pinned back, quickly it became unbearable as the fingers doubled, then tripled, and soon Shradhha had three of her fingers in and out of her pussy. She kept finger fucking Arti as another girl massaged her pussy mound. The pain slowly and gradually started turning into ecstasy as Arti’s lump figure started to jolt more in pleasure than in pain. The need to keep her pin down tightly vanished as she kept lying herself with occasional throwing of her legs more out of the need to cum than a struggle to get free.

Soon she moaned out awkwardly as hot juices filled her from inside and squirted out too. Shradhha took her hands out as all the girls giggled seeing her coming like a bitch on heat. The need to know who was behind her losing virginity was long lost and it gave birth to a new kind of torture that Arti started enduring every single coming night. That day after dinner, Shradhha and Pushpa came back to the room along with Arti whom they accompanied at the dining hall. Back in the room, when everyone else was settled in their room, Shradhha lay down on the bed and they called Arti. Shradhha was naked below her waist and spread her legs to expose her cunt and Pushpa pulled off Arti’s clothes as well. Pushpa pushed her head between Shradhha’s legs and ordered Arti to suck Shradhha’s cunt.

Arti stood motionless when Pushpa pushed her further banging her face against Shradhha’s cunt and Arti almost choked with the smell and a nauseating urge. But both of them held her there until she stuck her tongue out and started licking the fleshy parts of her vagina. Shradhha settled back holding Arti’s head tightly between her knees as Arti continued licking the inner labia of her cunt. Pushpa now rubbed Arti’s bare back and then held her from behind to reach her breasts which she fondled and pressed merrily now. Arti secretly wished the ordeal to end and to her relief after sucking Shradhha’s cunt for over five minutes she came.

But just when she thought of relief she found herself again in the same position with Pushpa’s cunt gaping in front of her now. As she licked her cunt, Shradhha kept fingering her pussy to keep Arti poised too. And moments after both Pushpa and Arti climaxed together. She was relieved for the night as both the seniors got dressed and went to bed. But it was just the beginning of her daily ordeals as from the following nights all the girls from Shradhha’s gang started staying in Arti’s room in pairs to enjoy the lick of their life.

Some were easier to please some were tough; some would sit on her face for hours making her lick and absorb all juices coming out. Some would pleasure her by fingering and some would try a feast causing pain. But somehow the days kept passing and Arti grew accustomed to her routine. She would not need Pushpa or anyone to strip her but would wait naked herself. And slowly the days passed as the vacation neared. The girls enjoyed their stay with Arti every single day till the vacations and never got a chance after that because Arti never turned back after the vacations.

Shradhha broke down and collapsed on the couch as Amit held her hands to console her. The grim look on the face of the others suggested how disappointed and embarrassed they were. The officer stood firm with her eyes still set firmly on Shradhha when Mr. Singh stood up to talk. He looked embarrassed and ashamed by the doing of his son and daughter in law and approached the officer cautiously. He asked him what needed to be done in connection to this and hinted towards an amicable solution.

The officer flushed at his hint towards managing things, he asked him whether he was always this good in managing business, people, or events of the past. He took out Arti’s photograph and showed a glimpse to Mr. Singh as well. A till composed and calm Mr. Singh now went colourless, he looked around the room as sweat started forming on his head. The officer smiled as the others looked at Mr. Singh with concern. Mr. Singh poured himself a large whisky before he started as if narrating to himself.

Part 3 – Arti and Mr. Singh.

It had been more than 2 years to the incident that happened to connect Mr. Singh as well to the poor exploited girl. Mr. Singh runs a financing venture where they offer small time loans to small companies, farmers etc and charged heavy interests. Arti’s father Mr. Sharma was their client for many years and had borrowed a large sum of money for his business and her daughter’s treatment for some mental ailment. Mr. Sharma initially succeeded in his business but failed later due to his increased concerns and concentration towards his daughter’s mysterious mental breakdowns.

And the loans and interests kept mounting and mounting until it became unmanageable. Mr. Singh had given him a lot of chances earlier but when nothing seemed to be paying they started putting pressure on him. Loan sharks, local thugs and goons started visiting Mr. Sharma frequently turning their life into a nightmare but nothing seemed to be working. Singh was also becoming increasingly concerned with the huge sum of the outstanding amount.

One of the loan sharks told him that it was useless to stalk Sharma as he had nothing on him to pay off the loan. And just when he looked so grim with the prospect of writing the loan off, the thug told him that he can still get something out of it. Singh gave him all his attention as he told him about Sharma’s daughter and how he used the money for her mysterious mental breakdowns. She was however better then and back to normal life, but had this rare mental stuffs twice or so in her life. He didn’t need any further hint and chuckled at a plan already hatched inside.

It was evening and Sharma was at home when Singh paid him a visit. A man of self esteem, Sharma felt embarrassed and ashamed of not being able to repay the money back. They sat at the drawing room for hours trying to chalk out possible ways to recover the money and when nothing worked Sharma finally came to his actual proposal, the reason of being there. He said Sharma that they can still write off a significant amount of the loan and give him ample time to arrange for the rest. The proposal got Sharma’s attention as Singh resumed saying that all he needed was a favour from Sharma’s daughter in return.

Sharma stood up in a fit of a rage and rebuked Singh in anger, but before he could say or do more, Arti came out and consoled his father and took him inside. She was beautiful, and had an attractive body, may be a little mentally imbalanced but that meant nothing for him as he chuckled looking at the girl half of his age. Arti listened patiently of the proposal from her father. Sharma wanted to kick them out from his house but Arti held him composed. She tried reasoning with her father, she realised that her life was fucked up anyway and may be if she agreed to their demands, for once she can be of any use to her father. She knew how sleepless and worried he was with so many loans on him and all she wanted was to help, she knew that she and what happened with her in school or in college was partly responsible for this, and she really wanted to be as much help she could.

Sharma was beyond consolation that night as he drove Singh out of his house. Singh in turn cursed and promised to throw them out of their house and make life miserable for them. Arti tried reasoning with her father but Sharma in his anger shouted on her as well. Singh was in his office the next day going through some important papers when the phone rang. Unknown number, he answered and was greeted by a female voice at the other side, thinking it to be some sales girl he made a curt reply. But when the female voice introduced herself as Sharma’s daughter it didn’t took much time for Singh to drop the work at his hand and divert his attention on the phone.

Arti enquired about the proposal he had given to her father the earlier night. Singh reiterated the proposal and asked whether she was interested. Arti said that only on condition that he will keep his words, Singh was quick on to promise and asked whether she can spend the weekend with him. Both of them talked briskly for a few more minutes before finalising the details of the arrangement they now had between them.

Mr. Sharma was not aware of this arrangement between his beloved daughter and the haughty Singh. Arti wrote a note to her father describing how she loved him and wanted to be of help in getting things right, and how things will be right after this small insignificant compromise of her. Then she silently slipped out of the house and headed for the point where Singh waited for her in a black safari.

Singh opened the middle door as Arti hopped in, he signalled the driver and they sped off leaving the city behind. Singh smiled as he evaluated the girl beside him from top to bottom. He was 57 and Arti was 25, more than half of his age. She wore a red velvet top and a whitish skirt, her hairs tied neatly in a knot and she tried to avoid as much of eye contact with Singh as possible. All the way trying to take a resolution about what should she do, how she should behave, how to keep him pleased so that he would not mean any further trouble for her father. She knew a lot already about pleasing people from her experiences at her attempt to college which failed abruptly years ago. She also knew what men want from her limited but extensive experience ages ago.
Singh drew closer to her and hung his hand across her pulling her closer. Arti faked a smile as she rested her head on his shoulders. Singh rubbed her cheek with his hands before turning her face to kiss her. When Arti didn’t reacted he asked her whether she was not comfortable with the arrangements and wanted to be dropped back. Soon Arti became cautious as she shrugged off her reservations and leaned forward to kiss him back, this time passionately and with more tongue. Singh enjoyed a kiss of his lifetime as his hands explored her breasts and other areas of her body.

He reached beneath her skirts and made his way up to her panties. “Don’t you want to wait till we reach your farm house?” asked Arti in his ears. Singh nodded pointing towards the growing bulge in his pants and Arti smiled “Let me help you with that” she said and knelt in front of the seat in the moving car. She unzipped his pants and the bulge turned out to be a large monster which jumped out in open air. Arti held it in her arms and leant forward. She avoided the foul smell and held the head of the cock in her lips and them pushing it inside with her tongue rubbing its body in its way in. She took it out again only to push it back and creating a fucking rhythm with his mouth and tongue wrapped tightly around his shaft.

Singh at 57 soon felt it hard to control and started moaning. Arti kept teasing and playing with him trying her best to keep him satisfied. The car moved through the smooth highway at a great speed with a similar ease with which Singh’s cock kept smoothing in and out of Arti’s mouth. Pre cum juices were available in plenty as Arti swallowed all in her bid to keep Singh happy and up to it. The tinted glass of the vehicle kept them away from possible human glare as Arti soon got indulged in his thick cock and now sucked like been born for this. Singh fought the urge to climax for long, resisting the deep thrust to enjoy the young tongue more on his cock, but finally when he was at the zenith of his urge he held her head tightly and leaned forward.

He kept his voice low so that the drive doesn’t over hear “I am going to cum, take it in your mouth” he said holding her head tightly with his cock inside. Arti listened in horror as she realised that she was held too tightly to recover, finally she had to give up and waited for the inevitable. She felt his cock thrust wildly inside and immediately her mouth was filled with a strange, hot spray of liquid. The first stream of his cum shot at her throat and she choked immediately. Singh had loosened his grip by then which gave her the chance to recover from choking and as more of the liquid filled her she broke off coughing.

“Don’t throw up in the car” Singh warned, Arti would have definitely threw up if she had kept the foul smelling, thick, and hot liquid in her mouth for a second more. And with nowhere to spit she had to swallow it all, she broke in a fit of cough and Singh extended her a bottle of water which she consumed entirely and greedily. Singh smiled and patted at her back pulling her closer, he hung his hand across and played with her hairs. Arti placed her head on her shoulders, fighting hard to keep her tears off.

They halted midway for some snacks and refreshment before resuming once again and never stopped until they reached the motel at their destination. The place was some 100 kms away from the city and which Singh used for similar arrangements with other parties too. The motel was used with Singh and similar customers on similar kind of a getaway and so no questions were asked and they were checked in a fairly luxurious room. Singh tipped the boy handsomely for guiding them to their room, normally they would carry luggage but the couple didn’t had any.

As Arti looked around, Singh asked her whether she liked the room. She smiled and nodded in agreement. “Good, I will change and get into mood, you need to change?” he asked to which Arti smiled sheepishly. Singh came out in a shorts and a vest and ordered for a whisky. Arti was in the bathroom when the waiter arrived with the order and he kept it at the table beside the sofa and left immediately. Singh locked the door from inside while switching his phone off not wanting to be disturbed for the moments to come.

Arti came out wrapped in the bath robe from the bathroom while Singh was sitting on the sofa, pouring whisky at 2 glasses. “Do you drink?” he asked looking up at her. Arti nodded in disagreement, “don’t worry have some today, you might need it” Singh told her pointing to the sofa to sit and extending a glass to her.

They were watching some movie at the television which they turned on casually but got hooked to the movie which was running. By the time the movie ended Singh was at his fifth peg and Arti had just started the second. Singh finished the glass at one go as soon as the movie ended and stood up from the sofa “Come now let’s not waste more time” he said to Arti. Arti noticed the big bulge on his shorts and almost threw up with the thought of what she had to do in the car. Singh had reached the bed by then when Arti put her glass down, unfinished, and stood up from the sofa.

She walked up to the bed slowly, untying the knot of the robe on her way. She just wore her bra and panties beneath the robe, and when she took the robe off that was all left to cover her up. Singh smiled looking at her body. Though it didn’t resembled a figure of a model but was still toned enough. And at 57 how many 25 years old you get to sleep with? He thought within feeling lucky. By the time Arti climbed on the bed, his erection had grown double the size.
Arti touched his cock once again massaging the area gently but Singh grabbed her hands and pulled her closer. “It’s my time to explore” he said and smiled before kissing her tender lips. Arti kissed back as he pushed her on the bed and placed his hand on her belly. He felt her navel with his fingers and then inserted a finger playfully to tease her, then slowly working his way down he dodged the elastics of her panties and pushed his palm under them. He felt the little mound of hairs on her pussy and caressed them slowly as Arti closed her eyes while still kissing each other.

Singh explored further below, feeling the dampness of the area with his fingers. He felt the soft skin of her inner clitoris which gave her a slight shiver at the first contact. She moaned slightly but was again captured by a kiss as he now started rubbing the area rapidly. Arti started breathing faster unable to cope with the rhythm at which he rubbed at her cunt and kissed her lips at the same time too. She moaned within while her legs spread automatically craving for more.

Singh realising this pulled her up in his arms and then unhooked the straps of her bra from behind. She covered her breasts with her hand as Singh pulled the bra off her body slowly. He pushed her back on the bed and removed her hand to touch her soft and fleshy breasts. Arti closed her eyes as he fondled her breasts in turn, rubbing her nipples and nibbling at them at times. He started sucking one of the breasts while playing with the nipple of the other. Arti could realise the wetness growing between her legs, and she spread her legs and closed her eyes tight.

Singh started planting kisses on her neck, chest, breasts, nipple, cleavage, belly, navel, hips before holding her panties and pulling it down while kissing the trail. He removed the last bit of clothes too and threw it aside, “Come on top of me” he said before lying down next to her. Arti, now completely naked, sat up and held his erect cock in her arms massaging it. Singh removed her hands and pulled out a condom to wrap on his cock, once done he pointed Arti to climb on him.

Arti threw her legs at both sides of Singh and placed herself over his cock, she lowered herself slowly while holding his cock and guiding it to the right area. She paused when the cock head touched her cunt and then pushed a bit more to ease the cock inside her vagina. Once in she sat down letting the cock drive in further inside. Singh held her breasts playing with it as she leant forward to kiss his lips but quickly she sat back and started moving herself in a way to get her cunt worked on his cock.

Arti was fucking herself as Singh kept laid and played with her breasts. She soon started moaning as the actions started churning out an orgasm in her. She jumped on and off his cock with added enthusiasm bringing her on the brink of a climax. Singh held her by her hips to thrust his cock in the same rhythm too. Both of them started moving in unison as Singh’s muscles tightened, he grabbed her hips tightly to hold her in position and then with a final jerk he climaxed.

It needed a lot of energy at that age as Singh collapsed while Arti moved up and down few more times to squeeze the last of the drops but by then his cock had been spent and it came out from her cunt easily. Singh pulled her down in his arms and she buried her head on his shoulders Singh dozed off. Arti laid lump for a moment, not stopping her tears anymore as they rushed to her eyes like a flood. Soon her vision blurred and she closed her eyes. And as time passed she fell asleep.

That was all and the next day morning both of them drove back to the city, told Mr. Singh. They had a deal that Arti will come back to her regularly every weekend but when she didn’t called back or contacted him, he tried to go and seek her but the found the family to have moved on. Later he had known from other sources that her father had died and the family had moved on somewhere else. With no trace of her Mr. Singh decided to write off the loan and that was last he knew about all this. His face looked sorry as he sat on a couch unable to look at his wife, son, or his daughter in law.

The officer stood up and continued from where Mr. Singh had left. Arti was dropped at her home by Mr. Singh’s driver on their way back from the motel. There was a huge mob gathered around their house when she approached the gate. Concerned suddenly she ran and burst inside the house but only to find her father hanging from the ceiling. He had read the note Arti had written about her decision and how she thought that will help her father and his condition. Unable to bear with her daughter’s sacrifice Mr. Sharma hanged himself from the ceiling the same evening when Mr. Singh was enjoying his daughter’s body in that motel.

A silence prevailed as all stood frozen unable to raise their eyes. All felt guilty of Arti’s condition but that was not the end. One among them knew all, not all but at least much of what uncovered that evening. The officer stood in front of Mrs. Singh who had been a silent spectator so far. Mrs. Singh grew uneasy under an accusing glare from the officer. “Didn’t you knew about her and your husband?” asked the officer as everyone else looked at her in awe.

Part 4 – The End
Shocked from her father’s suicide and realising that her sacrifice didn’t helped his cause much she got infuriated. She wanted to punish all who were responsible for her state and her father’s death. She wanted to punish Mr. Singh, Shradhha and her gang, Amit and his friends, and she wanted to punish each and every one of them who had any participation, direct or indirect, towards her fate.

But she didn’t knew what to do, she was afraid of going to the police. She thought that would be of no use. But she definitely wanted to take some action, some corrective measure against the guilty. And so, determined, she turned up to one of the NGOs which work towards justice against exploited women and children. But little did she know that fate hadn’t completed playing its cruel tricks with her.

Arti went and met Mrs. Singh who was in charge of the NGO. She narrated to Mrs. Singh about her misery, about her father’s dead, about Mr. Singh and about how she was exploited. Mrs. Singh was stunned at first but reacted normally in order to hear her full story. She demanded justice, and she demanded action against the guilty. Mrs. Singh was still suffering from the shock of knowing her husband’s involvement in this and knew very well how that can puncture the reputation of hers and her husband in the society.

She asked her to go back home and return in the evening, she assured her that she will help her by all means to get her justice and punish the guilty. She consoled her like a mother, but her mind plotted ways of getting rid of the mess that she and her family can get dragged to with this. Arti returned home assured of help and motherly touch and waited for the evening by strengthening her resolution even further.

Mrs. Singh looked at the officer and told that for her it was important to save the dignity of her family first. She didn’t know what happened to the girl after that day, she had hired some goons to get rid of her. She had given them details of hers and asked them to do a clean job. And when she never heard of her in the future, she was assured that they did a clean job even if that had meant to get the girl killed. She broke in tears as she sat down with a heavy burden of guilt.

The officer looked at her, his eyes devoid of sympathy as he then continued reading from the diary in his hands. Arti came out from her house for the NGOs office in the evening as suggested by Mrs. Singh, unaware of what waited her in the road. Salim, the leader of the gang, hired by Mrs. Singh was ready and waiting for her at a lonely and dark alley near the NGO office.

Arti as she approached the dark stretch of the alley started walking faster to pass the stretch quickly. As soon as she neared the edge of the alley, Salim and a couple of his men jumped upon her and they dragged her to a car parked nearby. Arti tried to struggle but they had pinned her hard and dragged her inside the car which sped away as soon as they succeeded in dragging her inside. Though she tried to struggle further but someone from the gang pricked her with an injection and she fell silent into darkness instantly.

Her head felt heavy as she regained her consciousness. She could hear distant laughter of men but couldn’t yet open her eyes. She struggled a bit before her eyes were fully open and adjusted to the light. She looked around her in the room, which resembled some sort shed stacked with barrels and lots of other heavy hardware. As she looked around her eyes fixed at a group of men huddled around a carom board and before she could realise anything they spotted her too.

All of them came running up to her as she helped herself on her legs, still reeling from the strong dose of injection she was injected during her abduction. She asked about her whereabouts in a meek voice still adjusting with her spinning head. Salim, the leader of the gang, came forward while scanning her from top to bottom. He told her how she was to be still alive as their contract was to get rid of her for good. And as she looked at him and listened in awe, Salim gave her the option to cooperate or die.

Arti didn’t have many reasons to live either as she decided to choose the other option. It took two more men to get her under control as they tied her hands to a pole restricting her struggle. The pole kept her in place even though she struggled madly to get rid of her bonds. Salim furious of her struggles took out a knife and ripped her clothes apart. He tore off her salwar and kameez one by one to leave her in bra and panties. And within seconds he tore off them as well leaving her nude.

The men got restless at the sight of her naked body as Salim untied her from the pole but kept her hands tied to each other. He took her to an adjacent room and imposed himself on her. He took off his own clothes and pushed her on the ground and climbed on top of her. He spread her legs forcefully and pushed his cock in her dry vagina making her wriggle in pain. It took him only a few moments before he climaxed inside her but even within that moment he made sure that he played with the rest of her body well.

Salim was immediately replaced by another of his gang mate and then by another and by another as they gang raped her again and again and for days to come. She was kept locked in that room naked for several days until they broke her will. They unlocked her often but only to feed her or to rape her. They raped her more than they fed her in the day. And so days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months but Arti was still held captive by Salim’s gang who made it a daily routine for her to get gang raped.

At time she was fucked by two or three together at all holes possible. The month was so hard that she wished she was dead. She didn’t remembered the torments by Amit, or Shradhha, or Mr. Singh anymore as what she bore then was more than she ever could have imagined. Her cunt had turned into a sloppy mess by daily fucks. They have not spared her ass either which was now gaping with daily fucks in her asshole as well.

She was no more bound but bore no strength at all to stand up leave alone running. They would drag her to the couch and fuck her and then leave her back on the ground to rot naked. She laid lump when left alone wishing for death over this living hell, when one day Salim and the others dragged her outside and draped her in some clothes and dumped her in a car and drove out of the place she was kept captive at.

It had been 3 months since she was abducted by Salim’s gang and was raped every day since. But then suddenly one day they piled her in a car and drove away. They took her to the red light district and sold her for mere five thousand rupees to one of the filthy whore houses there. Where she was locked up, starved, and punished until they broke her will and turned her into a daily whore.

She was sold every night for as low as five hundred rupee a fuck. Customers and strangers from all over the city came to the red light district for cheap fun and she never felt short of buyers. After days and weeks and months she became habituated to the life of a whore, only she wasn’t alive anymore. Only a body made of meat and blood existed until one day she sat looking back in her life at what she had lost and how.

She remembered the look on Amit’s face as her prepared to invade his cock in her, which took her virginity forever. She remembered the look on everyone of Amit’s friends face as they raped her one after another to crush her innocence. She remembered the laughter of Shradhha and her gang as she was forced to suck and lick their cunts for night after night. She also remembered the mocking eyes of her classmates as they pointed towards her bra panty less outfits. She remembered swallowing Mr. Singh’s cum in her mouth first and then fucking herself on top of him. She remembered Salim and how they raped her for days and in all holes. She didn’t realised when the blade had sliced through her tender skin leaving nothing but a puddle of blood and a lump flesh of a girl.

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