Group Sex Stories

Erotic Indian sex stories involving group sex, gangbang, threesome,foursomes, wife swappings, multiple penetration etc

Brutal Brothers Part – 9 HOT!

By Neha Singh On 2017-01-21 Tags: brutal, gangbang, incest.

in this story i will tell how i was used by sameer and his friends while i was doing an internship at his office which obviously i didn’t take myself but was forced to take…i was used by not only his friends but many more.

A Peon Turned Me His Whore

By sexykarishma1998 On 2017-01-12 Tags: chudai, chut, hot

This story is about how a massage session from my college peon turned into a fucking session. It also describes that how I got fucked by him in his toilet and was later joined by his three other peon friends.

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