Arti And The Singh’s

It was a rainy night filled with gloom and Arti was sitting on the bed at her quarters in the red light district and looked beyond at the gloom with a grim face. At another side of the town the noise of the rain was subdued by the high volume of music being played at the Singh’s residence. It was the Singh’s only son Amit’s first marriage anniversary and the happiness was evident from the free flowing music, dance, and alcohol. At the other hand Arti sat grimly looking at the gloom recollecting the memories from her life. And as the celebration reached its height at the Singh’s, Arti took out a blade, her eyes filled with water as her entire life rewind in a flash in front of her eyes. She took a deep breath and a single stroke was all needed for her to collapse on the bed with blood from her wrist flowing like the smooth music at the Singh’s.

The party was over and all the guests had left by then. The servants of the house were busy getting things back to order while the family of four sat at the drawing room still exhausted from all the celebrating and hospitality. Mr. Singh was a 59 year old business man with a big name in the money lending business and his wife was a 54 year old socialite who used to work for an NGO that fought against atrocities towards women. Amit was 27 year old and had started assisting his father in their business while his wife Shradhha was a home maker. Four of them sat together and chatted, criticised, and appreciated moments from their celebration in the evening. It was almost 12 in the night when the bell suddenly rang.

Mr. Singh was surprised to see the police at his house, that too at that odd time. All of them looked at the officer with a puzzling expression when he said that a girl named Arti had committed suicide at the red light district and he has some questions to ask in that connection. Mr. Singh looked in awe and asked if a girl commits a suicide at a filthy place like the red light district what connection does the police finds with them as none in the family ever knew any girl with that name or had any connection with such a lowly place either. The officer looked calm in comparison and said that they had seized a diary which has a mention about everyone present in that room and Arti directly or indirectly have blamed them all for her condition.

Amit suddenly became furious and threatened the officer of calling his seniors if he didn’t stopped this non sense and left the premises immediately. The officer, again calm and composed, asked Amit whether he was sure if he didn’t knew Arti, and when Amit refused he took a photograph out from his pocket and showed a glimpse to Amit. And suddenly he froze and the colour of his face changed. He started mumbling, a lot calmly than he was a moment ago, the rest of the family looked at him with questioning glares as moments from his past life went by in front of his eyes.


Part 1 – Amit and Arti.

It was almost 10-12 years since Amit had known Arti, she used to study with him in the same school but was a couple of years junior from Amit. She was a bright student and was very attractive and likeable too. Amit along his friends fancied for her and used to eye her whenever they could. All of them tried to attract her attention but only Amit succeeded to attract her and within weeks he proposed to her and she accepted. Both of them used to walk back together after school, meet with each other in the evening and their romance started blooming.

Slowly they started coming close to each other too, one day while they were sitting at a park, Amit held her face tightly and then kissed on her lips which was her first kiss. He also touched her breasts from over her top but she was reluctant in letting him touch or play with her private parts the only thing she permitted him was to kiss her. Amit slowly grew frustrated with her continuous protests of his advances and was not at all happy in kept limited to kisses only.

He was growing up and at his age was so fancied by adult movies and fucking. Having a girl friend he wanted to boast to his friends about his exploits with sex but it wasn’t happening with Arti’s orthodox nature. And when he failed after repeated requests and insistence he started remaining sad and upset even in his friends’ company. And when he told his friends about it, all of them made up a plan. One of Amit’s friends had his birthday coming in the next week and they decided to execute their plan on that day.

He invited Arti too along with the others for his birthday, and Arti unaware of their intention agreed to come. On the day of the occasion she went to his house with Amit where the rest of his friends were already present. Mohan, Amit’s friend, took them to the room where their other friends were also sitting. Loud music was being played there and as both Amit and Arti settled in the room, Mohan came back with glasses of cold drinks. Giving one of the glasses to Arti he winked at Amit and as Arti started sipping her glass Amit smiled.

Unaware that the glass was rigged with Alcohol, she took large sips to finish the drink. And when she didn’t felt anything, Amit asked Mohan to bring another glass, though she refused at first but then finished it as well on Amit’s strong insistence. By then the mixture started having its effect as she felt her head grow slightly heavy, realising this Amit asked Mohan to get another round of cold drink for all. This time Arti’s glass was heavily rigged and to have a better effect everyone decided to finish the drink at one go. While the others had normal cold drink, Arti too emptied her glass of drink at one go.

They turned the music louder and locked the door from inside before all of them started dancing. Arti too started enjoying herself unaware of the drink slowly taking over her senses. She couldn’t stand properly and Amit smiled realising her state, all his friends looked at him and he nodded in agreement. They all surrounded her and started dancing and Arti couldn’t realise what was going on. And before she could know, one of them stepped up and held her hands tightly and before she could struggle to free her hands Amit stepped up and pulled her skirt down.

She looked in awe and disbelief at Amit as someone from behind didn’t waste any time and pulled her top off from her body. Amit came closer and whispered in her ears that she was the birthday gift for Mohan. And as she struggled and shouted all that noise got subdued below the loud music. They forced her to spread her legs and started rubbing over her panties while playing with her bra. Amit remembering all her frustrations snapped the straps of her bra quickly and got rid of it, she now stood topless in her panties between the gang of 5 boys. They touched her 28 sized breasts in turn and squeezed them hard making her jump in pain.

They pressed her breasts, pinched her nipples, licked at it, sucked it and often bit it to make her feel the pain. While they kept rubbing at her pussy all along feeling it grow wet. And when they had enough of her breasts they pulled her panties down and carried her to a chair. They spread her legs and while one of them held her hands tightly, Amit spread her cunt wide to have a good view of a girl’s vagina. This was the first time they were looking at a naked girl in real, out of the movies that is. All of them wanted to touch her, feel her, and all of them touched her vagina in turn, spreading it, touching the clits, the labia, rubbing the labia, while the others enjoyed her breasts while someone was inspecting her cunt.

And when they thought they had enough, they carried her to the bed and held her in position for a fuck. Amit being her boy friend was given the honour of fucking her first and he took off his pants and got ready with his throbbing and erect cock. He applied a condom and positioned himself between her spread legs. He rubbed his cock on her cunt a few times before finding the hole and once he found the hole he pushed at it gently to insert the head. Arti who was still a virgin jumped up in terrible pain at the attempt and tears started running down steadily.

All of them held her more tightly, strapping her to position, as Amit placed his cock at the opening of the hole once again. He grabbed at her thigh tightly preparing for the invasion and as Arti kept pleading and turning her head she was kept in the position held tightly by Amit’s friend. And then to Arti’s great horror, Amit gave a solid jerk forward to push his cock in her cunt at one go. Arti arched up and shouted in a terrible pain as his cock ripped through her hymen shooting down streams of blood.

Her virginity was taken, which was also evident from the broad smiles on each of their faces. Amit kept banging her the same way they had often seen in the movies and Arti still kept shouting out in pain. The others now kept themselves busy at her breasts, and lips. Amit varied his pace as the pain kept shooting down her spine like a chill and she kept sputtering continuously. Amit however reached his climax soon and the final thrusts, the roughest of all, spurted all his cum out from his cock and onto the condom.

He withdrew immediately as Mohan, the birthday boy, took off his pants. He replaced Amit almost immediately and started rubbing his erect cock on her cunt and once again as the others held her in position he went for the kill. One push and he was up deep in her and banging. She closed her eyes in pain and didn’t realised when Mohan too reached his climax and was replaced by another friend, and then by another. And by the time the last of the boys was upon her, she had sore nipples, and a pair of sore lips. Sucked and bitten and made red, her breasts pained like hell, and the pain at her pussy was unimaginable.

By the time all of them were done with their turn at fucking, once again they spread her cunt inspecting the area, how filthy it looked with a mix of her blood and juices, it stank. They had the last of the breast play and nipple tease where everyone squeezed her breasts as hard as possible, and already her body ripped apart in pain her reactions weren’t any different from before. Finally satisfied all of them got dressed as Arti laid lump and still naked. They forced her up and got her dressed in a hurry, and before anyone could realise Amit left the house with her.

Amit looked up at the officer, his face resembling a guilt as he pleaded that he was young and was reckless at that age, he didn’t dared to look at his wife and continued that he had never seen her after that incident and also didn’t knew what happened to her. The officer nodded saying that the family left the town the next week. Arti had never mentioned about the incident to anyone even at the strongest insistence she kept shut but took more than a year to recover from the shock and needed professional help. And only after a couple of years under professional help that she could return back to main stream life.

Shradhha became furious of this confession of her husband and flushed angrily at Amit. Amit tried to defend himself but was very embarrassed to do so. However the officer stepped in Amit’s defence now and explained to Shradhha that in heat of youth crimes like that can easily be committed while unaware. And as Shradhha looked at the officer in awe he took the photograph out and showed a glimpse to her as well. Immediately the lady who was flushing in anger till then went pale and dropped back at the couch. Every eyes were now on her with a questioning glare – did she also knew Arti, did she also had a hand behind her death like Amit’s?


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