My 10th Class Sex Experience

I am Kishna 27 years and this is my first
post. It is happens in Srikakulam dist, When I am studying in 10th class it is
happen, it is my real life experience of mine (it is 100% true story) I am 6ft
height and around 73 kg looking good, medium color, I am not a gay, I like both,
my mail id – [email protected]

It was happen in my 10th class on that
time I am staying in Hostel (1998-1999) in my hostel we are 8 members are
there, in my hostel no beds are there we are sleeping on the floor. In that
room one fan is available so every day we try to sleep under the fan ever day,
so we are fighting each other, one day our warden cam and he say I write the
numbers in paper every on pick up one paper, we pick the papers,

I got 7th number one of my friend Hari (I
change the name) got 8th number so that’s why we sleep last on that day night
on wards we follow the number system and we sleep lick that, It is Rainy season
as usual we are sleeping on that night, one thing hear we are warring lungy (we
are not using night fant on that time) I am in sleep we all cover with blanket
and sleep after some time I felt something on my body he put his hand on my tits

I think it’s happen accidently I didn’t
say anything I try to seep but I didn’t move also, why I don’t know that, in
few seconds he move’s his hand into my lungy very slowly I don’t know what he
doing, I’m thinking in my mind let’s wait what He is doing I want observe it
like that am thinking in mind, I didn’t move I keep quite and act like I’m
sleeping, he slowly move his hand into my thing still underwear is there, first

One man put his hand in my thing, when he
put his hand on my thing my dick is reacting, On that time onwards I don’t know
that, my dick react lick that someone put the hand Into my thing, it is happen
lick that. I am waiting what he doing I don’t know exactly what he doing, then
he press my dick slowly he is doing very slowly my dick react fully, I remember
that mount till know,

I am very excited and am very happy that
it is strange felling never happen in my life like that it is first time in my
life, I’m in full mood I am waiting what he doing, Next he slowly moves his
hand into my underwear he hold my dick in his hand didn’t expect this it is
strange felling, my cook fully reacted am in very hot I am waiting next what,
next he remove my underwear little bit my cook and bales came out

I feel comfortable on that time, when he
hold my cook directly on that time I’m very excite and very hot I feel like am
traveling to haven, still I’m acting like I’m in sleeping he hold my cook in his
hand and he shake few time and it cam like iron rod, am thinking what next but
I don’t know that, I turned into his side and am giving him to more comfort and
I feel comfort also andI act like sleeping, then he remove his hand into my

On that time I feel I do mistake r what
because he remove his hand he can carry on are not I don’t know like that I
feel very bad myself, when I thinking lick that my cook also came into
strangles, but after 2 min he put his hand into my cook I feel very happy My
dick also rise like iron rod one again, he shake my cook some time I feel good
now, I decide On that time what he want he can do,

I don’t want move and object him like that
I decide, I am watching him every time open my eyes little bit and observing
what he doing, in that dark it is visible very little bit, he moves his head
into my dick side I’m very excite what he doing, he put my 5.7 inches dick (now
it is 6 inches) into his mouth I felt his mouth heat on my dick on that time I
feel very hot myself he is sucking my dick he is comport bully tacking


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